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Dear sir my husband age 38, ht 5.6 is suffering from abdominal fat. wt is abt 78 kgs.

exercises less. Eats moderate. Eating times are not fixed due to marketing job.

he also suffer from dark underarms, yellow teeths and nails.

he has a red wart on his back since last 8 years it's not paining not changing its size.

We stay at Mumbai (India). Kindly Help
hrlib last decade
i am intrigued with Nat Phos 6x and have already researched where to purchase it. i would love to try it but have a couple of questions. i am presently quite a bit overweight though i eat a careful vegetarian diet, no fast foods, junk foods.. i do all of the cooking of the foods i eat. organic vegetables as often as possible, i do exercise but realize that if i am less heavy i will be happy to do more. my question is this.. i am presently on blood pressure medication called diovan, and my bp is under control. i am told that if i lose another 20lbs or so i would be less likely to need the diovan. is this medication one that would negate the usage and success of NP6x? I am worried about stopping my blood pressure med. other than that, i do not take caffeine, drink fizzy soft drinks or use artificial sweeteners, no meats so no nitrites and meat additives that i have seen mentioned in your prior posts. so do you think i am someone who could possibly be helped with this remedy, and without jeopardizing my blood pressure?
another question, i am unable to locate the post where you gave the recipe for arnica 30c wet dose. i have lupus and believe that the arnica would be helpful for my symptoms and even perhaps aid in remission from flares. if not, please give your assessment. thank you so very much Joe! i am so happy i found this forum.
climbingrose last decade
Mr. joe,

I have tried Natrum phos 6X on me as well as my family members and friend.

It is an excellent remedy for acidity and heavyness in stomach.

I have felt extremely light after using it for the first time and feeling was as if i weightless and floating in air.

That is only due to resultant balance of alkaline and acid fluids in our body.

Feeling of being lighter /weightless can not be costrued as loss of weight as i myself nor any of my family members/friends ever achieved any weightloss whatsoever.

I am a great believer in bio-chemic medicines and have achieved wonderful results byond the imagination by a very few doses of these basic salts as well as combinations.

But my experience is that the German salts are most effective in comparison to the Indian ones.

this is without any prejdice towards anybody. I just wanted to express my experiences as others are expressing

Best of regards to everybody.
wonderman last decade
Dear Joe:

I was searching for medication to treat obesity and stumbled upon the NAT PHOS story. I have also been reading about Phytolacca Berry 3X, in fact I have seen advertisements for phytolacca in stores selling homoeopathy medicines in India.

I am female, 5'5' tall and weigh 77 kgs, with fat concentrations in my abdomen and hips. I am 45 years old and lead a sedentary lifestyle as university faculty. I do yoga for about 15-20 minutes daily and I am careful about what i eat. I need to lose at least 5-7 kgs in the next 2 months. Can you please advise me on how best to go about this? NAT PHOS or Phytolacca? Or both? I take medication for cholesterol. Total cholesterol is 196 and triglycerides is 166. Thanks.
beachblossom last decade
HI Joe,
really appreciate that you are taking such efforts for others

I just wouldlike to ask this can i take Nat phos 6 x for weight loss along with arnica medication for hairloss remedy

my weight loss is somethingi would like to deal with first .....so if i want to reduce weight how shouid i start the medicines and if possible also arrest my hair fall and grow it back
thanks in advance
sekir last decade

I am 5'2 in height and weight around 74kgs.I had months abortion in July'08 and after whichI have come back to my normal course but have have put on 7-8 kgs as a result of which my weight has increased to 74 Kgs.

I execrise 4 time in a week but result is very slow.I consulted homeopathic doctor and he recommneded Phytolacca Berry it has been more them 20 days but I dont find any difference.He also told me that I can continue medicine even if I am trying to concieve again as there would be no side effects.

I want to lose at least 7-8 kgs in 2-3 months before i concieve again.

Please suggest what medicine should I take and what dosage that It helps in to reduce fat fast and there should be no side effects.My eaing habits are normal.

