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Anxiety disorder for Exams/Tests
Due to the ban on the primary answerer(doctor), the following thread has effectively

Poush 2019-08-06
21   simone717 41 minutes ago

Mother tincture VS potency
Can anybody tell me which one is better mother tincture or potency.Which one gives more
loko 2019-08-19
3   simone717 an hour ago

Dr. Akshay Mohla - please help
My kid is 2.5 years old. She has speech delays. She wants to talk but it’s like

Naina3 2019-08-07
14   Naina3 an hour ago

Weird feeling..
Hello, Since there years I am feeling very wierd above my eyes. I feel like swelling on
trustno1 2019-08-19
3   freehomeoforall 2 hours ago

Dental abscess
Hi. Am 65 & retired. I have a dental abscess underneath the jaw on left mandible

mork 2018-06-01
237   mork 3 hours ago

Hemangioma on baby's head
Hello, My now 9 weeks old baby girl has a hemangioma on the top of her head. It was not
hristaso 2019-08-19
1   freehomeoforall 4 hours ago

Female 21 bipolar depression with panic attacks history of sinisitus 'cough since
imranhaider 2019-08-18
3   simone717 4 hours ago

Condyloma acuminatum
Sir i dont know what is this skin infection, if it's Condyloma acuminatum please
Sunil12 2019-08-15
10   freehomeoforall 5 hours ago

Ataxia 3 year old, shaking, urgent.
Hello doctors, My niece is 2 years old and 10 months, she first had chicken pox 10 days

rahman_hope 2015-02-11
24   maheeru 5 hours ago

Tinnitus with night terrors
my tinnitus started with high b/p and numbness but after 4 months and several tests done,
fizspace 2019-08-19
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High B/P and Buzzing Ears
i m 35 years old, for past 2 years, my blood pressure seems to be around normal value but

fizspace 2019-01-21
13   fizspace 6 hours ago

14 year old facial palsy
A little over 14 years ago, I got shingles in my left ear, which caused very severe
MommaD11 2019-08-09
6   MommaD11 9 hours ago

Been taking this as prescribed but has brought out acne flare up on right side face. Just
Ideal56 2019-08-18
2   kohler 15 hours ago

Pityriasis Alba on face
Hi, My 12 year old son has Pityriasis Alba on his face. They are white, scaly, patchy,
BOPP 2019-08-16
7   Tui 15 hours ago

Herpes cure Arnica, Arsenic and Ledum
Hello, I read in the book Like Cure Likes that the cure for herpes is Arnica Arsenic and
syria 2019-08-16
12   maheeru 21 hours ago

Dr Maheeru please help, Urgent
Hello doctor, Could you please help me urgently ? I am too much tensed and overwhelmed

depression1 2019-06-12
30   maheeru 22 hours ago

Urgent query post TB
Hi, I am a 30 year old female who used to be unwell quite often as a child. I had

Buink 2019-05-23
16   maheeru 23 hours ago

Small Fracture On Skull
Age: 50 Male After an injury on head, he has a small fracture on skull seen by CT Scan.

enmonju 2019-07-21
20   maheeru 23 hours ago

Anxiety disorder
I am suffering from anxiety disorder for the last 20 years which I couldn't
Poush 2019-07-21
12   Poush yesterday

sleeplessness , palm burning sensation b12 deficiency in the
I am male in the age group of 45 age. But my hand especially in palm area is showing
shekhar3cs1 2019-08-18
2   freehomeoforall yesterday

Help with chronic Ecoli UTI
I am a 60 yr old woman who has had a recurring UTI for over 4 years (e-coli always

Juniorcat 2018-08-27
136   Juniorcat yesterday

Dr Reva, acute case of spleen.
Hello Dr Reva, Last year in march, in my case of acute spleen, you advised Phosphorus

syria 2019-01-03
39   Reva V yesterday

Requesting help from Dr. Reva -or Dr Maheeru - autism 8 year old boy
Hello My son is 8 years old. He is non verbal. He can make approximations of some words -

Dhana 2018-11-01
145   Reva V yesterday

Poor mental generals
Hello sir, i m a 22 years old girl..an i am suffering from lots of mental problems... I

Maria Khan 2018-08-25
47   maheeru yesterday