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Dear Joe,
I started Nat Phos yesterday. Of course it is too early to see any difference in terms of weight, but I noticed that a cronic tension I have in the forearms and upper thighs, suddenly got better. I can´t say it completely dissapeared, but I am very much relieved of it.
Could it be an effect of Nat Phos?
Thanks, Steppenwolf
Steppenwolf last decade
I do not think that the 'chronic tension' in your forearms and upper thighs could have got better by taking just 2 doses of the remedy. It will usually take at least a week with the repeated twice daily dose before any weight loss can be felt. You should also feel much lighter in weight and able to walk much lighter.

However if this improvement continues, this will be a bonus and will add to my records. It is your weight loss that I am interested in and I hope that you will record your weight loss, if any, on this forum

Please give more details of what you meant by 'chronic tension'. Is this some stiffness or ache ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Im 24 male and weigh around 210 lbs on a 5 '10 frame. I need to lose some 20-30 lbs. Can i use Nat Phos 6x? What should be my dosage?

P.S. I am already taking some other homeopathic medicines. Will these prevent Nat Phos 6x from working?

Waiting for your reply.

fwa1981 last decade
The dose is 2 tablets Nat Phos 6x taken twice daily preferably after lunch and dinner.

I have observed that Nat Phos is very sensitive to other remedies. It may not work if you take them if you wish to reduce your weight.

I presume that you exercise regularly and also watch your diet as both these factors are essential if you with to reduce weight.
Joe De Livera last decade
I was just wondering if the weight loss due to Nat phos is just temporary or does it sustain for a long period of time. Users please comment. Thanks.
asharma last decade
i read ur posts about and then i started using Natrum Phos 6x ...3 tablets ....3 times a day for more than a week but its of no use ,even i dont developed the symptom of excessive urination

Rabia last decade
You are overdosing with 3 tablets taken 3 times daily. Stop the therapy as it is obvious that it is not working with you. About 10% of the cases treated do not react to this therapy. You may be one of them. It is also possible that you are proving the remedy as 9 tablets per day is an overdose.

The recommended dosage is 2 tablets taken after lunch and dinner.

No coffee, cola drinks and any preserved meats and sausages as the antidote the remedy.

It will also not work if you are taking any other drugs.
Joe De Livera last decade
Anyone having more success with this stuff? I am this close to trying it. Only I reallly reallly love soda...grrr.
Jamikissezs last decade
Hi Joe
I would like to know that would nat phos work along with the ayurvedic medicine
also since i am taking them regularly Also,
What care should be taken in cure of obesity regarding yoyr meals?
vijju last decade
If you wish to use Nat Phos 6x to reduce your weight, I have discovered within the past 8 months since I discovered this amazing trait of weight reduction that it will only work to reduce weight if no other drugs are taken. The taboos of Coffee, cola drinks and preserved meats like ham bacon etc have also to be observed to the letter.

It will always help to help overcome Acid Reflux conditions in the stomach either with out without the restrictions but its use as a Weight Reducing Agent will only work if my instructions followed.

I would suggest that you cut down as much as possible on your fats and sugars (which include starch) but the amazing fact is that Nat Phos still seems to work even when the person who wishes to lose weight continues with his/her normal diet.

I have sufficient evidence now to state that Nat Phos works by accelerating the rate of Peristalysis in the gut thereby preventing the food from being fully absorbed through the small intestines which later is stored as fat in the body.

Please keep us informed on this forum how you get on with your weight reduction program after you have finished your course of ayurvedic treatment.
Joe De Livera last decade
I was just reading about Natrum Phos 6x, i am a girl of 26 yrs old and my height is 5"5' and weight is 77 i am residing here in Germany since last 9 months,but since last 4 months my periods are getting delayed and this month i simply missed it.i want to lose weight and her in germany the potencies are different like in India for bryonia we say either bryonia 30 or 200 but here they say bryonia 200d or 200c etc what is the difference between these names and i just bought Nat phos here they gave me nat phos 6c is it same as Nat phos 6x?I WILL BE THANKFUL FOR UR REPLY
debotri last decade
The Nat Phos 6c you got will not help with your weight loss. You must get the Triturated Biochemic salt Nat Phos 6x which is available only in tablet form. The dilution at 6x is 1/1Millionth and at 6c it is 1/1Million Millionth.

In any case you are not really overweight at 77kg at 5'5". However there is no harm in trying to reduce your weight

You should expect to lose about 1kg per week with Nat Phos 6x but remember not to use Coffee, cola drinks and preserved meats -- bacon, ham, sausages as they all antidote the Nat Phos 6x which will not help to reduce weight..

Homeopathic remedies in Germany are the same as in India and the 6c is the equivalent of 6d or in France it is 6ch. They are all the same but Nat Phos 6x is not the same as 6c as I explained above.

Do let us know how the Nat Phos 6x helps you to reduce your weight.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dr Joe De Livera
Do you think that Natrum Phosphoricum 6X will help someone who gets hypertension due to excess intake of table salt in diet?
asharma last decade
Nat Phos cannot harm the patient.

He must obviously stop the Salt intake ASAP and it just depends on what his BP is as there are Remedies that can help with this ailment.

I doubt however that it was the table salt that was the cause of his Hypertension. It has to be investigated more carefully.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Joe De Livera!!!!!! Thank you for telling us about Nat Phos 6x! This past weekend I was out of town and able to shop at a health food store that sold homeopathic remedies. I bought a large bottle of Nat Phos 6x and started taking it Sunday.

