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To John

I would prefer that you consult other homeopaths for your thyroid ailment as I have not sufficient experience in its treatment.

I use Arnica 30c after brushing my teeth just before I go to bed.

Homeopathic remedies are best taken about one hour before food.
Joe De Livera last decade

Interesting solutions given here, I'm sure some of them have proven useful...

But to many of my friends no amount of exercise and homeopathic as well as allopathic medicines have provided the necesarry weight-loss. My mom for instance, is overweight, though not very overweight, and has been trying to lose weight in so many ways. She is active – does most of the housework herself, eats little-moderate, goes for daily walks – but no weight loss in the last two years!

I asked a couple of doctors about this, and one of the things that is emerging is that obesity cure plans have not worked for many people because many are recommended a “one-size-fits-all” plan, which I understand simply is not the case. I recently read a good article in which it was pointed out that customized treatments for individuals is perhaps the way forward. This means that you might have to approach physicians (homeo or allo) who are willing to consider individual traits in a comprehensive manner and suggest tailored diet & exercise plans. It also helps to remember that while in general the principle of moderate eating and good exercise does reduce weight, in some cases obesity could be owing to specific illnesses, or due to genetic reasons. In these cases, tailored recommendations from specialists are the best treatment.

Hence my my thoughts are that it would be a good idea to check out with a few obesity specialists to explore if they provide customized & tailored treatments for individuals.

Some of my friends have given up on Homeo as well as diet and exercise and are thinking of surgery. Surgery is always an option, but I’d think one should consider it only after exhausting other options, simply because the other natural ways of losing weight also inculcate in your some very healthy practices which one might not bother to consider if one were to have a simple solution through surgery.

Check out if this page is of use to you – I'm not able to post the URL, but iou can check it out at the site called Billdoll. This is a page from the Billion Dollars Questions Site, and it not only categorizes obesity into the various types, but also provides useful to-dos and a number of web resources.

Hope I’ve been of help.

ecacofonix last decade
Dr Joe

I have been using arnica 30c in wet dose for 4 days now (morning and night)...but it seems to give me extremely bad diarrhea. The arnica seems to work like a trigger, as soon as I take the arnica, it sets me off worse than normal. Does this happen with everyone? i am not having any coffee ect.

Also, when I success the solution, it does not fiz like soda....and I am shaking very hard. Is this okay?

What should I do - should i stop the arnica treatment?
john1020 last decade
Your observation that Arnica 30c in the wet dose causes Diarrhoea is very interesting as this is the first report that I have had.

You have however not indicated the reason why you have taken Arnica and you might like to know that it will not reduce your weight. As you know this is a thread on Obesity for which I have prescribed Nat Phos 6x which reduces weight by about 1kg per week.

Nat Phos 6x has been reported to soften stools and all that is then necessary is that the dosage is reduced as this soon fixes the problem.

Arnica will not fizz like soda as the bubbling will occur in a manner that water in a bottle will show bubbling when shaken hard.

There is a major outbreak of a stomach flu here in Colombo and many have been affected. It is possible that your present problem may be due to this flu but if you feel that Arnica is a causative factor, you are advised to stop it.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

I refer you to my previous posts to understand why I am taking arnica- it is for hair loss as per your advice.

I am not taking any other remedy.

I am located in america and have no stomach flu.

yes there is slight bubbling when i shake the bottle.

i will have to stop this remedy for hair loss as is definitley a causing factor of my bad diarrhea. I have irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea) and i can control it if i don't eat any foods i am allergic to - which i have not eaten.

i have not taken nat phos 6x for my excess fat around my stomach area as of yet. i was waiting to try one remedy at a time.

since i can not ake arnica, would you recommend sepia or sulphar or something else for hair loss? I have read posts where other doctors have prescribed this.
john1020 last decade
Dear friends

You can now see that continuous dosage with arnica 30c can indeed bring problems.

A few people like Joe may escape from any ill effects, but, it is more tan likely that you may suffer sooner or later, if you flout the fundamental principles of homeopathy.

In this case, the patient is able to identify the cause to be Arnica. If the problems start after an year or so, you may not be able to link it up with Arnica.

So, please avoid repeated dosings of even seemingly harmless medicine.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Well said Murthy, and I am sure this will be one of MANY examples to come, now that the possibility of such effects have been fully explained.

