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Dr Tui- Please Help
Dear Dr Tui I beg help from you for my daughter. She is 7 years+ now. She was diagnosed
jannat.lackey 2020-01-20
8   freehomeoforall 34 minutes ago

Regressive Autism
Hi, My son is 4.5yrs (around 40lbs and 3ft 5inches). He was diagnosed with autism at 2yrs
vishalg 2020-01-11
8   vishalg 2 hours ago

Koro syndrome due to panic disorder and palpitations
treatment of koro syndrome / retraction of genital male organ due to anxiety attack and
K.k 2020-01-16
12   K.k 2 hours ago

Dr Maheeru only.
Dr Maheeru, hope you're doing well Sorry for the delay in the post, as you wanted a

syria 2019-09-14
83   syria 4 hours ago

Dr maheeru Please
My daughter age: 7 years. External hydrocephalus is diagnosed at the age of 8 months. She

jannat.lackey 2019-07-27
217   jannat.lackey 5 hours ago

Intrusive thoughts, sexual obsession, panic attacks depression
Im having severe mental problems for more than 2 months! My problem like this! I thought

pabitra 2019-11-15
69   pabitra 10 hours ago

Urgent help needed with knee injury
I am a 24 year old male. Last Monday, 20th Jan, I fell down while skiing and while trying
suna711 2020-01-23
4   Tui 10 hours ago

Regressive Autism Biomed
Hello! I'm hoping to get some homeopathic advice for my almost 6 year old boy.

Skyblade 2020-01-02
22   freehomeoforall 11 hours ago

Fullness in ear, blockage
My right ear feels full and blocked. My hearing in that ear is muffled. When I go to bed

gupta6 2020-01-06
25   freehomeoforall 12 hours ago

3 month old with calcified hemotoma
My son developed a large hemotoma on his head hours after his birth. He is now 3.5 months
Newmanmeg 2020-01-23
5   freehomeoforall 21 hours ago

Anal abcess is back
Hi there, in 2013 I had an anal abcess and fistula and now it’s back Female, age

Lemifi 2019-12-29
25   Lemifi 23 hours ago

Gum problems, and fatigue
I am a 43 yr old female I have been sick for about 18 yrs I was diagnosed with a lot of
Mlost318 2020-01-23
3   anuj srivastava 23 hours ago

pcos infertility help!
Hi, I'm 26 years old and been trying to conceive since I was 23. I am starting to
Brownbabies24 2020-01-23
no replies yet

9 month old with mottled central incisors
Hello, My 9 month old daughter’s maxillary central incisors broke through about 6

Cmt 2019-12-22
17   anuj srivastava yesterday

CricStands Cricket, the heartbeat of millions of crazy fans all around the world. People
CricStands 2020-01-23
no replies yet

Lasicviousness .
Age 31 Height 5ft 11 inches Weight 72 Colour very fair Acne marks on face Two small flat

Varun7676 2020-01-03
53   freehomeoforall yesterday

I m suffering from myopia. I have eye lense leftland right eye no. -1.5 and -1.75 . I use
dr_spgupta2000 2020-01-09
10   freehomeoforall yesterday

Testosterone long term
Hello, I am on Testosterone C30 thrice a day, because of my impaired testicles I have low
alangreat 2020-01-21
1   maheeru yesterday

High blood pressure
I have consistently had BP of 135/ 88 without issue. However, during very stressful
Aithoorguef 2020-01-22
2   Aithoorguef yesterday

High Antisperm Antibody
Hello, Need remedy for decreasing Antisperm antibody. I am 28 male, married recently 8
eddiesteve 2020-01-22
3   eddiesteve yesterday

Endometrial hyperplasia
Please can someone suggest a remedy for it. I have been prescribed HRT by doctors which i
Ritusharma 2019-12-18
9   Ritusharma 2 days ago

Cold feet and no sleep low bp tiredness
Dear all My mother is suffering of sleeplessness whole night she remains awake. Her feet
sallahibhai 2020-01-20
5   Tui 2 days ago

Testosteron Defficiency
I'm considering using either Testosterone C30, and/or Testosterone C200 as I have

alangreat 2019-10-16
30   Tui 2 days ago

Varicose Veins in Legs (Swelling in legs)
Dear, I am 51 years with diabetic, I am suffering from varicose veins in legs and also
salamawan 2020-01-22
1   Tui 2 days ago