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girilal last decade
Question to Joe

I have asked the following questions in my above posts to no avail, please reply to my question, as I am sure you have the answers to them (you have been prescribing Nat Phos since quiet some time now).

Please explain the process through which human body(an organism) sheds weight, over come digestive problems (constipation), and eliminate diseases such as GERD by using 'Natrum Phos"?
Joe, as you have been treating hundreds of patients with 'Natrum Phos",
how many of them were Hypothyroid?,
how many of them were cured of their hypothyroidism ?,
what was the treatment duration ?,
how many of them were males and females ?,
what was the cure ratio between males and females?,
and if they were cured by using 'Natrum Phos', was Natrum Phos instrumental in correcting their glands completely(thyroid).

I am sure a lot of people surfing this thread will benefit from this info


sazim last decade
Dear Sazim

Most of your questions are answered at:

Sodium Phosphate was added in most multivitamins as supplimnet but now mostly it has been replaced by Potassium Phosphate and Calcium Phosphate bacause of Sodium concerns, sodium is connected to hypertension these days.

All homeopathy grade and biochemic grade sodium compounds are excellent for hypertension as well hyper-anything.

If you search on google, you would find many medical researches where Sodium Phosphate is directly related to renal functions as well hypothyroid.
girilal last decade
Dear girilal

You are saying that all homeopathy grade and biochemic grade sodium compounds are excellent for hypertension as well as hyper-anything, would that mean that sodium phospate also works for hyperthyroid patients as well, because hypertension is one of the symptom of hyperthyroidism. Since Joe has treated obesity and digestive problems through Nat Phos, is it safe to assume that most of those patients have/had glandular problems, if not, why Nat Phos has helped those patients

Joe is still avoiding my questions

Joe, we need your input


sazim last decade
Characteristics.─As Nat. phos. is one of Schüssler's introductions I will first quote what he has to say about it: 'Nat. phos. is contained in the blood-corpuscles, in the cells of the muscles, of the nerves and of the brain, as well as in the intercellular fluids. Through the presence of Nat. p. lactic acid is decomposed into carbonic acid and water. Nat. p. is able to bind to itself carbonic acid, receiving into itself two parts of carbonic acid for every volume of phosphoric acid. When it has thus bound the carbonic acid it conveys it to the lungs. The oxygen flowing into the lungs liberates the carbonic acid, which is only loosely attached to the Nat. p.; the carbonic acid is then exhaled and exchanged for oxygen, which is absorbed by the iron of the blood-corpuscles. Nat. p. is the remedy for those diseases which are caused by an excess of lactic acid. It therefore answers to the diseases of infants, who, having been fed to excess with milk and sugar, suffer from redundant acids. The symptoms in such cases are: Sour eructations, vomiting of sour, cheesy masses; yellowish-green, so-called hacked diarrhœas; colic, spasms with acidity. Uric acid is dissolved in the blood by two factors, the warmth of the blood and Nat. p. If uric acid is deposited from its solution in the joints or near them, owing to a deficiency of Nat. p., or when it combines with the base of Carbonate of soda into urate of soda, which is insoluble, then there arises podagra or acute arthritic rheumatism. During an acute attack of podagra the secretion of uric acid in the urine is diminished by just so much as is retained of it in the diseased parts. Nat. p. also serves to saponify the fatty acids; it therefore cures those dyspeptic ailments which arise from eating fat food, or which are aggravated thereby.'─Nat. p. has been proved, chiefly in the attenuations, under Farrington's direction. Schüssler's indications do not all appear in the provings, but I insert them in the Schema and distinguish them by (S). The correspondence is tolerably close. In the proving the nose-irritation and itching anus of the worm-condition was developed. Atony of bladder. Hair sensation on tongue. Tightness of muscles and tendons. Seminal emissions. Charles Mohr, who was one of the provers, relates in Amer. Med. Monthly (Oct., 1897) the effect it had on him and the use he made of it. After being under the influence of the drug some time (without knowing what it was) he had much itching at the ankle-joints, with an eczematous eruption. Fear, especially at night, that something would happen. Headache; some nausea; defect of vision, one pupil dilated. The symptoms had to be antidoted with Sepia. Two years after, Mohr had a patient with visional disturbance and headache, and when these were at their worst he had a sense of fear, < at night, and an eruption about the ankles which began with itching. Nat. p. 6x cured promptly. M. J. Luys (H. W., xxxiv. 477) has successfully overcome the morphia habit by subcutaneous injections of Nat. ph. with glycerine and water.─The symptoms are < walking, especially up stairs. Warmth of bed = itching at anus from worms. Thunderstorm < pains; = trembling and palpitation. When big toe pains heart pains are >. There is periodicity in the action. < From coitus.

