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Cadmium Bromatum

cad brom, Cad, Cadm-b.

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HPUS indication of Cadmium Bromatum: Heartburn

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cadmium Bromatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pain and burning in stomach and vomiting

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Cadmium Bromatum

Cadm-su > relationships
Compare: Cadmium oxide; Cad. Brom ( pain and burning in stomach and vomiting); Cadmium iodat ( Itching of anus and rectum felt during the day only; constipation, frequent desire, tenesmus, abdomen bloated); Zinc.; Ars.; Carbo; Verat.

Cadm-su > general
Cadmium is found in nature in intimate association with Zinc, which it nearly resembles in action, but Cadmium acts more powerfully. The profound action of Cad. s. on the stomach

Biz-m > relationships

Rad-b > relationships
Compare Cancer nosodes, Hydrast., Con., Cundur., Uran. (Rad. is found in pitchblende, which is an Uranium ore. Tellur. is also associated with Rad. in origin, and its symptoms are closely similar in many respects). Lyc. corresponds in r. to l. direction, flatulent symptoms, and sudden pains; in stomach symptoms, Cad. sul., Ornith., Arg. n., and Uran. n. are allied; in sclerotitis, Act. r.; alternate constipation and diarrhoea, Ant. c. Rad. b. has warming sensation down oesophagus, Manc. has the same sensation rising up oesophagus. Carb. an. has agg. by shaving. Causation.

Cact > relationships
Compare In mental symptoms, Dig., Lach. In congestions to head, Bell., Glo. In pain and pressure in head, Arn., Carb. v., Coral., Iod., Nux, Op., Spi. Weight in vertex, Alo., Alum. In heart affections, Aco., Act. r., Amyl. n., Arn., Bell., Bov., Crotal., Dig., Eup. perf., Kalm., Lach., Lil. t., Naja, Puls., Spi., Zn. (as if a cap over heart); irritable heart, Cer. b., Hep., Pho. In constrictions (of chest) Zn., K. chlo., Cad. s., Alum., Bell., Bov., Arn., Cain., K nit., Lach., Stram., (uterus) Murex, (vagina) Kali c. In menses ceasing at night, Caust. In leucorrhoea, Am. mur. In intermittents, Ars., Bry., Calc., Eup. perf., Nat. m, Rhus, Sul. In dropsies, Dig., Kalm. In sleeplessness, Sul. Neuralgia and other forms of pain which are sure to appear when an accustomed meal is missed, Ars. Haemoptysis, strong throbbing at heart, Aco. (Aco. has more anxiety and fever). Pain in diaphragm, Ran. b. (Ran. b. has pains shoot from front to back; Cact. has sharp pains in diaphragm and girdle pain round attachment). Reptile sensation, Crocus. Causation.

Crot-h > relationships
Compare C. Cascavella (thoughts dwell on dead and dreams of the dead); Tarent-cub., Arsen., Lauroc. (tetanus, whooping-cough); Apis., Carb. v., Silic. (vaccination effects); Camphor (coldness; Crotal. has more marked genuine collapse with confused speech), Hyos. Op., Nux v., Cupr., Bell. (sleepy but cannot sleep); Cad. s. (yellow fever). Causation.

Kali-chl > relationships
Compare EspeciallyK. mur.; Caust. (facial paralysis), K. bi.. (follicular pharyngitis). Zinc., Cad. s., and Cact. (asthma with great constriction of chest); Graph., K nit. and Nat. m. (cold feeling about heart).

Ran-b > relationships
Compare R. acris, R. scl. Smarting and pressure in eyeballs, Pho. Burning in spots in back, Aga., Pho. Spinal irritation, Agar. Exposure to cold or heat, Aco., Arn. Corns sensitive, smart, burn, Sal. ac. agg. Touch and motion, Bry. (Bry. amel. lying on painful side, R. bulb. agg.). agg. Wet, stormy weather, Rhus. Effects of alcohol, Querc. Headache at vertex as if pressed asunder; agg. evening; agg. going from cold to warm air, and vice versā; tearful mood; acidity; sore spots in chest after pneumonia, feeling of subcutaneous ulceration, Puls. Pain along inner edge left scapula, at times extending below inferior angle and through left chest, Chel. Diaphragmitis, Cact. Zona, Rhus, Mez., Ars. Eczema with horny scabs, Ant. c. (Act. c. callosities on feet). Hay-fever, Pso., K. iod., Saba., Sil., Ars. Fear of ghosts, Aco., Ars., Bro., Carb. v., Coccul., Lyc., Pho., Pul., Sep., Sul., Zn. Hunger in early morning, Aga., Ant. c., Asar., Calc., Carb. a., Chi., Lyc., Mur. ac., Rhus, Saba., Zn. Sleeplessness from dyspnoea, Cad. s., grind., Lach. Causation.

