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Agaricus Campanulatus

, AGA.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Agaricus Campanulatus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



A. campanulatus, Fr. A. ovalis, Fr. (section Galera). A rare species, found in England on dung.

Authority. Poisoning cases.

Recollection restored, and lost again.

He loses his way.

He reels about.

Sudden dimness of vision.

Countenance expressive of anxiety.

He can hardly articulate.

Pulse slow and feeble.

Languor and weakness.

Giddiness, debility, trembling and loss of memory.

Great drowsiness.

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Agaricus Campanulatus

Mygal > relationships
Compare In chorea, Aga., Act. r., Ign., Stram., Ziz. Tarent., Ant. c. SYMPTOMS.

Ran-b > relationships
Compare R. acris, R. scl. Smarting and pressure in eyeballs, Pho. Burning in spots in back, Aga., Pho. Spinal irritation, Agar. Exposure to cold or heat, Aco., Arn. Corns sensitive, smart, burn, Sal. ac. agg. Touch and motion, Bry. (Bry. amel. lying on painful side, R. bulb. agg.). agg. Wet, stormy weather, Rhus. Effects of alcohol, Querc. Headache at vertex as if pressed asunder; agg. evening; agg. going from cold to warm air, and vice versā; tearful mood; acidity; sore spots in chest after pneumonia, feeling of subcutaneous ulceration, Puls. Pain along inner edge left scapula, at times extending below inferior angle and through left chest, Chel. Diaphragmitis, Cact. Zona, Rhus, Mez., Ars. Eczema with horny scabs, Ant. c. (Act. c. callosities on feet). Hay-fever, Pso., K. iod., Saba., Sil., Ars. Fear of ghosts, Aco., Ars., Bro., Carb. v., Coccul., Lyc., Pho., Pul., Sep., Sul., Zn. Hunger in early morning, Aga., Ant. c., Asar., Calc., Carb. a., Chi., Lyc., Mur. ac., Rhus, Saba., Zn. Sleeplessness from dyspnoea, Cad. s., grind., Lach. Causation.

Rhus-t > general
Hunger in early morning, Aga., Ant. c., Asar., Calc., Carb. a., Lyc., Ran. b., Saba., Zn. Semilateral coat of tongue, Daph., Lob. (Rhus white).

Sabad > relationships
Compare Botan., Verat. alb., Verat. v., Helon. Congestion, Verat. v. Feels amel. in open air, Puls. Ovaritis, Coloc. Chill in afternoon, Lyc. agg. From 4 to 8 p.m., Lyc. Imaginary diseases, Thuj. Sensation of something alive in abdomen, Croc., Thuj.; of machinery, Nit. ac. Effect of mental exertion, Nux, Pic. ac. Fever without thirst, Puls. (with unquenchable thirst, Nat. m.). Attacks at same time every day, Ars., Ced. Hunger in early morning, Aga., Ant. c., Asar., Calc., Carb. a., Chi., Lyc., Mur. ac., Ran. b., Rhus, Zn. Nausea at sight of food, Colch., Lyc. String sensations; coryza, Cep. (Cep. coryza amel. out of doors; Saba. agg.). Easily startled by noises, Borax. agg. From wine, Zn. Nervous diseases from worms, Cin., Pso. Worm affections of children, Con., Sil., Spi. Delirium during intermittents. Complaints go left to right, Lach., Lac c. Illusions about his body, Bap. Alcaloid, Veratrin. Causation.

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