I've been having symptoms of bloating and excess gas and acid reflux and generally not feeling like myself for about 3 months.

I noticed improvement within one day! I feel lighter and the bloating and acid reflux symptoms are almost gone.

I don't know if I will lose weight over a period of time; that isn't my primary focus. Quite frankly my weight is only up a couple of pounds over my normal weight, but it felt like I had gained 20!

Now those symptoms are gone and I feel like myself again.

Thank you Joe. I'm a believer.

ruth45 last decade
Thanx Joe for the information, Can u tell me some medication for my periods its getting delayed and this month i simply missed !! I am a bit tensed about it.Here in Germany i went to a Gynea she recommended me Agnucaston which is a tablet made of herb and asked to take for 3 months and as i am determined of taking Natrium phos 6x ,so will that agnucaston hamper the working of Nat phos6x?
debotri last decade
And yes what about Nat phos 6d?
debotri last decade
And yes what about Nat phos 6d?
debotri last decade
Hi Joe ,
Read about your discovery of Nat phos6x to reduce weight.
Well this is to tell you that i too am going to start with this to reduce weight and please suggest if there is something else i can take with this to get faster results and will the results be hampered with the occasional painkiller i have for my migrains.
honey757 last decade
It would be safe to state that over 1000 people who are overweight in the world are now using Nat Phos 6x with positive results. It has been proved to be absolutely safe in use and there have not been any negative after effects since I first used it last September 2004.

Please remember that your weight gain has been spread over many years and you cannot possibly expect to reduce your weight overnight as it may prove to be dangerous for your body.

I note that you suffer from migraine occasionally. The remedy to be used is Bryonia 30c and this should cure this ailment. Please see the many posts that I have made on this forum on this topic. The use of Bry will not impede Nat Phos from helping you. It would be in your own interest not to use any pain killers as what you require is a remedy that will ensure that you do not predispose you to getting your next attack.

Please read the many posts on this forum which have been contributed by many who post here and it would be good if you will please keep us all informed on the reduction of your weight.

If you do not notice any reduction of your weight in 10 days, Nat Phos 6x is not the remedy for you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Is Bryonia 30c same as Bryonia 30?
asharma last decade
Yes it is.

If you too intend using it for Migraine or even a Headache you will discover that it is the ultimate remedy for these ailments.

Please read the many posts that I and others have made on this forum which you can do by typing Migraine in the Search window
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe,
Thank you so much for everything that you have written! I ordered some Nat Phos 6x today. I am anxious to try it. I have read that you can't lose weight easily if you are retaining fluids, so this really does make sense to me! I do retain fluids and don't want to take diuretics. I am overweight and can't exercise, because of a back injury. I really have hopes of this helping me and then having more agility to try some light exercise (like waling). Right now I can't walk far. So, you can see that this is a wonderful breakthrough for me, if I am able to get results from it.? I'm not on any drugs. I take vitamins, liquid calcium and fish oil. The fish oil has really helped my aching. I hope that I can still take them?
I know I will have many more questions, but first I wanted to thank you so much for your great effort!!
cruthbh last decade
I shall be delighted if the Nat Phos 6x can help you to lose some weight. I can visualize the problem that you have with your back injury and your inability to move about freely. I feel confident that this remedy can help you especially since you are not on any analgesics and other drugs which can only do you harm. Please keep a record of your weight loss and keep off the usual coffee etc, to which this remedy is extremely sensitive.

May I also suggest that you use Arnica 6c succussed as per my instructions which you can read on many posts on this forum. This amazing remedy should help you with your rehabilitation and should also help you to sleep deeply at night thereby hastening the recovery process. I would suggest I teaspoonful twice daily.

Please keep in contact with me on this forum or by email.

I wish you a quick recovery.
Joe De Livera last decade
Do you mean Nat Phos in tissue salt form which I believe is 6x or as homeopathic pillules?
waterfall last decade
Dear Joe,

I am willing to give this another go, since I am no longer on any medications -- However, I would appreciate it if you could expand more on this subject.

I have not seen success stories come into the forum, other than a few expressing less discomfort with bloating, and one that said they could wear a belt again -- though these are wonderful results in themselves, I am wondering if people are unable to lose weight because of the (vague) details provided -- for example, at the start, you mentioned that you could take up to 6 pills of the Nat Phos a day, then later changed it to 4 pills. Which one of these is the most accurate and provides the best results --

Also, you mention beverage and foods - yet, saying foods with saltpeter is such a broad term -- what types of foods exactly --- what types of beverages exactly --- You say no colas, but does this apply to all sodas, or just colas -- You say no medications, but what about herbs and natural supplements - are you able to take natural supplements as welll.

My point is not to bash this system, but eliminate the guess work and frustration involved -- This is like saying to someone that 'pill 6' will help you reduce your weight, but with little facts provided, noone will know what to do or where to begin. This could truly be an amazing breakthrough. I believe you when you write about people that you know that are losing weight- but I believe that more details need to be provided - especially with foods, beverage, and supplements -

What about take out food - such as McDonalds, etc - fast food restaurants -- to mention saltpeter again is a broad term as all foods have a preservative in them, unless picked out of a field or from a tree.

I am really looking forward to learning more, as Im sure others are as well. I have not given up yet -- now that I am not on medications, I am willing to approach this in the best way according to the details that you provide.

Thanks so much - waiting for your reply ---
jo316 last decade

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