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I believe they are from hereditary also. I've rediscovered that my Mom has had these since childhood, but she doens't suffer enough to want her tonsils out. My son had his tonils out 15 years ago, so it's unknown if he would have suffered from these nasty things.

I still can't understand why everyone continues to suffer day by day to find 'remedies' to deal with them. I support getting those tonils out so there's no place for these stones to hide!
HonestyMeAgain last decade
To those who suffer from this infection, I can honestly say, 'the only cure is to go and have your tonsils taken out. I had followed the posts on this subject for over a year before I finally did something about it. I successfully had my tonsils removed in November. First of all, let me give you a little back ground information about my situation. I have suffered with tonsil stones since high school, I am now 44 years old. My stones would come and go. I only knew I had them when I would cough one up or one would work loose while eating. The reason for that is because the folds of skin on both sides of my throat were very large and completely covered my tonsils from view. So I could not tell when I had them. I suffered from some allergies(pets,dust,pollens the usual seasonal allergies). My wife would mention from time to time that my breath was foul, even after I had just brushed and gargled. I went to a ENT who said she would remove them whenever I got ready. My insurance would not cover the cost of removal just because I wanted to be rid of my bad breath and snoring. So my ENT diagnosed infected tonsils and several visits later scheduled the surgery. The ENT also removed my Uvula as there was a small growth that looked like a wart on the side of it. I can now say that it was one of the best decisions I have made. I no longer have to worry about bad breath and I also do not snore any longer.
bossdawg last decade

Just checked the site and so excited to read your discovery!!! Most excellent! This is very exciting! Can not wait to read what your results are from the doctor visit with this additional information!

Lumpyjaw aka Christine Wicks,

Welcome. So sorry for your illness, but very pleased you could possibly help us all. Your diligence in searching for the right doctor to finally get a proper diagnoses is very appreciated when most would have long ago given up. I do so hope that the treatment you are receiving results in a speedy recovery for you. I will wait impatiently for your updates and send good thoughts and prayers your way.

justmebyanyname last decade
For those of you that might have missed the importance of albert22's discovery of... Christine Wick and actinomycosis .....I'm reposting this to highlight this information! An excellent discovery albert22!

Actinomycosis is an infection caused by a bacteria that dies when it hits oxygen...therefore, when we are tested for infection without that fact being taken into consideration I doesn't show up.

For those who might be interested, there is a google group formed for this... http://groups.google.com/group/actinomycosis

I have found google groups slightly challenging to navigate through and will repost anything of interest in this forum as time allows.

Thank you abc homeopathy for this site!
justmebyanyname last decade

Just googled 'A. israelii abc homeopathy' and I had made 2 posts about this way back when! The first post was Dec. 15, 2005 and the second was June 12, 2006. Even if we are unable to cure this, I am very grateful to you for posting the Christine Wicks story and connecting all the dots so to speak.
justmebyanyname last decade

'So what is actinomycosis? It’s a bacterial infection that develops in the body tissue – and doesn’t discriminate between soft tissue and bone - and creates pockets of pus that can lead to serious tissue damage. It can spread through the body via the bloodstream.
In the case of Mrs Wicks, she had had a sore throat and cough for many years. She was being treated for this and suspected asthma but without any sign of improving.
Taking a biopsy proved difficult in the extreme. The bacteria are killed by exposure to oxygen, so any biopsy has to be taken in anaerobic medium. Even then it can take three to four weeks to grow a culture in a laboratory.
A product of the condition is that patients will cough up material from their lungs or throat which on exposure to air, and over time, turns from yellow to a hard, brown pellet – often referred to as ‘sulphur granules’ from its appearance, although it contains no sulphur. Fortunately, Mrs Wicks kept just a sample – from which laboratory scientists were able to confirm actinomycosis.'

I think it is so very important with this new information that anyone who is just discovering 'tonsil stones' in their tonsils know that you do not want to damage your throat in any way in your efforts to remove the stones. We definitely do not want this moving from the relative surface of the body on the tonsils to traveling inside the body via blood stream. It also makes it very important we practice excellent dental care. I'm certain this could enter the blood stream via cavities/gums as well.

