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Many thanks for your prayers. May Allah help us soon InshaAllah.

This is to update you that its my 7th cycle day and as usual getting brown discharge since 3 days now. Very frustrated from this discharge issue. Trying to cope up well and hoping best for upcoming days. I am praying hard for a better life ahead inshaAllah.

Having mild pain in lower back and lower abdomen since 1st day of cycle. I guess this is because of food violations I did last month. Yep I took some more red meat and rice items last month due to guests at our home. And you can never avoid things lot when in ppl. I am very sorry for this.

Please guide me further and oblige.

Jazak Allah.
endopatient last decade
WAA, please hold your horses.
nawazkhan last decade
ok sir!!!
endopatient last decade

I've been out for some activities, couldn't reply on time. Please understand.

Ok, you will have to take Alumina 200C, one daily dose, for 7 days to get rid of this brown discharge, hopefully, inshallah.

Many prayers for your good health.
nawazkhan last decade
AoA dr.

No issues. I understand though. Many thanks to take time out of your tough routines for us. May Allah help u in all your good deeds. InshaAllah.

Sir, I have Alumina 30 c and not 200c. Also its not available here. I am starting with 30C as due to time difference you may will be checking mail at night according to our time :)
Will it work too? I will check if some way I can order from Pakistan.

InshaAllah. with Allah's will it will work as u said.

Also I am having pain in lower back and lower abs till now. Its my 9th day. I am keeping hot bottle along having MP and Staph. Its very annoying as I can not concentrate on my routine works and cant have sound sleep at night also.

Surely need your and others prayers.

Jazak Allah.
endopatient last decade

I have started Alumina 30 C from yesterday. discharge has reduced lot..i mean turning to white..
but as i mentioned earlier, i m having pain in back and lower abdomen mainly at ovaries. its 10th day today and still pain there. I don't know whats going on. M worried for this. its to the extent that i took ponston to get rid of it. Can u help with some herbal/home remedy to get rid of this pain? I know u r excellent in homeopathy but i heard many homeopaths are also good in home remedies...u know i never wanted allopathic remedies...and so not even ponston.
I hope to hear from u sooner..

Many thanks for your help.

Jazak Allah.
endopatient last decade
How many doses are you taking per day?
nawazkhan last decade
Many thanks for the reply; I was just waiting for this.

I am taking 3 doses. Well, I just came to know that 200c in pills is now also available in pharmacy here. Please let me know if 30c will be ok or i should go for 200C.

Discharge is better now. but pain still there. I feel better after walk.

endopatient last decade
'or i should go for 200C. '
Yes, immediately, 4 pills nicely dissolved in 2 sips of mineral water for each dose.
nawazkhan last decade
AoA Dr.

Ok I have got the remedy in 200C potency.

I will start it today inshaAllah.
FYI, I have taken 30C for 3 days , 3 times per day.
Should I take 200C for 2 days only so to complete 5 days course or I have to take it more days?
Please confirm.

Just an additional quick update: I am having clear white discharge since morning today. Its a bit more in quantity and also semi liquid. Sorry for so long description but its to help u decide upon the future prescriptions.

Jazak Allah Khair!
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endopatient last decade
AoA Dr.

I went for ultrasound scan today. And it reveals that I still have the cysts in both ovaries. Roughly the right cyst is of 5.8 and left is 3.4 cms. I will get the written report on Sunday but this is what dr told me.
I am very sad. Too upset to report you this. Previously the cysts were of 6.9 and 4.1. as of Nov report. Although they have reduced but not too much. She was saying to go for surgery asap. Also she said we might have to consider other options to conceive.
this makes me worried. Please help. U know I do not want to have surgery. I hate Allopaths. They always have one option of every problem. And that's surgery. Please save me from this. Help me please.

The discharge is now watery white. Having pain in both ovaries and back. Pain is not continuous but sometimes it become tense. I am not taking any pain killer at the moment. AlhamdolilAllah.

I appreciate your patience in treating this chronic case. I know u are also much busy.
I shall be much obliged to you for sparing time for me. Many many many thanks.

Jazak Allah!
[message edited by endopatient on Thu, 11 Apr 2013 21:45:47 BST]
endopatient last decade

'Should I take 200C for 2 days only '
Please take for 3 days.

You are more than welcome.

Reduction in cysts size is slow, please do not worry. Let's work hard now to make some changes in your life style and communicate comprehensively.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade

Luckily I took 3rd dose yesterday. I was waiting for your reply but as I got pinkish discharge in afternoon I took another dose (the 3rd one) also. But still the discharge is there. The white discharge changed to pink in color. TO be more precise it seems some blood drops are in the discharge. Its still watery. and continuous.

