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Low grade fever
Respected sir , I am 78 years old male senior citizen with history of repeated

kksingh 2020-05-15
73   kksingh 10 minutes ago

Vocal Cords
I am a 68 year old vocalist who has lost use of the vocal cords. Diagnosis is
jdrewes 2020-06-24
23   anuj srivastava 21 minutes ago

Homeopath tonics
How helpful are homeopathic
Uchai 2020-08-13
2   Uchai an hour ago

Premature Ejaculation since first set of intercourse - Now ED problem
Hello, I wish and hope to find remedy for my condition hence posting here something very

theseeker81 2020-07-01
30   Urepierk an hour ago

Low libido excess facial hair
Female age 48 years. I have always had this problem of low libido like no desire for
Chili mili 2020-08-11
7   Chili mili an hour ago

Is it okay to take two different medicines to deal with sexual weakness?
Dear Sir, My husband is 44 years old, 6 feet tall, strict vegetarian, and does not smoke
Chitrangda 2020-06-18
19   Chili mili 5 hours ago

left ovarian cysts with endometriosis
Hello. I am 47 years old. I currently have two dense homogeneous left ovarian cysts of 31
Tica 2020-07-12
6   anuj srivastava 6 hours ago

Help for insomnia
Requesting help for my husband's insomnia His insomnia started last week when he
Cat33 2020-08-12
1   freehomeoforall 10 hours ago

Anal Fistula remedy required
Hello all, I was diagnosed with an anal fistula around 1 year back. Since then Ive been
magicali 2020-06-07
12   freehomeoforall 11 hours ago

Severe Anemia
I am 83 years old male A few weeks back I had uneasiness in my chest. I consulted
sskps 2020-08-10
2   sskps 14 hours ago

Prostate and Peyronise disease
I am suffering from prostate enlargement and early peyronise disease(As per urologist
amit143mishra 2020-07-30
7   amit143mishra 16 hours ago

Suffering from nocturnal emission
Hi Doctor, I'm from India. I'm suffering from nocturnal emission problem for
rajesh150690 2020-08-11
3   Urepierk 17 hours ago

night fall, sexual weakness, masturbation... suggested treatement - first draft
From a Homeopathic Practioner.... Problem Statement: ================== Good doctors

Reva V 2009-11-28
35   rajesh150690 yesterday

Nocturnal emission problem
Hi Doctor, I'm from India. I'm suffering from nocturnal emission problem for
rajesh150690 2020-08-12
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Want to get pregnant, Help doctor
Hi Doctor, I am trying two conceive and last two cycles we have tried and this cycle also

biswasmousumi 2020-06-10
33   freehomeoforall yesterday

What does “complementary” mean?
Hi, When I am looking at the description of a homeopathic remedy, I notice there is a
unified 2020-08-12
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Dr Maheeru only.
Dr Maheeru, hope you're doing well Sorry for the delay in the post, as you wanted a

syria 2019-09-14
308   syria yesterday

Abscess on chest
I have an abscess or what you may call an excrescence on the chest for around 8years. At
Arun kanti 2020-06-12
18   anuj srivastava yesterday

Abdominal and rib pain with breathing issues (Mr. Anuj Srivastava pls help)
Hello. My Name is Salman. I am 31 years old. Father of 1 child. Currently i am facing
Salman2010 2020-07-06
23   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Sequential Therapy
Dear All, I have read about the sequential use of nosodes psor,med,tub and
Albert 2011-08-28
23   lajhar 2 days ago

varicose veins and spider veins
Hi, I am trying to find homeopathic remedy for my varicose veins. I am 55 years old, my
Vanja 2020-08-09
2   Vanja 2 days ago

Multiple Myeloma
I'm looking for information on curing Multiple Myeloma with homeopathic remedies.
psychoma 2008-04-27
12   Sugandh Arora 2 days ago

Hyperacidity and left shoulder and Neck pain
I have a very long post the details are in the link I have provided here.

pimathew 2019-08-03
171   freehomeoforall 2 days ago

sskps 2020-08-10
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