I would think that if you have had your tonsils removed to 'cure' the tonsil stones that you should still be tested for actinomycosis to be sure that during the surgery this did not enter your blood stream and is now growing in another part of your body.

If you are new to the forum and have not been following the posts over the years... the fancy term of 'tonsilloliths' was coined to explain what tonsil stones were, but really it never truly explained what they were made of or their cause. This new information doesn't mean that there aren't some tonsil stones that may just be rotten food debris, but most likely if they have the sulfur smell they are the A. israelii infection that is near impossible for the current method of testing for bacteria to find as this is a bacteria that dies upon contact with oxygen.

You must educate your doctor on this new finding to truly get the help you need.

albert22 ... again THANK YOU!
justmebyanyname last decade
hi i am very pleased that you have found my hospital web site many people have gone on to try to find an answer to the granuals in the throat abert 22 found my story and many of you have been in touch well im glad to say that the tubes have now been removed from my chest so im now without any drugs the drug i was on is called cristapen penicillan you must be on it for at least 7weeks i was on 14months every 6hrs, my consultant has been asked to write a medical journal he has agreed to do so when he has proof that my actinomycosis is under control if it had been picked up 20yrs ago it would not have spread to other parts of my body , i read that you pick at your tonsils this is very dangerous as it can spread and cause you serious problems go to the web site mentioned by JUSTMEBYANYNAME HE HAS PUT THINGS DOWN VERY CLEARLY THANK YOU , I HOPE SOME OF YOU DO GO ON THE WEB HE MENTIONS IF YOU DO CLICK ON MEDIA REPORT AND YOU CAN READ MY STORY GOD BLESS YOU ALL CHRISTINE WICKS [LUMPYJAW XX
lumpyjaw last decade
I haven't read through every post but no one here mentions any temperatures with the tonsil stones. My temp goes up ... actually it never goes down now below 37.5 and up to 38.3. Does anyone else get this. I have been seeing doctors for two years to find out the cause and have had a multitude of tests for cancer, autoimmune diseases etc. I am now concerned I have Actinomycosis ... but again no mention of temperatures.
Temperature last decade
hi temperature i kept on geting a bad fever they now know that it was the infection in my body for years i was told it was the menapause but that was rubbish the fever,s are a bit better but we are waiting to see what happens now my line is out of my chest they do not want me to have any teeth out im in pain but the worry is that the actinomycosis will spread also my tonsils must NOT be removed hope you have some luck as thats what you need to get a diagnosis of what i have lv and best wishes christine wicks [lumpyjaw xx
lumpyjaw last decade
Thanks for the rely - am going to book an appointment with an ENT and take your newspaper report with me and see if he can test me ... ENT is one of the few specialists I haven't seen. I think my GP thinks I am loopy as every time he takes my temp. it seems to be in the normal range ... but he never puts it in my ear properly! Have had a few bumps under my arm pits recently and achy joints but up till now have just put it down to normal aches and pains and bugs. Thanks for sharing your story ... I hope you somehow get over this.
Temperature last decade
Bless her heart, Lumpyjaw has been through a lot. But, her situation is unique, extreme, and rare, certainly not the norm for people with tonsil stones.

Although I recognize the importance of telling others what can happen, in very rare circumstances, I eriously hope that those w/ tonsil stones do not become frightened into thinking her rare condition will happen to them.

Tonsil stones are a mess, a chronic pain in the tush. For me, I had them even before I knew what they were. My tonsils were removed when I was in my early 20s. So, I was mercifully out of the tonsil stones w/o much issue. Thank God.

I will tell you that it is genetic. My mom suffered from them, as does my son.

Please do not be frightened that you will be getting poor Lumpy's condition. Tonsil stones are bad enough!

The only sure remedy that I am aware of, is tonsil removal. Here, and other forums, no one has been successful with anything else.

