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Dear Chispas, How is your state of mind, constipation and sleep? Please give me details. Do you notice any impact of Thuja on your fistula? Please shed some light on this.

Believe me I hate the pain and discomfort in anybody. Use of needle is causing a lot of problems, but, it is not any of your fault, you are kind of forced to use. However, let's control the pain and feeling of feverish. You may start using Calc Sulph 12X and Natrum Sulph 6X immediately, but, wait on the other remedy Merc Sol till Monday.

You need Belladonna 200C, 4 pellets under your tongue, daily one dose, for at least three days to control pain, feverish condition and inflammation etc. You may get this from the health store ASAP.

Let's communicate on a daily basis as it is very important at the moment as I need to know your response to remedies. Above all, I need data like amount of pus, color of pus, blood, itching, burning, pain and constipation, if any?

I carefully looked at your case day before yesterday and I really have pretty good idea now what you have and how we are going to cure it?

A bundle of prayers for your excellent health. Please don't use needle any more or try to squeeze the pus out.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz

Happy Thanksgiving !

Here is update from my side - by early evening time, I am having itching and scratching all over my body. I start with small itch and it spreads across whole body.

I am currently taking Nat Sulph 6X (3 times a day) and Mer Sol 200C and I am waiting for Beberis Vulagris Q to arrive.

Itching and burn sensation around anus is bit better but itch is in that area off and on. Skins seems better in groin area after using Calendula for past 2-3 days.

Many Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade
Hi AbFisRidden, Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope you had a very nice turkey dinner last night.

How was your itching after you took Pulsatilla 30C?

How long you had this itching problem?

What remedies did you take today and yesterday?

Please reply back, then, we will go from there.

A bundle of prayers for your comfort ASAP.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,
Thank you for the reply. I took the thuja 1M doses thursday night as I said. I slept really well that night and woke up feeling much better - I also had the day off so did not have to get up at 5.30am as normal so that may have helped!Since then I have not noticed any changes in state of mind - still have anxiety etc and very tired when walking around and constipation is still bad. I have had a small BM in the mornings for the past two days but then the rest of the day my bowels feel very tight and compressed and I consciously have to breath into them to try to relax them. Again, stools are soft but it is very hard work to pass them. I generally sleep well when I am not working (I work 25 hours over three days with a commute of an hour at least each way and more driving between clinics during the day so quite intense, especially as I am a psychological therapist).
The fistula is still producing pus - mainly yellow and occasional pale brown and quite thick. It is not as bad as before I took the thuja but again I am also not working for the past two days so it usually calms a bit when I don't work. I am still empyting it regularly - if at home it is halfhourly to hourly, using the needle but I shall stop the needle and start the calc sulph and nat sulph today as you recommend. THere is minimal pain unless I sit on a hard seat but I still have the constant pressure down the back of my right leg from it. I do not get any fever unless I leave the infection in for a long time. Also there is minimal inflammation aside from the left hand side of the anal sphincter which feels sore to touch and occasionally I can feel it when walking. But overall I feel I do not need the belladonna at the moment but I can get some if you think I should take it.

I have no itching at all or burning sensations.

The homeopath that I was recently consulting wrote an email to me (as I mentioned that I had taken thuja) and recommended I also take the Medorhinum 20M that I was due to take yesterday (I took one dose of Med 20M two weeks ago and noticed no changes) as she said thuja and Med work well together. What do you think?

I hope that is enough information for you. Let me know if I should tell you anything more.

Many many thanks again!
chispas last decade
Hi Chispas, Thanks for the detailed information. Based upon your post, I see a very good response from Thuja. We will have to give more time for the remedy to work. Believe me, homeopaths claim Thuja could work up to 60 days.

Thuja works very well for constipation.

Please don't take Med 20M, no need at this stage and above all we don't want any interference in the current remedies working.

You must get Belladonna and start using as recommended.

Again, please do not use needle and you must not use any other medication during this course.

