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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alcohol in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions

environment and surroundings; thinks they are on ship in a storm

paranoia; thought was pursued; by murderers, robbers

about self; circumstances; imaginations of wealth

Insecure, uncertain, scared; fear; unaccountable

Talking, conversation; untruthful

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Alcohol

Agar > general
This fungus contains several toxic compounds, the best known of which is Muscarin. The symptoms of poisoning do not develop at once, usually twelve to fourteen hours elapse before the initial attack. There is no antidote, treatment, entirely symptomatic ( Schneider). Agaricus acts as an intoxicant to the brain, producing more vertigo and delirium than Alcohol, followed by profound sopor with lowered reflexes.

Carb-s > general
This drug has a deep and disorganizing action and an immense range of action judging from the symptomatology. Very useful in patients broken down by abuse of Alcohol. Sensitive patients worse cold, wasted muscles, and skin and mucous membranes anaesthetic. Special affinity for eyes. Chronic rheumatism, sensitive and cold. Lack of vital heat. Diarrhoea every four to six weeks. Paralysis with intense congestion of nerve centers. Tabes. Sensory difficulties in limbs. Impotence, sciatica, come within the therapeutic sphere of this remedy. Chronic plumbism. Diminished sensibility of arms, hands and feet. Peripheral neuritis.

Crot-h > general
Snake poisons are supposed to be chemically Can. hydrates of Soda and other salts. Alcohol is the natural solvent of these salts and is an antidote. Has a profound trophic action. Old age nutritional troubles. Low septic states. General disorganization of the blood, Hemorrhages and jaundice. A crotalin injection decreases the rate of coagulation of the blood. In epilepsy the average rate is far greater than in normal conditions. Blood decomposition, Hemorrhages (dark fluid that forms no clots), tendency to carbuncles, malignant scarlatina, Yellow fever, the plague, cholera, give opportunity to use this remedy. Hemorrhagic diathesis. Acts as a sedative. Sleeps into his symptoms. More right-sided in its action.

Eug > general
EUGENIA produces a state of intoxication like Alcohol. Everything appears beautiful and larger; excitement soon changing to depression. Acne, simple and indurated. The pimples are painful for some distance around. Acne rosacea. Nausea. better smoking. comedones.

Nit-m-ac > general
Almost a specific in Oxaluria. Removes the distressing skin symptoms resembling psoriasis. Three to five drops three times a day. So-called bilious conditions; torpid liver, hepatitis and early cirrhosis of liver. More adapted to hepatic torpor and gastric catarrh common in hot and damp climates and aggravated by meat eating and Alcohol (Hale). Constricted anus. Gravel.

Ran-b > general
Acts especially upon the muscular tissue and skin, and its most characteristic effects are upon the chest walls, like pleurodynia. Bad effects of Alcohol; Delirium tremens. Spasmodic hiccough. Hydrothorax. Shocks throughout the whole body. Sensitive to air and touch. Chronic sciatica.

Man-o > general
"A cold or attenuated Belladonna" (Julian) ( Congestive headaches (and vertigo) > cold air and cold applications; < exposure to the sun, Alcohol)

Astra-mo > general
Affects animals like effects of Alcohol, tobacco and Morphine in man. First stage, period of hallucination or mania with defective eye sight during which the animal performs all sorts of antics. After acquiring a taste for the plant it refuses every other kind of food. Second stage brings emaciation, sunken eyeballs, lusterless hair and feeble movements-after a few months dies as from starvation (U. S. Dept. Agriculture). Irregularities in gait-paralytic affections. Loss of muscular coordination.

Querc-g > general
Used first by Rademacher for chronic spleen affections; Spleen-dropsy. Antidotes effects of Alcohol. Vertigo; deafness, with noises in head. Takes away craving for alcoholics; give dose as below for several months. Dropsy and liver affections. Useful in gout, old malarial cases with flatulence.

Bals > general
Extra homeopathic uses locally - As a stimulant to raw surfaces in indolent ulcers, scabies, cracked nipples, rhagades, itch. Promotes granulation, removes fetor. A one percent solution in Alcohol

Sol-v > general
Tincture, to third potency. Oil of Solidago, 1 oz. to 8 oz. Alcohol. 15 drops doses to promote expectoration in bronchitis and bronchial asthma in old people ( Eli G. Jones.)