I intend going homeopathic way as I understand there are no side effects.

Please advice.
poojsan last decade
I found some liver remedy helps in reducing chlostral and tryglycerine.

I suggest Carduus M. (Q) 10 drops in some water before meals will reduce the cholostrol. Take alongwith it Nat. Muir 12x twice a day 8am and 6 pm.
Rajendra last decade
dear joe
Can u please confirm that does nat phos 6x reduces weight.Because u have stopped saying about it
diana8 last decade
Hi joe where r you
please reply
Only you r the one who has a answer for Nat phos 6x.
diana8 last decade
i am 85kg. want to reduce plz help me,
mandiradebnath last decade
hi dr. joe,

i am 29 years old.
weight 85kg.5'3'
want to reduce weight coz i want to concieve.thanx.

mandiradebnath last decade
hi dr. joe,

i am 29 years old.
weight 85kg.5'3'
want to reduce weight coz i want to concieve.thanx.

mandiradebnath last decade
Dr De Livera,
What do you think of the med. Plevent for weight loss?
donbosco last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,
I tried Nat.Phos6X but found that it made me gain weight! I do have diabetes and Hi.Blood Pressure for which I have to take Atenolol and Avalide along with Metformin.
What should I do?
donbosco last decade
hi dr joe,
i heard about Nat Phos 6x for reducing weight.im 55kgs and want to reduce weight but when i went to buy the medicine,i was told that Nat Phos 6x is not for weight reducing purpose but for some other purpose.now im useing Phytolacca berry.want to reduce weight.can i use both the medicine together.can u tell me that if i use Nat Phos 6x how much i'll reduce weight per week.
sir i want to be in 45 to 46 kgs
sir,i really need your help.please suggest me what medicine should i take and what dosage that it help in to reduce fat fast without any side effects. i also do exercise.
sir,i intend going homeopathic way as i strongly believe that there are no side effect.
sir, please and please advice.need your help urgently.

junsono last decade
hi dr joe,
where are you? why you are not replying to my query.want your help.
sir, please advice.it's very very urgent.
junsono last decade
Symptoms of Obesity

Obesity is the abnormal health conditions caused due to the excessive fat content in the body that puts the adverse impact on the health. Absence of the physical activity and excessive intake of the fatty food items leads to the overweight problem that further on cause obesity. Hormonal imbalance is also found to be one of the causes of the obesity. Some people are facing the problem of obesity due to the hypothyroidism. Few times the problem of obesity is noted to be occurring due to the hereditary. Various other reasons like old age, testosterone deficiency, inadequate sleep, stress, and tensions together or individually make the person suffer with the obesity.

It is very necessary to cure the obesity at the initial stage otherwise it may lead to hazardous diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disorders. If you see any of the symptoms of obesity you must consult the doctor immediately and should try to cure it at the earliest. So, I am mentioning below the list of symptoms of obesity:

1. The first symptom of obesity is that you will be gaining the lot of weight. You would not be able to control the weight gain easily due to the obesity. You will notice the increase of about 10 pounds in a month.

2. In men the adiposity is noted in breast region as the preliminary symptom of the obesity. The fat around the waists in also noted. Simply you can say that your breasts will start looking larger.

3. Shortness of breath or inability to breathe properly is observed as the symptom of obesity. The person fails to breathe normally due to the deposition of the excessive fats on the chest. Many of the obese people suffer with the asthma like problems at the initial stage.

4. Sweating a lot is the symptom of obesity that is commonly observed buy hard to identify. We sweat due to the various reasons so we can not conclude only because of this that you are suffering with the obesity. But, if you are gaining a lot of weight and smoking additionally then certainly there are chances that you are suffering with obesity.

5. Difficulty in smoking is observed as a common problem nowadays, but it is a symptom of obesity. The problem in smoking is due to the inadequate oxygen in the body that adversely affects your sleeping habit.

6. Feeling of tiredness just by little physical activity is the warning bell that you might be suffering with the obesity. You feel tired very early as obesity reduces the stamina of the person to a large extent.