A bundle of more prayers for your good health and comfort.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,
Thank you so much for the reply. Just an update as you requested. I started taking Nat Sulph (3 doses) and Calc Sulph (2 doses) yesterday and today one dose of calc sulph and two of Nat sulph so far. My BM have now ceased completely and despite abdominal breathing, brisk walk, yoga, drinking lots of warm/hot water etc nothing is happening. It is a case of nothing being there and remaining higher up the bowel, with the whole region feeling very compressed. The fistula is not discharging at all and the infection is building up as usual so unfortunately I am still very gently using the needle to expel the build up of pus - even having to get up in the night to do so as I can feel the pressure there - no pain though. I will have to order the belladonna 200c on-line, like the other remedies, as you cannot buy that potency over the counter in the UK - only 6c and 30c. I won't get it for a few days but I do have the remedy from the previous homeopath still which i took for expelling the pus which did work successfully for a time. That contains belladonna. Shall I try that whilst waiting for the 200c belladonna? Will the belladonna help with discharging the infection as I know I have only been taking the calc sulph for 1.5 days but nothing at all is happening as yet, as I mentioned. Normally I react quickly to remedies if they are going to work so forgive me if I seem impatient! I won't take the Med 20M as you said!

And do I take the Merc Sol 200c the same days I take the Belladonna 200c please?

Many questions! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I was at a family Thanksgiving in Denver a few years ago - great fun!

My best wishes,
chispas last decade
Dear Chispas, Please take a half glass of water, put 5 tablets of Natrum Phos 6X (I know you must have this remedy), then, stir it nicely with a spoon and take it ASAP. You may also take this after each meal.

It seems the remedies are working, a very good sign, what you have is the response from remedies that is temporary and short?

Please take a fiber rich diets. Enjoy good meals.

Did you happen to have nans, a lot of rice, potatoes and a lot of meat?

What did you take or eat yesterday?

If there is no pain, no need to take Belladonna?

Especially, the remedy containing Belladonna must not be taken.

If there is no pain, then, why use needle? Please do not worry let the pus stay there, the remedy will expell. You must give the remedy some time to work.

The fact of the matter is that you have already taken a lot of remedies over the years with very high potencies. These remedies have disturbed your internal systems. Now, we must do it right to correct every thing.

When does your cycle starts (period) and for how many days? Is it normal? Describe your feelings before, during and after? These things play a major role in remedy selection and the timing for remedy taking.

Let's wait on Merc Sol. one more day.

Please be patient, you will do just fine, no needling please, trust me you will not get any infection at all. Also, list all the remedies you have at home.

Many many prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaaz,

I am still taking Mystrica and Silicea every alternate days until today.

At times I see only a liquid discharge drains and also PUS in light brown color followed by blood drained many times.

Also, I have got all the Medicines I was waiting from India yesterday. Please let me know what to take and how to take now ?

rajhomeo75 last decade
My Dear Raj, Did you have a nice Thanksgiving dinner?

I suggested the following in my previous post.

'Wednesday - Myristica 200C
Thursday - Silicea 200C
Friday - Myristica 200C

Saturday - Sulphur 200C in the morning empty stomach.

Sunday - please take Thuja 200C as suggested in my previous posts.'

From your reply today, I am little confused??

Today you must take Thuja 200 only.

What did you take yesterday?

When was the last time you took Myristica?

Please tell me your condition for the whole previous week?

Please explain the 'liquid discharge drains' in detail?

Do you have any pain, itching and burning?

I would like to know the amount of pus and blood every day. Also, the color of the blood? Is the pus thick or thin?

What is your state of mind right now? How was it during the week?

May God bless you?

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Mr.Nawaaz,

Yeah I had a great holidays. I hope you had good Thanksgiving as well.

As I mentioned I just got all the medicines only this morning. Until then (this week) I had taken following medicines:

Monday - Nothing

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Mystrica

Wednesday, Friday - Silicea

Also, the PUS sometimes when I squeeze, I get the slight white color liquid for a day.

- After that when I had PUS drained, sometimes it was light in color but thick.

- Most of the time,there was blood followed by PUS.

- I have Pain until something drained from the oozing. Also, there is severe itching and pain followed by almost every BM. Then I ended up squeezing so that something drains immediately so that no pain or itching. After few hours something drains from this oozing also.

- At times, when I squeeze, the PUS comes out with very force and spills all over.