Extraxting them, using Listerine, the water pic removal, and every other way of getting the stinky balls out is only a band-aid quick fix for removing those buggers. It certainly does not stop their production. To my knowledge, only a tonsillectomy does that.

Goodgal 8)
Goodgal last decade
dear goodgal it was never my intension to scare anyone many people have asked me for help and i have said many times that they may not have what i have but i know what its like to be ignored and thats why i help if i can , a lady in australia is now getting the right treatment because she had the same sort of symptons even down to critical low iron levels large lumps under her arms , her consultant , took her case seriously you can read about her on the hosp, web site and there are many more , so im glad that i can give some comfort no harm meant christine wicks
lumpyjaw last decade
hi Christine - I have a question. The newspaper report said they tested a sample - could you elaborate as to what kind of sample? Thanks
Temperature last decade
hi temperature yes small granuals cream in colour with a foul smell originally the size of a piece of pearl barley, some much larger size of end of thumb, what i do now is put them in a clear plastic airtight container it then shrinks to a brown tiny dot depending on the size, the oxegen kills it you see , my problem was that i had been swallowing these bits and they had settled in other parts of my body , the illness has no boundry,s it travels through the blood but DOES NOT SHOW UP IN BLOOD TESTSand may not show on a scan it settles in warm moist areas like the heart liver lungs bowel muscles and just creates havoc and is VERY hard to diagnose but im glad that at least 3people have found to have it as i say i never intended to fill people with worry so i have said to goodgal and im sorry i was not going to give any more info for fear of upsetting anyone good luck my prayer,s are with you all lv christine x
lumpyjaw last decade
THANKS CHRISTINE ... by the way I don't think you are scaring people. It is good to have knowledge and it is good for me to have another avenue to explore so that I don't have to have a full body PET scan (my doctors next move) and your initial symptoms seem similar to mine. I your article to the doctor unfortunately it was a locum and she wasn't that interested but I am being referred to an ENT now. Thanks again - will save my next big lump for analysis! Please don't be put off sharing info just cos of one person!
Temperature last decade
My entire life was crippled due to bad breadth last 25 years...a few days back, i bumped into anarticle where the author met a chinese herbalist. This herbalist exactly elaborated the reason for the tonsil stones; lactose intolerance. this author says, if we remove the existing tonsil stones and completely stop diary (not even a drop of it), in 2 to 4 weeks, tonsil stones wont recur and the bad breadth is cured . one should never ever have diary in their lives..this was a stunning find. everyone goes to ENTs and these nuts immediately talks about removing the tonsils surgically as the only way..i am sure after removing tonsils, the lactose intolerant person will continue to have bad breath..what a disaster! luckily i havent gone ahead. now, i have stopped dairy products (including biscuits, cakes,etc which also have diary in it). let me see whether its true. I think it should be true as i am extremely lactose intolerant. if i drink milk, i will get stomach upset..i hope that i will be liberated from this bad breath menace after 25 years! By the way, when I have done an intense yoga programme, we were instructed to completely avoid diary products. Yoga is very much against consumption of diary. They say the milk is for the calf. Not for the humans. I think I have cut down diary that (but still continued with tea,coffee). But now when I look back, those few months my tonsil problem was much less. So, I think there is a very strong connection. Even after such a possibility if modern medicine (ENTs) don’t bother to check this out and continue to talk about tonsil surgery, that should be criminal!
highersoul last decade
One more thing. the author of that article also says that those who hare lactose intolerant can be 'gluten intolerant' too. so, if banning diary products is still not curing the tonsil stones, then move to the next step of banning all 'gluten'-related foods including wheat,bread,etc..
highersoul last decade
hi just an update iv had a paper sent to me and it shows that you can get actinomycosis from root canal if i can down load to this site i will i travelled 100miles last week to see my consultant he has moved to another hosp, it was nice to see him i feel he has done so much for me no more searching for diagnosis, he has told me and my husband that i now have an enlarged heart he said it,s a new problem i dont see any problem i know we will sort it my ent consultant finally accepted that the actinomycosis did start in the tonsil BUT he said having my tonsil,s out could of made matter.s worse as i had probably had it for many year,s well i pray that you all get answers one day lv christine wicks
lumpyjaw last decade
Hello Christine,

Hope this is the information you were wanting to share with us... did a search and found this...