7. Heartburn and stomach upset are noted commonly among the people who are going to suffer with obesity in coming future. These assumptions are made as facing the stomach upset problem regularly is the one of the symptom of excessive undigested fats in the body that resembles to the obesity.

8. Occurrence of the puberty either occurs to be too early or occurs very late if you are on the verge of suffering with the obesity. Hair growth is affected by the excessive fat content in the body. Excessive weight gain leads to the hormonal imbalance that later on disturbs the puberty timing of an individual.

9. In males, external genitals may appear disproportionately small. This is the most common symptom of the obesity. As your body shape and size increases considerably, your sex organs start appearing very small.

10. In females, the menstrual problems are noted as a symptom of obesity. This happens due to the excessive weight gain that disturbs the hormone levels and leads to the problems in menstrual cycle.

These are the symptoms of the obesity. If you see any of these symptoms, then please visit the doctor today and take medicines that can help you to resolve the problem of obesity.

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

Nealoren last decade
I have been absent from this Forum since September 2006 due to the daily interference that I experienced from two trolls who used to question and challenge almost every one of my posts at that time. I discovered that I was spending more time in defense of my advice than I was spending on helping patients and I felt that it was in my own interest that I stayed away during the past few years. However many patients whom I was treating contacted me on my Homeopathy and More Forum and persuaded me to return to this ABC Forum as they missed the therapy that I had been prescribing especially on the Fistula, Fissure and Abscess thread on this Forum where I had prescribed a certain protocol that has helped many who presented this disease for which the only recourse was surgery which was unfortunately often repeated many time over as the surgeons were not able, in many instances to cure this condition.

I have also received many requests from patients on this Thread who are desperately trying to reduce their weight for more information on my discovery of Nat Phos 6x which many hundreds of thousands are using today. The large majority of those who used it have confirmed that they had lost about 1kg per week of their weight. This is indeed very significant as no other drug used in the modern Medicine or in Homeopathy can claim to reduce weight at this level and that very safely, without any side effects to the user.

None of those who did so complained of any negative side effects as a result of their use of Nat Phos and it can therefore safely be presumed, that my discovery was a significant advance in the annals of Homeopathy which will hopefully live on, long after I am no more. You may like to knot that I celebrated my 80th Birthday last October and still maintain a life style that I have maintained for the last 50 years and drive myself to work daily. I do not have any ailment or the usual aches and pains which senior citizens of my age group suffer from which are accepted as the price of old age. My secret is that I do not use any drugs whatsoever except on a SOS basis like after surgery. I believe that the use of drugs is the beginning of the end as one drug paves the way for another which is invariably necessary to treat the after effects of the first. I only use Homeopathic remedies to treat my own ailments which I have noticed are minor like colds and coughs.

Another significant discovery that I made around that time was that Arnica 6c was a very effective remedy to stabilize Blood Sugar levels in Diabetics and many Diabetics have confirmed that they have been able to use this remedy to replace the drugs normally prescribed like Metformin for Diabetes. This holds true especially for new Diabetics whose BS levels were around 300 and it was only a couple of days ago that I was informed that a Diabetic who was discovered with a BS level of 337 and was taking Metformin 500 twice daily was successful in using Arnica 6c in the Wet dose to replace the drug he was using. He also confirmed that the burning sensation that many who use the drug complain of left him on the day after he stopped the drug and changed over to Arnica 6c.

It is interesting to record that many chronic Type I Diabetics who were on Insulin discovered that their BS levels reduced almost overnight by over 33% which enabled them to reduce the units of Insulin that they had been taking for many years. They all confirmed that they felt much better physically and that they had also spread the good news to fellow Diabetics who all confirmed the same results.



Further information can be read by those interested in Diabetes by typing 'Diabetes' into the Search box at the top of the opening page of this Forum.

I would like to record here that my first post on Nat Phos 6x and Obesity was dated December 25 2004, the day before the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, the greatest natural disaster that affected this lovely Island which occurred on December 26 2004 when we lost over 35000 lives here in Sri Lanka where I live.