- Total amount of PUS could be 3 - 4 drops and then blood.

- Until BM its fine in the morning, but the itching, oozing, draining starts right after BM. When there is something filled up in the Fistula, the pain is there always.

Please let me know if I missed any other information.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Did you take anything today?
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Raj,

As I mentioned earlier, please don't go thru pain and discomfort. Please take a dose of Ratanhia 200C daily for pain, itching, oozing, burning and scratching of anal area.

Again, what did you take today?

Any blood coming from pilesnow?

With many more prayers.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz

I am currently taking Nat Sulph 6X (3 times a day) and Mer Sol 200C and I am waiting for Beberis Vulagris Q to arrive. I am completing 2 weeks course of Nat Sulph 6X (3 times a day) and Mer Sol 200C by tomorrow. I am still waiting for Beberis Vulagris Q to arrive.

I had itching problem last year and it was under control (marginal and bearable) since Jan'2010. I started with Homeopathic medicine for Fistula from around 10/29/10 and I am having itching from last 10 days or so.

I had taken Antimonium Crudum 200C for two days and Pulstilla 30C pallets for another two days. I didn't feel much difference using either of these doses.

Itching is moderate and starts early evening.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade
Dear AbFisRidden,

Please stop all medication for a couple of days except Nat Sulph 6X. Let's get the things settle down in your body. Your old itching problem got surfaced when you started on these remedies. But, still it is incomplete as we are still missing one remedy Berberis Vulgaris Q.
I requested you previously to take Pulsatilla 30C for only one day as following.

'You may take Pulsatilla 30C, but, take 3 doses with the interval of 4 hours. Only for 1 day, no other remedies tomorrow.'

But, you went ahead and took for 2 days, over dosing and creating more problems for you. This remedy was used as intercurrent and due to your statement that my itching moves around in the body (change places).

Are you taking any other medicines every day?

Again, please stop all kinds of medicines right now except Nat Sulph 6X. I am sure your itching will go away soon.

Again, please remember homeopathic remedies are not like allopathic medicines, these remedies stay in your body for a while and keep working!!!

Very important: Please describe the status of your major disease that is anal fistula. How are we doing there?

Many more prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz

One correction from my previous email - I only took Pulstilla 30C only for one day.

I noticed a bit of Pus flow and saw blood on tissue paper after BM.

Itching and burn sensation in groin and anus area is very much better than few days ago.

I will take Nat Sulph 6X only from tomorrow onwards and will update you once I have Berberis Vulgaris Q with me.

Thanks for all your help, advise and time !
AbFisRidden last decade
Dear Nawaaz,

Sorry for the late response. I did not take anything today. I always take medicinces in the night before go to bed. Just waiting. What should I take tonight ? Please let me know.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaaz,

I am taking Silicea 200C tonight as I am going to bed now. I shall check your message tomorrow and change the remedy according to your suggestion tomorrow.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz,
Thank you for the kind reply. I only read your reply this morning after already taking the first of the Merc Sol 200c doses (of the 5 days you prescribed) so hope that is okay.

I had a BM this morning, very easy, comfortable and lots! As you said in your reply the remdies may take a day or so to work so hopefully the THuja/Nat sulph is starting to take effect. I shall try the Nat Phos 6x 5 tablets. in water if the BM stop again - although when I took this during Joe's therapy it had no effect - I took it three times a day - 4 tablets - after meals. Hopefully I will not need it as I will continue with the Nat Sulph 6x 3 times a day as you said for the next 13 days (as been taking it for 2 days).

'Please take a fiber rich diets. Enjoy good meals.'

I eat tonnes of fibre - I am vegetarian so lots of veg, fruit etc, dried fruit and wholemeal bread, oats and NO white bread or white rice. My stools are always soft just difficult to move as the bowel is so sluggish especially at the rectal end.
I also had a cooked meal of veg etc last night - I usually have raw or salad food so that will have helped for this morning maybe.

'If there is no pain, no need to take Belladonna?'

I will not order the belladonna or take the remedy I already have with belladonna in it. I shall take only what you suggest!