Btw, as stated by Joe on another thread, he takes his nightly dose of Arnica immediately before brushing his teeth with regular toothpaste, so it is unlikely the remedy is even being given a chance to work anyway.

Hahnemania last decade
To John,

It is obvious that it is your IBS that is your problem and NOT the Arnica.

Would you like to give me more details of your IBS as to how it started, what you suffer from as a result, consistency of your BM, when and frequency of BMs, what foods trigger it off and any other details that will enable me to suggest a remedy.

Suggest you forget the hair loss which may even be due to your IBS.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Murthy and Jacob

I must admit that I am almost beginning to enjoy responding to you both, even though I have to do so at the expense of more positive effort on my part to do something more constructive than waste my time in defending myself.

I prefer not to reply to Jacob as he has been shown up to be a person who deviates from the truth and prefers to weave his own tissue of falsehoolds to suit his purpose which I feel only goes to show the depths he hails from. However on this occasion I shall do so to negate a lie that he has recorded in his statement below which I must correct for the record.

'Btw, as stated by Joe on another thread, he takes his nightly dose of Arnica immediately before brushing his teeth with regular toothpaste, so it is unlikely the remedy is even being given a chance to work anyway. '

For the record I would like to inform him that I have dinner around 9.00PM at night and have always proceeded to brush my teeth which I have done for the last 25 years immediately after. I then sit down in my easy chair with my MacrBook Pro on my lap to reply the many posts that I handle on a daily basis till after midnight. I then proceed to take the teaspoonful of Arnica 30c and get into bed.

I have mentioned my nightly routine in detail to assure Jacob that I too am possessed of a mind which is perhaps equal to or even surpasses his own, even although it will be 77 years old in a few days. I really wonder where he fishes out the many untruths that he does so delight in recording on the ABC and it seems obvious to me that he lives in a dream world of his own where is convinced that his opinions are the last word. He also distorts the truth whenever it suits him to do so in the fond hope that others too will agree with his opinion which he may be surprised to discover, is held by many to scorn.

As for Murthy's general statement that a daily dose of Arnica 30c 'can indeed bring problems', I can assure him that it is not only I that have used it but there are many countless hundreds that do so on a daily basis as can be seen from reading the posts on this and other forums. None has ever complained of any negative response as has occurred in this case which is more a case of IBS than any reaction to Arnica.

I have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the daily use of Arnica 30c can only help the user to a better state of wellness than without it. It is a small price to pay for being vibrantly alive which everyone who uses it has confirmed.

You are both invited to use it for a fortnight and to report truthfully on the worst possible scenario if indeed it occurs.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank yoy Joe for responding to my post and for taking the time to monitor this forum. I realise that you are trying to help by sharing your knowledge. Please note that I am not being critical of arnica, i simply am telling you truthfully what has happenend to me. I have been reading many of the forums and I am yet to see anyone detail their success - which either means they have had little success or they have not bothered to report their results. I am inclinced to beleive the latter given your experience.

I have already detailed my problems in this forum, please refer to them. Yes, I have IBS. I will copy and paste some of my earlier posts:

I am MALE, 24, here are my probems:

1. Chronic diarrhoea

2. Food intolerance (wheat, lactose, most vegetables and fruits)

3. chronic rash on hands and feet - very itchty

4. underactive thyroid

5. excessive hair loss (started about 4 years ago, but has only got worse in the past 1.5 yrs)

6. inflamed liver

7. excessive fat around stomach, hips, and breast area only - very skinny in other parts of body

i eat HEALTHY. I do not eat any fatty or processed foods. I only eat fish, very lean meat, some vegetables and fruits. I eat very small proportions and I NEVER overeat...I keep food diaries and my doctor tells me to eat more (but the problem is I am so restricted). Blood tests reveal I have an underactive thyroid. My doctor wants to start me on hormone tablets, but i want to try homoepahty first as I want to cure the problem long-term not treat only the symptoms.

My conditions are medically diagnosed and not psychological. I have had allergy tests and am allergic to wheat (I am have cealiac diesease), lactose, most vegetables and some fruits. I have always been allergic to wheat and lactose (since I was about 10 years old), but it has only been in the past two years I have become intolerant to vegetables and fruits (it started oiff being only a few, now it is most fruits/vegies). it is 2 years ago that i was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (by doctor).

