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Geranium Maculatum

Geran, Ger.
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HPUS indication of Geranium Maculatum: Headache
Geranium Maculatum
Common symptoms: Headache, Diarrhea, Sore throat.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Geranium Maculatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sensation of fullness


Double vision

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Geranium Maculatum

Mill > relationships
Compare: Ficus Venosa (pakur.) Hemorrhage from bowels and lungs. Acalypha and Helix tosta - Snail (in hemoptysis, diseases of chest, consumption); also, Secale; Ipec.; Erech.; Geran.; Hamam.

Mit > relationships
Compare: Chimaph.; Senecio; Uva; Geran.; Gossip.

Led > appendix
Common names, (Ger.), Sumpf-Porst, or Porst.

Erod > general
Erodium is a popular haemostatic remedy in Russia, and is especially used for metrorrhagia and menorrhagia. Komorowitch cured with it numbers of cases in which Ergot and Hydrastis had failed. One was a case of cervical polypus. After three days' use of the decoction the polypus was found lying free in the vagina. Compare Geran. m.

Tab > eyes
Sight failing for six weeks, being alike in the two eyes. Vision = 16 Jäger; not improved by glasses,

Tab > general
Complained of failure of sight for three months, and in particular that "things looked black" (probably central scotoma). Sight did not vary on different ways. Vision-right, letters of Jäger and 50 Snellen, barely at twenty feet. Slight hypermetropia, but sight not improved by glasses. Optic discs pale at the temporal portion.

Tab > eyes
Complained for three years past that he had been unable to find suitable spectacles. The sight had failed gradually, but he believed that it had remained stationary for about six months prior to his admission. Vision, without glasses, each eye = 18 Jäger, and not 200 Suellen, at twenty feet. Pupils active, the left rather larger than the right. Is using strong glasses (+5), but they are of little service. Optic discs definitely pale all over, but much more so on the yellow-spot side. No other changes, unless a slight mistiness of the retina around the discs,

Morph > general
Amenorrhoea. In all the women treated by me for Morphine intoxication, menstruation had been irregular, or suppressed for months or years. These women varied in age from twenty-five to thirty-five, and had used subcutaneous infections of Morphine for a long time. The symptoms noticed at the commencement and during the course of the amenorrhoea, such as headache, vertigo, disinclination to work, loss of appetite, vomiting, constipation, palpitation, hysterical attacks, etc., coincide with those of Morphine intoxication, so that it is often difficult to distinguish whether they are caused by the toxication of Morphine, or are the consequence of the amenorrhoea. I have never observed swelling of the breasts or vicarious haemorrhages in my cases. The amenorrhoea of Morphine is gradually developed from dysmenorrhoea, or it occurs suddenly. Conception has never been noticed in amenorrhoeic women, while some of the women have been repeatedly pregnant previous to the use of Morphine. Therefore, it seems probable that the cessation of menstruation is dependent upon anomalies of the ovaries, in that they seem inactive. According of Pflüger's theory, in the amenorrhoea of Morphine, the growth of the cells of the ovaries ceases from one period to another, and in consequence, the irritability that is transmitted by the ovarian cells and causes, on the one hand, bursting of the Graafian follicles, and on the other, determines the reflex condition of congestion of the sexual organs, is wanting. As a consequence, Morphine affects the ovaries as it does other secretory glands, namely, it renders them unable to perform their functions. It is most probable that menstruation ceases because ovulation ceases, and this also explains the sterility. The supposition that Morphine injection causes the arrest of the function of the organs of generation is justified by the fact that, after the cessation of Morphine, these organs recover their activity. The sexual desire is at first increased by the habitual use of Morphine, but after the graver symptoms of poisoning have been developed it almost entirely disappears, as in men. It is also noteworthy that women who have suffered from fluor albus, are generally free from it during the prolonged use of Morphine.

