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Sarsaparilla - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Smilax, Sarsaparilla Officinalis, Sarsap, Sars.

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HPUS indication of Sarsaparilla: Flatulence

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sarsaparilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




especially, when the treatment had to be continued for years, as was sometimes the case. It was, as may be seen, not perceived, even in the course of several centuries, that the root, which in itself is very strong, loses almost all its effective parts by boiling. It was therefore no great loss for the patient, when the apothecary mixed in or substituted for the very expensive sarsaparilla root, the similar long and thin roots of the sea-zeed-grass (carex arenaria) which had no medicinal virtures at all, drawing an immense profit from the transaction. For a long time even the physicians supposed that the root of the carex arenaria might with propriety be substituted for the sarsaparilla, because it also was a long, thin root, and probably of similar virtues. This was an arbitrary action of the fabricators of the common , having no foundation in fact, as they also decreed, that the bark of Salix and of Aesculus Glabra Aesculus hippocastanum was of like medicinal virtue as the cinchona bark.

The truth is, that the genuine sarsaparilla, especially the brown kind which grows on Hayti (San Domingo), is a drug which is very powerful even in a small dose; but it must be given to the patient in some other from, and not as a decoction, as it thereby, as before mentioned, loses nearly all its virtue.

Homoeopathy only uses the most genuine medicines (it needs but a small quantity of each), and it uses them in their most effective form.

The tinctures drawn out with alcohol from all the dry drugs, do not contain all of their medicinal virtues. I have become convinced of this by experience now for several years.

We therefore scrape off one grain of the bark from a small piece of good sarsaparilla root which has not been kept on hand too long.

the same is triturated for homoeopathic use with ninety-nine grains of sugar of milk to the hundred fold powder-attenuation, and so on to the millionth powder-attenuation.

one grain of this is solution is then potentized further, as taught at the end of the first part of this work.

In cases where Sarsaparilla was homoeopathically indicated, it also removed the following ailments, if they happened to be present Nauseas, blood with the stool; cold feet before going to sleep; perspiration on the forehead, in the evening in bed; stuffed coryza of many years standing; bruised weariness of the hands and the feet.

Smelling of Camphora Camphor is an antidote; Vinegar seems to aggravate the ailments in the beginning.

The abbreviations are . ; , ; ., ; ., ; . ; ., .

In the (vol. iv) Sassaparilla has thirty-four symptoms from Hahnemann and one hundred and eleven from four others. Nenning then proved it (in his usual manner) for , the second volume of which contains three hundred and forty-seven symptoms from him. In the present pathogenesis these are incorporated, together with some new symptoms from SchréTerebinthina ter. -Hughes.


Not accessible.

Intense urging to stool, with contraction of the intestines and excessive forcing downward, as if the abdominal intestines should be forced out with it, for several minutes.

only then something is discharged by jerks, with severe tearing and cutting in the rectum, succeeded at once again by tenesmus, as if the rectum was being pressed out, so that he can hardly sit still for pain.

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