Sul-ac > general
Sulphuricum Acidum mixed with three parts of Alcohol, ten to fifteen drops three times daily for several weeks, has been successfully used to subdue the craving for liquor. For homeopathic purposes second to thirtieth potency.

Absin > relationships
Compare: Alcohol; Artemisia; Hydr-ac.; Cina; Cicuta.

Carb-ac > relationships
Compare: Chrysarobin (locally in ringworm of the scale 5-10 Per cent. in Glycerine and Alcohol. Equal parts). Ars.; Kreosote.; Carbo; Guano ( Violent headache as from a band around head. Itching of nostrils, back, thighs, genitals. Symptoms like hay-fever.)

Carb-ac > relationships
Antidote: Alcohol; Vinegar; Chalk; Iod. Glauger’s Salt in watery solution.

Chin-a > relationships
Compare: Chininum; also Ferrum Citricum (in nephritis with great anaemia; acid dyspepsia in chlorosis. Morbus maculosus Werlhoff); Chin In. Mur ( in severe neuralgic pains around eyes, with chills; exaggerated sensitiveness to Alcohol and tobacco; prostration and restlessness). Oenothera (effortless diarrhoea with nervous exhaustion; incipient hydrocephaloid). Macrozamia spiralis (extreme debility after illness; collapse).

Chlol > relationships
Compare: Bell.; Opium; Apis; Verona - (a dangerous drug made by the action of Alcohol upon urea and contains the same radical that alcohol does. Makes a man just as drunk as pure alcohol. Staggers, cannot stand up ( Dr. Barney.) (Confluent, reddish spots; dermatitis, itching of glans and prepuce; circumscribed dermatitis patch on first metacarpal phalangeal joint.) Luminal - (Sleeplessness with skin symptoms in migraine; lethargy like epidemic encephalitis) ( Dr. Royal.)

Crot-h > relationships
Antidote: Lach.; Alcohol. Radiant heat; Camphor.

Form > relationships
Compare: Formic acid ( Chronic myalgia. Muscular pains and soreness. Gout and articular rheumatism, which appear suddenly. Pains usually worse on right side, motion and better from pressure. Failing vision. Increases muscular strength and resistance to fatigue. Feels stronger and more “fit” in ordinary walking. Marked diuretic effect, greater elimination of products of disassimilation, particularly urea. Tremor. Tuberculosis, chronic nephritis and carcinoma, lupus, etc., have been treated successfully with injections of Formic acid of a dilution corresponding to the 3d and 4th centesimal. In prescribing it for varicose veins, polypi, catarrh, Dr. J. H. Clarke orders an ounce or two of a solution of Formic acid to the proportion of one part of the acid to eleven of distilled water. Of this one teaspoonful is taken in a tablespoonful of water after food once or twice daily. Pain in aponeurosis and muscles of head, neck and shoulders before a snowstorm.) Rhus; (Dulcam, Urtica And juniperus contain Formic acid), wood Alcohol, when taken as a constituent of a beverage so common in these prohibition days, is not eliminated easily and is slowly converted into Formic acid, attacking the brain and causes death or blindness. Dr. Sylwestrowicz of the Hering Research Laboratory of Hahnemann college, Philadelphia, contributes his experience with Formic acid as follows: “The best field for the formic acid treatment are cases of atypical gout. Under this classification are to be mentioned disturbances in the muscles such as myositis, periostitic processes of the bones in form of doughy swellings, changes of the fascias such as Dupuytren’s contraction, skin troubles such as chronic eczema, psoriasis and loss of hair, kidney disturbances such as subacute and chronic nephritis. In these cases Formic acid in 12X and 30X, hypodermically 1 cc. Is indicated at intervals of 2-4 weeks. Eight till twelve days after the first injection an worse is often noticed. In acute rheumatic fever and acute gonorrhoeic arthritis Formic acid 6x, every six days 1 cc., sometimes 12X in sensitive patients shows often splendid results abolishing the pains and preventing reoccurrence. Chronic arthritis needs a special discussion. Clinical experiments of the Hering research Laboratory of the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia on a great number of cases of arthritis with Formic acid showed that it preferably acts on the ligaments, capsula and bursa of the joints. Such kind of cases respond very readily to treatment. The prognosis depends to a large extent upon the etiology of the case. The most satisfactory cases are chronic arthritis in connection with gouty diathesis. Chronic arthritis following an attack of acute rheumatic fever shows also remarkable results although often pains of a neuralgic character persisting in certain spots are very stubborn. Finally chronic arthritis of traumatic nature can be cured by formic acid. In the latter case Formic acid 6x showed quicker and better results than 12X or 30X which are indicated in the previous cases. In general the disappearance of the stiffness of the joint is the first sign of improvement. Then the pain and swelling cease gradually in 1-6 months time. The prognosis of the formic acid treatment is not so favorably in chronic arthritis in which deformans processes have already taken place on the articular surfaces. Such processes in the beginning can be checked completely, advanced cases frequently show an improvement. But there is always the possibility that this improvement is only temporary. This is particularly to be expected in the cases of the so-called arthritis deformans in which even the inflammations on the ligaments and capsula are of a very progressive character.”