Anan > appendix
1, Ray, Philos. Trans., 1699, effects in boys, from eating the root; 2, Stalpaart Van der Wiel, Observ. rarior., 1727 (from Bloc, Monograph on OE., 1873), effects of eating plant; 3, Smetius, 1593, from Stalpaart, effects of eating stems and leaves in a salad; 4, same, effects in a woman, of eating stems cooked with parsnips; 5, Christ. Rost. Miscell., from Stalpaart, effects of eating stems, in several persons; 6, Baldassar, Timoeus on Poisons, took 7, chap. 4, p. 310 (from Stalpaart), effects in a man, of eating stems; 7, Simon Paullus, Traité des fièvres malignes (from Stalpaart), effects of eating leaves in order to cure fever, in three persons; 8, Arnatus Lusitamus (from Stalpaart), effects of eating stems, in a child, aged eleven; 9, Watson, Phil. Trans., 1746, p. 127 (No. 460), effects of eating root, in eleven French prisoners; also, Phil. Trans., 1748, No. 238, effects on soldiers; 10, Allen, Synops. Med., effects in four children; 11, Ehret, Phil. Trans., 1759, p. 856, effects of five spoonfuls of expressed juice of root, in a man, aged fifty-eight; 12, Pulteney, Med. and Philos. Comment, 1784, effects, after every dose, of the juice of the root mixed with wine, taken for the cure of a chronic scaly disease of the skin; 13, Wilmers, Obs. on Poisonous Vegetables of Great Britain, 1781, statement of Christ. Ehret, as to the effects of the effluvia when sketching the plant; 14, Dr. Robert Graves, Med. Facts and Obs., 1797, Vol. III, p. 308 (from Berridge, Pathogenetic Record), effects of two tablespoonfuls of juice of root, in a woman, aged twenty-four; 15, Duval, Inaug. Thesis, 1806, effects of plant, on three soldiers (from Bloc); 16, Parise, Journ. Gén. de Méd., 1823 (Bloc), effects of eating plant, prepared as a salad, on five persons, three of whom died; 17, Dr. Charles, Archives Clin. de Montpellier, 1814, effects of eating soup containing the plant, in a woman and child (Bloc); 18, Godefroy, Journ. de Pharm., etc., 1822, effects of eating plant, in three sailors; 19, Journ. de Pharm., 1822, effects of eating plant, in three women; 20, Bry, Arch. Gén. de Méd., 1823, effects of eating plant, in a man; 21, Joseph Fraysell, Lancet, 1833, 1, 860, effects of eating root, in a woman; 22, Thompson, Lancet, 1836, 2, 850, effects of crushing plant, on a man; 23, same, effects of eating a small piece of the root; 24, Bossey, Lond. Med. Gaz., 1844, p. 289, effects of eating roots, on Wilkinson (one of a number of convicts); 25, same, on Knight; 26, same, on Wilson; 27, on others, same; 28, same, on Chamberlain; 29, same, on Williams; 30, same, on Jeffs; 31, same, on Salt; 32, same, on Burgess; 33, Unger, Gaz. des Hôp., 1846, effects of eating leaves, on a woman and some children; 34, Pickells, Edin. Med. and Surg. Jour., 1847, p. 435, Vol. LXVII, effects of eating the root, in three boys; 35, same, in two other boys; 36, same, effects in a woman; 37, same, in five children; 38, same, in a boy; 39, same, in two boys; 40, same, in a boy; 41, same, from Cork Southern Reporter, 1827, effects in four children; 42, same, in a boy; 43, same, in a child; 44, same, in two girls; 45, same, effects of applying a poultice of the plant to a scrofulous ophthalmia, in a woman; 46, same, effects of eating some, in a elderly woman; 47, Nichol, Assoc. 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Journ. and Trans., 1875 and 1876 (Manchester Guardian), effect of eating the root, in several persons (from Berridge, Pathogenetic Record); 70, same, additional effects, 1871, Vol. I, p. 110; 71, Foss, Practitioner, 1876, p. 248, effects of eating root, in nine children; 72, Taylor's Med. Juris., Vol. I, p. 422, two laborers ate some of the roots; death after about three hours.