Please accept my Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2010.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade
Nat.phos 6X curing obesity is a big myth. It is a delusion harboured by some people who would like to blow their own trumpets.

gavinimurthy last decade
Happy New Year everyone!


There is nothing wrong with questioning any claims made, or pointing out (for example) that no medicine will substitute a healthy lifestyle.

However, please do not insinuate that anybody is deluded or likes to blow their own trumpet.

moderator last decade
Murthy do u remember that for ur problem, i recommended you to take Nux Vomica Q 50 drops in teaspoon of water. But probably you did nt take it. Thats wy still you are behaving abnormally. Plz do take it.
abid ali last decade
Mr. Murthy may have any answer to the below mentioned point? If not then there is no need to comment the author's opinion.



I am copying below some information on Nat Phos which may give some clue to how this salt works in the reduction of weight :


Sodium and Phosphate ions are to be found in our body in the muscle, nerve and brain cells, in the blood corpuscles and in the tissue fluids. According to Dr Schuessler, Nat Phos splits the lactic acid, which is produced by the work of muscles into carbonic acid and water. The carbonic acid is absorbed by the sodium phosphate and brought to the lungs where it is eliminated in the process of breathing. If Sodium phosphate is lacking, there results an excess of lactic acid and consequently a sour taste, heart burn, sour stools, vomiting of sour, caseous matter, particularly in babies who are overfed with sugar and milk. If lactic acid reaches the lymphatic glands, the albumin of the3 lymph coagulates and the gland begins to swell. In the initial stages of swelling of the lymphatic glands therefore, Nat Phos has a healing effect because it can split lactic acid. Mat Phos further assures that the uric acid of the blood which is formed by the splitting up of the albuminous substance is kept in solution and secreted by the kidneys. Should this not be the case, uric acid dill be deposited in the joints. The sequels are Rheumatism. Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago. In the gall Nat Phos saponifies the fatty acids which have been consumed with the food. It is hence indicated against digestive disturbances resulting from excessive consumption of fat. Nat Phos also dissolves Cholesterol.

Rajendra last decade
Hi Rajendra,

Thank you for your interest in this Thread which I first posted on the ABC on December 25 2004, the day before theTsunami devastated Sri Lanka. I would recommend that you read the entirety of this thread if you have the patience as it will give you some information which may interest you from a medical angle.

I presume from your profile that you are a Doctor of Medicine and that you are interested in Homeopathy. If so, I would recommend that you prescribe not only Nat Phos 6x for weight reduction as I have also another discovery which is of some significance in the treatment of Diabetes, both Type I and II.

The remedy that I prescribe is Arnica 6c in the Wet dose and many patients who have used it have confirmed that it has brought down their Blood Sugar levels by up to 33% virtually overnight in under 24 hours. This remedy is now being used by many thousands of patients throughout the world as they are able to reduce their drugs and Insulin by around 20% within a couple of days to maintain their Blood Sugar levels at around 100 - 110. Some new Diabetics have confirmed that they have been able to replace the Drugs prescribed like Metformin with the Arnica which they take in the Wet dose twice daily. They have invariably confirmed that the burning sensation that they were experiencing with the drugs left them as soon as they changed over the Arnica 6c.

You may also be interested from a medical angle to read the thread; Fistula Fissure and Abscess on:

This therapy offers the patient the possibility of a cure of this ailment which is usually subjected to countless experimental surgery without any chance of any respite to the patient as many who have suffered from repeated surgeries will testify.

You may like to know that I am 80 years of age and owe my present state of wellness first to God in whom I have an abiding trust and to Arnica 30c which I have taken in the Wet dose nightly since 1996 virtually defying the advice of many classical Homeopathy who warned me against taking any Homeoapthic remedy on a daily basis. I have great pleasure in proving them completely wrong on the basis of my present state of health with a BP of
Joe De Livera last decade
I am copying the response of Adil who has recorded her response to using Nat Phos 6x for reducing her weight on the Homeopathy and More Forum which members of the ABC may be interested to read below. I cannot post the link to the original as the software on the ABC does not permit it as it gives the warning:
'Your text contains words not permitted on this forum.'