Hyos > relationships
Compare: Bellad.; Stram.; Agaric.; Gels.; Hyoscyamus Niger. Hydrobrom. - scopolamine hydrobromide ( Paralysis agitans; Tremors of disseminated sclerosis. Sleeplessness and nervous agitation. Dry cough in phthisis. Similar in its effects to Alcohol, both recent and remote. Corresponds to the effects of strong poisons introduced into or generated within the body. Symptoms of uraemia and acute nervous exhaustion. A remedy for shock. Third and fourth Dec. trituration. In physiological dosage (1-200 gr.) mania and chorea; insomnia. Scopola (Japanese Belladonna) - chemically identical with Hyoscine ( Joyous delirium, licking of lips and smacking of mouth; sleepless; tries to get out of bed; sees cats, picks imaginary hairs, warms hands before imaginary fire, etc.)

Lach > relationships
Antidotes: Ars.; Merc.; HEAT; Alcohol; SALT.

Stry > relationships
Compare: Eucalyptus (neutralizes ill effects of Strychnine). Strychn. Ars ( Paresis in the aged, relaxed musculature. Prostration. Psoriasis; chronic diarrhoea with paralytic symptoms; compensatory hypertrophy of heart with beginning fatty degeneration; marked dyspnoea when lying down; oedema of lower extremities, urine scanty, high specific gravity, heavily loaded with glucose. Diabetes. 6X trit.). Strychn. et. Ferr. CIT ( chlorotic and paralytic conditions; dyspepsia, with vomiting of ingesta; 2x and 3X trit.); Strychnine Nit ( 2x and 3X. Said to remove craving for Alcohol. Use for two weeks); Strychnine. SulphSulph ( Gastric atony); Strychn. valerin ( exhaustion of brain-power; women of high nervous erethism; 2x trit.).

Ovi-g > relationships
Compare: Calc.; Naja; Ova Tosta - Tosta praeparata - Roasted egg-shells - Calcarea ovorum - (leucorrhoea and backache. A feeling as if the spine were broken and wired, or tied together with a string. Pain of cancer. Warts). Also Egg vaccine for asthma. Much interest is shown in Dr. Fritz Talbot’s method to cure one form of asthma in children by the use of egg vaccine. Asthma due to susceptibility of the proteid substance in eggs can be cured by immunizing against egg poisons by repeated doses of egg white. After the skin has been cleansed with soap and Alcohol the egg-white is rubbed into a slight scratch.

Nux-v > head
Intoxicated feeling; worse, morning, mental exertion, tobacco, Alcohol, Coffee, open air

Cann-s > eyes
Cataract from nervous disturbances, abuse of Alcohol and tobacco; patient feels deeply approaching blindness

Ter > eyes
Amblyopia from Alcohol.

Lach > abdomen
Stomach; Craving for Alcohol, oysters

Stroph > abdomen
Stomach; Nausea with special disgust for Alcohol and so aids in treatment of dipsomania

Sul-ac > abdomen
Stomach; Heartburn; Sour eructations; sets teeth on edge ( Robin.) Craving for Alcohol

Syph > abdomen
Stomach; CRAVES Alcohol.

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