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To, Nesha,

Don't hide behind the moderator. You accused me
of using 'achandra' as my another login name. You provide the information.

Cheapest of the cheap......that is what you are.
Mohan last decade
Nesha, Mohan, please calm down.

I can confirm that we have no record of any other user sharing Mohan's IP address.

Best Wishes,
moderator last decade
BE CAUTIOUS : Read this links throughly before attempting self-medicating.
- http://www.abchomeopathy.com/homeopathicmedicine.htm
- http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/86602/

NUISANCE CAUTION : This is what 'phildis' had to say on 'Nat.Phos" tauted as a universal remedy for ANY & ALL acidic or gastric / digestive distrubances besides the FUNNY cure for Weight Reduction (OBESITY).

--- start
'Nat Phos not wrkng for acidity. Continue it? From phildis123 on 2006-10-28'

'I have dyspepsia (burning in stomach). I'm taking Nat Phos 6x for a week. I initially took 2 tablets after meals - twice a day. Finding no improvement, I increased to 3 tablets. Now after a week, there is no improvement at all. Should I continue taking it or should I stop and try something else? Please advise.'
--- end
Nesha-India last decade
To Mr. Simon (Moderator)

I thank you for confirming that I, Mohan, am not using any other Login name on this Forum.

I have lived in various parts of the world for over 20 years and have fully absorbed the concept of compassion and humility.

Lord Jesus commanded that if someone hits you on one cheek give him the other. BUT LORD DID NOT SAY WHAT YOU CAN DO THEREAFTER....

But there is limit to every thing. Please coerce Nesha to behave herself and confine/limit to her own individual recommendations to those seeking advice and not make her vocation to just keep hitting and insulting others.

Like all Forums whether they relate to science or law or electronics or medicines, people come out with their beliefs and experiences. It does not mean that Nesha should behave like the owner of this Forum and start an ugly dance.

This Forum used to be so gentle and respectable. But by the grace of Nesha with her obnoxious posts....it stinks.

I had asked Nesha in my previous post that she must apologize if she wants to end the matter or the war continues.

Mohan last decade
I started this thread because there is a good demand of Natrum Phosphoricum.

It works or not, but one must not spend lots of money to experiment with it.

So I gave the solution, spend pennies to do experiment.
kuldeep last decade
'I add about 3 drops of it in the Mineral water and Naturm Phos (approximately) 3 to 4 X is ready.'

Hang on just a second here, you think diluting a crude substnce just once in water will give you a '3-4x' potency? Is this some kind of joke?
Mr Organon last decade
Dear Organon, the Nat. Phos available in Pharmacies or Fleet Phoshp Soda brand, it is already 2x. Please take some trouble and visit Pharmacy.
girilal last decade
You did not state this was the case, and under such circumstnces most people would assume this to be the crude substance? The product in question is probably not even sold outside of India. There are more than just Indians present here Mr Girilala.
Mr Organon last decade
Phospho Soda

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

girilal last decade
Hmm, I don't actually see where it says this is a 2x, but okay, and of course, by making further dilutions and sucussions of this, you are not just potentizing the Nat Phos anyway, but also any other ingredients, so this is not purely a home made potency of this substance, but a home made remedy of 'Fleet Phospho-soda'.
Mr Organon last decade
Dr. Organon, homeopathy is not my life of work, neither I ever read Organon, nor I care about it.

I practice -- you may call giripathy etc.

I practice it within the forum rules. Every medical system can cure or kill, depends upon the knowledge and experience of practicioner. Each medical system is contradictory to other and still each works in a certain limitation and dimension.

If you worship only one system -- you are on the collision path with all others those are not like yourself.
girilal last decade

Another pathy. :-) Now Goggle will pick this too and make you famous.

On the practical side I agree with you that further diluted phospho soda can't do much harm.

Whenever you want to tell about your way of treatment, better avoid technical terms like 2x,3x etc.

The technical jargon sometimes lands us into trouble unless we use it accurately.

Why to invite such nit pickings?

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Gavini, nobody is perfect, at forum a thread is started by one and contributed and discussed about all aspects.

So a thread is always incomplete or always in-constuction. So far people were helped with this way of making Nat. Phos.
girilal last decade
I think message in this thread is precise and clear unless it is read only to criticize.
dr mehmood last decade
Mr Girilal, thank you for your honesty.

Then stop pretending it is, or that you have knowledge thereof. I didn't think so, and yes, this is clear also, although how you can say you 'do not care about it' when you are actually using (or rather ABusing) the methods first given in this very book, to indulge in your own odd practices, is probably the most ignorant and disrespectful thing I have ever heard.