Ars > appendix
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Ars > appendix
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G., aet. thirty-three years, took Arsen. acid in tea, and on the fourth day took 2 teaspoonfuls in coffee and milk; 270, a man, aet. between twenty-five and thirty years, took Arsenic in food; 271, five persons ate a cake in which a teaspoonful had been put; 272, a woman, aet. twenty-five years, took some in water; 273, poisoning of five persons; 274, poisoning of seven persons; 275, two persons took it in food; 276 to 278, a family poisoned by Arsenic in food; 279, fatal poisoning of M. J. B.; 280, a boy, aet. two years, took a spoonful of rat-powder (Arsenic and flour); 281, a girl, aet. four years, took the same; 282, M. B., aet. thirty years, took nearly a spoonful in gruel and porter; 283, a man and woman took it in punch; 284, four persons took it in food; 285, five persons took it in soup; 286, Dr. G. E. Sanger, Guy's Hosp. Rep., 1851, 183, poisoning of a man, aet. nineteen years; 287, Chamber's Edinb. Journ. (Dublin Med. 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Benz-n > appendix
1, Treulich, Wien Med. Presse, 11, 13, two cases poisoned by taking about half a thimbleful; 2, Bahrdt, Archiv f. Deutsch. Heilk., 1871, poisoned by drinking about six drops in some liquor; 3, Letheby, London Hosp. Rep., 1865, J. E. spattered some on his clothes, so that he inhaled the fumes; 4, Ibid., G. G. took a little in his mouth by mistake; he immediately spit it out and rinsed his mouth with water; 5, Ibid., H. A. took a little in his mouth to remove the smell of tobacco; 6, Ibid., a woman cooked some food in a cup which had contained Nitro-benzol; 7, Kreuser, Wurt. corr. Bl., 37 (A. H. Z., M. B., 16, 48); 8, Riefkhol, Deutsch. Kl., 1868; 9, Schenk, Zeit. f. Ger. Med., 1866, a pregnant girl poisoned herself; 10, Muller, ibid., a young man took a teaspoonful in water; 11, Helbig, Deutsche. Mil. Arz., 3, 1873, several soldiers drank some from a flask.

Carb-h > appendix
; this latter gas is of complex and somewhat variable composition, containing marsh gas, olefiant gas, hydrogen, carbonous oxide, nitrogen, vapors of volatile hydrocarbons, and vapor of carbonic sulphide; it thus occupies a position between carbonous oxide and carbonic sulphide; the cases here collected possess sufficient interest to justify their insertion, though obtained from such a variable source. 1, Sir H. Davy, from Paris's Life of Davy (Lond. Med. Gaz., 7, 563), inhaled the pure gas from a bag; 2, Sedillot, Gaz. de Strast., 1845 (S. J. Suppl., vol. 4), poisoning by illuminating gas; 3, Seitz, Deutsch. Kl., 1852 (S. J., 76, p. 187), ibid.; 4, Gaertner, Wurt. Corr. Bl., 1853 (S. J., 79, p. 288), ibid.; 5, Cless, Wurt. Corr. Bl., 1854 (S. J., 86, p. 34), ibid.; 6, Jaushet, L'Union, 1857 (S. J., 95, p. 76), suffocated by coal damp; 7, Otho, Gaz. Sarda., 1858 (S. J., 98, 171), poisoning by illuminating gas; 8, Leopold, V. f. Ger. Med., 1858 (S. J., 100, 293), ibid.; 9, Mayer, Om. Schr. f. Geburt, 1858 (S. J., 104, 189), poisoning of two pregnant women by illuminating gas; 10, Schumacher, Henke Zeit., 1862 (S. J., 113, p. 292), poisoning by il luminating gas; 11, Sieveking, Lancet, 1869, ibid.; 12, Wallichs, Deutsche Klin., 1869 (S. J., 151, 273), ibid.; 13, De Chaumont, Lancet, 1873, poisoning by coal gas; 14, William Taylor, M.D., Monograph on poisoning by coal gas, Edinb., 1874; 15, Tourdes (six cases, five fatal) from Taylor's work; 16, Maclagan, cases from Taylor's work.

