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, Arbut.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arbutinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



A crystallized glucoside of Uva; found also in Kalmia, Gaultheria and other genera of the family of ERICACEAE; given in doses of 3 to 8 grains with sugar three times a day. Used as a urinary antiseptic and diuretic.

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Arbutinum

Kalm > relationships
Compare Tab. (slow pulse and heart; nausea; blindness); Puls. (wandering rheumatism; but Puls. has amel. by motion); Led. (botan.; rheumatism affects first lower then upper parts; but Led. pains shoot up, Kalm. pains shoot down); Rhod. (botan.; rheumatism); Abrot. (metastasis of rheumatic pains to heart); Arbut. (rheumatism agg. by movement; urinary symptoms); AEsc. g. (paralytic symptoms); AEsc. h. (rectal symptoms); Urt. ur. (gout); Rhus (rheumatism; numbness of l. arm; but Rhus is amel. by movement); Act. r. (headache; eyes); Ced. (supraorbital neuralgia; Ced., l.; Kalm., r.); Aco. (heart; numbness of l. arm and fingers); Ars. (neuralgia, burning pains); Dig. (chest rheumatism, pains so sharp, take away breath, shoot down into stomach, slow pulse; Kalm. more suited to gout or rheumatism shifting from joints to heart); Gels. (ptosis)

Rhod > relationships
Compare Arbut., Kalm., Led., Uva ursi, and other Ericaceae. agg. Wet weather; agg. weather changes, agg. rest, amel. motion, Rhus (Rhus affects periosteum more than Rhod.; Rhod. amel. commencing motion, Rhus agg.). agg. During thunderstorm, Nat. c., Phos., Pso., Sil. agg. From wine, Zn. Heat in heart, Croc., Lchn., Op. Orchitis become chronic, indurated testicle, Clem., Puls. (Rhod. has tendency to atrophy; and crushed feeling in testes). Orchitis, crushed sensation, Aur., Cham. Wandering rheumatism agg. in wet and stormy weather; right side neuralgia, Kalm. Fibrous deposits in great toe, Colch., Led. (Led. has amel. by cold). agg. In stormy, wet weather, Dulc., Nat. s., Nux m. (Rhod. most before the storm). Diarrhoea from fruit, Rhe. amel. Wrapping up head, Sil. Sensation of subcutaneous ulceration, Pul., Ran. b. Bruised pains, Arn., Con. One pupil contracted the other dilated, Cad. s., Phys. Hydrocele, Bry. Intoxication, Querc. Sounds re-echo, Caust., Pho., Ph. ac., Sars. Causation.

Uva > relationships
Compare Arbut., Gaulther., and Ericaceae generally.

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