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Formic Acid

Formicum Acidum, Acidum formicum, Fora.
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HPUS indication of Formic Acid: Tremors

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Form > general
Formica rufa. The Ant. N. O. Hymenoptera. Tincture from crushed live ants. Contains formic acid (HCO, OH).

Form > general
said his mind and head felt stronger, and from feeling depressed he had become cheerful, and life did not seem the burden it had for some time past. Hering gives as an indication for Formic acid "Burning pain, burning from washing.

Form > relationships
Compare Ars., Bry., Dulc. (rheumatism); Urt. u. (nettle-rash; gout; rheumatism. Nettles contain Formic acid); Frag. v. (lack of mammary secretion); Tromb. (diarrhoea); Caps. (burning pains agg. by cold water). Causation.