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Dear Dr Joe

You might remember, I had started Nat Phos from March 20 and since then, as per your advice have been taking two tabs twice, after meals. I am not a real obseee and only wanted to clear some flab on my belly, say about 8-10 lbs. ButI have not seen any results so far. The flab is still there.

May be, because I am talking Insulin for my diabetes of about 20 years and few other medications, it may not be helping me.

Could you please suggest if I have to do something different. I am really keen to get rid of the flab on my belly.


achandra last decade
Dear Chandra,

If you have not lost weight since you started this remedy in March, I'm afraid that it will not work. This is because the Insulin that you take for your Diabetes interferes with its weight reduction quality although it will still help with any gastric conditions that you may have. If you do not have any gastric conditions you may discontinue it.

Since you are a Type 1 Diabetic on Insulin, I would like to request you to carry out an experiment to verify an interesting result that another Type 1 Diabetic living in Sri Lanka observed when he took Arnica 30. He observed that his Blood Sugar plumetted to very low levels and he felt lifeless and had to be resuciated with sugar. It is unfortunate that he refused to continue this experiment to see if this reduction of BS could be counted on every day. If he had done so, the Arnica could have been used instead of the Insulin and he would have done a great service to humanity with a breakthrough which would have been unparalleled. I too cannot believe that this could have resulted and have been waiting for another suitable candidate who can replicate this phenomenon.

I believe that you check your BS level daily and if so, I shall be grateful if you can please repeat this experiment and check your level with the addition of the Arnica.

It is understood that you will continue with your regular Insulin while taking the Arnica 30c. The dose is 2 pellets taken twice daily under the tongue.

Kind Regards

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr Joe

Manay thanks for your prompt response.

I have Type II diabetes for the last about 20 years now. I take my BG reading about 4/5 times in a day and it is very much under control. Like today my fasting BG was 78, before lunch it was 109 and before dinner at 7.00 p.m. it was 139. It is only once in while some numbers shot for unknown reason.

I am ready to take Arnica 30C as suggested provided it would work in my casse - Diabetes Type II.

In case you want to me to go ahead with this, please explain the whole process again and for how long I should be taking it etc etc.

Do you think that Arnica would also help in my blood pressure which ranges between 120-60 to 150-70 once in a while. Generally it is in the range of 135-65. My Doctor here suggests that for a diabetic it should not be exceeding range of 120-70.

Also I am taking some medication for chlosteral, without which it is on the higher side.

Please let me know.


A. Chandra
achandra last decade
Dear Chandra,

I would like to inform you that I am not a qualified Homeopath to be addressed as Dr. I have however been in Homeopathy, first as a patient in 1968 and later made a study of this science which fascinated me and I started to use my skills to help others actively in 1980 with some success.

I am glad to note that you are interested in doing this simple test to check whether Arnica 30c can help to reduce your dependence on your medication. All you have to do is to use just 2 pellets Arnica 30c under the tongue twice daily with the last dose immediately before sleep at night.

Type I Diabetes is insulin dependent but you state that you are Type II. Do you take tablets or do you inject yourself with Insulin ?

Your BP is the ideal and I presume that you take medication for Hypertension. What is your pulse rate ?

I would like to know what drugs you use for your Diabetes and Hypertension today. Also do you take any Statins for your Cholesterol ? Any other drugs ?

It is quite possible that a regular twice daily dose of Arnica 30c can help you in many ways. It is known to thin the blood and this can mean that your Cholesterol level can also be lowered. This will not be immediate but my own case is an example where at age 76 my BP is 120/80 and I do not take any drugs at all. I only use Homeopathic remedies and have taken Arnica 6c for the last 9 years every night.

If you react positively to this experiment with Arnica 30c you can safely take it for the rest of your life as long as you discover that it does you some good.

Kind Regards

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr Joe

Thanks for your quick response.

I have Type II diabetes and am taking Insulin injected by myself and no tablet or any other medicastion for Daibetes.

Besides Insulin, I am taking
Lipotor for Chlosterol, Lisompril for high plood pressure. I am not taking any
medication for hypertension and my pulse rates genarally are in the range of 50s to 60s. Only on few occasions it has gone up to early 70's since last May.

