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Phaseolus Nanus

Dwarf-bean, Phaseolus, Phase.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phaseolus Nanus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Aches chiefly in forehead or orbits from fullness of brain; worse any movement or mental exertion.

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Pupils dilated, insensible to light

Eyeballs painful to touch.

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Pulse rapid


Sick feeling about heart, with weak pulse

Right ribs sore

Dropsical effusion into pleura or pericardium.

Urinary Organs.

Diabetic urine.


Breathing slow and sighing

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Phaseolus Nanus

Phys > general
"The Ordeal-bean" of Old Calabar, the Eséré of the natives, is the type of a genus of Leguminosae of the tribe Phaseoleae, with flowers very like Phaseolus, except that its bearded style is terminated by a great oblique hood, covering the blunt stigma." It is this hood which distinguishes the genus and gives it its name.

Iber > relationships
Compare Lepidium, Spigel., Digit., Cact., Bell., Amygd. am., Crataeg., Phaseol. nan.

Lath > relationships
Compare Sec. (paralysis; blueness; amel. uncovering); Phaseol., Gels., Nux, Curar.; Pic. ac. (paralysis; erections); Dulc. (agg. damp weather); Lyc. (amel. uncovering); Nux (suited to men); Rhus (paraplegia from effect of wetting). Mang. and Con. (paralysis from below upward). Causation.

Phys > relationships
Compare Eserin. In paralyses, Lathyr., Oxyt., Strych., Ciner., Con., Gels. Heart, Phaseol., Phos. Eyes, Onos., Lil. t., Rut., jabor., Bell. Headache with drowsiness, Brucea, Gins., Herac. Spinal irritation, hungry sensation, numbness, muscles of back rigid, wavering in brain, Act. r. Headache agg. by music, Phos., Phos. ac. (Physo. of organ.). Levitation, Phos., Phos. ac. Headache with inability to stop thinking (Phos. with increased mental power), Globus, Ign., Asaf. agg. Descending stairs, Borax. Increased irritability, tetanic spasms, cramp, tenesmus recti, stiff spine and legs, Strych. and Nux (Physo. has diminished reflexes, spinal paralysis; unsteady gait with eyes closed; death by paralysis, Strych. has death from respiratory spasm dilated pupils). Tetanus, Passif. Tongue as if scalded, Sang. Causation.

Rob > relationships
Compare Laburn. In acidity, Rhe., Calc., AEth., Mg. c., Puls. In neuralgia, Ars., Chi. Flatulence, Chi., Carb. v., Lyc. Ineffectual urging to stool, Nux. Gastric headaches, Ir. v. Jawbone as if dislocated, Rhus. Changing sides, Lac c. (Rob. right to left). Heart, Phaseol. Dilated pupils, dry throat, and flushed face, Bell.

Crat-o > relationships
Compare Other members of the Rose family, notably Prunus Virginianus and Amygdala amara, and also, Laurocer., Camphor, Hydrocy. ac., Digitalis, Arsen. iod., Strophanthus, Phaseolus, &c.

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