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Urtica Crenulata

, URT.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Urtica Crenulata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Urtica crenulata.

Natural order, Urticeae.

A native of India.

1, G. G. Sigmond, M.D., Lancet, 1836-7 (2), p. 889, Leschenhault de la Tour, while in the botanic gardens, slightly touched one of the leaves with the first three fingers of his left hand; 2, similar effects on another person.

At the time he only perceived a slight pricking, to which he paid no attention. This was at 7 A.M. The pain continued to increase. In an hour it had become intolerable; it seemed as if some one was rubbing his fingers with a hot iron; nevertheless, there was no remarkable appearance, neither swelling, nor pustule, nor inflammation. The pain rapidly spread along the arm as far as the armpit. He was then seized with frequent sneezing, and a copious running at the nose, as if he had caught a violent cold in the head. About noon he experienced a painful contraction of the back of the jaws, which made him fear an attack of lockjaw. He then went to bed, hoping that repose would alleviate his sufferings, but it did not; on the contrary, it continued nearly the whole of the following night, but he lost the contraction of the jaws about seven in the evening. The next morning the pain began to leave him, and he fell asleep. He continued to suffer for two days, and the pain returned in full force when he put his hand into water. He did not finally get rid of the pain for nine days,

Pain as if boiling water was poured over him,

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Urtica Crenulata

Urt-u > general
Burnett had used Urt. u. a good deal in spleen affections, and found patients under its use often passed large quantities of gravel.

Urt-u > general
To a middle-aged maiden lady who had enlarged spleen, and "who smelled so strongly of nettles that it almost nauseated me whenever it was my duty to examine her," Burnett gave Urt. u. Ø. Whilst taking it she passed large quantities of gravel.

Urt-u > general
Burnett remarks of the nettle that it springs up everywhere near human habitations, and he has noticed it flourishing more by the side of ditches which carry off fluid sewage, "thus possibly living to some extent on uric food." A very severe case of uraemia was cured by him with Urt.

Urt-u > general
His discovery of its fever action was through the cure of a lady patient of his of ague (which he had not succeeded in curing) by drinking nettle-tea on the advice of her charwoman. Urt. ur. was his sheet-anchor in cases of the fevers of the East-India, Burma, and Siam.

Urt-u > general
and when I take it at night, it makes me very feverish." When she took the dose in the morning she did not have the fever, and Burnett says, "The fever of gout generally comes on at night." He has often cured vertigo with Urt.

Urt-u > general
The relation of this symptom to Burnett's use of Urt. is illustrated by the case of Dr.

Urt-u > general
Nothing did any good. Finally there appeared An intense burning sensation in the skin after sleeping he was afraid to go to sleep for fear of the suffering. Urt. ur. Ø was now taken.

Urt-u > general
Thirteen years before, she had had a sinus from the right ovary emptying into the uterus. (The husband had sycotic warts on the glans penis.) Urt. ur. 1x relieved all the symptoms and removed sexual excitement induced by the itching and uncontrollable desire to rub. (2) Mr.

Urt-u > general
When out in the cold, damp, snowy air, hands, feet, and face became purple red, puffed, and stinging cold; going into a warm room he had increased swelling, stinging, itching all over him, especially of hands and face. Urt. ur. relieved in twenty-four hours.

Urt-u > general
Act. r. relieved her, but the improvement ceased after a week. Con. improved the difficulty in moving the head but not the other symptoms. Urt. ur. was given, and after three days the breasts filled with milk and the pain was relieved.

Urt-u > general
The action of Urt. in causing flow of milk has been often confirmed.

Urt-u > general
In the case given in Allen it caused swelling of the breasts and profuse flow of milk in a woman years after the birth of her last child. Urt. is one of the best remedies for burns of the first degree, used locally and given internally.

Urt-u > general
Eclectics regard" "profuse discharge from the mucous surfaces" as a specific indication for Urt.

Urt-u > general
Sensations of Urt. are As from a blow in the eyeballs.

Urt-u > general
This periodicity is a point in the correspondence of Urt. to ague.

Sko > general
the external use of Skoo. soap or ointment has been employed as well as the internal administration. D. de F. Cole gave Skoo. 3x in water to a girl, aet. 12, who had severe urticaria which did not yield to Apis or Urt. ur. It cured the urticaria and improved the patient's health. W. D. Ingalls reports ($51$) the case of Mrs. D., 48, who had eczema plantaris, fissured, exuding an acrid secretion, and so excessively sore that the patient had not been able to wear shoes or walk any distance for two years. Skoo. 2x was given internally.