I am in the healthy weight range, I just have excess fat/flab around the areas I described...as i said I am extremely skinny in other areas....without taking my shirt off you would think i was very skinny. To say i am overweight and eat unhealthy is wrong.

I have had colonoscopy and endoscopy and I do not have any cancers.

A few months ago, I went to see my local homeopath. He prescribed ars alb 200c - one pellet four times per day and arg nit 1m - one pellet once per day. I was to take these for one week, and then stop the arg nit 1m and only take ars alb 200c when i ate a trigger food (or when i had diarrhea).These did work okay for me...but as soon as i ate a trigger food it was off again.

I then consulted dr sharma, who advised me to take silicea 12x (2 drops on empty stomach) and china 30c (2 drops 3 times per day). i did this for one month. These seemed to make my conidtions worse and i had a terrible month health wise. i then started ars alb 200c - i took it after loose stools and it stoped it somewhat - i did notice a big difference with this remedy, but again, i still can not eat much.

Following this, i received some advice from joe to take arnica wet dose 30c for hair loss (2 times per day)...this works like a trigger for me, in that as soon as i take it it is just like i ate something i am intolerant to. I did this for 4 days at which point i contacted joe to seek advice - his advice was to stop. i had planned to take this arnica with the ars alb 200c, as i suggedted in a previous post. But i did not get onto both remedies at the one time as i wanted to try arninca on own first. now i have started on ars alb 200c again to control my diarrhea - it is a little more manageable and i can leave the house (provided i do not eat anything).

note that when my hair loss became apparent (about 4 years ago), my doctor started me on minodoxil 7% two times per day (externally). This treatment has done very little for me, and my doctor says that my hair loss must be due to my underactive thyroid and health given his prescription has not worked. Note that I stopped this external solution when i started the homoepathy and my hair loss has remained the same.

so now i am very confused...my local homoepath couldn't help and i feel he was just taking my money. this is why i tried to do the research for myself. if anyone can help i would be most appreciative.

john1020 last decade
Joe,we should be thanking both Jacob and Murthy for sharing their knowledge also. They are on this website to help and they, like you, should be congratulated.

To be fair to Jacob and Muthy, you did say you take arnica directly after brushing your teeth - you did not day you waited three or four hours. While it may have been unintentional, you have mislead people - I specifically asked you to deatil how you overcame the problem of toothpaste just before taking arnica - now i see how you overcame it, but before it was assumed you took arnica directlty after brushing your teeth - Despite my assumption, I did not do this as I was more wise...I too waited many hours. Hope you understand why Jacob also made the assumption, I'm sure it was not a jab at you or the remedy - but really just stating a fact that it would not wor if taken after toothpaste.
john1020 last decade
To John

I would like to have more data on your BM's as follows:
Does it stink ? This is a difficult one as I am trying to figure out if the food is digested or not. If it is not fully digested it will have the stink of methane.

Have you been checked for Amoebiasis ? This too is a difficult one as even though you may not have any visible in a stool test you may still be a carrier. The easy way out is to use a Amoebiocide which your doctor will have to prescribe.

You are correct that I had not specified precisely when and how I take the Arnica tsp which you now know I take after about 3 hours after brushing my teeth. I must be more precise when I type my responses after midnight when my brain is not fully operational.

What I resent is how these types who are out to villify me would pounce on a matter like your report of Arnica triggering off your IBS or my brushing my teeth which to them is a monumental error in relation to the timing of my dose.

What they both need to know is that the research that I have done specifically with Arnica and Nat Phos has not been done and recorded ever before and although they may choose to belittle it, there are many who have used my advice with these and other remedies and discovered a whole new world in their use in the alleviation of human suffering.

You can imagine what a Gold Mine there is in the use of Nat Phos 6x to reduce weight in the Obese if this was handled correctly. It is just that I decided to share my discovery with all who would like to use it and the reward that I get is this constant villification on this forum because I have not followed the classical homeopathic rules in its use.

This only makes me more determined than ever to promote my direct approach towards healing which is not the classical method but which seems to get the desired result far quicker.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Difference of opinions do exist on these matters,and one has every right to air their views.

Don't get angry whenever someone questions your methods. It is bound to happen, on these open forums.

We are telling about the possible after effects of your brand of therapy.you are trying to defend it.

