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Corona virus and homeopathy
Can anybody suggest preventative medicines to counter the infection of Corona Virus. If

Sadhana Singh 2020-03-11
53   syria 24 minutes ago

Headache and motion disturbance re occurred after taking Corona preventives.
We have followed corona preventives as per below post. We have already given Camphora 1M,
speddiraju 2020-03-29
5   freehomeoforall 25 minutes ago

Dr Maheeru only.
Dr Maheeru, hope you're doing well Sorry for the delay in the post, as you wanted a

syria 2019-09-14
157   syria 33 minutes ago

L4 L5 disc bulge
Hi,my age is 34 male 15 year before ayurvedic doctor gave me

sunny85 2020-01-19
17   sunny85 an hour ago

Use of sedative anti anxiety medication
Can we use scutellaria/ passiflora for anxiety along with psychiatric medicines like
Irshad1 2020-03-29
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Dr Anuj Srivastav please . My Cat skin condition
Hi, My cat has been having skin infection for the last couple of years. I had been
noshiahmad 2019-12-29
6   anuj srivastava 5 hours ago

Help me to help others
Dear Sir, I am a teacher, 60, 5'5", fair,social, pleasant personality,
sandy3 2020-03-25
12   freehomeoforall 5 hours ago

Cut penis forground skin
I am 42 problum is forground skin cut penis during sex there for pain happend. I

bps_07k 2019-10-28
200   freehomeoforall 5 hours ago

Maheru, would you mind taking a look?...
Hi, How are you? I am so glad to see that you're back on this forum. May I ask

rom109 2020-01-29
13   maheeru 5 hours ago

Hi, I just got my blood tests result and my ferritin level is very low. I have been

pollen 2020-03-17
37   freehomeoforall 6 hours ago

Prophylaxis for Corona virus
AYUSH has recommended Ars alb as a prophylaxis for corona virus. Does anyone here have

AH2015 2020-01-30
16   syria 8 hours ago

mottled dandruff
Hi, my husband has a mottled dandruff on his neck (left side only). What can he use it
Pati 2020-03-28
no replies yet

metastatic adenocar cin oma lung met. sigmoid colon
My father is suffering from adeno car cin oma of the sigmoid colon with bilateral
netwiz87 2020-03-08
10   anuj srivastava 20 hours ago

Urgent help needed. Throat Pain looks like Strep Throat
Hi, I am having pain in roof of the throat (looks like strep throat). I do not have any
Purvui 2020-03-25
12   freehomeoforall 21 hours ago

Need help
Hi, I am suffering fron severe hair loss and my eyes are always sleepy. Can someone help
ahmedtahir 2020-03-28
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eye rubbing
EYE RUBBING . My 3.5 year old boy rubs his eyes witgout any noticeable reason. He is okay
Shakash88 2020-03-28
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Dental abscess
Hi. Am 65 & retired. I have a dental abscess underneath the jaw on left mandible

mork 2018-06-01
331   mork yesterday

Sneezing hot and cold
Sneezing specially from cold to little hot climate. Having little cough but phlegm not
anuragfed 2020-03-28
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Terrified after reading symptoms posted in 'Corona and homeopathy' thread
Hi, After reading the symptoms a lady had that Dr.Anuj posted in the Corona forum ,I
gudiyachettu 2020-03-27
4   gudiyachettu yesterday

Anal abcess is back
Hi there, in 2013 I had an anal abcess and fistula and now it’s back Female, age

Lemifi 2019-12-29
58   Lemifi yesterday

eyes floaters are annoying ....
Hi dears all I am 32 Male Facing problem of floaters in left eye only. Am nearsighted
Shakash88 2020-03-11
7   vishnu4 yesterday

Chronic Silent Reflux about 6 years
First of all hello to you all. My name is Dejan, i am 23 years old. For about 6 years

DoubleEdge 2011-01-17
35   Chote yesterday

Need help with Sebaceous Hyperplasia & Hair thinning
Can homeopathy help in Sebaceous Hyperplasia. I am 50+ year female, have Sebaceous

suna711 2020-02-23
13   suna711 yesterday

thinking about past / Mind racing
i have been employed the homeo remedies from the last 15 years . suffered from peculiar

usman_naseer 2020-03-24
20   usman_naseer yesterday