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Myristica Sebifera

Myristica, Myris.

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HPUS indication of Myristica Sebifera: Formation of pus

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Myristica Sebifera in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Phlegmonous inflammation, hastens suppuration; powerful antiseptic. Ulcerative tendency in all tissues. Said to act more powerfully than Hepar and Silica.

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Morning; on waking


toward left

toward left; morning, on waking

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Pain; sides; night

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Sleep and dreams


anger (see quarrels)

of business; neglected business


Sleeplessness, insomnia

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Myristica Sebifera

Nux-m > general
Myristica fragrans. M. officinalis. M. moschata. Nutmeg. N. O. Myristicaceae. Tincture of powdered seeds deprived of the Mace.

Hep > relationships
Compare: Acon.; Spongia; Staphis.; Silica; Sulph.; Calc. Sulph.; myristica. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum antidotes bad effects from Mercury, Iodine, Potash, Cod-liver Oil. Removes the weakening effects of Ether.

Nux-m > relationships
Compare Myristica sebifera (boils and suppuration). Hysterical temperament, Ign. (Nux m. has excessive dryness of mouth). Rheumatism of left deltoid, Mg. c., Ferr. (right deltoid, Sang.). Prolapsus uteri, AEsc. h., Sep., Plat., Lil., Murex, Nux, Pod., Pul., Sep. All ailments accompanied by sleepiness, Ant. t., Op. Loss of memory, Anac., Lac c., Lyc. Does not recognise well-known streets, Can. i., Lach., Camph. bro. Dry mouth, Agar., Lach. Dry throat without thirst, Puls. Soreness of parts lain on, Bapt., Pyr. Distress in stomach while eating or immediately after, K. bi.. Epidemic in autumn, white, fetid stools, Colch. Leucorrhoea in place of menses, Cocculus. Physometra, Bro., Lyc., Lac c. Sudden hoarseness from walking against wind, Euphras., Hep. Cough during pregnancy, Con. (of menstrual period, Lach.). Effects of getting wet; damp weather; lying in damp places, Nat. s., Rhod., Rhus; of cold, moist winds, Ars., Calc., Dulc. (cold, dry winds, Aco., Bry.). Effect of riding in carriage, Coccul. agg. Lying on painful side (Puls. agg. on painless). Pressure and pushing towards genitals, Nat. m., Bell., Sep., Sul. Head tends to fall to left (Lac d. to right). Faintness during or associated with evacuations, Apis, Pul., Spi., Ver. (faintness with scanty stools), Crot. t., Dulc., Ox. ac., Pet., Sars., Sul. Drowsiness with headache, Bruc., Gins., Gels. (difficult to keep eyes open), Heracl., Sul. Sinking immediately after meals, Ars., Cin., Lyc. Bar sensation, Haematox. (across chest. Nux m. has removed "Sensation of bar across abdomen, with ends projecting out at back like a bar." Arsen. has also acted curatively in a similar sensation). Bloody sweat, Nux, Lyc., Calc., Lach., Arn. Cannot sweat, Staph. Nipples retracted, Sars. agg. Working in water, Calc. Drink = cough (Caust., drink amel. cough). Nausea on raising head from pillow, Bry. Throat dry without thirst (Merc. mouth moist with thirst). Fainting, Mosch. Grasped heart, Cact., Lil. t. Causation.

Nux-m > relationships
Compare Myristica sebifera (boils and suppuration).

Nux-m > appendix
Myristica fragrans, Houttuyn (1774). M. moschata, Thunb.; M. officinalis, Linn.; M. aromatica, Lam.