Let the people decide what seems logical and good for them.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
'I prefer not to reply to Jacob as he has been shown up to be a person who deviates from the truth and prefers to weave his own tissue of falsehoolds to suit his purpose which I feel only goes to show the depths he hails from.'
You are of course entitled to your own opinions and perceptions, however untrue, delusional, and far removed from actual reality they may be.
I would like to point out though, YOU are still continuing with such remarks long after the last time I actually addressed anything to you, which I think just about says it all.I guess everyone has their own 'issues' ;)

'For the record I would like to inform him that I have dinner around 9.00PM at night and have always proceeded to brush my teeth which I have done for the last 25 years immediately after. I then sit down in my easy chair with my MacrBook Pro on my lap to reply the many posts that I handle on a daily basis till after midnight. I then proceed to take the teaspoonful of Arnica 30c and get into bed.'
This is NOT what you stated elsewhere, as pointed out also by John below, so no, no lie at all, it IS interesting though that you have now changed this to support your own argument, that such repeated dosing is universally safe. Maybe you are not quite 'possessed of a mind which is perhaps equal to or even surpasses his (my) own' at all (which is actually quite laughable)...if you cannot even remember what you have stated elsewhere.

'I really wonder where he fishes out the many untruths that he does so delight in recording on the ABC and it seems obvious to me that he lives in a dream world of his own where is convinced that his opinions are the last word. He also distorts the truth whenever it suits him to do so in the fond hope that others too will agree with his opinion which he may be surprised to discover, is held by many to scorn.'
See both paragraphs above, and STILL you continue with the personal remarks, long after, as far as I am concerned, the matter has been closed.

As for living in a dream world, I am not the one who is deluding himself he is practicing Homoeopathy by randomly recommending Arnica & Nat Phos for everything from anal warts to hair loss, who believes himself to be some kind of pioneer in the field, when he is simply practicing in a way many have before him, and of which Hahnemann himself was so scornful, or who choses to believe the reason REAL, practicing Homoeopaths deride his 'methods' is because they are jealous of what he BELIEVES (rather delusionally) to be his superior knowledge, rather than the fact that it is of course absolute rubbish...but thankyou for the comment, I'll file it away under 'U' for unimportant :)

'You are both invited to use it for a fortnight and to report truthfully on the worst possible scenario if indeed it occurs.'
I have no need to, as I have done this in my early days, the result of course was a proving. Such things have also been on record throughout OUR history over the last 20 years, you have therefore proved nothing.

In closing, if you continue to address personal comments to me, be very aware I will be doing the same as I have above ;)

Hahnemania last decade
200 years*
Hahnemania last decade
Thanks again for the reply Joe. Yes, my BM's do stink. I did have a stool exam one year ago, but they did not find anything. I do not know if they checked for Amoebiasis. I will see my doctor this week and get his advice on taking Amoebiocide. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. The problem with the doctors is they want to put a band-aid on everything - my doctor has presrcibed me 6 immodium per day. At first immodium worked for me, but then i became tolerant of it and it stopped working. I stopped taking it about 6 months ago. We can not figure out why my liver has also been inflamed for 2 years, but my doctor suspects it is because of my digestion is placing strain on it. It was only a year ago that we discovered my uderactive thyroid - we had never tested for this before then - it was on my advice that we did so after I did some research. We suspect that I have had this for a lot longer, given my symptoms.

I have spent so much money going to different doctors, gasteronologists, naturapaths, homepath. Afer homeopathy I was going to try accupuncture....but I do believe that homeopathy can work for me, so I'm not giving up yet.

I thank you again for helping me with this.

john1020 last decade
To John

I find it very strange that you, living perhaps in the UK, with all the latest diagnostic possibilities available, have not been first treated for Amoebiasis especially since you have mentioned in your post that your doctors saw evidence of an inflamed liver.

'We can not figure out why my liver has also been inflamed for 2 years, but my doctor suspects it is because of my digestion is placing strain on it.'

My diagnosis from over 6000 miles away without meeting you personally, and purely based on your symptoms is that you have Amoebiasis and the your liver has Cysts or Abscesses which lead to Hepatic Amoebiasis.

Here is some information on your condition:

'One of the organs most commonly affected is the liver - this condition is called hepatic amebiasis. Signs and symptoms of hepatic amebiasis include fever, abdominal pain, an abnormally distended abdomen, and tenderness in the area of the liver below the ribs on the right side.'