As suggested, I got Arnica 30C
and would be starting from tomorrow, Sunday 24th July.I got the remedy in liquid and also blank pellets and would make the remedy for use. I got big sized pellets so I intend to be taking one (instead of two)pellet each time, mas suggested.

I would appreciate if you please let me know

1. You have suggested that the last dose I should be taking right before going to bed in the night. What about the first dose. At what time ???

2. When I should be expected to see some results after starting the remedy. I would be watchful about any movement in my BG and would be making adjsutment of my insulin if required but in case you have any idea how much time it should take to see some results !!


A. Chandra
achandra last decade
Dear Chandra,

I note that you have got the large lactose pellets and the Arnica 30c in liquid form.

I will note the method I use to activate the pellets below:

Visit your nearest Optometrist who sells contact lenses and ask him for a few glass bottles with plastic caps in which the contact lenses arrive. These vials are usually discarded after the lenses are sold.

Wash the bottles under the tap to take the saline solution out and later sterilize them in boiling water with the caps and dry them.

Put in a few pellets to about half the capacity of the vial.

Put in 3-4 drops of the liquid Arnica and roll the vial in your fingers till the pellets are all coated with it. This can be checked visually as the pellets will not stick on the inner glass surface.

You can take just 1 pellet for a dose of the potentized pellets. This dose should be taken in the morning an hour after breakfast. No coffee, cola drinks and foods containing saltpeter like bacon, sausages, ham etc may be used as they all antidote the Arnica.

Check your Blood Sugar level and verify if it comes down a few hours after the first dose.

If you feel uncomfortable after the first dose, stop the Arnica immediately and monitor your BS level carefully.

I am mentioning this as the last patient who took Arnica 30 discovered that his BS level plumetted and this scared him and he stopped it. He did not however record any discomfort and was quite normal in a few minutes after he took some sugar. If this phenomenon occurs in your case all you have to do is to reduce your insulin.

I would now like to copy some information about Diabetes from Wikipedia which clarifies the 2 types of Diabetes Mellitus which are most common.

I believe you have have Type I and not Type II as you will see from the information below:

Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Type 1 diabetes is most commonly diagnosed in children and adolescents, but can occur in adults as well. It is an autoimmune disorder, in which the body's own immune system attacks the beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans of the pancreas, destroying them or damaging them sufficiently to reduce insulin production. The autoimmune attack may be triggered by reaction to an infection, for example by one of the viruses of the Coxsackie virus family. A subtype of type 1 (identifiable by the presence of antibodies against beta cells) develops slowly and so is often confused with Type 2. In addition, a small proportion of type 1 cases has the hereditary condition maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY).
Some poisons (e.g. certain rat poisons) work by selectively destroying certain types of cells, including pancreatic beta cells, thus producing "artificial" type 1 diabetes. Other pancreatic problems including trauma, pancreatitis or tumors (either malignant or benign) can also lead to loss of insulin production.
Currently, type 1 is treated with insulin injections, lifestyle adjustments, and careful monitoring of blood glucose levels using blood test kits. Insulin delivery is also available by an insulin pump, which allows the infusion of insulin 24 hours a day at preset levels, and the ability to program push doses (bolus) of insulin as needed at meal times. The treatment must be continued indefinitely. Experimental replacement of beta cells (by transplant) is being investigated in several research programs and may become clinically available in the future.
About 5-10% of all North American cases of diabetes are Type 1 diabetics. The fraction of type 1 diabetics in other parts of the world differs; this is likely due to both differences in the rate of type 1 and differences in the rate of other types, most prominently type 2. Most of this difference is not currently understood.
Formerly, type 1 diabetes was called "childhood" or "juvenile" diabetes or "insulin dependent" diabetes. Each term is a misnomer, especially since the obesity epidemic in recent years has led to increased incidence of type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents in the USA, and insulin is used in some type 2 cases.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Main Article diabetes mellitus type 2
Type 2 diabetes is characterized by "insulin resistance" as body cells do not respond appropriately when insulin is present. This is a more complex problem than type 1, but is sometimes easier to treat, since insulin is still produced, especially in the initial years. Type 2 may go unnoticed for years in a patient before diagnosis, since the symptoms are typically milder (no ketoacidosis) and can be sporadic. However, severe complications can result from unnoticed type 2 diabetes, including renal failure, and coronary artery disease.
Type 2 is initially treated by changes in diet and through weight loss. This can restore insulin sensitivity, even when the weight lost is modest e.g. around 5 kg (10 to 15 lb). The next step, if necessary, is treatment with oral antidiabetic drugs: the sulphonylureas, metformin, or (if these are insufficient) thiazolidinediones. When these have failed, insulin therapy may be necessary to maintain normal glucose levels.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Thanks for your detailed response.

