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, ECH.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Echites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Echites suberecta, Jacq.

Natural order, Apocynaceae.

1, Lunan, quoted by W. Hamilton, Pharm. Journ., vol. vi, 1847, p. 23, a negro woman gave the milk to a medical practitioner in Jamaica; 2, Barham, quoted by Hamilton, a negro used a piece of the stem to stop a jar of rum, which was left in that condition, and with some leaves which had dropped in, all night; the negroes drank of the rum in the morning.

Violent griping, nausea, and loss of appetite, followed by convulsive twitchings in various parts of his body, hectic fever and emaciation. It was a long time before the disposition to spasm was wholly subdued,

In the course of a few hours they were seized with violent vomiting and tremors. When the owner of the plantation arrived he found some dead and others just expiring. The juice expressed from the Arrowroot was administered with the happiest effect,

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Echites

Anthr > general
Malignant pustule black or blue blisters; often fatal in twenty-four or forty-eight hours (Ech, Lach, Pyr)

Anthr > general
Dissecting wounds, especially if tendency is to become gangrenous; septic fever, marked prostration (Ars, Ech, Pyr)

Anthr > general
If the swelling changes color and red streaks from the wound map out the course of lymphatics (Ech, Lach, Pyr)

Anthr > general
Septic inflammation from absorption of pus or other deleterious substances, with burning pain and great prostration (Ars, Ech, Euphorb, Pyr)

Anthr > general
Bad effects from inhaling foul odors of putrid fever or dissecting-room; poisoning by foul breath (Ech, Pyr)

Syph > relationships
Compare Aur., Asaf., Kali iod., Mer., Phyt., Nit. ac. in diseases of bone and syphilitic affections. Ech., Lac can., Med. in dysmenorrhea. Calc., Tub., headache deep in the brain. Plat., Stan., pains increase and decrease slowly. Alum., Kali bi., Puls., Psor., Sep., Teuc., post-nasal catarrh, or ozaena, with offensive plugs or clinkers. Hepar, Sil., Psor., tendency to successive abscesses (succession of boils, Anthr.). Aur., Lac can., Lach., Mer. iod., syphilitic stomatitis. Calc. fl., Fluor. ac., Kali bi., Kali iod., Mang., Mer., syphilitic nodes. Abrot., Iod., Tub., progressive emaciation. Med., lancinating pains in heart (from apex to base). Spig. (from base to clavicle or shoulder). Syph. (from base to apex). Lach., fear of exhaustion on awakening. Caust., Gels., Graph., paralysis of upper lids. Asar., Med., Psor., Sul., Tub., hereditary tendency to alcoholism. Lac. d., Tub., paralytic weakness of rectum with labor-like pains. Nat. mur., Sanic., Thuya, fissure ani. Kreos., Mer., troubles during dentition, especially if hereditary syphilis be suspected. Phos. X-ray, bad effects of thunder-stormsp

Anthr > relationships
Anth bovum, Anth suum, Ars, Carbo a, Carbo v, Ech, Euphr, Tar

Pyrog > relationships
Compatible Arn, Bap, Rhus, Eup per in typhoid and other fevers with muscle soreness, bed feels hard Ars, Ech, Lach, Malar (the vegetable Pyrogen), Ant t, Bapt, Brom, Lyc, Phos, fan-like motion of Alae nasi Bry, cough worse by motion and in warm room Ipec, uterine hemorrhage (if Ipec fails when apparently well selected) Bap, Psor, offensive diarrhea Lept, Psor, black stools Opium, Plumb, Sanic, constipation, hard black balls Nit ac, Sec, thin, offensive lochia Phos, water is vomited as soon as warm in stomach Bell, Melil, throbbing, bursting headache Carbo v, Ech, Psor, offensive varicose ulcers of old people Hep, Sil, Calc sulph, tendency to profuse suppuration Sulph, Psor, patient continually relapsing after the apparent similimum

Pyrog > general
still she insisted she felt well and would not go to bed Several remedies, Bapt, Bell, Ech, Tar, were given without effect Finally a severe shaking chill followed in a few hours by another sent her to bed, and the nurse was recalled Pyrogen was given Following day temperature 102.

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