With regard to the fistula - since yesterday it is still not discharing on its own and so (yes I know you keep saying not to!) as the build up is so immense - with pressure down my right leg and discomfort sitting down if I leave it too long (It produces easily an eggcup full of liquid a day - the fistula) - but I have been very very gently inserting a needle - there is a hole that acts like a valve which only allows the infection out once I gently put the needle in. Yesterday there was no pus infection but only blood - quite profuse and today this is now still profuse but only watery bloody liquid.

Should I continue on with calc sulph 12x twice a day or change dosage and also continue on with Merc Sol 200c after taking the first dose of 5 daily doses today?

With regard to menstruation I have not had a period of 10 years since a trip to India where I
lost lots of weight (Not through illness just as it was so hot lost my appetite) which I have since regained but not had any periods since. I have been seen by an endocrinologist who told me to just put weight on to bring them back (I find this hard to do as fearful of getting too fat as I mentioned in my history I sent to you - I am just slightly below normal weight and know other people thinner than me who have regular periods so I think it is more than a weight issue)- no problems with thyroid, pituitary glands etc as all been scanned and checked. I have a history of irregular periods since a teenager with sometimes only 3 a year. I nver suffered from PMS aside from toothache in one particular molar tooth the week before the period which then ceased during the period. Periods were relatively pain free- occasional cramps - and lasted about a week with normal flow. (ie not heavy or light). I was prescribed the contraceptive pill a few years ago to regulate them but during the week off taking the pill I did not have a withdrawal bleed at all. I stopped taking the pill after a few months as did not like to take all the artificial chemicals.

You also asked me to list all the remedies I have at home: I have lots!

Aside from the remedies you asked me to get recently I have:
Arnica 30c (liquid and tablets)
Myristica Seb 30c (liquid)
Aesculus 200c tablets
Pyrogen 30c tablets
Medorrhimun 30c and 20M
Thuja Oxy 1M
Nux Vom 200c tablets
Calendula 30c tablets
Nat Phos 6x
Kali Phos 6x
Ars Alb 30c tablets
Silica 6c tablets

And also I can easily get other more main stream homeopathic remedies at 6c and 30c tablet form over the counter.

Yet another essay of information for you Nawaz!

Overall I do feel much brighter in myself so as you say I think the thuja is helping. Thank you so so much!

chispas last decade
Dear Chispas,

Your detailed info. is greatly appreciated. This really helped.

The heart of the whole thing is in your following remarks, where we must concentrate to drain all pus, dry the tube and close it for good.

'With regard to the fistula - since yesterday it is still not discharing on its own and so (yes I know you keep saying not to!) as the build up is so immense - with pressure down my right leg and discomfort sitting down if I leave it too long (It produces easily an eggcup full of liquid a day - the fistula) - but I have been very very gently inserting a needle - there is a hole that acts like a valve which only allows the infection out once I gently put the needle in. Yesterday there was no pus infection but only blood - quite profuse and today this is now still profuse but only watery bloody liquid.'

The above is very encouraging except the use of needle that is hurting the area tissues and disturbing other things being repaired by the remedies. Hopefully, there will be no need for needle use ASAP. Therefore, let's work on this, please try to understand, your concerns about infection at this stage are just in your head. Actually, the pus, you call infection are the WBC (White Blood Cells) reaching to the area to fight bacteria resulting in the pus formation. However, the long time discomfort and the long time use of needle will take some time to stop as we have been trying for the last week. Our objective is to cure the disease, but in my opinion, the use of needle is in our way. Therefore, let's do this, as you have the following remedy with you, take one daily dose. Believe me it will fully control your infection issues. There will be no infection at all.

Calendula 30C, please take 4 tablets under your tongue, daily for at least one week. Drink some water after the tablets have been dissolved.

I hope and pray that the above will solve your infection issues and your discomfort will go away soon.

Now, let's see, the blood coming is a very good sign that means the blood is flowing to that area where the pus was forming. Please continue with the remedies as suggested.

It appears that we will be needing Myristica 200C in the future, not right away, please plan for that.

Please do not worry at all, be happy and may God bless you at all times to come?

nawazkhan last decade
Dear AbFisRidden,

Thanks for the update.