By the time I read your posting, I had already taken my first dose which was first thing in the morning.

It is not possible here to prepare the remedy as you had suggested. In one dram of vial, I put 4 drops of
Arnica 30C, shook it and then took two pellets under my toungue first thing in the morning. I would again take the second dose right before going to bed.

I did not notice any result /effect so far. Infact, my BG was a little higher today. I will keep a watch on my BG and would adjust the insuilin dose, if so required.

On reading the Diabetes Millitus, I think you might be right that I may have Diabetes Type I but my doctors here have always told me that it is Type II. Initially I was put on tablets for 2/3 years and subsequently on insulin. Currently I am on Long acting insulin Lantus once a day and the short acting Humolag pens before every meal.

I am extremely grateful to you for taking so much interest in my case.

I will keep you informed about the progress.

Do you have any remedy for Sleep Apanea?

Kind Regards,

A. Chandra
achandra last decade
Dear Mr.Joe

Today is the 9th day of my taking Arnica 30C, twice a day as suggesged. I have not seen anything special affect during this period. My BG has remained, rather gone a little on the higher. The blood pressure has also been slightly on the higher side. The only good thing that I have noticed that my sleep has gone better. In fact, I do not see any relationship bettween droppiong the BG substantially from Arnica. Your earlier expereince about this might have been form any other cause. I have very good expereince about droppping the BG level quite low where you need to take glucose or some sweet thing. It generally happens when you have not taken enough food vis a vis the medication that one is taking.

I would appreciate if you could let me know the future course of action.

Arnica being a very good remedy and has since been effective for getting good sleep, I would like to continue a dose before going to bed.

Besides Arnica, can I take any other remedy as well during day time. I intend to take Nux Vom(which I feel is my constitutional remedy)in 30C, 2/3 times a day. Please let me know if you feel that this combination might help me, together with doses etc.,
in my diabetes as well as in blood pressure and chlosteral, for which I am taking allopathic medicines.

With regards,

achandra last decade
Dear Chandra,

I think you are correct when you stated that my previous patients experience of the sudden drop of his BG level was due to some other cause. It is possible that he gave himself an increased dose of insulin which made his BG to drop suddenly.

I am glad that you have discovered that Arnica promotes sleep and there is no danger in taking it nightly for as long as you like. As I have told you, I have been taking it since 1996 nightly and feel that I owe to it my present state of wellness.

I note that you also wish to take Nux Vomica 30c 3 times daily. I would urge you not to take this remedy which you feel is your constitutional remedy. Nux V cannot be used like Arnica which I have proved through the years to be very safe in daily use as it seems to have a magical property of helping the body to recover completely by promoting deep sleep. Would you like to inform me the reason why you wish to take Nux V ?

You may like to read a major controversy that I seem to have started on another forum about my use of Arnica daily which I tried to promote others to use as I am convinced of its beneficial effect which I have proved is very positive as reported to me by unbiased persons who are using it here in Sri Lanka where I live.

This forum "otherhealth.com" is patronized by a few Homeopaths of the Classical school who maintain that my method of using Remedies on a "this for that" basis is not acceptable in Homeopathy. I have often pointed out that it is not the method used in prescribing that matters but it is the cure of any ailment "proof of the pudding", which is the primary aim of suggesting any remedy for a patient to cure his ailment.

My suggestion of using Arnica on a nightly basis has taken an interesting turn where I find today that there are a few classical homeopaths on this forum who have ganged up and are openly condemning its use and have quoted their own response like inability to sleep and other negative data which I find difficult to accept.

I have used Arnica for 9 years and have at least 50 people who are using it in Sri Lanka on a nightly basis and I have not received even one negative report from them. I cannot understand how Arnica 6c could possibly have been the cause of any negative response to 3 classical homeopaths who I presume live in the US and who in any case were prejudiced against its use as recommended by me from the beginning of the contorversy.