Sol-t > general
and it assisted him in the cure of a case of tumours all round the cervix uteri. Urt. ur. finished this cure.

Anac > relationships
Similar to Ant. tart. (cough in high-tempered children; gaping, drowsy after cough); Apis (skin); Coriaria ruscifolia (loss of memory, etc.); Ferrum (occiput pains in cough); Iodium; Juglans; Lycop.; Nitr ac. (cursing). Nux vom.; Phos. ac. (brain); Platin.; Pulsat.; Urt. ur. (skin); Zincum (brain); Pulsat.; Natr. mur. (dry coryza); Caustic. (in writers, spasm).

Apis > relationships
Concordances Acet. ac. (dropsy); Acon., Anac. (urticaria); Apocyn. cannab. (dropsy); Arnic. (bruised sore); Arsen. (typhoid forms; gangrene; dropsies scarlatina; urticaria; chills); Bellad. (meningitis, especially of cerebral meninges; faucitis; erysipelas; scarlatina; glandular organs, etc.); Bromin. (swelling of ovary during menses); Bryon., Cantharides (erysipelas, urinary symptoms); Cinchon., Colchic. (rheumatism, etc.); Crot. tig. (urticaria); Euphr. (conjunctiva); Ferrum; Graphit., Hepar; Iodium (swollen knee); Laches. typhoid states; gangrene); Lycop. Mercur.; Natr. ars.; Natr. mur. (chills; urticaria; tension in ovarian region, etc.); Pulsat.; Rhus tox. (eyes, but Apis has less suppuration; vesicular erysipelas, but darker than in Apis, and spreading left to right; typhoid states; restlessness, but, in Apis more fidgetiness, etc.); Rumex crisp. (painless, greenish-yellow diarrhoea); Sabin. (ovarian and uterine symptoms); Sepia; Silic. (ovary and inverted nipple); Sulphur (tubercular meningitis; cheeked eruption, especially urticaria; asthma; hydrothorax); Tereb. (urinary symptoms); Therid. (vertigo); Thuja (sycosis, evils of vaccination); Urt. ur.; Zincum; Calc. iod. (which has relieved conical cornea and staphyloma); Guarea (has cured conjunctivitis with marked chemosis).

Ust > relationships
Compare Mel., Med., Mez., Psor., Vinc. m., in crusta lactea and other scalp affections of childhood; Bry., Ham., Mill., Phos., in vicarious menstruation; Agar., Mur., Sep., in bearing down and uterine collapse; Helon., Lys., Natr. h., Sec., delayed subinvolution; Malan.., Sec., affections of the hair and nails; Act., Caul., Thuj., Sul., Vib. o., in left ovarian pain; Bov., Elaps., Graph., Ham., in intermittent flow; Sang., Urt. ur., pain and rheumatic affections of right shoulder; Sang., left inframammary pain extending to scapula; Lac c., Kali bi., Puls., erratic rheumatic pains; Sul., faint all-gone sensation at 11 A. M.; Cob., backache and seminal emissions; Bov., flow midway between the periods; Canth., Pyr., Sec., in expelling foreign bodies from the uterusp

Anac > relationships
Compare Comocl., Rhus t., Rhus ven. (botan.); Ant. t., Apis, Coriar. rusc., Fer., Iod., Jug. c., Lyc., Nit. ac., Nux v., Phos. ac., Plat., Urt. ur., Puls., Nat. m., Caust., Thuj. (fixed ideas). It is an antidote to Rhus if there are gastric symptoms, or symptoms going from r. to l.

Form > relationships
Compare Ars., Bry., Dulc. (rheumatism); Urt. u. (nettle-rash; gout; rheumatism. Nettles contain Formic acid); Frag. v. (lack of mammary secretion); Tromb. (diarrhoea); Caps. (burning pains agg. by cold water). Causation.