Here is a link to some information:


The good news is that your condition can be resolved reasonably quickly and here is a word of warning. It is not impossible that your doctors can tell you after a stool culture that may prove negative, that you do not suffer from Amoebiasis. Do not believe them. Insist on a prescription for the Antibiotics used as a Amoebicide.

You are advised to have all members of your family also treated for Amoebiasis even though they may not present this condition right now as this is a highly infectious disease and the chances are high that they may all be infected. And this goes for all pets that you may have in the household.

I shall follow your case closely and would appreciate if you will please keep me advised on the ABC and also by email.

I cannot help but mention a catch phrase in closing:

So much for 'Joepathy' !
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Murthy,

I do appreciate that you are a classical homeopath who like me is not qualified although our combined experience can be considered as being far above that of the twerps who masquerade as qualified homeopaths merely because they have that piece of paper that qualifies themselves to be entitled Dr but do not have the intuition to diagnose a case in the manner that you and I would do.

I am not angry about our recent exchange of opinions but what I would like you and other classical homeopaths to please understand is that although I do not engage in a long classical case taking procedure which in any case is not possible on a forum such as this, it is the rate of cure that is paramount when assessing the relative merits or demerits of the therapy that I use which in many cases, even though I may state so myself, is original and even surpasses the application of the standard remedies in the MM's. I can think of just 2 examples for my stating so. The first is the use of an antibiotic ointment to be inserted directly into the anus after every BM in the case of patients who present with Fistula. This is not Homeopathy. The second is the advice that I have just given John for his IBS in my post above, which has baffled his doctors for many years which I have diagnosed as Amoebiasis. You will note that I have not prescribed the standard Homeopathic remedies for his disease as I feel that it is only a good Amoebiocide that canl help him immediately. This too is not Homeopathy as it is generally practiced, but as I have mentioned time and time again, the patient's well being comes first and this is irrespective of the therapy used to cure him.

I have had many similar encounters on this and other Homeopathic forums including your Hpathy, where I have been pilloried as being a maverick. It is however the record of cures that I have been responsible for that I believe I have won the respect of members many of them patients, as I do seem to have that ability of putting my finger on the pulse so to speak, which I believe I inherit from my forefathers who were famous Ayurvedic physicians one of whom as history recorded, cured the last King of Kandy Sri Wickrema Rajasingha of some unknown disease which had baffled all other physicians living in Taprobane as Sri Lanka was then known, in the late 18th century.

As no doubt you will realize I could lose all credibility if, on a Homeopathic forum such as this, open to the whole world, I have misdiagnosed a case and what is worse, it has lead to some aggravation as you suspected in John's case, due to the Arnica I had prescribed. As you may already have read from my post to John above, he is in my opinion a classic case of Amoebiasis which strangely enough has gone undiagnosed by his doctors in the UK. I am convinced that it is cases such as John's which I seem to have that gift of diagnosis even though I am not a physician qualified in either homeopathy or medicine. I believe that This is a gift I have been given by God which I, at my advanced age am using during the short time I still have on this earth, to help anyone in distress in whatever way I can.

It occurs to me that the Arnica which John was quite certain triggered his IBS may have in its own way, been trying to help his system to recover and it was left to me to diagnose his case as Amoebiasis, from Colombo. Mind you, there is still a possibility that John may be suffering from some other more exotic ailment but we will soon know the worst in a few days.

Oh, No hard feelings !

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Murthy,

I could not resist copying the post below to prove to you once again that my Joepathy really works.


e: my son's heat intolerance...please help! From spacebabe on 2006-10-15
dear Joe, I wanted to let you know that my son reation to heat seems to have gone. He is just like any other normal child of his age now and enjoying lots more outside activities than he has ever been able to participate in...THANK YOU SO MUCH. its so wonderfull to see him this way. THANK YOU.
I have another question for you. Can you tell me what potency follows on from 200cc?
As you know, i live in spain and I usually use 30cc(ch in spain) and 200cc. I asked in the farmacia which comes next and they showed me '1M' and '1000ch', so im a bit confused and would very much appreciate your advise.
Thank you. Spacebabe
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you so much Joe for all your help. I am going to get my doctor to prescribe this antibiotic straight away. Although I have had terrible experinces with antibiotics in the past (set off my diarrhea where i haven't been able to leave the house), this is a risk i am willing to take to get my problem solved. I will keep you updated with everything. You are very generous to offer your knowledge.
john1020 last decade
Dear Joe

I wish you and all others hereafter call your treatment procedure as joepathy. : )

The only problem is when it is called homeopathy.