I was only hoping to get an unbiased record of the response from a number of users of Arnica which I suggested be used in the 6c potency in the minimal dosage of just 2 pellets every night and was surprised at the outcome which you can read on:


The controversy is now in its 5th page and you may like to read the whole thread entitled "Arnica cures Eczema and Cellulitis".

Your own experience in using it for the last few days may be of interest to those who seem to be suffering from its use, if you should decide to share your own experience on this thread.
Joe De Livera last decade

I haven't read this controversy, and don't need to, as I have high respect for you, your opinion, and all of your findings.

These people that are overcritical may be those on the outside world that use every opportunity to diss homeopathy methods, and ignite a fire, so to speak.

I am currently taking arnica for some torn ligaments in my knee, and it works fabulously for the swelling. I haven't noticed whether it affects my sleeping, but my 14 year old daughter and I could certainly use something, as we are both light sleepers -- she was just complaining about being tired from lack of sleep, and complained of fatigue and dizziness. I just gave her some Arnica to see if it would aid in her sleep.

The dosage on my Arnica is 5 pellets, which I have been taking, but will reduce it to 2 for sleeping purposes once my knee heals -- I will also consider doing this long term if it works.

How long do you need to take the Arnica before noticing a difference in sleep?

As always, your honesty with your postings is appreciated.

Please don't let others discourage you, nor keep you from wanting to help others - as this appears to me, what they are hoping you will do.
jo316 last decade
Thank you for your vote of confidence in my attitude to Homeopathy, which I know is different from that of the so called classical school to whom Homeopathy is a religion from which they derive a very good revenue by maintaining its closed ranks. It is when a maverick like me chisels in on their scene that feathers fly, and I do so delight in ruffling feathers, if by doing so I can help to advance the cause of Homeopathy anywhere in the world.

I have often mentioned that I am not qualified and do not practice for any fee and this too seems to have been faulted by those on the otherhealth.com forum to which I referred in my post to Chandra.

It is very rare for one individual to have used Arnica for 9 years daily and it is quite possible that I may have quite accidentally discovered what someone in the otherhealth forum called the formula for the "Fountain of Youth". My own statistics of 120/80 pulse 65 at age 76 confirm that my experience with Arnica is more than justified.

I shall continue to spread the Arnica message to all who care to listen and hope that they too will use it in the manner that I have done for 9 years.

I am glad that you have discovered that Arnica has helped with your torn ligaments in your knee and I hope you used the 200c potency preferably in the wet dose.

Arnica 6c or 30c can be used quite safely to promote sleep and all you require is to use just 1 drop or 3 globules of the remedy in 400ml spring water which must be succussed by banging the bottle on your palm 4-5 times. This causes the remedy to be at a minutely higher potency every time you sip the teaspoonful and it should last you for about 6 months if you use it once daily before sleep. You will notice that you have slept unusually deeply at night and wake up completely refreshed on the morning after your first dose. Here is the proof that Arnica positively helps and it only means that you take a teaspoonful before you turn in for the night.

Where in the world do you live ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
It has been so interesting reading the latest posts! I too will praise you for your dedication and devotion to the good health of others!! I don't want to make a long post here, but I have had experience with a 93 yr old woman here in our town that has been a 'maverick' in her field of reflexology. What a woman, and even some of the medical doctors in our town and a larger town close by, recognize her special technique to be something they can't match.After they can't help their arthritic etc patients, they suggest they go see this woman!
On another subject, I don't know what it is, but after taking arnica (wet dose) for several weeks now, I have noticed that I feel different. I usually don't have any trouble sleeping, but I do feel that I am sleeping more soundly. I am a light sleeper usually, which I have noticed that I don't wake up as easily now.
I do believe that Nat Phos 6x is working for me. I seem to go down a pound a week. Which for me is quite something! I usually have to be very strict with my diet to keep that up. I have had company off and on over the weeks..and have eaten regular meals with everyone else. Nomally if I do that I gain weight very easily.
I still want to have a time when I can watch what I eat closer and see if I get even better results. Two pounds a week on average would be what I would like to see.
Thank you so much Joe, for your dedication!! I appreciate it so much!!
cruthbh last decade

lol! I, too, like to see feathers ruffled for a good cause.

I live in the US -- and I am currently using the 30c - five pellets, 3x a day for my knee.

Thanks for sharing how to make the dosage that you use for sound and restful sleep.