Causation.─Sugar. Milk. Fat food. Bitter foods. Thunderstorms.

11. Stomach.─Acidity in children fed with excess of milk and sugar (S).─Dyspepsia from f at food, or < by fat food (S).─Canine hunger with gone feeling in stomach.─Desires: strong-tasting things; eggs; fried fish; beer, which >.─Aversion to: bread-and-butter.─Sour eructations (S).─Eructations after eating.─Goneness; in stomach and abdomen, even in chest; < after eating.─Heaviness and pressure in epigastrium.─Vomiting of sour cheesy masses (S).

12. Abdomen.─Sharp cutting in hypochondria and l. iliac region.─Flatulence, < after eating; rumbling.─Whilst at stool, sensation as if a marble dropped down descending colon.─Colic, and pressure, with acidity (S).─Colic, as from wind pressing on bladder, causing frequent inclination and urging to stool.─Colicky pains while walking.─Colic in hypogastrium; soreness.

13. Stool and Anus.─Burning contracting pain in anus and lower rectum (on waking from troubled dream).─Sticking as from splinter in anus on walking.─Sore, raw feeling.─Itching soreness; must scratch.─Must bring will to bear to prevent escape of fæces.─Diarrhœa with colic; fears to pass flatus for fear fæces should escape.─After coitus (man) urging to stool and urination: stools small, loose.─Yellowish green, so-called 'hacked diarrhœa' (S).─Stool: yellowish brown.; profuse, thin, yellowish brown.─Before stool: Weak feeling in rectum and sphincter.─Small stool before breakfast, soft yet with effort; sudden urging while eating; afterwards, watery yellowish brown, painless stool.─Large, soft stool, easily expelled, with feeling afterwards as if much remained behind.─Costive.─One day costive, next diarrhœa.─Intestinal, long or round worms, with acidity, picking nose, occasional squinting, pain in bowels, restless sleep (S).

I have copied the above from Clarke Materia medica, and I fail to find something relating to thyroid gland

Joe and girilal, please respond


sazim last decade
To Sazim

I really feel that replying your posts addressed to me will not serve any useful purpose as you have a fixation that the majority of people who post their ailments on this forum suffer from the same Hypothyroid symptoms that you have suffered from for some years. It occurs to me that your repetitive questions to me may even be symptomatic of your present condition.

If you are really interested in the answers to your questions I would suggest that you read the many posts on this forum that I have made as to how Nat Phos 6x causes weight loss. I regret that I do not have the medical training and the laboratory facilities to work out how this remedy ensures weight loss but the fact is that I have observed that it helped many obese patients to do so and what is more, I have evidence that it is fast replacing the standard drugs used to reduce weight in many Health Farms in the US and the Continent and it will be safe to state that many thousands are now using this remedy to reduce their weight very safely.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

As expected, you dont have a clue of how the homoepathic remedy works on a particular disease/patient and what symptoms warrants what remedy?. With the help of a computer softwares anyone can become a self prescribing homoepath, and sometimes if the remedy works, people like you pick up Arnica and Nat Phos and start prescribing it, like an allopath prescribes paracetamol for all kinds of body pain, well, you should be aware by now that homoepathy is a different ball game, and all these classical homeopaths have spend their lives reading,researching,experimenting and treating patients to deliver us these materia medicas.
The reason for me asking you (which was a mistake, for I should have known that you dont have any knowledge about homeopathy) about NatPhos, was your claim that hundreds of patients are using it and have lost tons of weights collectively, if that was the case, I am sure a well trained scientist would have researched more on on Nat Phos and try to find out why suddenly in the hands of Joe, people have started losing weight miraculously (1 kilogram a week), where as the classical homeopaths have failed to mention any sort of similar benefits which joe is claiming. Please read a copy of Clarke's Materia Medica on this similar thread.

Joe, my apologies for asking intelligent questions, for I am sure the computer software you are using doesn’t have the answers to my questions.

My request to all patients surfing these forums, please be aware of the so called homeopaths, research as much as possible, and don’t take Arnica or Nat Phos if Joe is prescribing it, try to find out the reasons, or the relation ship between the remedy and disease.

sazim last decade
My daughter 15years old has been constantly suffering from acidity and eructations. She has nausea in the morning on waking which continues till her bus reaches school and a couple of hours later, she starst feeling better.