Ok I will try level best to stay positive in all aspects inshaAllah. I am offering more prayers and helping others more to please my Allah. The most powerful.
I am doing 45 min walk and avoiding all meat including chicken since a week now. Taking more veges with home made chapati. trying to have 8 glasses of water (thats really difficult as I feel my bladder is too weak and I have to use washroom very frequently then.). Sleeping almost 7 to 8 hrs a day.
Topping my all efforts with Quranic suras to make sure I will be well soon. InshaALlah.

Please add in your valuable suggestions to achieve our goal InshaAllah.

Kindly prescribe further and oblige.

Jazak Allah Khair.
endopatient last decade
WAA, I am very happy and pleased to know what you are doing.

Please give details of your mind symptoms at the moment.

How is the pain now?

More prayers....
nawazkhan last decade
AOA and thanks!

Well, mentally I am think m ok. I am trying to keep my mind peaceful but still i think almost every 3 to 4 hours I do get panicked and some worries related to my health bother me. I must say the most annoying situation for me is getting brown discharge. I am having brown discharge since evening now. breast tenderness/soreness has also started today. A gynae told me this is due to low progesteron which happens due to lack of ovulation. However, FYI, I have another scan tomorrow to confirm ovulation this month.
Need prayers for sure!

No other tensions AlhamdolilAllah.

AlhamdolilAllah there is no pain at all since yesterday.

I shall wait for your prescription Sir.

Jazak Allah for your help!
[message edited by endopatient on Mon, 15 Apr 2013 04:56:40 BST]
endopatient last decade
Hi again :)

Well, i just came back after my followup scan. The report is as follows:
Right cyst: 5.7 cm
Left cyst 3.3 cm
Right follicle: 28 mm
left follicle 24 mm

Its my 16th cycle day.
Dr said eggs are there but not ruptured. She said to wait and watch if it will rupture on its own.
I remember every time I got scan to check ovulation it reveals eggs are forming but not rupturing and so no conception.

Sir, with due respect please prescribe further.
I should add I am a bit calm now that at least follicles are growing. And in the last it is always The Creator of Human beings who is the most powerful. He is the only one to do anything anytime.

Keeping my fingers crossed (X)

endopatient last decade
AoA Dr

I hope you will be fine inshaAllah.
I am waiting badly for your prescription Sir.
Having quite bad brown and sometimes reddish discharge since 14th April. Along breast soreness.
Not taking any remedy since 15th April.

Plz reply and I will be much oblige for your help.

Jazak Allah.
[message edited by endopatient on Wed, 17 Apr 2013 05:16:16 BST]
endopatient last decade
Hello ppl,

Any update about Dr. Nawaz?
He has been very responsible in replying me in time.
Well, may be too bz these days..
endopatient last decade

I've replied to your email. Again, sorry for the late reply as I was traveling to the U. S.

Please take Alumina 200C, 2 times a day, for 3 days.

Many prayers for your good health.
nawazkhan last decade

Oh no problem at all.
THanks for the reply.
Sir, with due respect I wish to ask you if I can take B-complex vitamin with homeo remedies?

I have started Alumina yesterday.

Many thanks for both P's (prayers & Prescription)

Jazak Allah!
endopatient last decade
You may take after Alumina 200C course is over after 2 days.
nawazkhan last decade

Hope you will be doing well inshaAllah.
This is to update you that I have completed the ALumina course yesterday nite. AlhamdolilAllah it gave me good relief. Both mentally and physically.
Discharge turned to yellowish creamish color in late hours of friday. and now there is just a drop or two of cream discharge.
No other issues AlhamdolilAllah.
its my 23rd cycle day. Please guide further.
I hope you would have skimmed through my post of 15th April. I wrote it after coming from gynae office. And was just FYI.

Jazak Allah khair.
Waiting for your further instructions.
endopatient last decade

I would like you to continue taking Alumina 200C, for 3 more days.

'I hope you would have skimmed through my post of 15th April.'
Yes, I did.

More prayers....
nawazkhan last decade
Ok sir!

Well, just FYI, I have missed the morning dose as its evening here when I got ur mail. But I will continue from tonite. InshaAllah.

Jazak Allah Khair!
endopatient last decade
Great! Good luck to you.
nawazkhan last decade

This is to update you that I had started Alumina on 22nd April. So far I have taken 4 doses. Yesterday in evening I suddenly noticed a breakthrough of brown discharge. It was too much as if I am on medium periods. It was lessened in late hours later.
FYI, I have not taken anything unusual. In breakfast I took 2 sips of tea with rusk. and apple and in lunch I took chicken curry (no chicken piece) and sweet/red pumpkin with home made chapati.
Still having discharge. Very watery and too much. It panicked me really. I feel I may have severe hormone imbalance. Where my progesteron is far below and so I am continually getting discharge with a break of few days in between.

I am taking ALumina. And praying to Allah a lot.

Jazak Allah.
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endopatient last decade

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