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Aesculus Glabra

Ohio-Buckeye Proctitis, Aesculus, Aescul, aesculus Glabra, Aesc-g.

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HPUS indication of Aesculus Glabra: Hemorrhoids

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aesculus Glabra in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Very painful, dark purple, external hemorrhoids, with constipation and vertigo and portal congestion. Speech thick, tickling in throat, impaired vision, paresis.

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Speech; thick


Tongue; lame tongue; as if lame

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Extremities, limbs

Movements and positions; lameness; lower limbs

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Aesculus Glabra

Sars > general
especially, when the treatment had to be continued for years, as was sometimes the case. It was, as may be seen, not perceived, even in the course of several centuries, that the root, which in itself is very strong, loses almost all its effective parts by boiling. It was therefore no great loss for the patient, when the apothecary mixed in or substituted for the very expensive sarsaparilla root, the similar long and thin roots of the sea-zeed-grass (carex arenaria) which had no medicinal virtures at all, drawing an immense profit from the transaction. For a long time even the physicians supposed that the root of the carex arenaria might with propriety be substituted for the sarsaparilla, because it also was a long, thin root, and probably of similar virtues. This was an arbitrary action of the fabricators of the common , having no foundation in fact, as they also decreed, that the bark of Salix and of Aesculus hippocastanum was of like medicinal virtue as the cinchona bark.

Aesc > general
Modalities The conditions of Aesculus are worse during sleep, hence symptoms are observed on waking.

Aesc > mind
Aesculus has not been brought out in the finest detail, but we have the key to it.

Aesc > general
In almost every rubric of Aesculus we shall find stitching and shooting; little twinges; wandering pains with fullness; almost every kind of disturbance will intensify e fullness.

Aesc > modalities etc
A tepid bath sometimes makes a Pulsatilla patient feel better, but a Turkish bath is generally distressing. Many of the complaints of Aesculus are of this sort; Aesculus often feels better in cold air.

Aesc > modalities etc
The symptoms of Aesculus are often brought out, by temperature, especially the little stinging pains. It is characteristic of these superficial pains that they are nearly always ameliorated by heat, while the deeper affections are oftentimes ameliorated from cold.

Aesc > modalities etc
in the same way Aesculus stinging pains are better from heat, while the patient is often better from cold, although at times he is aggravated from cold, damp weather in rheumatic and venous conditions.

Aesc > general
Aesculus then is a venous remedy, engorged and full, sometimes to bursting. Now, there is another feature I want to bring out. You will notice where congestion takes place that it is purple or blue in color.

Aesc > extremities, limbs
Aesculus cures varicose leg ulcers with a purplish areola.

Aesc > abdomen
Such is the state of Phosphorus, Ferrum, Arsenicum, Aesculus and a few other medicines. Aesculus has also a state of congestion and ulceration of the stomach.

Aesc > back and neck
This pain through the sacrum and into the hips, when walking, is a striking feature of Aesculus, so striking that you may expect it to be present even when there are no hemorrhoids.

Aesc > back and neck
scarcely able to rise or walk after sitting. You will see one suffering from the Aesculus backache, on attempting to rise from sitting, make many painful efforts before he finally succeeds. This is found in Sulphur, Petroleum and is also cured by Agaricus.

Aesc > extremities, limbs
Varicose veins of the thighs and legs have been cured by Aesculus (Fluoric acid). This varicose tendency in the body we have already seen is a striking feature of Aesculus.

Aesc > extremities, limbs
After the sore throat has passed away, engorged veins are left, which Aesculus sometimes cures. After eye troubles have been cured, varicose veins - remain in the eye.

Aloe > general
Aloe, much like Aesculus, has a peculiar engorgement of the veins, causing stiffness and fullness throughout the body, but the greatest disturbance is in the veins of the portal system, with great fullness in the region of the liver, and abdominal, rectal and intestinal fullness.

Alum > modalities etc
You will see that in children especially-they wake up in the morning in a bewildered state, such as you will find in Alumina, Aesculus, Lycopod.

Berb > general
but these corresponds more particularly to Ledum, Sulphur, Aesculus and Lycopodium, where the disease has become marked and has located in the joints.

Puls > general
In those with sticking, tearing pains study Aesculus

Aesc > general
This is one of the remedies that is not so remarkable for its wide range of action as it is for positiveness within its range. Almost all its usefulness, so far as known, centres in its action in the lower back and pelvic region and ever prominent is this characteristic Constant dull backache, affecting sacrum and hips, much aggravated by walking or stooping. It is one of our leading remedies for haemorrhoids, and in addition to this backache there is a feeling of fullness, dryness, and sticking as if the rectum was full of sticks. There is not the tendency to protrusion or prolapsus that there is in Ignatia, Aloe, Podophyllum and some other remedies, and the backache is often greatly out of proportion to any external evidence of piles. This feeling of fullness seems to be a sort of general characteristic of Aesculus, but is especially prominent in the pelvic cavity.

Aesc > general
These symptoms are often found in conjunction with other affections besides haemorrhoids, such as uterine displacements, and inflammations; and some very bad forms of leucorrhoea have been promptly cured by this remedy. There is another quite valuable symptom in these pelvic troubles, viz. throbbing or beating sensations, that calls for Aesculus. I have seen equally good results from the use of this remedy in the 3d, and the potencies.

