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Aranea Scinencia

Grey Spider, Aranea, Aran-s.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aranea Scinencia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Constant twitching of under eyelids. Sleepiness. Worse in warm room.

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On stooping

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Heart; palpitations; on waking

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Stomach; burping, belching; sour

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Aranea Scinencia

Aran > general
All symptoms of Aranea are characterized by Periodicity, and coldness, and great susceptibility to dampness. It is the remedy for the constitution favorable to malarial poisoning, where every damp day or place favors chilliness. Patient feels cold to the very bones. Coldness not relieved by anything. Feeling as if parts were enlarged and heavier. Wake up at night with hands feeling twice their natural size. Spleen swollen. Hydrogenoid Constitution, i.e., Abnormal sensitiveness to damp and cold, inability to live near fresh water, lakes, rivers, etc., or in damp, chilly places ( Nat-sulph. Thuja)

Aran > relationships
Aranea Scinencia - Grey Spider - (constant twitching of under eyelids. Sleepiness. Worse in warm room.)

Bell > relationships
Compare: Sanguisorba officinalis 2x-6x, a member of the Rosaceae family, (Profuse, long-lasting menses, especially in nervous patients with congestive symptoms to head and limbs. Passive Hemorrhages at climacteric. Chronic metritis. Hemorrhage from lungs. Varices and ulcers). Mandragora - (Mandrake). A narcotic of the ancients - Restless excitability and bodily weakness. Desire for sleep. Has antiperiodic properties like China and Aranea. Useful in epilepsy and hydrophobia, also Cetonia (A. E. alvine). Hyos ( less fever, more agitation); Stram ( more sensorial excitement, frenzy); Hoitzia - A Mexican drug, similar in action to Belladonna ( Useful in fever, scarlatinal eruption, measles, urticaria, etc. High fever with eruptive fevers. Dry mouth and throat, red face, injected eyes, delirium.) Calcar is often required after Belladonna.; Atropia. Alkaloid of Belladonna covers more the neurotic sphere of the Belladonna action ( Great dryness of throat, almost impossible to swallow. Chronic stomach affections, with great pain and vomiting of all food. Peritonitis. All kinds of illusions of sight. Everything appears large. Platina opposite.) Hypochlorhydria; pyrosis. Motes over everything. On reading, words run together; double vision, all objects seem to be elongated. Eustachian tube and tympanic congestion. Affinity for the pancreas. Hyperacidity of stomach. Paroxysms of gastric pain; ovarian neuralgia.

Lat-m > relationships
Compare: Latrodectus hasselti - New South Wales Black Spider - (Long lasting effects seem to indicate it as a “chronic” blood poisoning. Arrests intense pain in pyaemia. Great oedema in neighborhood of wound; paralysis of limbs, with great wasting of muscles. Violent, darting, burning pains preceding paralysis; vertigo, tendency to fall forward, septicaemic conditions; constant delusion of Flying. Loss of memory. Roaring noises.) Aranea; Mygale; Theridion; Latrodectus kalipo - New Zealand spider - (lymphangitis and nervous twitchings, scarlet burning eruption.) Triatoma - Kissing bug - (Swelling with violent itching of fingers and toes. Smothering sensation and difficult breathing succeeded by fainting and rapid pulse.)

Tarax > relationships
Compare: Choline, a constituent of Taraxacum root, has given encouraging results in the treatment of cancer. Choline is closely related to NEURIN, it is the "Cancronie" of Prof. Adamkiewicz (E. Schlegel.) Bry.; Hydrast.; Nux. TELA Aranea (nervous asthma and sleeplessness).

Thuj > relationships
Compare: (Hydrogenoid constitution; Calcar.; Silica; Nat-sulph.; Aranea; Apis; Pulsat.) Cupressus Australis (sharp, prickling pain; general feeling of warmth; rheumatism and gonorrhoea). Cupressus Lawsoniana (acts like Thuja Occidentalis; Terrible pains in the stomach). sphingurus (falling out of hair from beard; pain in jaw-joint and zygoma); Sil.; Maland ( vaccination); Medorrh ( Suppressed gonorrhoea); Merc.; Cannab.; Terebinth.; Juniperus; Sabin.; SIL.; Canth.; Cannab.; Nit-ac.; Puls.; Ant. Tart.; ARBORIN is a non-alcoholic preparation of THUJA.

Aran > general
Grauvogl is our chief authority for the use of Aranea. It is one of the leading remedies for the hydrogenoid constitution as described by him, and for intermittent fevers and other intermittent affections. By hydrogenoid constitution he meant abnormal sensitiveness to damp and cold.

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