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Dear Joe,

I am willing to give this another go, since I am no longer on any medications -- However, I would appreciate it if you could expand more on this subject.

I have not seen success stories come into the forum, other than a few expressing less discomfort with bloating, and one that said they could wear a belt again -- though these are wonderful results in themselves, I am wondering if people are unable to lose weight because of the (vague) details provided -- for example, at the start, you mentioned that you could take up to 6 pills of the Nat Phos a day, then later changed it to 4 pills. Which one of these is the most accurate and provides the best results --

Also, you mention beverage and foods - yet, saying foods with saltpeter is such a broad term -- what types of foods exactly --- what types of beverages exactly --- You say no colas, but does this apply to all sodas, or just colas -- You say no medications, but what about herbs and natural supplements - are you able to take natural supplements as welll.

My point is not to bash this system, but eliminate the guess work and frustration involved -- This is like saying to someone that 'pill 6' will help you reduce your weight, but with little facts provided, noone will know what to do or where to begin. This could truly be an amazing breakthrough. I believe you when you write about people that you know that are losing weight- but I believe that more details need to be provided - especially with foods, beverage, and supplements -

What about take out food - such as McDonalds, etc - fast food restaurants -- to mention saltpeter again is a broad term as all foods have a preservative in them, unless picked out of a field or from a tree.

I am really looking forward to learning more, as Im sure others are as well. I have not given up yet -- now that I am not on medications, I am willing to approach this in the best way according to the details that you provide.

Thanks so much - waiting for your reply ---
jo316 last decade
It is unfortunate that all those who have used this remedy Nat Phos 6x did not confirm on the forum that they did or did not benefit from using it. From my own observations in Sri Lanka, it would be safe to state that about 90% of those who have used it according to my instructions have benefited from its use.

With regard to the dosage, I prescribed 2 tablets thrice daily in December but when I discovered that twice daily was equally effective, I modified the dosage.

I have observed that those who used coffee did not benefit from its use but when they stopped it the reduction was obvious. I believe that it is the caffeine that Nat Phos 6x is sensitive to, from the angle of weight reduction, although it works quite efficiently to alleviate gastric problems with or without the caffeine. The majority of Cola drinks have high concentrations of caffeine and this is the reason for my advice not to use them as I have discovered that it does not work. I am only too aware that in the US the normal intake of liquid is confined to coffee which is accepted as a way of life and Cola drinks and of course beer. It surprised me to note that no water was drunk either from the tap or from bottles. Here in the tropics we usually drink over 5 ltrs of water daily on the average and this is essential to survive the heat. I have also observed that any food preserved with saltpeter also antidotes this remedy. This includes food like hamburgers served by McDonalds which may contain this preservative.

I disagree with you that ALL foods have saltpeter in them. It is just the preserved meats that are in this category. I really do not know the effect of using herbal and natural supplements, and this includes vitamins as studies have not been done to accept or reject them when using Nat Phos to reduce weight. All I can state today is that I have found that it is easily antidoted if the person using it persists in continuing with his normal intake of food which can antidote the action of Nat Phos 6x to reduce weight.

You state that you were on medication up to recently. This factor too can be of some relevance and I would recommend that you do not use this remedy for at least a week after you have stopped all medication and the other food and drink that I have recommended are best avoided.

The problem I have here in Sri Lanka is that I am not able to get through to the medical profession and have tests carried out to test the efficacy of this remedy for weight reduction. This is because it is a Homeopathic remedy which in any case is largely suspect by the medical profession who no doubt realize that by involving themselves in studies of this nature , they will stand to lose if they are compelled to publicly confirm that it does indeed reduce weight. However I have 2 doctors who are using it with positive results who cannot unfortunately publicly confirm that this was due to Nat Phos

I only have 3 records of weight loss that I can testify to personally and they are all very positive especially one on my employees who started on Nat Phos on January 1st at 92kg and has lost over 13kg and is now happy with her weight and only takes 1 tablet twice daily as she does not with to regain any weight lost.

I would please like you to remember that I am not trying to prove that this remedy which I believe I was the first to discover for weight loss will positively reduce your weight.

If as you state, you wish to do so, it may be worth using it as you will not stand to lose anything by doing so as many of those who have benefited from it throughout the world can testify.

I would also like to add some more interesting after effects that have been reported to me by users. One is that they sleep more deeply at night after taking the second dose after dinner. The other is that it has helped those in the senior citizens category who were constipated and had to rely on other medication including liquid paraffin to only use this remedy to help regulate their problem. This fact lead me to believe that the Biochemic Nat Phos 6x works by accelerating the passage of food through the gut thereby preventing complete absorption.

As far as I am aware it is absolutely safe to be used on a daily basis as at a 6x potency the dilution is 1/1millionth of the original salt Sodium Phosphate.

