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Jatropha Urens

, JAT.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Jatropha Urens in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Jatropha urens. (The most poisonous plant known.)

Natural order, Euphorbiaceae.

Authority. Kew Gardens Quarterly Rev., Dec. 1851 (Am. J. Med. Sci., N. S., 23, 1852), Mr Smith in reaching over the plant touched his wrist against the fine bristly stings.

Numbness and swelling of the lips.

The action of the poison was on the heart; circulation was stopped, and Mr. Smith soon fell unconscious; the last thing he remembered being cries of "Run for the doctor."

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Jatropha Urens

Verat > relationships
Compare Electric sensations; tickling, prickly sensations, Veratrin. Cold sweat on forehead (Tab. over entire body). Mania with desire to cut clothes, Trn. Lascivious talk, amorous or religious, Hyo., Stram. Fainting from least exertion, Carb. v., Sul. Sinking during haemorrhages (Trill., fainting). Sensation of lumps of ice on vertex with chilliness, Sep. Facies hippocratica, Aco. Craves acids or refreshing things, Ph. ac. Cold feeling in abdomen, Colch., Tab, Vomiting agg. by drinking. Ars. Vomiting agg. by least motion, Tab. Cholera after fright, Aco. Prostration after vomiting, Ars., Tab. Large hard stools, Sul., Bry. Round black balls, Chel., Op., Pb. Frequent desire for stool felt in epigastrium, Ign. (Nux, in rectum). Weakness at menses, Alm., Carb. an., Coccul. Collapse, cholera, coldness, agg. by heat, Camph. (Camph. has scanty, Ver. copious stools). Rheumatism agg. in wet weather, which drives patient out of bed, Cham. Delirium, Bell., Stram. (these have not the cold surface and cold sweat of Ver.). Fright = Diarrhoea, Gels. Cholera, jat. c. (vomits ropy, albuminous matter with purging); Pod. (painless); Ir. v. (better for summer complaints; excoriated, raw feeling at anus); Crot. t. (single gush; every attempt to eat or drink = stool); Elat. (olive-green stools). Suppressed scarlatina, Zn. (Ver. has succeeded when Zn. has failed to = reaction). Emaciation about neck, Nat. m. (Ver. especially in whooping-cough). Weak from talking, Stan., Coccul., Sul., Calc. Collapse, diarrhoea, vomiting, Ant. t. (Ant. t., more drowsiness; Ver., more cold sweat). Neck muscles too weak to hold head up, Ant. t. Craves cold drinks, Ars. (Ver. is between Ars. and Nux.)

Podo > fever and chill
Relationship.-- Allied Remedies Alo, chel., Colch., Crot-t., Gamb., Ign., Iris-v., Jat., Jat., Lyc., Merc., Nat-c., Nux-v., Sul, sul-ac., Verat-a.

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