Cina > appendix
1, Hahnemann, R. A. M. L.; 2, Ahner, ibid.; 3, Gross, ibid.; 4, Langhammer, ibid.; 5, Rückert, ibid.; 6, Stapf, ibid.; 7, Andry, De gener. vermin. observ., ibid.; 8, Bergius, Mat. Med. Observations, ibid.; 9, Pelargus, Obs. I, 8, 31, 279, Obs. of overdosing, ibid.; 10, Noack, effects of a teaspoonful of the powder in a boy of 2 1/2, Hygeia, 16, 81; 11, Schmid, a boy of 5 took several large doses of the seeds, Deutsche Klin., 1852; 12, Archive für Hom., 16, 2, 206, effects of powder on children; 13, von Linstow, effects of 10 grammes of seeds on a girl of 10, apparently suffering from worms, Vjhrsch. f. Ger. Med., xxi, 1, 80, 1874 (S. J., 165, 21).

Cupr-ac > appendix
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Staats-arzk., Vol. VIII, poisoning of a girl aged 24, by 4 ounces of vert de gris, Wibmer, same case as number 7; 12, Duval, Diss. sur la Toxicol., 1806, poisoning of a man by vert de gris, Wibmer; 13, same, poisoning of a soldier by 1 1/2 ounces, Wibmer; 14, Reveillé Parise, Gaz. de Santé, 1820, poisoning of a man aged 29, by a large dose, Wibmer; 15, Albert, Henke's Zeit. f. d. Staats, 1832, poisoning of a family from eating sausages poisoned by V., Wibmer; 16, Rhodius, Obs. cent., III, Obs., 95, a gardener poisoned by fishes cooked with salt and oil in copper vessels, Wibmer; 17, Strack, Journ. de Med.-Chir., etc., t. 24, 1766, poisoning of four children from beans cooked in copper, Wibmer; 18, Navier, Contre-poisons de l'ars., du subl. cord., du Vert de gris, etc., Paris, 1777, a girl aged 18, poisoned by butter from a copper spoon, Wibmer; 19, Jeanroy, Mem. de la Soc. Roy. de Méd., 1778, poisoning of a family by meat cooked in copper, Wibmer; 20, Fahner, Beit. Zar. pr. cud. Ger. 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Kali-cy > appendix
1, Lembke, provings with 1st and 2d trits. (1 to 50), doses of 2d trit., 1 to 8 grains, of 1st trit., 3 to 35 grains, afterwards with a solution of 1 grain crude in a drachm of water, doses increased to 20 drops each, A. H. Z., 49, 179; 2, Mr. ---, took 3d trit., night and morning to third morning, Pub. Mass. Hom. Med. Soc., II, p. 18; 3, same, took 1st trit., night and morning, for four days; 4, another man took 1st trit. (first, second, and eighth days), from same; 5, Weidner, effects of about 12 grains in solution, Casp. Woch., 1845 (Frank's Mag., 1, 163); 6, a physician took about same dose, from same; 7, Wagner, a man took a large quantity of a strong solution, Archiv f. Phys., 1859 (S. J., 105, 176); 8, Blondlott, effects of a solution (?), J. de Chim. Méd., 1856 (S. J., 90, 169); 9, Gunther, effects of a solution (?), Archiv f. Hom., 12, 1, 142; 10, Orfila, fatal tox. by an injection of 200 grains; 11, Ware, a woman took about 7 grains in a solution, Bost. Med. and Surg. J., 1856, p. 387; 12, Perry, a child with slight cough took about 4 grains in solution, N. Am. J. of Hom., 1852, p. 475; 13, Krause, a man took about 1 drachm, Am. J. of Med. Sc., N. S., 58, p. 422; 14, Dr. O. R. King, a girl of six years, tasted of a solution containing 20 grains to an ounce Am. Hom. Rev., 1, 563; 15, Schauenstein, three cases of poisoning, Am. J. Med. Sc., 1860, p. 279; 16, Ebersberger, a girl aged three, took about 6 grains, Syd. Yr. Book, 1860, p. 460; 17, Damme, effects of removing silver stains with KCy and vinegar, Br. and For. Med.-Chir. Rev., 1863, p. 535; 18, Carriere, effects of injection of a solution, Bull. Gén. de Thér., 77, 458; 19, Scholz, a man swallowed a piece the size of a pea, Monats. Bl., A. H. Z., 15, p. 7; 20, Stearns, effects in a healthy man, Am. J. Med. Sc., 1869, p. 408; 21, Frank, effects of a solution, Vjs. f. Ger. Med., 1868; 22, Taylor, effects of 3 grains in solution (followed immediately by sulphate of iron and mustard and water, till vomiting was induced); 23, Arnold, effects of about 1 grain on self, Am. J. Med. Sc., 1869, p. 103.