Kalm > relationships
Compare Tab. (slow pulse and heart; nausea; blindness); Puls. (wandering rheumatism; but Puls. has amel. by motion); Led. (botan.; rheumatism affects first lower then upper parts; but Led. pains shoot up, Kalm. pains shoot down); Rhod. (botan.; rheumatism); Abrot. (metastasis of rheumatic pains to heart); Arbut. (rheumatism agg. by movement; urinary symptoms); AEsc. g. (paralytic symptoms); AEsc. h. (rectal symptoms); Urt. ur. (gout); Rhus (rheumatism; numbness of l. arm; but Rhus is amel. by movement); Act. r. (headache; eyes); Ced. (supraorbital neuralgia; Ced., l.; Kalm., r.); Aco. (heart; numbness of l. arm and fingers); Ars. (neuralgia, burning pains); Dig. (chest rheumatism, pains so sharp, take away breath, shoot down into stomach, slow pulse; Kalm. more suited to gout or rheumatism shifting from joints to heart); Gels. (ptosis)

Kiss > relationships
Compare Nat. m. (weeping disposition; chill 10 a.m.; catarrh; constipation); Ant. c. (saburral condition); Urt. ur. (gout); Fer. pic. (warts and corns).

Lup > relationships
Compare Urt. urens, Cann. ind., Cann. s., Op.

Nat-p > relationships
Compare Acidity and scrofula, Calc., Rheum. Gout, Benz. ac., Guaiac., Lyc., Urt. ur., Sul. Gastric catarrh, Calc., Carb. v., Kali c., Nux, Robin., Carbol. ac. Speech impeded, Nat. m. Hair sensation, Nat. m., K. bi.., Sil. agg. From coitus, K. ca., Caust. Worms, Abrot., Cina, Teucr. Drinking water = cough, Sil.; (Caust. amel. cough). Emissions causing weak back and knees, Nat. m. Causation.

Petr > relationships
Compare Graph., Naph., Paraf., Eupn., Kreas., and other Carbons. In sea-sickness, Arn., Coccul., Tab. Nausea of pregnancy, Coccul., Sep. Cracking of joints, Caust. Gastralgia amel. by eating, Chel., Anac., Graph., Lach. Imagines he has a limb double; illusions of shape, Bap., Stram. Epistaxis amel. headache (Borax agg.). Aversion to hot food, Pho. (opp. Lyc.). agg. From thunderstorms, Pho., Merc., Sil., Rho., Pso. Head as if made of wood; eruptions behind ears and on genitals, Graph. Cold feeling about heart, Nat. m. (agg. when exerting mind), K. chlo., Graph., K nit., Ruta. Diarrhoea in early morning, Sul. (Petro. also during day). Loses his way in well-known streets, Glo. (from heat or sun). Moist eruptions about genitals, Thuj. Hot, burning eructations, K. ca., Sep. Faintness during or connected with evacuations, Crot. t., Dulc., Ox. ac., Sul. (these have it with scanty, stools; the rest with copious stools) Apis, Nux m., Pul., Spi., Ver. Sinking immediately after meals, Ars., Cina, Lyc., Sil., Stp., Urt. ur., Calc., Iod. Brownish scattered spots on dark-haired people, Nit. ac. Loquacity, Lach. (Petrol. on one subject). Hunger after stool (Alo. during stool). Symptoms appear and disappear rapidly, Bell., Mag. p., Lyc.

Petros > relationships
Compare In gonorrhoea with sudden and frequent urging, Cann. s., Canth., Merc. Screams before urinating from irritation of mucous membrane, Aco., Caust., Borax (Sars., Lyc., and Benz. ac. have screaming before urinating when due to gravel). Gonorrhoea, strangury, frequent urging to urinate; white stools, Dig. (Dig. has slow pulse; often puffed prepuce; Sul. indurated prepuce). Cystitis, Con. (Con. has intermittent urination; Petrosel. has inflammation that has travelled back, sudden, irresistible desire). Bubbling in back; urinary disorders, Berb. Uric acid tendency, intermittent fevers, Urt. ur.

Puls > general
Non-appearance of milk, Urt. u., Ric. com., Agn. c. Uterine affections, Caul., Helon., Senec., Alet. f., Cycl., Hydras., Lil.

