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Your constipation may not be because of Nat.Phos 6x. Anyway, stop it for few days.Try it again, when your bowels are normal.If you get constipated again, we have a reason to suspect that it may be due to Nat.phos.
gavinimurthy last decade
[post removed by moderator as duplicated elsewhere]
Nesha-India last decade
Nat.Phos. does not cause any Weight Reduction (Obesity) and is indicated for specific cases for Acidity and not as tauted as a universal remedy for ANY & ALL acidic or gastric / digestive distrubances besides the FUNNY cure for Weight Reduction (OBESITY).

Read what 'phildis' had to say on :
--- start
'Nat Phos not wrkng for acidity. Continue it? From phildis123 on 2006-10-28'

'I have dyspepsia (burning in stomach). I'm taking Nat Phos 6x for a week. I initially took 2 tablets after meals - twice a day. Finding no improvement, I increased to 3 tablets. Now after a week, there is no improvement at all. Should I continue taking it or should I stop and try something else? Please advise.'
--- end
Nesha-India last decade
Re: digestive problem From rehmanz on 2006-11-04

This is what 'rehmanz' said in the above post :

'I used last month Nat Phos 6X about a month but no improvement.'

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
SURPRISING ? Nat.Phos-6X, 2 tablets after meals (on the lines of allopathy dose taking & prescriptions) was supposed to give instant relief, as 'millions' are using all over the universe for ANY & ALL digestive problems.

Generalising Nat.Phos., as a HOLY medicine for ANY & ALL Gastric distrubances, is in-appropriate and is on the lines of Allopathic medicine prescribing regime, even if it means helping for free or whatever ...

The Homeopathic CAUSATIVE factor should be found out before recklessly prescribing Nat.Phos. for ANY & ALL digestive disorders. OTHERWISE, it is just placiebo'cally only a palliative (only temporary relief leading & cumulating to more powerful & dangerous symptoms later on, in the long term).

BE CAUTIOUS : Read this links throughly before attempting self-medicating.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Nesha, Nat. Phos is a cell salt too.

Why you are against only this cell salt but you love all other cell-salts.

Just a question for further amusement in this matter.

No academic interests involved.
kuldeep last decade
nat.phos helping obesity is a big myth.

Those who claim they are benefittted by it,might have got reduced by careful diet planning and exercise.

They might be thinking that it is because of Nat.phos.

gavinimurthy last decade
Nat. Phos works on obesity??
Yes, No or May be. Truth can only be known after clinical trials.
dr mehmood last decade
This is what 'bad.shape', had to report on the effects of Nat.Phos., which is tauted as universal medicine for ANY & ALL Gastric distrubances & OBESITY.

Re: Flatulence - Farts From bad.shape on 2006-09-11

- - - start
Thanks for your response Joe. I have been taking Nat Phos 6x for last 1 week, but no relief yet.

Should I try any other medicine?
- - - end
Nesha-India last decade
I too tried NAT PHOS 6x twice a day without any other medication but it didn't work at all. i am still the same
Dr Amit Karkare last decade
Post addressed to Murthy copied below as it is of relevance to members who read this post.


Evidence that Nat Phos 6x reduces weight from the ABC
From Joe De Livera on 2006-11-25
7 replies 21 views
To Murthy and Jacob

You have both taunted me often that my discovery that Nat Phos 6x reduces weight is only a figment of my imagination.
It was only after many trials on people who were overweight in Sri Lanka, who incidentally are very difficult to trace as the population is usually underweight, that I made my post entitled 'The Ultimate Cure for Obesity' on Christmas Day 2004, the day before the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka causing the loss of over 30000 lives.

You have often requested me to provide proof with reference to a link on the internet for evidence that Nat Phos has reduced weight. I requested my secretary to list the references to weight reduction on the thread which I shall copy below for your information.


I shall list the references to patients who have benefited from Nat Phos and the reference is by name and date.


This is the list that I have been given and it is very likely that there are more records of weight loss on the forum if you care to do a diligent search for this phenomenon.

The maximum weight loss that I have recorded was 25kg in 9 months when the weight of my first test patient was reduced from 135kg down to 110. He is 6'3' height and he does not seem overweight today.

I have an employee who has reduced her weight by 10kg in about a year and she still takes a dose of 1 tablet NP twice daily as she discovered otherwise that he weight tends to climb up.

I have also been informed that Nat Phos 6x is in use in Health Farms in the US as they have discovered that it is by far the cheapest and the safest of the remedies that they give their clients but I do not have any reference to them. I am only repeating this news that I got from a US citizen who discovered this fact.

I hope that this evidence will serve as a starting point for you both to do your own tests of this remedy as this is what I lack here in Sri Lanka where I do not have any possibility of carrying out double blind tests for weight reduction under laboratory conditions.