You practice nothing of the sort, because such a method does not exist. You mereley bastardize Homoeopathy to indulge your own methods, and above anything else, this is dangerous. Again, 'A little knowledge...'

You are not practicing any medical system though, you are merely making it up as you go along, stealing from Homoeopathy as you go, and you are also not a practitioner. Again, theres is a world of difference between mere palliation and relief, and true cure.

I do not 'worship' one system, I respect it, as ANYONE should respect the tools they use, you however, do not. GOOD, but it will not be me who is 'hurt' by such collisions, as nothing will deter me from this path that I know from experience to be true.

I would ask that you do not even address my comments in the future, as anyone who has not even studied the basics of the very system they bastardize, and are stealing from, and who has such disrespect thereof, occupies no importance to me, or place in my attentions.
Mr Organon last decade
Neither read the Organon or care about it indeed...how dare you.
Mr Organon last decade
I guess this makes your never ending war a holy now.
dr mehmood last decade
It does? um, okay, if you say so. And there is no 'war', you must have a worthy opponent for a war, and the bastardized methods used by those such as Mr Girlala will fall under their own fallacies alone.
Mr Organon last decade
Hello Everyone,
If the process of making natrum phos by Girilal helps, we should try that and share our experience.
If we stop accepting new things, we will stop our development.

However, the process worked does not mean that we can assign potency according to our choice.

According to Mr.Girilal '..add 3 drops in 1litre water it becomes 3X..Add 5 drops it becomes 6x....'

Even a beginner of homeopathy knows that the more you dilute the medicine the more potent it becomes(Potency increases).5x has LESSER amount of natrum phos as compared to 3X AND 3x has LESSER as compared to 1x.There are predefined methods defined to assign the power.

You cant show a 1 pound of ball and say its 1 KG, only because it works great .
OR you cant describe 1 Mile as 1Km .

If the method of preparing medicine by Girilal helps then we can assign them potencies in G(Girilal).
Infact its a tradition to use the name of the discoverer.
Add 1 drop in 1 litre and you get 1 G, Add 2 drops in 1 litre you get 2G , Add 5 drops and you get 5G and so on.

If you keep on calling them 1x,2x,5x, the students of homepathy might get confused about how to assign the potencies.
I believe that this easier method of preparing medicine will help pople a lot.

Thanks &Regards
mohammadjamaal last decade
'Even a beginner of homeopathy knows that the more you dilute the medicine the more potent it becomes(Potency increases)'

No, the more you POTENTIZE a remedy, the more potent it ecomes. There was no mention of sucussion involved above. Dilution alone, is just this.

My problem however is that it is not the crude substance alone which is being potentized, so again, this is not a home method of increasing the potency of Nat Phos, it is a home made remedy made from 'Fleet Phopho-soda'.

More generally, there is also a difference between new knowledge, and a reiteration of the old which has already been proved to be defunct.
Mr Organon last decade
One liter = 10000 drops

1 Drop in one liter makes 4x

But if one drop was already approximately 2x , end solution is approximately 4x to 6x.

Approximately means, the size of a drop is also dependent upon the viscosity of liquid.

Girilal is very close.
dr mehmood last decade
Also, re: 'If the method of preparing medicine by Girilal helps then we can assign them potencies in G(Girilal).'

Homoeopathy is not a scientific 'free for all', where anyone may come along and change the principles upon which it is based, just because they think they have the right to do so, and hopefully soon, such things will be a lot more closely regulated.
Mr Organon last decade
Doktor Organon, I am not even a homeopath, but you are what we call a Guru, Khalifah, Shogun, Pharoh or Mogul of Homeopathy. You yourself declared that you have never seen any person of higher caliber than yourself.

This makes you a winner. We anonymously declare you a winner again. You should start wearing a crown and also please post your picture because we want to see the King-of-homeopathy.

Happy birthday to you.
girilal last decade
Then stop pretending you are.

'I would ask that you do not even address my comments in the future, as anyone who has not even studied the basics of the very system they bastardize, and are stealing from, and who has such disrespect thereof, occupies no importance to me, or place in my attentions.'

Mr Organon last decade
Your Magesty Dr. Organon if you point when and where we addressed your comments so we can humbly correct our mistakes.
girilal last decade
'Doktor Organon, I am not even a homeopath...etc etc etc, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda'.

My goodness.

Mr Organon last decade

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