Merc-c > fever and chill
1, Hahnemann, R. A. M. L., 1, 422; 2, C. Fr. Schwarze, Beob. et Erfahr. Dresden, 1827 (from Hahnemann); (Nos. 3 to 10, provings from Dr. Buchner's Monograph supplement to All. Zeit. f. Hom., Augsburg, 1849); 3, Buchner, took one dose of 2d dil.; 3a, same, three months later, same dilution, one dose; 3b, same, rubbed into forearm, a solution of 1/2 a grain in Alcohol; 3c, same, rubbed solution of 1/2 a grain into the gums; 3d, same, took a clyster of 1/2 a grain in solution; 4, Dr. Forstner, took of a solution of 1/50 grain in 110 drops of Alcohol, 2 drops first day, 4 drops second day, 7 drops third day, 10 drops fourth day, 15 drops fifth day, 20 drops sixth day, morning and evening, 20 drops eight day, 5 drops tenth day; 5, Dr. Gerster, took daily doses of 2d dil., for seven days, increasing from 5 to 40 drops at a dose; 5a, same, took of a solution of 1/4 grain in 1 drachm of Alcohol, 10 drops first day, 15 drops third day, 20 drops fourth day, 14 drops eight day; 6, Kathrina, aged twenty-one, took of same solution, 10 drops first day, 15 drops second day, 20 drops fourth day, 25 drops sixth day; 7, Dr. Held, took 2d cent. dil., 2 drops first, second, third, sixth, seventh, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth days; 8, Dr. Nusser, took 2d cent. dil., 10 drops first day, 3d dil. by olfaction ninth day; 9, Maria, aged forty-six, effects of a large number of pills, each containing about 1/20 grain; 10, Dr. Pemerl, took 2d. dil., 5 drops first day, 12 drops second day, 18 drops third day, 25 drops fourth day, 30 drops fifth day, 36 drops eighth day, 30 drops tenth day; 11, Cloquet, from Buchner, effects of repeated immersion of hands in a concentrated solution, while preparing anatomical specimens; 12, Baccius, Prolog. ad lib. de Venen. et Antidotis, Rome, 1506, p. 21 (from Buchner), effects in an infant; 13, Magneti, Bibl. Med.-Pract., 1739 (from Buchner), a child, a year and a half old, took 8 grains; 14, Houlston, poisoning of a woman by a solution, Med. and Phil. Comm., 1779, vol. 6, p. 327; 15, Dumonceau et Planchon, effects of a large quantity in a man, Journ. de Méd., 1778 (Frank's Mag., 1, 774); 16, Plenck, Toxicol., 1785, p. 263 (from Buchner), effects of clyster containing Merc. corr., in a old woman; 17, Degner, Act. Nat. Cur., vol. vi, appendix, 1742 (from Buchner), effects of ointment containing Merc. corr., to an induration on leg, in a woman, aged forty-seven; 18, Wedel, Diss. de Merc. dul., p. 22 (from Buchner), effects of 10 grains, in a child, aged two years; 19, Dr. Henry, Edin. Med. and Surg. Journ. 1811, p. 150, took nearly 1 ounce, in hot water; 20, Robertson, Edin. M. and S. Journ, 1812, vol. 8, p. 195, effects of using a solution of 4 grains to an ounce, on an eruption, which began to disappear the fifth day; 21, a girl took 1 drachm in beer, Fothergill's Journ., 1819 (from Buchner); 22, Anderson, effects of application of a solution of 30 grains to an ounce, for rheumatism in arm, Edin. M. and S. J., 1811; 23, Thomas, a woman (a month after parturition) drank a solution of 30 grains to an ounce, that had been prescribed for an eruption, Edin. M. and S. J., vol. 16, p. 510, 1820; 24, Ward, effects of rubbing whole body with an ointment, containing 1 ounce of M. corr., in a man, suffering from the itch, Lond. Med. Gaz., 