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I was wondering where I had specified NATRIUM Phos but did not see any reference in my posts above. Natrum Phosphoricum is Sodium Phosphate and you can get it from any Homeopathic Pharmacy in the 6x potency which is in tablet form.

Before you commence treatment you must weigh yourself preferably without any clothes and then do so weekly and record the weight loss on the same scale which you can perhaps share with others who may be encouraged to use it to reduce their weight.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe.

I followed you advice and taking Natrum Phos. I didn’t weight myself by my pants are not tight anymore. These days I can get by without even a belt.


kuldeep last decade
Dear Dr Kuldeep,

Thank you for confirming that Nat Phos 6x has helped you.

I now have over 100 cases who have confirmed that they lose weight using 2 tablets of this remedy twice daily. It seems to be very safe to be used as I have not received any reports of any negative reactions except for one who indicated that she was gaining weight.

It seems to me that Nat Phos continues to act even when the weight loss is stabilized after about 3 months after the person has stopped using it as some have observed that it continues to reduce their fat as they are able to use their discarded clothes especially the blouses of their sarees which as you know are a glove fit and are a sure indicator of the increase in a woman's bodily contours with fat.

Incidentally I would prefer that you address me as Joe as I am not entitled to be called 'Dr' as I have not qualified in Homeopathy although I have about 25 years experience in its application which I use free of charge to all my friends who come to me for assistance.

Please read my post on Dr Luc de Schepper changes my concept of Homeopathy which I have just posted.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have had another positive case of weight loss which I have followed closely from a girl in our office who has lost 10kg weight on Nat Phos 6x which she started taking on January 2 2005. She was taking 2 tablets twice daily after lunch and dinner and she looks considerably more streamlined today and does not have any feeling of tiredness or other negative symptoms which can be ascribed to the remedy she is taking. She seems to be continuing to lose weight and I have suggested that she reduces the dose to just one tablet after meals.

News of this discovery of mine has spread among the over weight socialites in Colombo who are now coming to me for this magic weight loss formula.
Joe De Livera last decade
My success with this has been totally unsuccessful. I have been taking the Nat Phos for 3 weeks now - and there is no change in weight or size.

The only medication that I take is Synthroid - I don't drink coffee, etc., so I am disappointed tremendously.

Any suggestions or notations as to what works against Nat Phos in this effort?
jo316 last decade
The reason you are 'disappointed tremendously' with Nat Phos is because you are taking Synthroid which is a hormone which is described as follows:

Levothyroxine sodium tablets and injection contain synthetic crystalline L-3,3?,5, 5?-tetraiodothyronine sodium salt [levothyroxine (T4) sodium]. Synthetic T4 is identical to that produced in the human thyroid gland.

Nat Phos will only help with weight reduction if it is taken with no other drugs, coffee, cola drinks, and foods that contain saltpeter.

Since I presume that you must take your daily dose of Synthroid, it is unlikely that you can use Nat Phos to reduce your weight.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe --

What about colloidal minerals, , vitamins, or acidopholis(sp?) - would any of these interfere with nat phos and losing weight as well?
jo316 last decade
Nat Phos works best if it does not encounter any other drugs, if you use it to reduce weight. This is a small price to pay if one is serious about weight reduction as there are perhaps millions that are spent daily in the quest for reducing weight, which this remedy will do in over 90% of the cases I have used it for.

I am afraid that in your case it may not work to reduce your weight as your priority is the hormone you must use daily and you have already experience this fact. There is however no harm in using it after lunch and dinner if you find that your stomach is uncomfortable after a meal.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks once again.

I think that it would be great if you could detail as much information that you know about the cases that you've heard about so far and put it into one post -- such as the positive and negative -- meaning what would interfere with this and what would not.

The reason that I suggest this is because I have seen your initial post to this topic copied and pasted to several other forums. Since the post is somewhat general, without much added info, it can set many people up with high hopes, only to fail. If they do, they may not be encouraged to continue. If they had some hard facts placed before them, at least they would know ahead of time -- and they might only need to adjust something minor -- such as coffee, etc. - but without knowing, a little something like this could have been avoided, thus reducing the weight that someone was looking for.