Syph > relationships
Compare In bone diseases and syphilitic affections, Aur., Asaf., K. iod., Merc., Nit. ac. agg. At night, Aur., Merc., Sul. (Med. and Sycotics agg. early morning). agg. At sea-shore; amel. inland (Med. opp). agg. At seaside; averse to consolation, Nat. m. Dysmenorrhoea, Med. Deep-in headache, Bac. Pains increase and decrease Slowly, Stn. Ozaena with offensive clinkers. Sep., Pul., Pso., K. bi.. Succession of abscesses (Anthrac., succession of boils). Syphilitic stomatitis, Lach., Lac c., Merc. Nodes, K. iod., K. bi.., Mang., Merc. Emaciation, Abrot, Iod. Lancinating pains in heart (from base to apex), Med. (from apex to base), Spi. (from base to clavicle or shoulder). Fears suffering from exhaustion on awaking, Lach. Ptosis, Caust., Graph. Hereditary tendency to alcoholism, Asar., Pso., Tub., Sul., Sul. ac. Constipation with labour-like pains. Lac d., Tub. Fissure in anus, Thuj. Shoulder rheumatism agg. raising arm laterally, Rhus, Sang. (r. shoulder), Fer. (left), Urt. ur. Dentition troubles agg. night (Med. agg. early morning). Hereditary syphilis; dentition, Kre. Vertigo agg. looking up (Sul., looking down). As if teeth out of place (Tub. as if jammed together). Thunder, effect of, Pho. Causation.

Tax > relationships
Compare The Coniferae. Load at stomach, Ab. n. Rapid digestion, Sul. Podagra, Urt. ur.

Ter > relationships
Compare Botan., Thu., and other Coniferae. Haemorrhage in typhus, Alum. Melaena, Arn. Albuminuria, Ars. Smoky urine, dropsy after scarlatina, dry, glossy tongue, Lach. (Ter. has more tympanites). Capillary bronchitis, drowsiness, lungs clogged up, urine scanty, almost dark from blood, Ipec. Dropsy from kidney congestion, Hell. Renal congestion, smoky urine, Colch. Urticaria after eating shell-fish, Aps., Urt. ur. Glazed tongue, K. bi.., Lach., Pyrog. Haematuria, Pul. Burning tip of tongue, Mur. ac. Burning in anus and rectum, fainting and exhaustion after stool, Ars. Worms, with foul breath, choking, Cin., Spi. Purpura, fresh ecchymoses in great numbers from day to day, Sul. ac. Burning and drawing in kidneys, bladder, and urethra, Berb., Can. s., Canth. Passive haemorrhages, strangury, Camph. Metritis, peritonitis, bearing down, burning in hypogastrium, cloudy, dark, muddy urine, tongue dry, red, Bell. Catarrh in children, Pix. Umbilicus retracted, Pb. Kidney-ache, Santal. Warmth at heart, Kalm., Rhod., Lachn. Pains = frequent micturition (Thuj., urging to urinate accompanies the symptoms). Rheumatism, Sul. ter. Causation.

Thlaspi > relationships
Compare Cruciferae, especially Sinapis, Thios. (fibroma; uterine tumours), Matthiol. (inspissated secretions; grows near sewage stream). Renal calculi, Oc. can., Uric acid; pain in shoulder, Urt. ur. Uterine haemorrhages, Trill., Vibur., Ustil., Senec. Haemorrhages from bowel, Merc., Nit. ac., Sul., Caps., Merc. c., Pho.

Ust > relationships
Compare Botan., uterine affections, nails, Sec. Subinvolution, Na. hcl. Bearing down and prolapse of uterus, Sep. Left ovarian pain, Lil., Lach., Caul., Sul., Thuj., Vib. o. Vicarious menstruation, Bry., Ham. Millef. Intermittent flow, Ham., Bovis., Elaps. Crusta lactea, Vinc. m., Melit., Med., Mez. Pain in right shoulder, Urt. ur., Sang. Flying rheumatic pains, Puls. Faint at 11 a.m., Sul. Frequent emissions and lumbar pains, Cob.

Wild > relationships
Compare Uric acid in urine; pain in right shoulder, Urt. ur. Right shoulder, Sang.

Parie > relationships
Compare Urt. urens, Kali nit.

Piper > relationships
Compare Phloriz., Hydrang., Urt. u.

Querc-r > relationships
Compare In giddiness, Coccul., Gels., Chi., Nat. m., Nat. sal., Dig. In spleen affections, Cean., Scill., Cedr., Urt. ur., Rubia tinct., Thuj. In alcoholism, Nux, Ars., Chi. Causation.

Vesi > relationships
Compare Botan., Thlasp. b. p. In Gravel, Coc. c., Urt. ur., Thlasp. b. p. Haematuria, Chi. s., Fic. r. Phos. Prostatic affections, Hydrang., Solid., Sabal. Cystitis, Chimaph. u.

Urea > relationships
Compare Urinum, Uric acid, Thios., Urt. urens. Diuresis, Thyr. Tuberculosis, Tub., Bac.

PHY > relationships
Compare Medusa, Urt. ur.

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