1829; 24a, same, effects of same, in a brother; 25, Westrumb, a man took nearly 3 drachms dissolved in water, Rust's Mag., 1834 (Frank's Mag., 1, 573); 26, Lowenhardt, a man took nearly an ounce, Med. Zeit. f. Heilk., Preussen, 1839, No. 7 (from Buchner); 27, Alex. Wood, a man took half a teaspoonful in some whisky, Edin, M. and S. J., 51, 114, 1839; 28, Blacklock, a man took upwards of a drachm dissolved in water, Edin, M. and S. J. 36, p. 92, 1831; 29, omitted; 30, Stringham, effects of 6 grains in four dose, in a man, with gonorrhoea, Med. and Phys. J., 10, 283; 31, Budd, effects of 1 ounce in a woman, Med. and Phys. J., 18, 347; 32, Evans, effects of 1/2 a drachm in a man, Med. and Phys. J., 3, 535; 33, Kimball, effects of about 3 grs., applied to herpes of scalp, in a girl, aged twelve years, Bost. M. and S. J., 4, 220; 34, Meeker, effects of plaster containing about 100 grains, applied to a scirrhous tumor of mamma, Bost. M. and S. J., 39, 18; 35, Masselot, effects of two doses, each of 3/16 grain, Hempel's Mat. Med.; 35a, same, repeated; 36, Devergie, effects of an indefinite quantity in a woman, from Hempel; 37, Orfila, effects of a large quantity on a man, Toxicologie; 38, Trousseau and Pidoux, effects of baths of Corros, subl.; 39, omitted; 40, Provin. Med. J., 1843 (from Buchner), effects of parts of a powder containing 1/2 a drachm, in a woman; 41, Buchner, effects of pills containing Corros. subl., taken for neuralgia, in a man, A. H. Z., 28, 155; 42, Frisselle, a woman, aged twenty-six, took 1 drachm in a solution, Bost. M. and S. J., 41, 279, 1849; 43, Guy's Hosp. Rep., N. S., 5, a man took about 1 drachm; 43a, same, a young woman swallowed a little of a solution (indefinite); 43b, same, similar to last dose, fatal; 44, Vautier, Gaz. Méd. de Paris, 1842 (S. J., 39, 22), effects of about 2 grains; 45, Andrew, effects of about 40 grains, in whisky, L. and Ed. Med. J., Feb. 1845; 46, Watson effects of about a drachm, in a man, L. and E. M. J., May, 1844; 47, Percy, effects of 30 grains, in a girl, aged seventeen, Lond. Med. 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Ox-ac > appendix
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Phos > appendix
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L., aged forty, took 3d. dec. dil., 4 drops, first day, 6 drops second day, 8 drops third day, 10 drops fifth and eighth days, 12 drops twenty-first day, 10 drops twenty-fourth, thirtieth, and thirty-first days, 4 drops thirty-fifth day; 32, Dr. B. took 25th dil. daily, in the morning, for six days; 32a, same, took 12th dil., repeated doses; 32b, same, took 2d dil. daily for seven days, 5 to 15-drop doses; 32c, same, took subsequently the 12th dil., repeated doses, for some time; 32d, same, took 3d dil., repeated doses; 32e, same, took 3 to 6-drop doses of an alcoholic solution of P.; 33, Otto B., aged fifteen, took 3 drops of 1st dec. dil. first, second, and fourth days; 33a, same, took crude alcoholic solution of P.; 34, Otto R., aged seventeen, took 1 to 5-drop doses of 1st dil. for nearly three months, with interruptions; 34a, same, took repeated doses of 2d. dil.; 34b, same, took again 1st dil.; 34c, same, took again 2d dil.; 34d, same, took again 1st dil.; 35, G. Muller, took 1st dil. daily for four days; 36, "R.", aged twenty, took 3 to 10-drop doses of 