Aesc > general
I used Aesculus with great results in coryza and sore throat. The coryza is very much like the Arsenic coryza, thin, watery, and burning, but what characterizes Aesculus here is sensation of rawness sensitive to inhaled cold air. In the throat it has the same sensation of rawness, both in the acute form, and also in chronic follicular pharyngitis, for which it is often a good remedy. It may be that age and use will develop more uses for this remedy.

Arg-n > general
Argentum nitricum is sometimes the best remedy for hemicrania; this kind of headache is often very distressing and hard to cure. One peculiar symptom belonging to Argentum nitricum in headache is a feeling of expansion, feels as though head were enormously enlarged, and like Pulsatilla and Apis, feels better when tied up tight. This feeling of expansion is also a general symptom, feels as though the whole body or part of it were expanding, some express it as a feeling of fullness. (Aesculus hipocastanum). It is found under other remedies also, but very prominently under this.

Coll > general
This remedy has not been thoroughly proven, but enough has been learned from what we have, and clinical experience, to indicate that it is a very valuable one. As a remedy for haemorrhoids or rectal trouble it may be compared with Aesculus hippocastanum, for both have a sensation as if the rectum was filled with sticks. From this one symptom we could not know which one to prescribe. But let us note some of the differences

Coll > general
Aesculus has also a prominent sense of fullness in rectum, Collinsonia has not.

Coll > general
Aesculus piles do not, as a rule, bleed.

Coll > general
Aesculus has great pain, soreness and aching in the back.

Coll > general
Aesculus sometimes has constipation, sometimes not.

Mag-p > general
Fullness (sensation). Aesculus hip., Chian, Lycopod.

Nux-v > general
The pains in the back are more peculiar. The patient is apt to have backache in bed, and must sit up to turn over; as turning or twisting the body, aggravates when standing (Sulphur) (worse when sitting, Kobalt, Pulsatilla, Rhus toxicod., Zincum) or sitting is especially painful. The pain is mostly located in the lumbar region, though it may be in the dorsa, and is often in connection (like Aesculus hipp.) with haemmorhoids. Aesculus is especially worse from walking or stooping. Backache caused by masturbation (Kobalt, worse sitting; Staphysagria, lying at night) finds one of its best remedies in Nux vomica. We might here launch out into a description of the general action of Nux vomica upon the spinal cord, including the motor and sensory centers, etc. but that can all be found in other works. So now we will leave Nux, except as we refer to it in comparison while writing of other remedies. In reviewing of what we have written, we are impressed that some may be led to think that we have narrowed down the sphere of this truly great remedy too much. Let us say here, that it is not our aim in this work to write exhaustively upon any remedy, but to point out a few of the chief virtues and the characteristic symptoms, around which all the rest revolve.

Coll > relationships
Compare: Aescul.; Aloes; Hama.; Lycopus; Negundo; Sulph.; Nux.

Aesc > appendix
Aesculus Hippocastanum, L. Nat. order, Sapindaceae. Common names, Horse Chestnut; (Germ.) Rosskastanie; (Fr.) Le marronnier d'Inde. Preparation, Trituration or tincture from the fresh fruit without the shell.

Aesc > general
AEscul. hip. is a great pile remedy. In some districts it is a popular custom to carry a chestnut in the pocket as a preventive. It produces many symptoms of disordered liver Malaise.

Ham > general
and like that other great pile remedy, Aesculus h., it has also a marked action in the throat. Ham. is called for in cases of "varicose angina," where the veins of the pharynx are large and blue. The haemorrhages in which Ham. is indicated are mostly dark. They may occur from any orifice. Metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, vicarious menstruation and haemorrhages between the periods are met by it. In this connection a case recorded by Dr. Ward (Pacif. Coast J. of H., November, 1899) is noteworthy. He cured a case of intermenstrual pain. Allen mentions in the provings an intermenstrual flow, and Dr. Ward acutely observes that if his patient has had the flow, the soreness so distinctly felt might not have been realised. "Intense soreness" is one of the notes of Hamamelis. The part from which the flow of blood proceeds feels sore and bruised. This distinguishes it from Chi. in passive haemorrhages. It is a leading indication for it in cases of orchitis and ovarian affections.

Coll > relationships
Compare Aloe soc. (rectal dysentery; latter has more paresis of rectum) Aesculus (piles); Nux vom.

Aesc > eyes
Aesculus is a wonderful eye remedy, especially when the eyes have "hemorrhoids" . Does that convey any idea to you?

Cist > nose
There is relief when the nose fills up again with mucus. In Ars the mucus in the nose is so acrid that it burns, but in Ant. c., Aesculus, and in this remedy when the nose is empty there is a burning or rawness. The sensation of rawness, coldness or burning is caused by the inhalation of air.

Aesc > genitals etc
female Aesculus is indicated oftentimes in the troubles of women, with great dragging pain in the pelvis. Many a time has Aesculus cured the dragging-down pain of the pelvis with copious leucorrhoea and pressing pain in the hips when walking.