Nux-m > appendix
(Nos. 1 to 48, from Helbig, Heraklides, part 1, 1833). 1, Helbig; 2, Hencke; 3, Heyder; 4, Al., a woman; 5, Dl.; 6, Sw.; 7, Kd., kadr., or Kade; 8, Lk. or Lck., a woman; 9, Ml., a woman; 10, Ant.; 11, Ssg. or Ssgth; 12, Or., a woman; 13, C.; 14, Dk.; 15, Os., a man; 16, Schm.; 17, Ld., a woman; 18, Lch., a woman; 19, Sh; 20, Ww; 21, Ktzl.; 22, Ldin.; 23, Koernerin; 24, Schulz; 25, Derle; 26, Hartmann; 27, Linke; 28, Bertele, Handbuch, 1805; 29, Bontius, Hist. Nat. et Méd. Ind. Orient, 1658; 30, Crantz, Mat. Med., 1762; 31, Cullen, Treatise on the Mat. Med.; 32, Curios. Botanicus; 33, Decker in Dietz, Tract. de nuce mos.; 34, Ettmueller, Opera, 1697; 35, Frankenau, Kräuter-lex, 1766; 36, Geoffray, Abhandl. v. der Mat. Med., 1761; 37, Grimmer; 38, Hecker; 39, Hoffmann, Casp. de Med. Offic.; 40, Matth. Lobel.; 41, Moebius, Inst. Med.; 42, Paulinus, de nuce mosch.; 43, Pharm. Lex., 1800; 44, Purkinje; 45, Riedlinus, Lin. Med., 1600; 46, Rumph, Herb. Amboin., 1641; 47, Spielmann, Inst. Mat. Med., 1774; 48, Thunberg, Diss. de Myristica, 1788 (49 to 54c, additions by Helbig, from Hering's Monograph on Nux. Mosch.); 49, M. M.; 50, Dt.; 51, a girl, effects of 10 drops of tincture; 52, a woman, from 10 drops of tincture; 53, a woman, effects of holding nut in hand; 53a, effects of 12 drops of tincture; 54a, Helbig, additional; 54b, a delicate woman, effects of the fourth part of a nut; 54c, a woman, effects of a drop of 6th dil.; 54, Dr. C. Hering, Hom. Vjs., 10, p. 90, effects of chewing a portion of the long variety (M. fatua, Houtt.); 55, Dr. M. Dowler, West. Hom. Obs., 4 (1867), p. 125, a man ate two nutmegs, at 9 P.M.; 56, Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., N. S., 1873, p. 504, effects of eating mace, in a woman; 57, same, effects of a dose of "C. M." (Fincke); 58, same, U. S. Med. Invest., 1875, N. S., 1, p. 101, effects of 10 drops of tincture, repeated the second day, and subsequently; 59, Thueman, Bert. Med. cent. Zeit., 1837 (A. H. Z., 17, 165), a man suffering from diarrhoea took a whole nutmeg, also a cordial containing paregoric and rum, with elderberry tea, omitted; 60, Watson, Lond. Med. Gaz., 1848, vol. 6, p. 260, effects of "as much mace as could be lifted on a teaspoon, and afterwards kept eating small bits for over one and a half hours;" 61, Mitscherlich, Buchner's Rep. 1850, vol. 16, p. 104 (Pharm. Journ., 10, p. 350), part of the dorsal surface of the hand was moistened with the volatile oil; 62, R. Ross Roberts, Hahn. Month., 3, 531, a woman, in order to check too profuse menstruation, grated two nutmegs into half a pint of boiling water, of this she sipped for six or seven hours; 63, Bosch, Memorabilien, 1869 (A. H. Z., M. B., 19, p. 20), a soldier suffering from rheumatic pains took seven nutmegs; 64, Fanning, Hahn. Month., 1870, a woman, ten days after confinement, took nearly a whole nutmeg, for some lochial discharge; 65, Martin, Hahn. Month., 1870, p. 63, a woman, five months pregnant, took a whole nutmeg for a leucorrhoeal discharge; 66, omitted; 67, Hahnemann, general statement, from lesser writing by Dudgeon (from Hering); 68, Portland Advertiser, effects of eating half a nutmeg (from Hering); 69, Lippold, effects of large doses (Hering); 70, Sam. Mueller, general effects (Hering); 71, A. Lippe, effects of one-quarter or one-half of a nutmeg, in young women during menstruation (Hering); 72, G. E. Stahl, effects of Nux. mos., with nearly all his food and drink, as a preventive for dysentery (Hering); 73, C. Hering, effects of chewing a nutmeg (from Hering, [left] c.); 74, A. J. Tafel, effects of a whole nutmeg, taken in soup, to check a diarrhoea (which it did), (Hering, [left] c.); 75, Fronmuller, Klinische Studien ueber der narkot. Arzneim., Erlangen, 1869, effects of a freshly pulverized nutmeg, taken a quarter of an hour after breakfast, in a healthy man; 76, von Tagen, N. Am. J. of Hom., N. S., 3, p. 315, effects of using nutmegs to check menstruation, in a girl, aged twenty-four ("she ate at least 230 grains"); 77, same, effects of three-fourths of a nut, in a lady.