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Ironwood, Ostrya Virginiana, Ostr.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ostrya in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Of great value in anemia from malaria. Bilious conditions and intermittent fever.


First to third potency.

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Gastric; Tongue yellow; coated at the root

Loss of appetite

Sickening pains.


Frequent nausea, with dull, frontal headache

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Ostrya

Malar > general
took ironwood tea. Has used much Mercury and physic. Malaria off., 6m.

Aeth > relationships
Concordances Ant. crud. (vomiting of milk); Arsen.; Asar.; Calc. ostr. (vomiting of milk); Cuprum; Ipec.; Opium.

Agar > relationships
Similar to Act. rac. (delirium of alcoholism); chorea; spinal irritation; Bellad. (cerebral excitement, but more in chorea); Calc. ostr. (alcoholism; icy-cold feeling on head); Cannab. Ind. (alcoholism; extravagant fancies); Cicut. (spasms of eyes); Codein. (eyelids twitching, etc.); Coffea (ecstasy); Hyosc. (typhoid of drunkards; loquacity, dancing muscular twitchings, and with all tremor, tendency to stupor and feeble pulse) Ignat. (hysterical or emotional chorea; sighing; convulsive cough; twitches; laughing and crying); Laches. (loquacious delirium; alcoholism; typhoid of low type, tremulous protrusion of tongue tremor feeble pulse, livid extremities); Mygale (chorea); Nux vom. (chorea alcoholism; spinal irritation; convulsions; tremor paraplegic symptoms; enlarged liver); Opium (alcoholism; chorea with spasmodic, angular jerks of flexors; hands tremble slow pulse); Pulsat. (spinal irritation; chorea; chilblains, etc.); Sepia (icy cold feeling on head; jerks of head and tongue, etc.), Sticta (chorea with jumping and dancing); Stramon. (delirium tremens; singing laughing dancing; extravagant recitals; loquacity; chorea, with gyratory motions, etc.); Tarant. (chorea, one arm and leg constantly in motion); Thea (verbose; spinal irritation); Ver. alb. (icy cold feeling on head); Zincum (chorea).

Agar > relationships
Antidoted by charcoal; coffee; wine; brandy; camphor; fat or oil (relieves stomach); Calc. ostr. (relieves icy-coldness); Pulsat., Rhus tox. (nightly backache).

Agar > relationships
Follow well Bellad., Calc. ostr., Mercur., Opium, Pulsat., Rhus tox. and Silicea.

Alum > relationships
Similar to Bar. carb. (hypochondriasis of aged; constipation); Bryon. (peevish, irritable; gastric and abdominal symptoms; constipation; throbbing headache; dry cough with vomiting; stitches in chest; dryness of mucous surfaces; fever; etc.); Calc. ostr.; Chamom. (useful as an intermediate remedy); Conium (old people; loss of power of internal recti of eyes); Ferrum (chlorosis; relaxed abdomen; disgust for meat, etc.); Ferr. iod. (profuse, transparent leucorrhoea); Graphit. (chlorosis; skin rough, chapped, itching; nails, blepharitis, etc.); Ipec. Laches. (sad on waking; climaxis); Pulsat. (tearful, peevish; heat, etc.; better in open air; ozaena taste lost; averse to meat; chlorosis; scanty menses; complaints at puberty; lack of animal heat; soles of feet sore, worse walking; toes red, itching, etc.); Plumbum (colic; constipation, etc.); Ruta (loss of power of internal recti of eyes); Sepia (irritable, tearful; ozaena; scanty menses; puberty, prolapsus uteri; inactive rectum; weakness in urinary organs, etc. Silic., Sulphur, Zincum (inner canthus; granular lids).