I will stop interfering with your posts if you declare that your method is not Homeopathy, and accept your method as a different therapy altogether.

You combine allopathic medcines and homeopathic medicines. Though some Indian doctors who are basically allopathic doctors,who has some superficial knoweldge in homeopathy practice this way, no official name is available for their therapy.

Why not Joepathy as a seperate therapy? Why don't you apply for a patent?

For all we know,you may get it, with all the record you have. : )

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Joe,

First of all, let me express my admiration for you as a compassionate human being.I am sure you may remember that i have appreciated your efforts in the past too.

But in the example above cited, the patient was cured by a dose of Pulsatilla 200 which you had suggested.Pulsatilla is one of the main remedies in homeopathy for the rubric 'worse by heat', and hence cured.It was simple homeopathy and not 'Joepathy', which i believe is associated with Arnica, Nat. Phos. & Nat. Sulph.

I have for long thought to share some of my thoughts on why your prescriptions appear to work in a number of cases.I think it is the right time to do so.

Arnica, as everyone knows is the number one remedy for the shock of a trauma, whether the trauma is physical or mental.The reason is that it has a tendency to increase the flow of oxygen to the site of trauma.In case of physical trauma, to the site of injury, and in case of mental shock, to the affected part of the brain.That is why it is one of the leading remedies in the cases of brain haemorrhage too.Evn when a person is very fatigued after very severe hard work, a dose of Arnica brings a calming influence and takes away the fatigue due to increased oxygenation in the blood.What is happening in your case is that due to your old age (which causes poor oxygenation due to old age) and your hard working routine (which must be causing a lot of internal wear and tear at the cellular level), Arnica acts like a kind of 'superficial similimum' and tones you up so to speak ensuring nice sleep etc.Arnica is one of the main remedies that Dr.Parimal Banerjee (one of the greatest homeopaths that India has ever produced with the world record of having treated over 1.5 million people in his time) recommends for high blood pressure.The reason is again very simple to see.Arnica naturally pushes the blood flow, and causes the heart to relax a bit in confirmed cases of hypertension.In such cases, hypertension is the disease condition to which Arnica acts as a 'superficial similimum'.In fact, your experiment on your own self has definitely encouraged me to conduct some experiments of my own.These experiments were inspired by you.My father-in-law was suffering from gangrene of his right toe, which was in danger of being amputated.I asked him to take the wet dose of Arnica 30 and to apply Arnica Q dilution externally.The condition was healed in two months.The reasonis simple enough.The Arnica caused the highly oxygenated blood to reach the gangrenous toe.So yes, your self proving of Arnica is valuable to the homeopathic community, but more care should be taken in prescribing.There should be circumstances calling for Arnica, rather than prescribing it left, right and center to all comers.Even young people.That could cause a proving.

Nat. Phos. is a noted remedy for GERD and acidity.But it works on the Schussler's biochemic principle.But why does it in some cases cause a reduction in weight loss?I will try to explain.Nat. Phos. (this is biochemic theory and not a homeopathic one) is the main biochemic remedy to restore the acid-base order in the body.An enhanced acid level in the body indicates that a great portion of the sugar metabolism in the body is taking place via fermentation which is due to the presence of anaerobic bacteria in very high quantities.These bacteria generate a high toxic load which teh liver is then unable to process out of the body.So it causes the body to generate a lot of fat to dissove and store the water insoluble toxins.With Nat. Phos., the acidity is reduced and hence the detoxification starts at a rapid pace in cases such as those above.This causes the fat which was generated to store the toxins in the first place, to be released and dissolved.

Nat. Sulph. is the most important homeopathic remedy in cases of asthma worse in damp places or in areas near the seashore.Colombo is near the sea and hence the high rate of success in curing asthma cases there with Nat Sulph.If Joe would read Von Grauvogl and his description of the usefulness of Nat. Sulph. in asthama cases in hydrogenoid (Grauvogl's term for people who suffer from excess of water in their body) constitutions, he would realize why it works in these cases.And why it does not work in some cases where he needs to resort to Arsenic, Blatta etc.

Any way.These discussions are only going to enhance everyone's knowledge and hence keep them flowing.

With warm regards to Joe and everyone else,

rajivprasad last decade
-Waves my imaginary 'piece of paper'- (which of course I have never even mentioned...).

