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Cheiranthus Cheiri

Cheiranthus Chein, Wall flower, Cheiranthus, Cheir.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cheiranthus Cheiri in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Deafness, otorrhoea, nose stopped up at night from IRRITATION OF CUTTING WISDOM-TEETH. Effects of cutting wisdom teeth.

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Cheiranthus Cheiri

Calc-p > relationships
Compare: Calcar. Hypophosporosa (is to be preferred when it seems necessary to furnish the organism with liberal doses of Phosphorus in consequence of continued abscesses having reduced the vitality Give first and second decimal trit. Loss of appetite, rapid debility, night sweats; Acne pustulosa. - Pallor of skin, habitually Cold extremities. Phthisis - diarrhoea and cough; acute pains in chest. Mesenteric tuberculosis. Bleeding from lungs; angina pectoris; asthma; affection of arteries. Veins stand out like whipcords. Attacks of pain occurring two hours after meals (relieved by a cup of milk or light food). Cheiranthus (effects of cutting wisdom teeth). Calcarea renalis - Lapis renalis - (arthritic nodosities. Riggs disease; lessens tendency to accumulation of tartar on teeth; gravel and renal calculi). Conchiolin. - Mater perlarum. - Mother of pearl (Osteitis. - Has a wide range of action in bone affections, especially when the growing ends are affected. Petechiae). Silica; Psorin.; Sulph.

Mag-c > relationships
Compare: Rheum.; Kreos.; Aloes; Cheiranthus - Wall Flower - (deafness, otorrhoea, nose stopped up at night from Irritation of cutting wisdom-teeth.)

Lepi > relationships
Compare Brass. nap., Cheiranthus cheiri., Thlaspi. burs. past., Arm. sat., Raphan., Sinap. (botan,); Spigel., Kalm., Lycopus, &c. (heart).

Mag-c > face
Ailments from cutting wisdom teeth ( Cheiranthus.) Pain in malar bone, worse during rest, night