You see the toxins are trying to come out of your body while the remedies are working to correct your fistula problem.

The itching is your old problem, blood is trying to flow in that area, your itching is also being addressed over here. Therefore, please be patient, respect your disease, do what is right and above all follow directions for your own good.

It seems you are also taking other medicines that are interfering with the current remedies?

Therefore, if the above is true, then, please stop all medicines or at least communicate to do it right?

Actually, you started on my suggested remedies on 11/11/2010, but still unable to get Berberis Vulgaris Q as suggested that is very important to cure your problem. But, I feel from your post that you are upset with me. I wish and pray everyday that your anal fistula and itching problem go away today, really. Believe me, I am doing all I can with the best of my abilities on this forum.

Good Luck and again,please be patient.

With more prayers.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Raj, I waited till 11:30PM eastern time last night for your reply. I was busy all day yesterday, then, went to sleep early.

Please take Sulphur 200C this morning.

You may post for Thuja 200C, the next dose tonight.

Good Luck.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz

As always Thanks for your reply.

My apologizes if I came across being upset or impatient. I have a lot of respect for what you, Joe and other Doctors are doing on these forums in order to help people like me. Being upset is the last thing on my mind.

The only other medicines I am taking are daily multivitamins tablet and very (very !) occasionally I do take Nat Phos 6X pallets when I take heavy food and fear constipation.

Should I stop with MultiVitamin ?

Many Many Thanks for all your help !
AbFisRidden last decade
Dear Nawaaz,

Sorry for the delay in my resposne yesterday. Infact, I responded around 10 Pm EST last night and not sure why you have not received it.

I am at work and looking at this message now. I dont have medicine with me now as its home. What should I do ?

Can I take Sulphur 200C tomorrow morning and take Thuja tomorrow night. Please let me know.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz,
Thank you for the detailed reply. I shall continue with all the remedies including the Merc Sol 200c and also incorporate the calendula 30c one dose daily. Thank you for being so kind explaining it all.
I shall write with an update in a few days if that is okay with you - unless you still want daily feedback.
I've also just found some Nit Ac 200c pellets which I took at some point - in case you felt they may be useful later!

Bundle of prayers to you too for your patience in dealing with our impatience!

chispas last decade
Hi.....I don't honestly know where to begin, but from the beginning is probably the best. I am a 44y F, 5'8' and 128 lbs. I incurred an injury to my perianal area last December due to a shaving accident in the shower and unfortunately developed an abcess and subsequent fistula. I thankfully found this website and found help through Mr. DeLivera. I used Mr. DeLivera's protocol from December thru early April and since that time my abcess and fistula are 100% cleared up. I am no longer on any type of homeopathic medications since April. I also am afflicted with hemorrhoids due to a very long labor I had with my son 15 yrs. ago. I keep them in check and they on very rare occasions annoy me for short durations. The reason why I'm posting now is because since my fistula has healed in April, I have noticed occasionally, black flecks on the toilet paper when I'm cleaning myself after a BM. I had never noticed this before incurring the fistula and before taking Mr. DeLivera's protocol. The stool is a normal color and does not have a red or black discoloration to it. I have googled this on the net and evidently it is a very common problem that people have. I was just concerned that the cell salts that I had taken caused the problem along with the use of the antibiotic ointment that was used internally. I am otherwise a healthy individual with no other health concerns. The black flecks are not liquidy and almost look like ground pepper or like small scabs. I have asked my close friends if they have ever had this issue and they also claim that this happens to them on occasion too. I am a very stressed out person and occasionally suffer from IBS from any type of drama that occurs in my life. My dad and my maternal aunt also suffer from IBS which they developed around my age. I was just wondering if these flecks could be from the walls of the colon cleaning themselves out. I know old stool and debris could be encrusted on the walls of the colon. Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated.
Overalready last decade
My Dear Respectable Joe D. Livera,

How are you doing sir? Sorry I got so busy and couldn't keep up with you. Please accept my apologies.

Please help your returning patient Overalready with your precious comments and advice for her.

May The God Almighty bless you with long life and happiness.

Kind Regards
nawazkhan last decade

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