'OBJECTIVES: The poor sensitivity of phenotypic identification techniques has hampered the taxonomic differentiation of Actinomyces. Hence we developed a sensitive and specific, PCR-based oligonucleotide-DNA hybridization technique to detect Actinomyces spp. and, used this method to detect these organisms in samples directly obtained from infected root canals.'

'CONCLUSION: Actinomyces spp. may be important pathogens of root canal infections. A. naeslundii in particular may be related with traumatized teeth. A. odontolyticus appears to be involved in infections related to caries, exposure of dentinal tubules during cavity preparation and/or leaking restoration, but further clarification with large samples is necessary.'

It basically says that the current methods of testing for Actinomyces is not very good. They tested samples from root canals and found that Actinomyces may be related to the cause of tooth infections the way I read it. And yes, that to me says could enter our systems that way. Most people with tonsil stones apparently have more problems with their teeth than the average and this could explain why.
justmebyanyname last decade
Can't believe I hadn't found this before, but has anyone tried Grapefruit Seed Extract for this problem?

http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/Forum126/HTML/002251-7.html ....

I'm rushing out to buy some today!
justmebyanyname last decade
I have had this same problem for years, although it seems to come and go, however i have had a few recently and for the last few days been feeling discomfort at the back of my throat, can feel the lump at all times.

I am 30 years old also suffer with sore guts and recently( diagnosed spring 2008) apparently devolped asthma, the thing is that since these lumps have returned this last week or so my suspected asthma has been a lot worse, has anyone else flund they have devolped asthma because of these lumps?
rich2000 last decade
hi rich 2000 at first they diagnosed me with asthma they said it was energy related so anything i did got me out of breath but now they admit that the actinomycosis was the cause as one DR said to me it,s all bacteria that just lay,s there and if it doesnt push itself out then it sit,s and just turns very nasty as in my case i still have very small bit,s come out but iv only had the tubes out 3months so time will tell on my hospital web site a lady joined to say her mom has the same as me but unfortunatly the dr,s tried to remove it and she now has cancer MY CONSULTANT HAS MAINTAINED ALL ALONG THAT I MUST NOT HAVE ANY BIOPSY OR SURGERY ,thank goodness i listened to him good luck bye christine xx
lumpyjaw last decade
I have had white stones in my throat for years now. Recently I noticed a dark spot on the back of one of my tonsils. I went to the doctor and he said he thought it was just a pit where a stone had come out of. It's definitely not a pit. Any ideas what the dark spot could be?
bumps1234 last decade
Regarding an earlier post that said the actinomycosis causes the stones to turn to dark brown granules...

Has anyone else here saved theirs for a while? I have, and mine definitely dry out and turn brown. Wondered if anyone else has that happen to theirs.
BettyCV last decade
Yes, mine do that too, but... I was thinking if it was food it would probably do the same thing. Not sure how reliable that is as a test of showing that it's actinomycosis. ;)

Bumps... that spot...in order to really see what's going on back there... someone recommended earlier purchasing a dental camera you can hook up to your computer. I have not purchased one and can not recommend one, but doing a search found this. You may want to search further for something further if this interests you. Can search for dental camera or intra-oral, etc. Good luck!

justmebyanyname last decade
hi yes my lump,s turn brown and shrink to a fraction of the size this week i had a lump sent off in an oxegen free pot but it was 3hrs after i took it to my gp so it will be interesting to see what will come back my first one was just sent off in a normal pot when i asked WHY IT CAME BACK AS ACTINOMYCOSIS i was told that it was a big lump so in the core it showed up and maybe it will not ever show again im seeing my main consultant friday so i have many thing,s i want to ask bless you all lv xx christine xx
lumpyjaw last decade

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