I would welcome the comments of users of this remedy on this Forum so that others who read it and would like to use it can evaluate its amazing property for weight reduction that I believe I was the first to observe and record in September 2004.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

You are terrific about and very dedicated to replying to posts - thank you so much for that! I believe that with each post, more questions can be answered, which ultimately will benefit many people.

What do you think about products like yogurt that have live cultures in them? Or products that have aspartame, splenda, nutri-sweet (artificial sweeteners) -- will this alter the affect?

It would be interesting to have the people that have reported weight loss to you to supply a list of foods that they eat --

The reason for my questions is so that I can start making a list of restricted foods/beverages - I just want to be able to approach this with as much information as I can possibly attain, so that I can have positive results. I would like to reduce my weight. The added benefits of restful sleep would be welcome as well.

Again, thank you so much for your answers. I understand the frustration that you are experiencing concerning obtaining data from medical experts.

jo316 last decade
Joe is a veteran in the application of homeopathy for common ailments, and we can believe, every word he says.

He doesn't make any revelations, based on bookkish knowledge, unlike so many others, but, all his writings are based on practical experience.

We are fortunate to have the feedback from people like him.I, for one, will not hesitate to try out anything he says.

In fact, I promised him, I will try his Nat.Phos 6x ,once I am able to stop my coffee.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thank you everybody for your kind thoughts.

It is a coincidence that I have just made a post on Otherhealth on this same subject of weight loss with Nat Phos 6x and my daily use of Arnica 6c. If you are interested you can read it on:

Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
read about your discovery and started the use of Nat phos 6x two weeks back but till now no results but i'm still going to continue and see if it really works for me.
Could the reason of it being ineffective be the medicine that i have for my migrain's and they are also very often.
Please guide.
honey757 last decade
Hello Joe,
Well i have bought Natrum phos 6x and will be using it from today.Let me tell u i have my gallbladder removed a year ago, so will it harm me in anyway?and i am also having contraceptive so can i take it along with it.Will eagerly wait for ur reply.
debotri last decade
I believe that the reason why you have not experienced any positive result from the Nat Phos 6x is because of the drugs you are taking for your migraines.

I have noticed that Nat Phos is extremely sensitive to drugs and if you can give me some details of your migraines, I may be able to give you a homeopathic remedy which can help you to eradicate them.

I would like to know their frequency, usual time of attack, how intense the attack, do you feel sick with them, do you get them in strong light etc. Feel free to give more details as they can help me to indicate a remedy for you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please see my post above.

I doubt that Nat Phos 6x can help you since you state that you are taking contraceptive drugs. However you can use it and check the result.

It cannot harm you in any way with or without your Gall Bladder.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanx Joe, U r really very fast and particular about giving replies. Well i will start from today and see if there is some result and will inform you.
debotri last decade
Hello Joe,
I have been on the Nat Phos 6x for one week now. I have lost 5 pounds. Some of that is fluid loss no doubt, but a good start I feel! I am really looking forward to the next weeks now to see how things go, and how I feel?! I will be sure to post my results each week.
Thank you so much!!
cruthbh last decade
Thank you for confirming your weight loss. As you will realize it is necessary that those who use this remedy take some time to confirm whether or not Nat Phos 6x taken as I have indicated has helped them.

However in your case I would like you to reduce your dose of 2 tablets after lunch and dinner as you may discover that you are losing weight too rapidly which in turn can make you feeling listless and tired. I would like you to reduce your dosage to just 1 tablet after each meal and slow down your weight loss.

Would you like to mention your weight when you started on the remedy ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe,
Yes, I should have put that in here to start with.
I was 209 # a week ago, and now I am 204 #.
Thank you for your help and I will reduce the amount I am taking as you suggested.
What I have read on this site about Nat Phos, I think it will also help me with other things I have been having problems with. I am very thankful!!
cruthbh last decade
Hi Joe,
I saw this post 3 weeks back. I started taking Nat Phos 2 weeks back and did not cut down on my coffee or diet coke. I did not see any change. Last Monday onwards I cut down totally on my coffee and tea. I usually have coffee at my break fast and tea aroud 5P.M and another coffee around 9 P.M. Today I noticed that my weight has reduced to just a pound or may be 2. Not sure if I'm loosing weight b'cas I cut down the calories by not drinking my coffee or tea or it is b'cas of the Nat Phos. I'm loosing water, but do not feel execessive. It's like normal urination but more frequent than before. I'm a female 5'.4" and 152 pounds.
I'm taking Nat Phos 3 tablets 1 hr after lunch and dinner. Please let me know if I've to change my dosage. Also I do not exercise much.
Thanks for revealing your secret to us.
saiphm last decade
Hi Joe,

I forgot to add this in my previous mail. I had acidity and bloating problem earlier, now I feel a lot better.
Can I use Arnica 6x for mu hair loss problem when I'm on Nat Phos 6x for weight reduction.
My hair started falling 8 years back. That could be b'cas of lot of stress I had then. Now, I have a 8 months old baby and my hair is thinning again. Thanks in advance.
saiphm last decade
Your observations are the same as mine in respect of Nat Phos 6x not reducing weight if coffee coke and ham, bacon and sausages are taken at the same time as you are on the remedy to induce a reduction of your weight.

