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Dearest Mr.Joe De Livera,
I read some months ago your cure for fistulas.
I had a painful abcess that after many excruciating days it broke. I went to doctor and he drained it completely ( or I think he did).
Nevertheless, he said he wanted to operate because it was his opinion it was a fistula.
Needless, to say I never returned to him.
I came upon your cure in this forum and followed your words
and instructions word by word.
The fistula was HEALED!
Thank God for angels of kindness like you in this world.
Mr. De Livera my sincerest thanks to you.
I still follow the one cap full in water of Arnica before I go to sleep. As I understand this I must do for life.
I call it the 'angel's water'
in honor of you.

Ms.Victoria last decade
first time on..im 37 years old and have a fisyual. i just read the recomendations to take arnica and Silica--can you reccomend a store to buy these? i live in califonia. thanks.
jessman last decade
hello Mr. Sajjad,

I am also suffering from fistula from last one year. I went to the doc. he suggested me the operation according to him surgery is the only solution for this problem, but i go through this website and got the idea to take the silicia. But i am little confuse hot to take this medicine. I will be great ful if u reapet the method. how to make ready this medicine. Thanks a lot in advance.
raj.sharma last decade
try sulphur30 one dose twise a day up to 5 days and any change please cantact me.

Many thanks
faisal qureshi last decade
Why does the arnica have to be taken for life? That doesnt seem like a cure, it seems like your just temporarly stopping it. What happens if 'after cured' I stop taking the arnica? Is the fistula garaunteed to return? I was under the impression that arnica was to promote healing from the inside out. Well if its healed, then why keep taking it?

buttplug last decade
I am new on this forum. Read few of the messages in this thread and seems like there are few doctors replying to the queries. So to all those advisors here is my husband's situation:

He has been diaagnosed with peri-anal Fistula with abscess. On Dec 16th the doctor made incision to drain the abscess, which is still draining. Ever since then he is feeling a lot better. However doctor has suggested, operation to drain all the pus off, but due to the side effects we want to try homeopathy first. I have already ordered Silicea 6C (liquid) and Arnica Montana 30C pellets.
As read on this Forum Silicea helps to drain off the pus and gets rid of the infection. How should it be used. Is it supposed to be applied on the abscess? Also is the Silicea 6C right one. How many times a day should it be used?

Arnica 30C is supposed to increase the blood flow to the infected area and helps in healing of the Fistula. What is the suggested dosage for this?

Also should he be using both of them together or try Silicea for few weeks and then start on Arnica?

Also depending on the person and the amount of infection the time of healing would vary, but at what point should we know that the medications he is taking are working and correct?

Thanks for your help in advance.
star_fistula_probl last decade
Ok i had surgery in the early september. They made an incision and left it open to heal from the inside out. after 3 weeks i was pretty much healed. I took it easy for another month (no lifting weights :( ) So its been 3 months or so, and i havent had any problems. small scar with a little indent, but its not like i show off my brown eye to everyone lol. this arnica is crap. i took it for a little while, until i convinced myself it is BullSh*t. Com'on this is not gonna heal a fistula track, your body is good at fixing things, and if it cant do it, there is a reason. go get the surgery. i was scared too, but it was so simple. grab u a couple bags of salt and relax for a month =).. dont give these guys anymore money !!
buttplug last decade
try (Silicea-200c) 2pills daily for week only then stop and after 3 weeks report me back,Ok
Good luck
faisal qureshi last decade
It's too bad to hear there's another sufferer out there. This forum has been quiet for a while. I should have reported back in April that I'M HEALED! But it took surgery and important changes in my life.

This condition is so awful, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. So, why make it last any longer than you have to? You might be able to control some symptoms with homeopathic remedies, but they will NOT eliminate the fistula.

Every patient is different, and not all fistulas are the same. Mine was low, uncomplicated, and transverse, if I remember correctly. I underwent 5 outpatient procedures: fistulotomy with seton placement, seton removal with fibrin glue therapy (failed), fistula plug x 2 (failed), and then successful fistulotomy with cutting seton. The surgeon said his group hasn't had good luck with the glue or plug, unfortunately, but they are exciting possible treatments for some.

My fistula hurt and drained and it even contributed to my depression diagnosed last January. Someone here recommended no alcohol, and I didn't want to give it up. But ultimately, for me, it was the right thing to do to heal not just my fistula, but to improve my life. I also lost 20 pounds, adopted a consistent exercise program, and maintained a better diet. My original problem, way back when, was irritable bowel syndrome, which is barely ever a problem now. The IBS caused an anal fissure, which caused an abscess, which caused the fistula. The homeopathy experts here could not have known everything about my health history or my life to adequately help me. For example, I had significant anxiety, which can cause and aggravate many health conditions. Medication and counseling have been a huge help. These have never been recommended here.

