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Cornus Sericea


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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cornus Sericea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



C. sericea, L.

Natural order, Cornaceae.

Common name, Silky Cornel.

Authority. Inaug. Dissert., John. M. Walker, Philad., 1803, experiments on pulse.

30 grains pulv. cort. rad. Cor. seri. Pulse 70, naturally full, on taking.

72, quick, soft (after five minutes).

73, quick, soft (after ten minutes).

74, slight nausea (after fifteen minutes).

76, full (after twenty minutes).

76, nausea ceased (after twenty-five minutes).

78, full and tense (after thirty and thirty-five minutes).

79, full and tense, face red (after forty minutes).

79, regular, hard (after forty-five minutes).

78, full (after fifty, fifty-five, and sixty minutes).

headache (after sixty minutes).

77, full (after seventy-five minutes).

12 grains of the resin of Cor. seri. Pulse 72, natural, on taking.

72, small (after ten minutes).

73, considerable nausea (after fifteen minutes).

75 (after twenty minutes).

75, fuller (after twenty-five minutes).

76, full (after thirty minutes).

77, full (after thirty-five and forty minutes).

79, full, tense (after forty-five minutes).

80, full (after fifty minutes).

82, tense, regular, face flushed (after fifty-five and sixty minutes).

80, heat of the skin (after sixty-five minutes).

79, tense (after seventy and seventy-five minutes).

77, full and softer (after eighty minutes).

75 (after eighty-five minutes).

72 (after ninety-five minutes).

12 grains extract of Cor. ser. Pulse 76, natural, on taking.

76, soft and full (after five minutes).

77 (after ten minutes).

78, anxiety (after fifteen minutes).

78, full and regular (after twenty minutes).

79 (after twenty-five minutes).

80, tense, face flushed (after thirty minutes).

81 (after thirty-five and forty minutes).

82 (after forty-five and fifty minutes).

80 (after fifty-five minutes).

79, diminished in hardness (after sixty and sixty-five minutes).

78 (after seventy-five minutes).

77 soft and full (after ninety-five minutes).

12 grains of gum of Cor. ser. Pulse 64, natural, on taking.

65, full and regular (after five and ten minutes).

67 (after fifteen minutes).

67 and fuller (after twenty minutes).

68, fuller (after twenty-five minutes).

71, tense and strong (after thirty and thirty-five minutes).

72, tense and strong (after forty minutes).

73, tense and strong (after forty-five minutes).

71, slight change (after fifty minutes).

70, full (after fifty-five minutes).

69, full (after sixty minutes).

68, full (after sixty-five minutes).

68 (after seventy minutes).

67, natural (after seventy-five minutes).

2 ounces of decoction of Cor. ser. [right] Pulse 68, natural, on taking.

68 (after five minutes).

fuller (after ten to forty minutes).

69 (after ten minutes).

70 (after fifteen minutes).

71 (after twenty and twenty-five minutes).

73 (after thirty minutes).

74 (after forty and fifty minutes).

flushing of the face (after fifty minutes).

76 (after sixty minutes).

80, full and strong (after seventy minutes).

79 (after seventy-five minutes).

76, slight affection of the head (after eighty minutes).

73 (after ninety minutes).

70 (after one hundred minutes).

2 ounces of infusion of Cor. ser. Pulse 76, natural, on taking.

76 (after five minutes).

79 (after ten minutes).

80 (after fifteen minutes).

fuller (after fifteen to thirty minutes).

81 (after twenty minutes).

82 (after twenty-five minutes).

84 (after thirty and forty minutes).

tense (after forty to seventy-five minutes).

85 (after fifty minutes).

87 (after sixty minutes).

85 (after seventy minutes).

84 (after seventy-five minutes).

82, heat of the skin (after eighty minutes).

79 (after eighty-five and ninety minutes).

77 (after one hundred minutes).

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