As you are no doubt aware, I had stipulated that this remedy will not work unless these beverages and foods are avoided but it will however work to reduce your acidity problem.

It all depends on you as to what your priorities are and if you are serious about weight loss the answer is clear.

You can use the Arnica 6c either as the dry dose or preferably as the wet dose for your hair loss but you cannot expect instant results as it may take about 3 months to effect a preceptible cure to regain your lost hair. Here too the taboos must be observed to help the Arnica to cure your problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi.......I wanted to know can I take NAT PHOS while lactating ? My baby is 11 months old and I'm still planning to breast feed but upset about my weight - I'm 5ft 1inch tall & weight 80KG - OBVIOUSLY OBESE - I take NO medication
Fatima1212 last decade
I really cannot advise you to use it as I have no experience in using Homeopathic Remedies when feeding your baby.

I would suggest that you try to control your intake of food while lactating and when you do stop you can take the Nat Phos 6x to reduce your weight.

I do believe that a mother owes her baby the best chance in life and I would prefer that you do not use the Nat Phos right now.
Joe De Livera last decade
I still have 1# off of the 5# that I went down. I was sick part of the last 2 weeks and I don't feel it was a good test to see how this is working for me. I think I will go back to the original dosage of 2 Nat Phos 6x, twice a day and see how that works?
cruthbh last decade
You will be the best judge of the dosage you should take which you can adjust to one or two tablets depending on how you feel.

In your case you have proved that it worked for you to reduce your weight and even though you are not feeling too well, you can still keep up the dosage unless you feel that it is not helping you and your illness.

The dosage that others have used is 2 tablets after lunch and dinner and you can safely take the Nat Phos 6x as long as you do not lose weight too rapidly which is when I suggested you to reduce your dosage to just 1 after each meal.

In the meantime, please maintain a written record of your weight daily if possible.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I am planning to take Nat Phos 6x. I have already purchased a bottle of Dr Wilmar Schwabe.

Primarily I need to go in for weight loss and I also suffer from bloating and constipation.

As advised do I take 2 tabs in the afternoon and 2 tablets in the night. ie a total of 4 tablets in a day.

Also occassionaly I take a peg or two of whisky. Wud it be OK.

Thkx and Rgds...Mathew
pimathew last decade
Hi Mathew,

Nat Phos 6x will help with your gastric problems wether or not you use alcohol. I have noticed however that it will only work to reduce weight if you avoid a few taboos like coffee, cold drinks, preserved meats containing saltpeter like ham bacon sausages and also alcohol.

If however you must have a peg of whisky you might use the Nat Phos for 2 weeks without any of the above taboos and if it works for you as it does in about 90% of the cases for weight reduction, you can then check your weight again after taking your whisky. If your weight does not drop with the whisky, the decision is yours as to what you consider the more important:

Your weight or your whisky ?

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade

If you live in India you may like to read my article which was carried in the July issue of The Homeopathic Heritage on page 12 entitled:

Natrum Phosphoricum 6x the Ultimate Cure for Obesity.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe...
I went down 2# this last week. I am very encouraged, being I am still having back problems and can't exercise at all. The fact that I lost anything at all is really a big change for me. I usually gain weight when I am down with my back. I am starting out much better today with my back, and hope that it keeps improving and I can be more active. Thank you for your help!
cruthbh last decade
Thank you for your confirmation of your weight loss of 2 pounds in a week. I do believe that you can lose your weight at this same rate in the future as long as you take the Nat Phos 6x.

Please keep us informed from time to time of your weight loss as this will gove others who are skeptical of my discovery the courage to try it out.

You can try some gentle exercises for your back like bending over in a "touch the toes" attitude, but not so deeply as this can help to take the stiffness out of the back muscles
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr Joe

You might remember, I had started Nat Phos from March 20 and since then, as per your advice have been taking two tabs twice, after meals. I am not a real obseee and only wanted to clear some flab on my belly, say about 8-10 lbs. ButI have not seen any results so far. The flab is still there.

May be, because I am talking Insulin for my diabetes of about 20 years and few other medications, it may not be helping me.

Could you please suggest if I have to do something different. I am really keen to get rid of the flab on my belly.


achandra last decade

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