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Erechthites Hieracifolia

Fire-weed, Erechthites, Erech.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Erechthites Hieracifolia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



A hemorrhagic remedy. Epistaxis of bright blood. Hemorrhage from any part, especially lungs; always attended by excitement of the circulation. Flashes of heat and coldness. Scanty urine, oedema of the extremities.


Tincture. Locally for Poison Oak.

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Pain, headache; in forehead; increases gradually

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Symptoms like Rhus Tox Rhus Poisoning.

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Erechthites Hieracifolia

Mill > relationships
Compare: Ficus Venosa (pakur.) Hemorrhage from bowels and lungs. Acalypha and Helix tosta - Snail (in hemoptysis, diseases of chest, consumption); also, Secale; Ipec.; Erech.; Geran.; Hamam.

Mill > relationships
Erechthites is a rival of Millef, in bright red epistaxis and in haemoptysis.

Mill > relationships
Compare Erech. (epistaxis and haemoptysis); Senec. aur. (haematuria). Ham. and Ipec. (haemorrhages); Plat. (Mill. red, clotted; Plat. dark, clotted); Bry., Ustil., and Ham. (haematemesis) Aco. (haemorrhages, profuse flow of bright red blood)

Mill > nose
Nosebleed (Erech.) Piercing pain from eyes to root of nose.

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