Am-c > relationships
Similar to its relatives. Amm. mur., Amm. phos., etc., and to Ant. tart. (emphysema, etc.; blood poisoned with carbonic acid); Arnic.; Arsen. (inflammations); Aurum (heart); Apis (scarlatina, miliaria; burning, stinging); Bellad.; Coccul. (muscular asthenopia); Calc. ostr. (parotitis in scarlatina; pale flabby, etc.); Hepar; Kali bichr.; Kali carb.; Laches. (erysipelas); Lauroc.; Natr. mur. (muscular asthenopia); Phosphor.; Pulsat.; Rhus tox. (rash, scarlatina with parotitis, etc.); Ruta (muscular asthenopia); Staphis.; Sulphur; Veratr. (cholera-like symptoms during menses).

Am-m > relationships
Similar to its relatives and to Ant. crud. (mucus membranes); Aloe soc. (abdominal symptoms); Arsen. (catarrhs); Arg. nitr. (mucus in throat); Calc. ostr. (fat people; coldness between scapulae; profuse menses); Conium (night cough); Caustic. (stiff joints, contractions of muscles; burning hoarseness); Carb. veg. (hoarseness; burning on chest, etc.); Coloc. (in colic); Hepar; Iodine; Kali bichr. (stringy mucus, etc.) Kali chlor. (catarrh); Kali hydr. (pimples on the back; etc.) Mercur.; Merc. corr.; Magn. mur. (especially bloody sputum; crumbling stool; atonic bladder); Natr. mur. (catarrh); Nux Vom.; Phosphor.; Rhus tox. (sprains; joints worse sitting, etc.); Seneg. (fat people; mucus secretions; stitches in scapula with lung affections, etc.); Sepia (blisters about joints; atonic bladder, etc.); Silic.; Sulphur.

Arg-m > relationships
After Argent. met. follows well Calc. ostr., Pulsat., Sepia, Argent. met., follows after Alum., and Platin.

Bar-c > relationships
Cognates Ant. tart. (paralysis of lungs); Calc. ostr. (scrofulosis, coryza, etc.); Calc. iod. (large tonsils); Caustic. (paretic symptoms); Conium (old people); Dulcam. (tendency to catch cold); Fluor ac. (old people); Iodium (glands); Lycop. (tonsils); Mercur. (colds, glands, diarrhoea); Phosphor; Pulsat.; Sepia (ringworms); Silic. (glands, foot-sweat, etc.) Sulphur; Tellur. (ringworms).

Bell > relationships
Complementary to Calc. ostr.

Calc-p > relationships
Compare with Calc. ostr., Silic., Fluor. ac., Berber.; also with Calc. hypophos., which is useful in consumption, with hectic, cavities in lungs, etc., and in severe corneal, crescentic ulcers, when low health prevents healing.

Calc > relationships
Calc. ostr. follows well after Cinchon., Cuprum, Nitr. ac., Sulphur.

Calc > relationships
After Calc. ostr. may follow Lycop., Nitr. ac., Phosphor., Silic.

Calc > relationships
Complementary to Calc. ostr. Bellad.

Calc > relationships
Antidotes to Calc. ostr. Camphor., Nitr-ac., Nit. spir. dulc, Nux vom., Sulphur.

Calc > relationships
Calc. ostr. antidotes; Acet. ac., Bismuth, Cinchon., Chin., Sulph., Nitr ac.

Cupr > relationships
Cuprum is complementary to Calc. ostr. in the same forms of disease.

Rhus-t > relationships
After Rhus are frequently indicated Arsen., Bryon., Calc. ostr., Conium, Nux vom., Phosph. ac., Pulsat., Sulphur.

Rhus-t > relationships
Rhus tox.; is frequently indicated after Arnic., Bryon., Calc. ostr., Calc. Phosph., Chamom., Laches., Phosph. ac., Sulphur.

Sep > relationships
Sepia antidote Calc. ostr., Cinchon., Mercur., Phosphor., Sarsap., Sulphur, Rhus-poisoning (with desquamation).

Sil > relationships
Silic. is frequently indicated after; Bellad., Bryon., Calc. ostr., Cina, Graphit., Hepar, Ignat., Nitr. ac., Phosphor.

Sulph > relationships
Sulphur, Calc. ostr. and Lycop. or Sulphur, Sarsap. and Sepia, frequently follow in the order given.

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