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Argentum Nitricum - Relationships - Hering

Nitrate Of Silver, Arg. Nit, Argent. Nit, Argentum Nit, Argent Nit, Arg N, Arg Nit, Arg-n.

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HPUS indication of Argentum Nitricum: Impulsiveness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Argentum Nitricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Argentum oxidum may be substituted when in chlorosis there are menorrhagia and tendency to diarrhoea. It is also applicable for metrorrhagia with uterine fibroid.


Boys' complaints, after tobacco.

Coffea Cruda Coffea cruda, increase nervous headache.

After Argentum Nitricum Arg. nitr. had failed in flatulent indigestion, Lycopodium Lycop. cured.

It has been given with success; after Bryonia Bryon., and Spigel., in dyspepsia; after Spongia Tosta Spongia, was given for a goiter, and myopia followed; after Veratr., and wind passing upwards in great inducing faintness.

Similar to; Aurum; Cuprum Metallicum Cuprum; Kali bichro.; Lachesis Laches.; Merc Viv Mercury; Merc. corr.; Merc Viv Merc. Iodium iod.; Nat Mur Natr. mur.; Nitric Acid Nitr ac.

The main difference between Titanium Metallicum the metal and the Nitrite, is, that the latter acts more on mucous membranes the skin, and especially on the bones and periosteum and must be beneficial to herpetic patients, and the former acts especially on the cartilages.

Complaints from pressure of clothes also in Calcar., Bryonia Bryon., Causticum Caustic., Lycopodium Lycop., Sarsaparilla Sarsap., and Stannum Iodatum Stannum.


Antidotes to Argentum Nitricum Arg nitr. Nat Mur Natr. mur. (chemical and dynamic), Arsenicum Album Arsen. and milk.

Argentum Nitricum Arg nitr, antidotes Amm. Causticum caust.

According to Boenninghausen, as antidotes to Argentum Nitricum Arg. nitr. and also Nitric Acid Nitr. ac., are prominent, Pulsatilla Pulsat., Calcar., Sepia Sepia, and next these three. Lycopodium Lycop., Merc Viv Mercur., Silica Marina Silic., Rhus Tox Rhus tox, Phosphorus Phosphor, and Sulphur Sulphur.


These are relationship sections of other remedies that refer to Argentum Nitricum. Where the text is greyed out, a relationship with that remedy is already described above.

Alumina > compare
Compare with the following in clergyman's sore throat Argentum Nitricum Arg. nitr., Kali Bich Kali bich., Lycopodium Lycop., etc.

Iodium > relationship
Iodum is frequently suitable in ailments from Arsenicum Album Arsen., Merc Viv Mercur., Calcar. or Argentum Nitricum Arg. nitr.

Nat Mur > antidotes
Nat Mur Natr. mur. antidotes Argentum Nitricum nitrate of silver, quinine, bee-stings.

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