Like I said, everyone is different. Anyone who has Chrohn's disease (a serious autoimmune condition) and fistula, for example, should consult a physician. Homeopathy might bring some symptomatic relief, but not a cure of fistula. Even the acupuncturist who treats my daughter knows the limits of his expertise. Conditions like anal fistula must be treated surgically. Why waste time suffering? Good luck healing! I did, thank God, and you can too!

bethw last decade
I agree with Beth. Homeopathy and Joe's prescription HAS NO CURE for anal fistula. I tried Joe's therapy for more than one year, word for word, and did not even consume any alcohol or coffee as advised by him. YET, HIS THERAPY HAS FAILED.

Don't waste your time with Joe's therapy. Try your luck with surgery or any other new method that may have come up. I wish somehow my anal fistula would get cured, but till date have not tried surgery because of the overwhelmingly negative comments posted by people who had tried surgery. Almost 80-90% said that they had to go for repeated surgeries. This has scared me and so far prevented me from going in for a surgery. The fear that surgeries could do more damage to the anal area is a big deterrent for going in for a surgery. This is also a fact that the more surgeries you go for, the more money the surgeon makes. It is sad that the surgeons actually have a vested interest in your condition getting prolonged.

Will anal fistula patients have to live with their conditions for life? It is such a shame on medical science that they do not yet have a permanent cure for it.
Megastar last decade
Beth, I'm so glad you raised these much over-looked points. Everything has it's limits,including the internet. It's as if people come here expecting to find a cure only to become disgruntled when one isn't forthcoming. Homeopathy is a wonderful practice in the real world where it utilises a much deeper understanding of a patient's history to evaluate just what is needed.

For those who managed to cure their fistula's with the recommended therapy given here - congratulations!
Surgery was the only way for me and I have not regretted it. After months of angonising pain I was finally able to walk, sit and eat again without fear of that pain.

The pull through seton does give one a weird feeling because,let's face it, we are not down there playing in the anal area very often so of course it's not pleasant.But it is by no means unsurvivable.

All the best to all in the New Year.
pastelpoppy last decade
I am 23 years old, when i was 18 i developed a abccess on prenium had it lanced when i couldn not walk any more that thing as now been leaking pussing bleeding for years now i have sene devloped other abcess that some open and ome not closer to my anus, i suffer everyday, i can feel hard channles around the diffrent fistulas opneaing and new abcess, hurts to have bowl movments hurts to cough and sneeze, hurts to walk by end of each day, despratly seeking homepathic advise as i thought my body could heal the thing on its own, but to no a-may. When i had my fist abcess lanced years ago i vowed that day i would never rettun to a allpathic doctor, and i still vow, so deepling requesting your help. I have read though this forum many time of over the years but never quite understood the remedy proceduare and so how felt it need a system desgined for me and or atlest written to me to aligne the energy. thank you and peace and healing to all fistual suffers.
Fistulawillheal last decade

an abscess is an infected gland and there are many of these glands in the anal region. You are very young to be having such problems,and I'm truly sorry for the pain you are suffering through,(I know it well)but my suggestion would be to see the best colorectal surgeon you can find.You don't have to let him do any procedures but at least let him check you out and try to figure out why you keep getting these things.

Also,I think you should know: Fistulas tunnel from the area of ulceration, creating a hole which may continue until it reaches the surface of the organ, or the surface of nearby skin. These holes typically spread the infection that creates them, and life-threatening conditions such as peritonitis (inflammation of the lining of the abdomen) may occur.

Please get checked out.Fistulas and especially abscess will not heal on their own.

All the best,
pastelpoppy last decade
Thanks to all those who replied. Almost all of you have suggested allopathy for Fistula, however homeopathy does take time to show results. It requires refraining from many food items. I have myself tried homeopathy few years ago for asthma and gave up within few days. Consultation from a good homeopathy doctor is also a must as Beth had mentioned.

However while we are waiting and still trying to find alternatives for the operational procedure, we will give homeopathy a try!

I have also heard of a procedure in ayurveda called Kshar Sutra (medicated thread). We are still trying to get more info on this and it would be our next try (if homeopathy does not show any results)
star_fistula_probl last decade
I need to contact nwpain..i have ahd mine for the same amount of time..going to a surgen tomorrow. PLEASE if i can talk to him will cancil appointment for tomorrow.
Baddbutt last decade
If this poster was interested in contacting nwpain because of his or her experience with Levaquin, you can learn more at www.levaquin.com

I went online for you and it doesn't appear that this antibiotic is used to treat anal fistula. It seems to be used along with another powerful antibiotic, Flagyl.

The website said: 'LEVAQUIN is a broad-spectrum, concentration-dependent, quinolone antibiotic used in adults as a lung, sinus, skin, and genitourinary tract infection treatment when such infections are caused by bacteria. LEVAQUIN kills many of the types of bacteria that can infect the lungs, sinuses, skin, and urinary tract and has been shown in a large number of clinical trials to be safe and effective for the treatment of many bacterial infections.'