1st dil. every morning, and after some days took 5-drop doses of 2d dil.; 36a, same, took 2-drop doses of alcoholic solution of P.; 36b, same, took 2d dil.; 37, Carl Schenk, aged twenty-seven, took one dose, 3 drops, of alcoholic solution of P.; 37a, same, took repeated doses of 1st dil.; 37b, same, took various doses of 3d dil.; 37c, same, took 2d dil.; 37d, same, took again 1st dil.; 38, Rosalie B., aged seventeen, took 3d dil. every morning; 38a, same, took 2d dil.; 39, Miss T., aged thirty-two, took 3 drops of 25th dil. daily for three days; 39a, same, subsequently took 11th dil.; 39b, same, took 2d dil., repeated doses; 40, Madame L., aged thirty-two (suffering from anteflexion uteri), took repeated doses of 2d dil.; 41, Miss S., aged twenty-three (habitually suffering for eight days before menses with restless sleep, bad dreams, and the day before with cramp in calves and in abdomen, great pain in back; usually passed first menstrual day in bed; menses last eight or nine days; evacuation of bowels difficult; stools hard), took 1st dil., beginning eight days before menses, daily for a week, 3 to 7-drop doses; 42, Dr. Sorge, took 1st dil. first, second, and fourth days; 42a, same, 1st dil. first, third, and fourth days; 42b, same, 1st dil., one dose, first and second days; 42c, same, 3d dil., one dose; 42d, same, 3d dil. first and second days; 42e, same, 2d dil. first and second days; 42f, same, 1st dil. first and third days; 42g, same, 4th dil.; 42h, same, 1st dil.; 43, E. 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A.); 54, Weigel, Inaug. Diss., 1797 (from Sorge), proving on himself with 1 grain dissolved in oil (same as No. 26); 55, Bouttaz (from Sorge), took of a solution of 4 grains in 4 drachms of Naphtha vitrioli, 20 drops every two hours (same as No. 12); 56, Worbe, a man, twenty-eight years old, took 1 1/2 grains in hot water, and, experiencing no effects, three days afterwards repeated the dose, death on ninth day, Mem. luc a la Soc. Méd. d'Émulat., Paris, 1825 (fromWibmer); 57, Dieffenbach, Fror. Notizen, 23, No. 493 (A. H. Z., 74, 77), an apothecary took, as an experiment, 1 grain of P., triturated with sugar, first day, 2grains second day, 3 grains third day; 58, Grobenschutz, Med. Zeit. Ver. Preuss., 1843 (Frank's Mag.), poisoning by Phosphorus paste in food; 59, Shephard, Lancet, 1843, 1, p. 435, effects of sucking matches, in a child two and a half years old (fatal); 60, Lafargue, Lond. and Edin. Med. 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Sec > appendix
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Stram > appendix
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(second and third days); 190, omitted; 191, Dr. Carroll Dunham, ibid., a man, aet. about 44, whose health had suffered greatly in consequence of bilious remittent fever and heroic doses of calomel, applied the bruised green leaves to large irritable ulcers on both legs; 192, Dr. Bengel, Med. Corr. Blatt., 1864, vol. 34, p. 79, a boy, aet. 2 years, ate some pieces of the seeds; 193, A. P. Turner, M.D., Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., April, 1864, p. 551, two boys, aet. 8 and 10, ate some seeds; 194, Alfred S. Taylor, M.D., Guy's Hosp. Rep., vol. 11, p. 293, a student swallowed about 5 or 6 grs.; 195, same, 4 milligrams of Datura applied to the eye; 196, same, seven milligrams administered by the stomach; 197, M. Kuborn, Bull. Gén. de Thér., 1866 (Brit. Med. Journ., 1866 (1), p. 522), four persons were poisoned; 198, H. Y. Evans, M.D., Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., July, 1866, p. 278, seven children were poisoned by the seeds; 199, Sauvages, Dublin Med. 