She vomits on many days before getting into the bus and many a time before the bus reaches school. I have tried homeopathy, allopathy and aryuvedic. All of them temporarily give relief and again back to square one

I Tried Joe's remedy of Nat phos 6X and arnica 30 wet dose, but after three weeks(in between she was at home and didnot have excessive nausea as she used to get up late), since friday, in evenings also, suddenly she gets nausea after an hour of having milk and vomits out curdled milk and food she had eaten in the afternoon.
She has also started complaining of pain in chest on right side
What should I do now?
robina last decade
To Robina

I believe that your daughter is lactose intolerant and you are advised to use Soya milk or some suitable substitute and see if it helps her.

Pain or usually a burning sensation after food is due to hyperacidity and you can give the Nat Phos 6x you already have to her immediately after a meal and see if it helps her. Dose 3 tablets.

In her case I do not think that the Arnica can be of use as she obviously does not have GERD or Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease.

Since you have it you may benefit from it as so many have done by taking a teaspoonful before sleep. You will know the difference the day after.
Joe De Livera last decade
AETHUSA CYNAPIUM 30, once a day may resolve your daughter's milk intolerance.
girilal last decade
To Sazim

Your post calls for a reply which I shall try to keep as brief as possible.

You state:
'As expected, you dont have a clue of how the homoepathic remedy works on a particular disease/patient and what symptoms warrants what remedy?'

Do you honestly expect all homeopaths who prescribe a remedy to know how precisely it works on a particular disease or patient ? All we are aware is that a given remedy brings forth a certain response in the majority of patients? In my case if I find that Nat Phos helps to reduce acidity and also helps to overcome Obesity I do not hesitate to use it as my default remedy for these ailmentsas I am confident that it works. In fact you can read ample evidence on the ABC as to how many patients have been helped by this therapy.

I appreciate that the classical school criticizes my attitude to Homeopathy and I believe that their attitude is due to the fact that they may not have been able to equate my rate of cure for the ailments that I have advised on. My Radar software helps me to identify a remedy but if you have used it yourself you will know that any ailment will result in at least 4 remedies being suggested but never will Nat Phos be suggested for Obesity. You may perhaps remember that I first discovered this phenomenon and hope that it will be remembered by the classical types. As I stated before, it is now being marketed in the US today under various brand names. As you can perhaps realize, this has turned out to be a GOLD MINE for those who are doing so today and I noticed that there is today a concerted effort at marketing the product by email at prices that are just fantabulous.

I have stated in previous posts that I lack the training and the facilities to embark on research to identify the reason how any remedy works in the body to cure an aliment and I do not think that the vast majority of practicing homeopaths have this ability either. The fact remains however that many hundreds of patients have used Nat Phos 6x and have reduced their weight successfully and I have evidence of those who have been helped in Sri Lanka and some cases abroad. They are all tangible proof that this remedy has worked in about 80% of the patients who used it and this is no miracle as this weight reduction has been confirmed by them. You are free to try it out on yourself if you are overweight or on any other person who is and he/she will be ever grateful to you for having offered it to them.

I am indeed surprised on how you and a few others feel that you are doing a service to Homeopathy by asking the 'intelligent questions' that you have posed which you feel are far above my capability to answer. It is only too obvious that any patient will only be too grateful if he is informed that Nat Phos 6x helps to reduce weight and discovers as the large majority of them do, that it really does and that their weight has been 'miraculously' reduced within a few days, without them showing any signs of distress such as tiredness when this remedy should have been questioned on the grounds of safety in use. You may also like to know that no negative reports have been received about Nat Phos used for weight reduction from the many thousands who have used it up to date.

I thank you for the warning you have given all members of this forum about using the therapy that I have advised them and I am sure that many hundreds will testify to the fact that I have helped them in some way to enjoy a better life than before they used my therapy. I must mention here that this assistance was not confined to Nat Phos alone as you can read from the many thousands of posts that I have made on the ABC which now number over 3430 and the hundreds of posts from grateful patients including the latest today from a mother whose 6 year old son was suffering from Asthma for 4 years and she discovered that for the first time in his recent life, he slept without his Asthma on the first day she gave him Nat Sulph.

