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Spigelia Marilandica

Spigel, Spigelia Marylandica, Spig-m.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Spigelia Marilandica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



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Tongue; pointed tongue

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Spigelia Marilandica

Cact > relationships
Compare: Digital.; Spigel.; Convallar.; Kalmia; Naja; Magnol.

Cere-b > relationships
Compare: Cactus; Spigel; Kalmia; Cereus serpentinus (Very irritable with tendency to swear; wild anger and low morals. Disturbance in speech; in writing leaves off the last syllable. Paralyzed feeling. Pains in heart, and dwindling of sexual organs. Emissions, followed by pain in testicles).

Dig > relationships
Compare: Nerium Odorum (resembles in heart effects Digitalis Purpurea, but also has an action like Strychnia on spinal cord. Spasms appear more in upper part of body. Palpitation; weak heart will be strengthened by it. Lock-jaw). Adonia; Crataegus (a true heart tonic); Kalmia; Spigel; Liatris;

Sant > relationships
Compare: Cina; Teucr; Napth; Nat Phos; Spigel.

Spig > relationships
Compare: Spigelia Marylandica (maniacal excitement, paroxysmal laughing and crying, loud, disconnected talking, vertigo, dilated pupils, congestions); Acon.; Cact.; Cimicif.; Arnica (Spigelia Anthelmia is a chronic Arnica); Cannab ( Supraorbital pain); Naja; Spong ( Heart); Sabad.; Teucr.; Cina (worm symptoms).

Spig > general
Spigelia anthelmia is a common weed in South America. S. Marylandica, "Pink-root" or "Worm-grass," is a native of the Southern States of North America. Spigel. anth. is an acro-narcotic. It was known in Europe in Hahnemann's time as an anthelmintic, this property of the drug having been learned from the negroes of the Antilles. Hahnemann's proving (M. M. P.) revealed many other virtues. He says of the plant that it has this peculiarity the primary action of a single unrepeated dose usually increases somewhat daily during the first seven to ten days, so that pure experiments with it should be conducted with caution seeing that 60, 80, to 100 drops of the tincture produce violent effects even in robust persons. Violence is a note of the Spigelia action. The pains are intense, and it produces pains in all parts. It is a neuralgia remedy par excellence. I was once written to by a patient in the country, and the only definite points that I could make out of the case were that there was neuralgia and that it affected the left side. I ordered Spi., and it speedily cured. Spi. is more left-sided than right, but by no means exclusively left, sided. The pains are burning, jerking, tearing, pressing and stitching.

Arg-n > relationships
It has been given with success; after Bryon., and Spigel., in dyspepsia; after Spongia, was given for a goiter, and myopia followed; after Veratr., and wind passing upwards in great inducing faintness.

Aur > relationships
Antidotes to Aurum Bellad., Cinchon., Coccul., Coffea, Cuprum, Mercur., Pulsat., Spigel., Sol. nigr.

Aur > relationships
Aurum antidotes Mercur., Spigel.

Colch > relationships
Antidotes to Colchic. For the affection of the heart, feels as if dying Spigel. Copious draughts of rice water, prevent its action on the bowels. In poisonings give Amm. caust., a few drops in sugar water.

Kalm > relationships
Kalmia follows Spigel., well in heart diseases.

Lycps > relationships
Compare Digit. (latter has slow and strong pulse; or, more characteristically, pulse weak and quickened by least movement; faint, nauseated feeling at pit of stomach); Cactus; Spigel. (intermittent pulse) Kalmia (slow pulse; rheumatoid pains); Magnol. grand., Hamam., (testicular pains).

Nux-m > relationships
Similar to Stramon., Opium (mind); Pulsat. (internal organs); Nux vom., Ant. tart. (sensations); Opium, Arsen., Spigel. (fever); Lycop. (skin); Silic; (modalities); Nux vom., Rhus tox. (motions); Coccul., Ignat., Nux vom., Sepia (sides of body).

Spig > relationships
Spigel. follows Acon. (endocarditis), and is followed well by Arsen., Digit., Kali carb. (heart symptoms), Act. rac., Zincum.

Spig > relationships
Spigel. is antidoted by Aurum (restlessness in limbs), Coccul., Pulsat.

Thuj > relationships
Compare with Spigel., Coccinella (both in tic douleureux).

Ars-m > relationships
Compare Iod., Merc., Nat. c. in syphilis; Nux v. (drowsy after sound sleep); Rhus (pain in back, hips, &c.); Sul. (pulse); Ars. alb. Useful in pterygium after failure of Nux v. and Spigel.

Aspar > relationships
Compare Conval. maj., Sarsap., Arn., Aur. mur., Cannab., Digit., Spigel.

