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Ammonium Phosphoricum

Phosphate Of Ammonia, Ammon. Phos, Am-p.
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HPUS indication of Ammonium Phosphoricum: Resentment

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Phosphoricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



A remedy for chronic gouty patients uric acid diathesis, indicated in bronchitis and Nodosities of the joints of the fingers and backs of the hands. Facial paralysis. Pain in shoulder-joint. Tightness around chest. Heaviness of limbs, unsteady, tottering gait. Coldness from least draft of air.

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Sneezing with excessive running from nose and eyes, Only in morning.

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Deep rough cough with greenish expectoration.

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Rose-colored sediment.

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Ammonium Phosphoricum

Kali-c > relationships
Compare: Kali salicylicum (vomiting, especially of pregnancy; arteriosclerosis, with chronic rheumatism); Kali silicum (gouty nodosities); Kali Aceticum (diabetes, diarrhoea, dropsy, alkaline urine, very much increased in quantity); Kali citricum (Bright’s disease - 1 gr. to wine-glass of water); Kali Ferrocyanatum - Prussian Blue - (physical and mental prostration following infection. Inability to sustained routine work. Neuralgic affections depending on impoverished blood and exhausted nerve centers, especially spinal. Fatty and functional heart troubles. Pulse weak, small, irregular. Uterine symptoms, like Sepia, bearing-down sensation and gastric sinking; profuse, pus-like leucorrhoea and passive hemorrhage); use 6x); Kali Oxalicum (lumbago, convulsions); Kali picro-nitricum and Kali Picricum (jaundice, violent eructations); Kali tartaricum (paraplegia); Kali Telluricum (garlicky odor of breath, salivation, swollen tongue). Also compare: Calc.; Ammon. Phos.; Lycop.; Bry.; Natrum; Stann.; SEPIA.

Lith > relationships
Compare: Lyc.; Ammon. Phos.; Benz-ac.; Calc.; Lithium Chlor ( symptoms of cinchonism, viz.: DIZZY head, full, Blurring of vision. Ringing in ears; marked tremors; General weakness; marked muscular and general prostration; no gastro-intestinal effects. Nose sore, heartburn, pain in teeth). Lithium lacticum (rheumatism of shoulder, and small joints relieved by moving about; worse, resting). Lithium benzoicum (deep-seated pains in loins; in small of back; uneasiness in bladder. Cystic irritation. Gallstones. Frequent desire. Diminishing uric acid deposit). Lithium Bromatum (cerebral congestion, threatened apoplexy, insomnia and epilepsy).

Am-c > relationships
Similar to its relatives. Amm. mur., Amm. phos., etc., and to Ant. tart. (emphysema, etc.; blood poisoned with carbonic acid); Arnic.; Arsen. (inflammations); Aurum (heart); Apis (scarlatina, miliaria; burning, stinging); Bellad.; Coccul. (muscular asthenopia); Calc. ostr. (parotitis in scarlatina; pale flabby, etc.); Hepar; Kali bichr.; Kali carb.; Laches. (erysipelas); Lauroc.; Natr. mur. (muscular asthenopia); Phosphor.; Pulsat.; Rhus tox. (rash, scarlatina with parotitis, etc.); Ruta (muscular asthenopia); Staphis.; Sulphur; Veratr. (cholera-like symptoms during menses).

Form > skin
Nodes around joints ( Ammon)

Sabin > extremities, limbs
Gouty nodosities ( Ammon)