Rhod > relationships
Compare Arbut., Kalm., Led., Uva ursi, and other Ericaceae. agg. Wet weather; agg. weather changes, agg. rest, amel. motion, Rhus (Rhus affects periosteum more than Rhod.; Rhod. amel. commencing motion, Rhus agg.). agg. During thunderstorm, Nat. c., Phos., Pso., Sil. agg. From wine, Zn. Heat in heart, Croc., Lchn., Op. Orchitis become chronic, indurated testicle, Clem., Puls. (Rhod. has tendency to atrophy; and crushed feeling in testes). Orchitis, crushed sensation, Aur., Cham. Wandering rheumatism agg. in wet and stormy weather; right side neuralgia, Kalm. Fibrous deposits in great toe, Colch., Led. (Led. has amel. by cold). agg. In stormy, wet weather, Dulc., Nat. s., Nux m. (Rhod. most before the storm). Diarrhoea from fruit, Rhe. amel. Wrapping up head, Sil. Sensation of subcutaneous ulceration, Pul., Ran. b. Bruised pains, Arn., Con. One pupil contracted the other dilated, Cad. s., Phys. Hydrocele, Bry. Intoxication, Querc. Sounds re-echo, Caust., Pho., Ph. ac., Sars. Causation.

Zinc > relationships
Compare Erratic temperature in fevers, Puls. Colics, Pul., Lyc. Abdominal symptoms, Plb., Pod. Tremors, Arg. n. Spinal pains, Cob., Sep. Asthma accompanying great constriction of chest, Cad. s., K. chl., Cact. Boring fingers in nose, Cin., Ver., Ar. t. Scarlatina, Bell. (Zn. follows well when rash fails to come out and child screams whenever moved). Hydrocephalus, Calc. ph. Pain in back agg. sitting than walking, Sep., Cob., Arg. n. (Arg. n. has pain when rising). Goneness 11 a.m., Sul., Nat. c., Pho., Indm. Paralysis and brain softening, Pho., Pb. Spermatorrhoea, testes drawn up, Con. (Con. lacks the excessive irritability of Zn., and Zn. has temporary amel. from the emissions). Fag, nervous exhaustion, Pic. ac. Neuralgia, nervous exhaustion, Mg. c. Spinal irritation, Act. r. (Zn. has agg. sitting and agg. from wine). Sinking sensation, inability to throw out eruption, Hell. Crying out in sleep, wakes terrified; puts hands to genitals, Stram. Suppressed or undeveloped eruption, Bry. Fidgety feet, Trn. Boring in left ovary ceasing with flow, Lach. Fear of ghosts, Aco., Ars., Bro., Carb. v., Cocc., Lyc., Pho., Pul., Ran. b., Sep., Sul. Pain in right chest, Phell. Pain in throat amel. when not swallowing, Ign. Too weak to develop exanthemata, Cup., Sul., Bac. Convulsions with pale face, no heat except in occiput, no rise of temperature (Bell. opp.). Automatic movements of hands and head or one hand and head, Apoc., Bry., Hell. Cannot bear back touched, Chi. s., Trn., Ther. Twitching or jerking of single muscles, Agar., Ign. Incipient brain disease from suppressed eruptions, Bac., Hell. Unconquerable sleepiness, Nux m., Op. Diarrhoea with stupor, Op. agg. From sea-bathing, Ars. Too speedy ejaculation in coitus, Titan. Burning in spine, Pho., Lyc. Headache at root of nose, Ign. Affections of palate, Mang. Causation.

Loxl > relationships
Compare Dig. (slow pulse). Cad. s. and Rhod. (one pupil contracted, the other dilated). For botan. relations see Lon. peri.

Ust > head
Scalp dry, cad congested, with loss of hair.

Canth > extremities, limbs
Darting pain from r. foot to r. side of h cad in paroxysms.

Merc-c > relationships
Relationship.-- Allied Remedies Ars., Aur., Bell., Cad-s., Canth., Kali c, Kali io, Kre, Lach., MERC., Nit-ac., Nux-v., Sul - ac, Verat-a.

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