Although a course of antibiotics can be given for anal fistula, it will not cure it or eliminate the tract. Only surgery will cure you. And typically you will be given an antibiotic after surgery to prevent infection. Good luck.

bethw last decade

Then i wonder why he said it cured his? I do nknow that the reasons doctors say antibiotics will not cure a fustula is that they cant reach it. So maybe since it is a deep skin antibiotic maybe just maybe it just works.

I would still like to ask him.
Baddbutt last decade
Mr. Joe,

You hv been prescribing Arnica 30c in wet dose twice daily in split dose with the last dose at the time of going to bed.

Pls clarify:

.what is meant by split dose?
.Twice daily is OK.
. Last dose being taken just before sleeping. Does it mean that one has to take 3 doses per day? Or 2 dose only one of which will bew at the time of sleeping?

An early clarification on this forum will highly be appreciated andprove beneficial to all who have been taking Arnica 30C for various problems.

Thanks in antcipation.
wonderman last decade
Joe De Livera can be contacted by email.

Please check his profile:
girilal last decade
Finally weant to CRS this morning. She looked at it and did a digital exam. Said fistula is a low one which is good news. Felt no unusual lumps or masses in my rectum.

Ask me if anyone ever tryed antibiotic to cure it. I told her no. She suggested we try Levaquin and Flagyl for 7 days. and if that doesnt work we go for the knife. She also said before we do that we need to do a scope to see that the fistula is not from a polyp or antyhing else.

My wonderment is, if you can feel the end of a low fistula in the rectum why would you think it comes from somewhere higher up?
Baddbutt last decade
In my regular e-amil i have a message that say i have a reply to my post from (girilal) When i ck on it cant find her post. Anyone tell me what i am doing wrong.

Baddbutt last decade
This is for anyone who hasn't seen what a fistula looks like.


pastelpoppy last decade
Fistula is mostly caused by tuberculosis and syphilis miasms.

Pain and excessive pus is definitely an indication of syphilis miasm which has been inherited from previous generations.

Homeopathy is the best way to treat fistula as it gets at the cause. Antibiotics only suppress the symptoms and are very often totally ineffective.

Surgery is the worst way to treat fistula.

Please contact me for further info.

jerryacu last decade
Allopathy is off the mark in the management of chronic diseases.

80-90% of surgeries in mainstream medicine today can be avoided if doctors were taught Homeopathy in Med school.
jerryacu last decade
Anal fistulas most commonly develop as a result of an anal abscess. An abscess is a collection of pus and infected fluid. An anal abscess normally develops after a small gland, just inside the anus, becomes infected with bacteria or foreign matter. Abscesses are usually treated with a course of antibiotics. In most cases, you will also need to have the infected fluid drained away from the abscess.

If an anal abscess bursts before it has been treated, then it can sometimes lead to an anal fistula. A fistula may also occur if an abscess has not completely healed, or if the infected fluid has not been entirely drained away.

An abscess does not always develop into a fistula. Approximately half of all people who experience an anal abscess will go on to develop a fistula. There is no way of predicting when a fistula will develop.

Anal fistulas are also a common complication of conditions that result in inflammation of the intestines. Some of these conditions include: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis,
ulcerative colitis,
Crohn's disease, tuberculosis, gonorrhoea, and, cancer of the rectum.

Beth W.
bethw last decade
The main aim of treatment for an anal fistula is to heal the fistula with as little effect on the anal sphincter muscles (the ring of muscles that open and close the anus) as possible. Damage to the sphincter muscles could cause incontinence problems in the future. Fistulotomy is also done in stages, with a seton thread inserted to allow drainage for several months. A cutting seton is also used successfully.

Very few anal fistulas are able to heal by themselves, so surgery is usually necessary.

Fistulotomy: The main surgical procedure used to treat a fistula is a fistulotomy. During this procedure, the surgeon will cut open the fistula, whilst you are under general anaesthetic, and then scrape and flush out its contents. The fistula is then laid open and flattened out. After 1-2 months, the fistula will heal into a flat scar. To access the fistula, your surgeon may have to cut a small portion of the anal sphincter muscle.

If the fistula is relatively simple to operate on, you may have the surgery and go home the same day. If the path of the fistula is particularly long or complicated, you may need to stay in hospital for a few days, or undergo a second stage of surgery to complete the procedure.

It can be painful to move around soon after the operation, but after approximately one week, any pain and discomfort should ease. Most people make a full recovery after two to six weeks, but if the fistula was particularly complicated, it can take up to eight weeks for it to heal completely.

Fibrin glue or collagen plug: Most cases of anal fistula will require surgery, however, in some cases you may be able to have the fistula sealed with a special type of glue made from protein. This means the fistula will not have to be cut open. The glue is injected through the opening of the fistula, and then stitched closed. A fistula can also be sealed using a small plug made of collagen and then stitched closed.

Homeopathy can be used along with allopathic measures to treat symptoms.

Good luck. Beth W.
bethw last decade

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