I do hope that others who have these facilities will use them to verify my findings.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
These are the actual reports on the same thread.

not worked for me at all From Dr Amit Karkare on 2006-11-13

I too tried NAT PHOS 6x twice a day without any other medication but it didn't work at all. i am still the same

More to follow.

gavinimurthy last decade
Re: Phytolacca Berry 30 From fred06 on 2006-03-07

It works on me (raw berries)

On 7th March itself Fred06 confirms that he is using Phtolacca Berry too.

gavinimurthy last decade
Re: The Ultimate Cure for Obesity From achandra on 2005-07-21

Dear Dr Joe

You might remember, I had started Nat Phos from March 20 and since then, as per your advice have been taking two tabs twice, after meals. I am not a real obseee and only wanted to clear some flab on my belly, say about 8-10 lbs. ButI have not seen any results so far. The flab is still there.


gavinimurthy last decade
Re: The Ultimate Cure for Obesity From Rabia on 2005-04-17

i read ur posts about and then i started using Natrum Phos 6x ...3 tablets ....3 times a day for more than a week but its of no use ,even i dont developed the symptom of excessive urination



gavinimurthy last decade
The only case worth discussing is that of Fred06, who claimed he lost 7Kgs.

Unfortunately, as per his own admission, he is using Phytolacca Berry too.

Both the posts were made on the same day, on different threads.

The 1 pound , 2 pound cases never came back, and it may e that they passed out more urine, and nothing else.

It can't be taken as evidence of 'Ultimate Cure for Obesity'

So, having discounted Fred06's claim, because he was using Phtolacca parallelly, and removin these two cases of one pound and two pounds, which can be a routine matter of weight fluctuations, the only case left was that of CRUTHBH.

Even CRUTH didn't confirm that the lost weight remained lost.

Against these, there are the repots from Dr.Amit,Achandra,Rabia, which confirmed that it did nothing.I am not including myself,in this list, though I too belong to it.

gavinimurthy last decade
When do we claim that a medicne is a cure for obesity? It should be able to remove the obesity completely.

The normal weight reduction courses using liposuction methods claim a reduction of 4 to 5 kgs. for each sitting.

Even then they don't claim it as cure for obesity. They always say, if you don't change your life style, all that is lost will come back.

Now, with these one pound, two pound loss cases, is it wise to blow one's trumpet about making a great discovery and telling it to the world, and lamenting that BBC, and other bodies have refused to take note of it?

I give least credence to the stories of Joe's employees, as, as is usual, they might be just stories told to please his boss.

Given his penchant for receiving praise, it is no wonder if he has been deceived by his own staff, by making false claims.

All in all. it amounts to a hoax.

Nat.Phos does nothing for Obesity. It is the truth.

gavinimurthy last decade
If you have any actual references to posts where many patients have been helped to lose weight using this remedy, rather than the odd case here and there Mr De Livera, then I am quite happy to look over these, as I am sure Murthy is also, but the way things stand so far, there is simply no proof for your claim.
JCS2006 last decade
i had prescribed nat phos to 6 of my patients advising them for strict restrictions on other medications and herbs

but sorry to say none has been showing any promising response in last 1 month.
Dr Amit Karkare last decade
I read about natrum phos 6x and started giving it to my husband who is quite over weight he felt little diffrence because medicine taken was only few days now regarding this I woul like to ask u few things---
1--Is it so that one shoul not take any other medicine with natrum phos
2--my husband has difficulty in controlling his appetite every now and then he keeps on munching he just cant stop it. I had read about homeo. med. Calcarea Carb 12x if given thrice daily for 7 days it helps in controlling appetite, so can i give him this medicine?
3--Is phytplacca berry usefull in reducing weight if yes can it be given along with natrum phos? in that case what should be the dose for it? thanks archna
pramiti last decade
Each cas has to be examined on its own.

You husband has the habit of contineous eating.

It can be due to Acidiy?
It can be worms?

It can be malfunctioning of lever?

It can be minor ulcers, etc.

Please provide in details all the facts together with his weight, height, complexion and if possible attach Photo with this mail.

Why he wants to eat and what type of eatablehe prefers.
Rajendra last decade
hello joe thanks for ur reply his weight is 98kgs. height 5' 7'[5 feet 7 inches ] complexion is wheatish.
he sweats a lot specifically upper part of body.,he has fat accumulated mainly at upper part of body and abdomen hips and thighs r normal. he dosent have acidity/worm or disturbed liver only he is hypertensive very well controlled on medicine. he is fond of eating thanks archna
pramiti last decade
Dro Boeric desceribes AMMONIUM MURIATICUM as under :-

Abdomen.--Splenic stitches, especially in the morning, with difficult breathing. Pain around navel. Abdominal symptoms appear during pregnancy. Chronic congestion of liver. EXCESSIVE FATTY DEPOSITS AROUND ABDOMEN. Much flatus. Strained feeling in groin.

Rajendra last decade
can bandarbabu2000 please let us know if the nat phos 6x worked on him
alia_7 last decade
No. It doesn't work for obesity.

The only way to reduce weight is to cut down on carbohydrates like bread, chapathi, rice etc, drastically, and take more of proteins like mutton, chicken, fish etc.

Don't eat unless you are hungry.

There are no quick fixes to get rid of obesity.

You need dratic life style changes, particularly with your eating habits.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear sir I am a mother of 18 month old active son. He is allergic to milk and on zerolac. He suffers from travelling sickness. He feels nausia and vomits even if we drive abt 2 km in a taxi or car. Kindly advise
hrlib last decade
Dear sir my husband age 38, ht 5.6 is suffering from abdominal fat. wt is abt 78 kgs.

exercises less. Eats moderate. Eating times are not fixed due to marketing job.

he also suffer from dark underarms, yellow teeths and nails.

he has a red wart on his back since last 8 years it's not paining not changing its size.

We stay at Mumbai (India). Kindly Help
hrlib last decade

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