Aur > relationships
Compare Luet. (syphilis); Am. c., Arg. met., Arg. n., Ars.; Asaf. (pains about eyes; but Asaf. has amel. from pressure; mercurial caries); Bell.; Caps. (caries of mastoid, corpulency); Calc. c. (night terrors; leucophlegmatic; Aur. has more over-sensitiveness and erethism); Calc. ph.; Coccul. (empty feeling); Chi. and Coff. (hyper-excitation) Cup. (asthma); Dig., Fer.; Glon. (Hyperaemia of lung from heart) Hep., Iod.; Kali bich. (deep ulcers, scrofulous ophthalmia, ozaena, syphilis); K. ca.; K. iod. (syphilis); K. bro. (anguish at heart and desire to move about); Lach., Lyc., Merc., Nit ac.; Nux v., (hernia; prolapsed uterus); Pallad., Platin., Puls., Spigel., Sol. nig., Sil., Sep., Sul.; Tarent. (heart as if turned round); Thuj., Ver. v.

Aur > relationships
Antidote to Merc., Spigel., Chronic effects of alcohol, Kali iod. Causation.

Iber > relationships
Compare Lepidium, Spigel., Digit., Cact., Bell., Amygd. am., Crataeg., Phaseol. nan.

Kalm > relationships
Antidote to Tab.? Follows well Nux, Thyroidin, Spigel.

Kalm > relationships
Kalm. muscles and lids are stiff; Gels., heavy); Bell. (throbbing head, erysipelas, symptoms travel down); Benz. ac. (gout); Calc. (cardiac hypertrophy); Diosc. (gastralgia); K. bi. (catarrhs, shifting rheumatism); Lith. c. (heart); Lyc. (rheumatic gout; urinary symptoms); Spigel. (rheumatism, neuralgia, eyes, heart, tobacco antidote; agg. and amel. with sun; but Spigel. more left side, and often affects whole head, pains stitching, run back, agg. by least jar or noise); Cact. (heart, pains shooting down); Alo. (cracking in head); Sang. (headache agg. and amel. with sun). Led., Rhod., and Uva ursi are close allies. Causation.

Lac-f > relationships
Compare Lac. can., Lac. def., &c. In eye affections, Spigel. Stye, Staph., Puls., Hep.

Lepi > relationships
Compare Brass. nap., Cheiranthus cheiri., Thlaspi. burs. past., Arm. sat., Raphan., Sinap. (botan,); Spigel., Kalm., Lycopus, &c. (heart).

Naja > relationships
Compare Depression and suicidal tendency, Aur. Ulcer on fraenum linguae, Nat. c., Agar. Headache from before backwards, Anac., Bry., Nux (from behind forwards, Gels., Lac can., Sang., Sil., Spi.). Diphtheria, Ar. t. Heart, Ars., Cact., Iberis, Lach., Spigel., Dig. Collapse, Carb. v., Camph., Tab. Mouth wide open, tongue cold, Camph. Loss of speech, Dulc., Gels., Caust., Hyo., Lauro. Dark red colour of fauces, Ail., Bapt., Phyt. Causation.

Kali-c > nose
Post-nasal dropping ( Spigel.) Sore, scurfy nostrils; bloody nasal mucus

Spig > eyes
"A dose of Spigel. always produced squint in us when children" (American lady's testimony.)

Hydr-ac > chest
Angina pectoris ( Spigel.; Oxal-ac.)

Spig > appendix
(Nos. 1 to 21, from Hahnemann, Mat. Med., 5). 1, Hahnemann; 2, Becher; 3, Franz; 4, Gross; 5, Gutmann; 6, Hartmann; 7, Hermann; 8, Hornburg; 9, Kummer; 10, Langhammer; 11, Meyer; 12, Stapf; 13, Walther; 14, Wislicenus; 15, Bergius, Mat. Med., p. 97 (observation); 16, Patrick Browne, Gentleman's Mag., 1751, p. 544, and Natural History of Jamaica, p. 156 (statements); 17, Chalmers, on the Weather and Diseases of South Carolina, Lond., 1776, 1, p. 67 (observations); 18, Linning, see Spigelia Marilandica; 19, Martin, in Konigl. Vetensk. ak. Handlingar, f. a., 1771, (not accessible, -Hughes); 20, W. Wright, in Samml. br. Abh. f. pr. Aerzte XIV, III (Lond. Med. and Phys. Journ. VIII, 217, observations, -Hughes); 21, Sdin., from Helbig Heraklides, 1, 59; 21a, Hg., ibid.; 22, Sharp, Essays, effect of one drop of 1st cent. dil.; 23, ibid., same dose; 24, ibid., a third dose.

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