Re:Nat Phos 6x the Ultimate Cure for Obesity By: Adil Pakistan
January 23 2010

I must also tell my experience of losing weight with nat phos 12x not 6x as been homeopath myself 6x didn't respond on me well as i previously used it for anal fissure with arnica by joe and i felt it didn't responds on me now so i did upgraded to 12x, as people here will not believe it i lose 20kg within a month its kg not pounds but along with strictly boiled vegetables (i will also name specific vegetables which i took with chapati) nothing else and with doing a lot exercises as i was used to exercises at home when i was at age of 14-20 my weight at that age was 65kg, i got suprising weight after my marriage from age 22-25 as i became 103kg anyway i started nat phos 12x with exercises and boiled vegs. i lose 20kg within a month now i am 83kg.
I was also surprised myself of losing that much weight i tried 6x on my mother and make her use of boiled vegs and doing walk for 20minutes at morning and at noon and during walk she don't have to answer anyone or she not even shouldn't attend mobile call. I tell her these 20minutes are for your body as she is aged so i didn't requested her for exercise and i came to know she dropped 7kg in ten days and her Blood pressure level becomes normal also as she is having high BP.
Isn't this surprising ????
I also tried on many patients i do have a lot pound bottles of nat phos 6x. And for my every patient i gave him/her a pound bottle but i came to result every patient must also have to do some exercising. Some patients reported 5kgs a months and some 2kgs some nothing (that's due to thier laziness i think so).

Re: Nat Phos 6x the Ultimate Cure for Obesity By: Joe De Livera Sri Lanka
January 23 2010

Thank you Adil for recording your response to the Nat Phos Therapy that I have pioneered since 2005 on this and other Homeopathic Forums.

Your record of losing 20kg in a month, using the 12x potency of Nat Phos is of great interest and can constitute an all time record as the highest that has been recorded here in Sri Lanka is 6kg in a month. Your actively adjusting your food intake and the exercise would have also contributed to this record reduction.

I hope that others too will use Nat Phos in the 6x and 12 x potencies and what is more important, record their observations in terms of their own response in weight reduction on this Forum.

I would also recommend that you also use Arnica 30c in the Wet dose to help your body to a higher level of health with just one dose taken nightly as I have done myself for the last 13 years.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
If this is not available the Dry dose in pellets may be used but this is not as effective as the remedy in the original Ethanol pack.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops or 5 pellets of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles. This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is taken as directed.

Re:Nat Phos 6x the Ultimate Cure for Obesity By: Adil Pakistan
January 24 2010

Thanks Joe
I stated that i requested my mom to do same under my observation and she loses 7kg. I used arnica for three months daily a wet dose but now stopped.
I may also state something interesting your therapy that i used on number of patient having anal fistula or abscess, if i noticed that someone isn't getting benefit with your therapy within in 15days i gave him four doses of nit.acid 200c and the cured starts immediately within a day or two but that is rare where there isn't any cure starts then i use nit acid 200c with your therapy to improve results, mostly people got cured with your therapy within 21days or more and what i do i reduced their doses of arnica with the passage of time into one dose only for at least three to four months after been cured. There are also some cases which were too severe so i used antibiotics injection mostly LINCOMYCIN with an injection of non-steroidal anti inflammatory Indomethacin or in tablet form ciprofloxacin 500mg with anti inflammatory Ansaid (Flurbiprofen) twice daily atleast for three days and i noticed that these don't antidote joepathy .
In short i (with help of GOD) cured each and every person having anal fissure, fistula and abscess with your therapy, the fail/uncured rate is 0%, people even having relapse of fistula or abscess with two or three surgeries got cured with Joepathy.

I must thank you for having great contribution in homeopathy
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Murthy, your English has improved, man.
girilal last decade
girilal last decade

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