As far as I am concerned a good Homoeopath is shown by his understanding of the subject, experience, and the LONG TERM effects of his methods, not by an academic qualification, although of course if he is serious in his endeavours, he will eventually pursue this route also.

Hahnemania last decade
To Rajiv

Thank you for your treatise on how Arnica, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph react to resolve the respective ailments that I have prescribed them for patients whom I have helped on the homeopathic forums. This is, I feel, the attitude that other homeopaths should emulate by sharing their knowledge based on their own discoveries with the use of standard Homeopathic remedies in curing diseases which were not listed in the Repertories. I reported about 2 years ago that I had discovered that Arnica reduced Blood Sugar levels in both Type I and II Diabetics and as usual my report was held up in scorn immediately. It was only when other homeopaths discovered that Arnica does in fact reduce BS levels and as you also rightly included BP levels in patients, that those who scorned me sat up and took notice that there was indeed method in my madness.

You may have read the many attacks that classical homeopaths heaped upon me in the past few years on the homeopathic forums I visit daily, merely because they considered me a maverick who rocked their precious Classical Homeopathic boat too much. I believe that they did so because at least some discovered that my presence on their classical forums could corrupt the minds of potential classical homeopaths who were already in homeopathic colleges, as my therapy which treats the disease directly in the allopathic manner, seemed to be more effective than the standard classical method of identifying just one remedy which takes into account all the other symptoms presented by the patient. I do not wish to elaborate on this point as I have already dealt with it in other posts on the ABC. You may have observed that the attacks against my therapy invariably predicted doom to the unsuspecting patient who in many cases was confused as to which therapy he should use, which made a bad situation even worse as in some instances he would prefer the classical approach merely because the prescriber had the title Dr. before his ID. I have some cases where the patient used the classical therapy and returned to my therapy when he found that the classical approach was not helping him and discovered that my non classical therapy cured him in some cases, instantly.

I have always maintained that Homeopathy to me is only a Hobby to which I am passionately dedicated especially today, since I have some time at my disposal which some years ago I could not devote to homeopathy as my professional duties came first. The return of my sons after their post graduate studies in the US and joined the family business gave me this free time which I use today to help others and it gives me great satisfaction to help a patient which I have done free of charge, especially those who have run the gamut of specialist doctors, Ayurvedic physicians and then later classical homeopaths and finally they come to me here in Sri Lanka or visit a Homeopathic forum and I take over in my own direct way.

It seems such a shame that other homeopaths classical or otherwise do not also use the direct way that I prefer instead of going round in circles as they were taught in their respective collages to use only the classical system because Hahnemann had directed them to do so. Reference to his Organon will show that he too was constantly updating his therapy with every subsequent edition and I believe that what I am now trying to do is to continue in his footsteps by updating the concept of Homeopathy and to prove to those classical types that there is another way of helping a patient to overcome a disease by using the direct method that I have been using successfully for many years in spite of the conflagaration that it seems to have caused in homeopathic circles.

I observe today that there seems to be some semblance of a truce that has resulted between the classical types and their attacks against me as at least one of them has stated that as long as the therapy I use is termed 'Joepathy' he does not have any reservations about my involvement in this art of healing.

I was also humbled to note the number of hits that this word 'Joepathy' gets on the Search Engines, which is a fact that I was not aware of till Murthy drew my attention to it a short while ago. I hope that this can perhaps indicate that the rest of the world too is taking some notice of the therapy that I have always used successfully, which to me seems the obvious therapy that others too should use in helping a patient to overcome his ailment. It seems a happy coincidence that this fact was discussed today, a few days before my 77th Birthday.

Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

I have just been to see my doctor. She says amoebiasis is extremely unlikely. I have not been overseas - I live in America. Anyhow, I am having stool exams over the next few weeks. My doctor has prescribed me 'flagyl' - but she has warned me that this will make my diarrhea worse for over the 2 weeks i am to take this drug. I react very badly to antibiotics and hence we want to avoid them. Should I take this then I will have to take leave from my job as I won't be able to leave the house. My doctor has urged me not to take this drug - she does not think I have this condition as i have had diarrhea for over 2 years. Also, she said we would have diagnosed this had when i had the stool exam one year ago (even though as Joe pointed out that it does not always show). So now I am scared of what to do - do I take this drug and leave work for two weeks or do i go by her advice? I will wait until after my stool exam to decide i think, which will be the end of the week. Maybe there is a homoepathic remedy for this - i have read that Aloes or sulpha can work.