I think it is great what you are doing, as far as getting the word out, but it would be interesting to know what is behind the success and failure stories.

Those that post positive results here -- it would be great if you would let us know if you were on a consitution remedy - etc.

I am very interested, as I would love to be able to pass this around myself, but I would like to include more details.

I am not giving up just yet.
I have been taking the Nat Phos, not just to lose weight, but thinking that it might aid in my acid reflux.

This is a great topic. Thanks for sharing what you know about this with the rest of us.

God Bless
jo316 last decade
I note that you have an acidity problem and Nat Phos 6x is exactly the remedy to help to keep it in control.

As for data on what does not antidote this remedy, all I can say is that it only works if the patient does not take other drugs or the standard antidoting items like coffee, foods with saltpeter used as a preservative like ham, bacon sausages etc, cola based drinks and of course hormone bases medication like what you are using. This is a small price to pay for reducing one's weight if one is obese.

I was interested to learn that you have seen my post copied in other forums and I would appreciate if you can let me have the links.

My greatest concern is that some multi million Dollar Phramaceutical company may patent this remedy claiming that it is their own discovery and use the patent to exclude others like you who use it and charge a royalty on it. They may even conveniently forget that it was I that made this monumental discovery and decided to announce it to the world although I had the opportunity of keeping the secret which I could have marketed and made at least a few millions from it.

Homeopathy to me is a hobby which I have used for the last 30 years to help anyone who comes to me for assistance which I gladly give free of charge. I have a stock of about 400 remedies which I use to help my patients but Nat Phos is right now the star remedy which many of my friends are clamouring for as word gets around in Colombo that this is just what they were all waiting for all these years !

I have many men and women who now depend on me for this remedy to help with their weight loss as it is not generally available here in Sri Lanka. I hope that those who read this post will spread this news to their obese friends that this is in fact the Ultimate Weight Loss Formula which is now being used by over 1000 people throughout the world with considerable success.
Joe De Livera last decade

I passed on your info on Natrum Phos to a good friend of mine who has struggled with her weight for the last 5 years. Right now, I'd say she is clinically obese. She is 45 and has all the signs of HYPOthyroid (low basal body temp, weight in the middle and upper hips, cold hands and feet even in the summer, irregular periods, etc.) She can exercise for one hour a day doing vigorous cardio and still not lose a pound. Much of the weight appears to be water retention as her fingers and ankles get so puffy in the morning and sometimes at night that she has to take off her wedding ring. She is currently taking a natural glandular called "Thyroplex for Women," the amino acid tyrosine and using a progesterone cream 10 to 14 days out of the month. She is also taking "7-Keto DHEA Acetate" at 25 mg. M/W/F. As you may know, 7-Keto is an improved metabolite of DHEA that does NOT convert into testosterone or estrogens. She does not drink coffee or eat any of the offending foods you mentioned that would cancel out Nat Phos';s power. You said NO hormones in order for Nat Phos to work.

Would the exteral application of progesterone cream 14 days out of the month and the internal intake of 7-Keto interfere with the action? Or were you referring to hormones such as Synthroid?

Also, would a hormone supplement such as Melatonin interfere with Nat Phos's ability to shed pounds?

I eagerly await your response so I can pass the info onto her.

Thank you!
laddy111 last decade
I have my doubts that Nat Phos can help in the case of your friend who you state is taking Thyroplex and other drugs.

You may however give it to her quite safely as it cannot possibly do her any harm and will help her digestion by increasing the peristalysis in her stomach.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you, Joe, for your speedy response. I will advise her of what you said.
laddy111 last decade
Joe De Livera/Kuldeep

Thanks to both of you for responding to my posting regarding the confusion between Natrium and Natrum Phos. If you go to posting of William and your reply on December 28, you will notice where the confusion comes from.

Anyway, after the confusion was cleared, I got Nat Phos 6X and have started using for the last 4 days. I am taking two tabs three times -morning, noon and night. I am not very overweight-may be maximum 10 lbs with some unwanted flab on the belly. Will keep you informed about its effectiveness in my case.