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S., vol. 2, 1871, p. 62; 211, Miss ---, took 10 glob. of 43,000 (Fincke) at 5.15 P.M.; 212, Miss ---, took 10 glob., of same; 213, Miss ---, took 1 glob. of same; 214, Miss, aet. 11-12 years, suffering from chorea, took repeated doses of 30th and 200th (Lehrmann), had new symptoms while taking 200th; 215, Dr. Berridge, took 10 glob. 43,000 (Fincke), at 4.15 P.M.; 216, same, took 20 glob. 1000 (Jenichen) at 11.40 A.M.; 217, same, took 30 glob. 200 (Lehrmann) at 10 A.M.; 218, same, took 50 glob. 1000 (Fincke) at 9.45 A.M.; 219, same, took 20 glob. of 3d at 8.30, 11 A.M., noon, 12.55, 2.10, 3, 4, 5, 7, 7.55, 9 P.M. (first day), 20 glob. at 8, 9.50 A.M., 1 P.M. (second day), 30 glob. at 8, 40 at 11.40 A.M., 1/2 drachm of glob. at 7.15 P.M. (third day), 30 glob. 6th dil. at 10 A.M., 40 glob. at 1 and 7 P.M., 50 glob. at 11.30 P.M. (seventh day), 50 glob. at 7.30, 9.40, 11.5 A.M., 6.45, 7.45 P.M. (eighth day), 50 glob. at 7.20, 11.10 A.M., 100 glob. at noon, 9 P.M., 300 glob. at 11 P.M. (ninth day), 50 glob. 12th dil. at 8. 15, 10 A.M., 12.15 P.M., 70 glob. at 3.10, 100 glob. at 4.30, 8.30, and midnight (fourteenth day), 100 glob. at 8, 10 A.M. 200 glob. at noon (fifteenth day); 220, same, took several glob. 5000 (Fincke) at 10 A.M. (first day), 60 glob. 10,000 (Fincke) at 10 A.M. (fifth day), several glob. 30,000 (Fincke), (eighth day), had to take Alumina and ceased proving; 221, same, took 10 glob. cm. (Fincke) at 10 A.M.; 222 to 229, same, Month. Hom. Rev., vol. 16, p. 34; 222, same, took 100 drops tincture, prepared from the seeds, in water at 9.15 A.M.; 223, Mr. R. M. Theobald, took 10 drops of same (first day), 20 (second day), 30 at 11.30 A.M., 20 at 2 P.M. (third day), 20 before breakfast and 1.30 P.M. (fourth day), 20 to 30 drops two or three times a day (fifth and sixth days), 30 before breakfast, at noon, and bedtime (seventh day); 30 at 8 A.M. (eighth day), 40 early in the morning (ninth day); 224, same, chewed 6 or 8 seeds in the afternoon; 225, same, took 10 drops 3d cent. (first, second, and third days), 5 drops before bedtime (fourth day); 226, Mr. ---, took 5 drops tincture of Hom. Pharmacopoeia (first and second days), 10 drops (third day), 15 (fifth day), 5 ter die (seventh and eighth days), 5 (ninth day); 227, same, took 5 drops tincture ter die for four days; 228, same, took 5 drops tincture (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, ninth, eleventh, and twelfth days); 229, F. Brunning, M.D., Philad. Med. and Surg. Rep., vol. 27, 1872, p. 20, a boy died from effects of the seeds; 230, A. W. Rogers, M.D., ibid., p. 211, a child, aet. 3 years, ate the seeds; 231, F. H. Bailey, ibid., p. 283, a girl, aet. 4 years, ate the seeds; 232, Dr. Wittmann, Jahrbuch für Kinderheilkunde, vol. 6, 1873, p. 178, a girl, aet. 6 years, ate the seeds; 233, Buckner, A. H. Z., 86, 1873, p. 18, a boy, aet. 3 years, ate the fruit; 234, Wm. H. 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