Joe - I notice on another forum someone saying to you that arnica has worked as a cure for constipation - why didn't you share this knowledge with me? If it works as a cure for constipation, then perhaps it does aggrevate diarrhea? here is the link:


I have been taking ars alb 200c for 2 days now (one pellet, once per day), and it has controlled my diarrhea a little, alhough i still have strong urges to go. As i still have some silicea 12x left, i was thinking of taking this once per day (2 drops) along with my ars alb (at different times though). this may help with my liver, skin rash, and also hair loss. i had been taking silicea 12 x along with china 30c for one month, but these i feel made me worse. Perhaps i should try silice and ars alb?

i notice others are taking wiesbaden 200 (on alternate days) or two-three drops of Selenium 200 (once a week) for hair loss. maybe i should give these a try. Again, my doctir has re-iterated that my hair loss is likely due to my thyroid, for which i should try and fix this - of which i will do with hormones only after homeopathy fails.

Thanks again for taking the time to deal with me.

john1020 last decade
Your doctor's response was, as I warned you, to be expected. They go on the law of averages where the fact that Amoebiasis is not a common disease in the US, it therefore follows that you will not present it. I am more than surprised that she did not take into account the tenderness in your liver which I have diagnosed as Amoebic cysts. The stool tests may not be positive but this is quite usual.

I do not agree with her diagnosis and also her dire warnings of aggravation of your diarrhea if you took this drug Flagyl which is also known as Metronidazole. This is a remedy that has been used for many years to treat Amoebiasis which is common in Sri Lanka and is used very often. As far as I am aware, Flagyl has never been known to aggravate a diarrhea as its primary function is to alleviate it by killing the amoeba responsible for your IBS. The only way for you to know if it will help you is by taking it as directed by your doctor in the recommended dosage over the 2 weeks. It is possible that you may have to take it for even a longer period as your tender liver can harbour the cysts which usually take a long time to be eradicated.

You will observe that you will feel much better after you take it for a day when the amoeba are slowly killed off by the drug. Your stools will also be rendered more solid.

All I can advise you at this early stage is to use the drug as prescribed and report your response in 2 days after you start on Flagyl when I am sure that you will feel much better.

I am copying some information on Flagyl from Medline below :

PRESCRIBED FOR: Metronidazole is used to treat giardia infections of the small intestines, amebic liver abscess and dysentery (amebic colon infection causing bloody diarrhea), trichomonas vaginal infections, and carriers of trichomonas (both sexual partners) who do not have symptoms of infection. Metronidazole is also used alone or in combination with other antibiotics in treating abscesses in the liver, pelvis, abdomen and brain caused by susceptible anaerobic bacteria. Metronidazole is also used in treating colon infection caused by a bacteria called C. difficile. Many commonly used antibiotics can alter the normal type of bacteria that inhabit the colon. C. difficile is an anaerobic bacteria that can infect the colon when the normal bacteria types of the colon are altered by common antibiotics. This leads to inflammation of the colon (pseudomembranous colitis) with severe diarrhea and abdominal pain.

DOSING: Metronidazole may be taken with or without food. In the hospital, metronidazole can be administered intravenously to treat serious infections. Metronidazole is metabolized mainly by the liver and dosages may need to be reduced in patients with abnormal liver function.

DRUG INTERACTIONS: Alcohol should be avoided because metronidazole and alcohol together can cause severe nausea, vomiting, cramps, flushing, and headache. Metronidazole can increase the blood thinning effects of warfarin (Coumadin) and increase the risk of bleeding. Cimetidine (Tagamet) increases the blood level of metronidazole.

PREGNANCY: Metronidazole is not used in early pregnancy because of potential adverse effects on the babies.

NURSING MOTHERS: Metronidazole is not used by nursing mothers because of potential adverse effects on the babies.

SIDE EFFECTS: Metronidazole is a valuable antibiotic, and is generally well tolerated with appropriate use. Serious side effects of metronidazole are rare; and include seizures and damage of nerves resulting in numbness and tingling of extremities (peripheral neuropathy). Metronidazole should be stopped if these symptoms appear. Minor side effects include nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, a metallic taste, and rarely a rash.
Joe De Livera last decade

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