A. Chandra
achandra last decade
I have since modified my recommendation of the dosage to 2 tablets to be taken twice daily preferably after lunch and dinner. Unless you are obese, which you are not, I would recommend that you take it only twice daily.

This remedy has worked in about 90% of the cases that I have experimented with and I shall be interested in your statistics.
Joe De Livera last decade

Now that some time has passed, have the ppl trying this lost actual fat, or just water?

I am trying to increase my water content of my body. My health food story does free body-fat testing once a month (my chiropractor used to do it, also) and the last couple times I'm only about 52% water. Eeks! So I'm taking more minerals and will test again to see if the are worth the cost. Homeopathy could help, too.

ANYway, I would suggest that you suggest to the ppl doing this that they gat their body fat tested regularly to see if they are actually losing fat. If *that's* the case, many more ppl will be interested in the findings!

Rebecca last decade
We do not have any facilities to check for body fat in Sri Lanka and I cannot therefore be certain about the rationale for the weight loss but it will be safe to say that both body fat and water are reduced by Nat Phos as my observation of about 6 cases of obese people have lead me to this conclusion.

At the beginning of treatment they find that they pass more water for the first month and later the extra fat in their bodies starts to reduce and this is also plainly visible to observers who see the obvious reduction of the contours of the 'patient'.

I am organizing a clinical test to be carried out by homeopaths in other parts of the world and shall publish the results of the survey in due course.

I do hope that all who read this post who think that they are overweight will use this amazing remedy which is just a fraction of the price they would otherwise pay for weight reduction throughout the world.

I also hope that those who use it will please post their findings on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe De Livera

Thanks a lot for advising to change my dose, which I will do. It is only 4th day since I have started this medicine and it seems that some reaction is going on as the passing of water is slightly more.

For how much time I should take this medicine to get the desired result.

I will definitely keep you updated.

With warm Regards,

A. Chandra
achandra last decade
Dear Chandra,

Please note that this remedy does not produce instant results like taking asprin for a headache.

You have already noticed a slight increase in your urine output and this will continue till you find at the end of a week that you have lost about 0.5kg.

You can keep on taking this remedy for as long as you like as it is perfectly harmless and it will continue to reduce weight which I feel also includes the body fat in about 2-3 months in regular use.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Many thanks for your response and advise.

I will keep you advising about my experience with Nat Phos.

With warm regards,

A. Chandra
achandra last decade
Dear Joe,
after reading your posts, I will try Nat Phos, staring today. My overweight is slight (about 15 pounds). I will keep you informed.
Steppenwolf last decade
You will be interested to learn that I had an interesting case of a girl who weighed 95kg who was not reacting positively to weight loss for 3 weeks although she took 2 tablets Nat Phos twice daily.

After a detailed questioning session she told me that she was eating slices of processed meat in her sandwiches for lunch. It is just as well that I discovered the real reason for the Nat Phos not working as I was very surprised why she was reacting like almost all others to this weight reduction therapy.

I am recording this incident to remind all who wish to use this amazing remedy to lose weight that Coffee, Cola drinks and all foods which contain Saltpeter will antidote Nat Phos 6x.
Joe De Livera last decade
Correction to last line of 2nd para

was very surprised why she was NOT reacting like almost all others to this weight reduction therapy
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Mr Joe,

Just a question - when u refer to Nat Phos 6x, the place where I live, x is refered as bio-chemic. Will it work or 6C is better.

Pls advise. It is for a friend of mine.

B Rgds...Mathew
pimathew last decade
Nat Phos 6x is a Biochemic Salt and this is the only remedy that will help with weight reduction. This salt is triturated into the lactose and the actual dose at 6x is 1/1millionth of the salt.

6c is only available in liquid form and the dilution is the equivalent of 1/1 million million. It will not reduce weight.

You should notice a reduction of weight in the first week of 0.5kg which should gradually increase to a maximum of 2kg per week in about a month.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
I started Nat Phos yesterday. Of course it is too early to see any difference in terms of weight, but I noticed that a cronic tension I have in the forearms and upper thighs, suddenly got better. I can´t say it completely dissapeared, but I am very much relieved of it.
Could it be an effect of Nat Phos?
Thanks, Steppenwolf
Steppenwolf last decade

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