You know what they say, if it isn't broke, don't fix it -- so, bravo to you for your continued quest for the wellbeing of mankind!
jo316 last decade
Hi Dear Joe

Thanks for your detailed response.

The only reason that I wish to take Nux Vom because I feel that this being my constitional remedy might help in managing my diabetes better as well as to help also in blood pressure and chlosteral, which are slightly on the higher side. Please let me know what you feel about it and can prescribe a long term plan for me. I intend to
continue taking Arnica 30C nighlty.

Also, if you have any idea about Sleep Apnea, please let me know.


A. Chandra
A.Chandra last decade
Dear Chandra,

I would recommend that you stop the Nux Vom immediately as this is not a remedy like Arnica that you can take on a daily basis.

For your high Cholesterol, you can take Cholesterinum 6x twice daily together with Allium Sativum (Garlic) 3x also 2x/D. Please record your present Cholesterol and Triglyceride readings and check them again in 2 months after you start on this therapy.

Arnica at night can help your Sleep Apnea. I shall be interested to learn if it does so as I have not treated anyone for this ailment which is relatively rare. If you do not have any instances for a month, we can presume that it was the Arnica that helped you.

Please keep my informed of your progress from time to time.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr Joe

Thanks for your quick response.

As suggested, I would change the medication as suggested and will keep you updated.


A. Chandra
achandra last decade
Hi Joe,
This is Sam from India .. ur neighbor. ;)

I would like to ask that does the consumption of liquor interfere with the effects of Nat Phos.

I am 29 with a waste size of 44".
samvig last decade
Yes it does.

I have observed that Alcohol antidotes the action of Nat Phos 6x as it seems to neutralize the acceleration of peristalysis.
Joe De Livera last decade
a chandra,
it has been almost 2 months since Joe suggested you to take homeopathic medicines for reducing your colostrol. As I also suffer from high colostrol, I would be very interested in knowing the results.

Please let us know.
karishma last decade
Hi Joe,
Should I take a wet dose or a biochemic formulation or the sugar balls with liquid formulation ?
All of these are easily available for me ... but the sugar balls scene is a bit cheaper.. as the biochemic one costs around Rs. 81 for a bottle
samvig last decade
If as I presume you wish to use Nat Phos 6x for reducing weight you must use the Biochemic which is always in triturated tablets.

The Homeopathic remedy which is available in ethanol will not help and the cost you indicated for a bottle is a small price to pay for weight reduction.

I get my own stock of the Nat Phos 6x from Mumbai and the cost of 500 mg is only IRs 200.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

I just found this website and have already started your baby shampoo remedy...I will let you know how that works for me. I have a question about using Nat Phos 6x...if I have NO gallbladder, will that effect the results? Will I be able to use it without side effects??
zonie last decade
I note that you have no Gall Bladder and this usually makes your stools loose.

Nat Phos works by accelerrating the passage of food through the gut thereby preventing its total absorption into the blood.

I do not know how you will react but there is no harm in using it for a few days to verify if it can help you to reduce weight as it can be stopped if your normal bowel movements are affected.

You mentioned about a Baby shampoo remedy. In what context did you do so ?
Joe De Livera last decade
I use it to wash my underarms. I am always changing deoderants, as they don't work for me. What about using a natural deoderant while washing with baby shampoo? Have you found that it still works, or should I just use the shampoo and nothing else?
zonie last decade
I discovered that Johnsons baby shampoo is far superior to all under arm deoderants, some of which are known to be carcinogenic as cases of breast cancer have been tracked down to the use of these deoderants.

I have used it for the last 40 years and have shared this discovery on this and other forums.

It works by altering the chemical environment that the perspiration causes under the arms which permit the bacteria to proliferate thereby causing the unpleasant smell.

I believe that it is easily the most effective and safe remedy to be used to prevent that unmistakable smell and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to use a safe and effective remedy which is also so very cheap in use as one only required a few drops per arm which is washed away and which provides day long comfort.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I am diagnosed with PCOS. I have been taking allopathy medicines ( metformin 500 mg and spironolact 25 mg)for that. I have started taking homeopathy medicine to treat PCOS ( have taken only one dose of apis mel 30c and taking kali sulph daily twice). Will your medicine work for me for cure of obesity?
bhashita last decade

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