I would suggest that you too do some serious research on your own problem caused by Hyperthyroidism to help you to overcome it before it is too late as I feel that your tenacity in singling me out for your tirades is symptomatic of your ailment.
Joe De Livera last decade

If De Livera is correct that you are suffering from a thyroid problem, I certainly hope that you are taking prescription medication as it can lead to serious consequences as follows:

As the disease becomes more severe, there may be puffiness around the eyes, a slowing of the heart rate, a drop in body temperature, and heart failure. In its most profound form, severe hypothyroidism may lead to a life-threatening coma (myxedema coma). In a severely hypothyroid individual, a myxedema coma tends to be triggered by severe illness, surgery, stress, or traumatic injury. This condition requires hospitalization and immediate treatment with thyroid hormones given by injection

Properly diagnosed, hypothyroidism can be easily and completely treated with thyroid hormone replacement. On the other hand, untreated hypothyroidism can lead to an enlarged heart (cardiomyopathy), worsening heart failure, and an accumulation of fluid around the lungs (pleural effusion)


Emotional instability
Easy emotional upset
Obsessive thinking

From your past history here and your obvious inability to reason and your anger and obsessive behavior, I again urge you to see a medical doctor and quit fooling around with homeopathy which has no scientific basis behind it.
Rooty last decade
My personal experience shows that Natrum Phos, reduces weight.
girilal last decade
My personal experience also confirms weight loss. I lost 1 lb a day for 4 days, then I cut my dosage to slow that down. I didn't do anything different and I was taking the Nat Phos for acid reflux, so I wasn't looking to lose weight.

By the way, it also worked well for my reflux. Didn't cure it but it certainly gave improvement and I was able to stop my prescription medicine that I had been on for years.
goingdownhill last decade
To Goinguphill

Good to see you back.

I have been wondering how you were faring and I see that the Nat Phos has helped you and enabled yot to stop taking all the other drugs you were using for your GERD.

I did not see any reference to Arnica by you and hope that you are using it in the manner that I prescribed. This remedy will help the inner lining of your esophagus which were corroded by the gastric juices in the past to be slowly restored to their original status.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

First of all let me correct you that I am not suffering from hyperthyroidism, I am a hypothyroid patient, but with the help of a classical homoepath I am getting better day by day. Me, being a hypothyroid patient should be deducted by you, had you been reading my posts carefully, anyway, now you know.

My reasons for asking intelligent questions is due to my nature of curiosity, specially, in cases where, you as per your claim have discovered new treatments of Arnica and Nat Phos, if patients are miraculously being cured of ailments which are not mentioned in materia medicas, and if people of all age/sex/nation are losing weight consistently with the help of Nat Phos, then this phenomena warrants serious research and investigation, futher I am surprised that even after spending 100s of billions of dollars on R & D, these pharmaceuticals company couldn’t stumble on the mircalous property of Nat Phos in relation to obesity which you have discovered so easily.

I still do not question the efficacy of Nat Phos in reducing obesity, but I want to find out how Nat Phos is responsible for reducing weight in a human being and as much as 1 Kilogram a week, some weight issues can be linked to glandular problems, and it seems that Nat Phos is beneficial to all kinds of overweight patients (according to you), and I am surprise and angry that you have not kept a track of what kind of patients (the classification can be based on reasons for obesity among pateints) have been helped with their weight issues, had you been properly trained as a homeopath, you would have try to find out the reasons for being overweight, instead of just prescribing Nat Phos, because it has worked for certain people, and had you done proper research, you could have accurately prescribe Nat Phos for a certain kind of obesity or weight issues, and that would have been a contribution.

sazim last decade

I am a hypothyroid patient and getting better day by day, thanks to a classical homeopath, when I was diagnosed, I started using an allopathic drug called “Eltroxin”, which made my condition worse, even though my TSH, T3 and T4 readings improved, after I stopped using the allopathic medicine, and started homeopathic treatment, that my condition improved considerably, so please don’t tell me that homeopathy doesn’t have any scientific bases behind it.

Further if you don’t believe in homeopathy, how come you are asking homeopathic help for your teeth problems, and please stop judging people (by just reading few posts), and stop assuming about my ailments.

sazim last decade
Friends, need a small clarification From ganesh2280 on 2006-08-02

Girilal, please explain the process of preparing Nat Phos in simple layman terms.

How do I get it the phosphate of soda in Bangalore.


I have explained the process to make Nat. Phos in the begining of this thread, let me know if you need any further assistance.

Can be obtaied from Chemicals market in Cubbenpet (around Avenue Road Silk area)

Or one can purchase a big bottle (450 grams) of Nat Phos from homeopathy stores for 200 rupee.
girilal last decade

I have been reading the thread titled “Weight Reduction with Nat Phos 6X Latest News”, which was started by you on 10th June’2005, has been read 3796 times and contains 58 replies. The following is the breakdown of these replies.

Replies related to Nat Phos, patients/doctors never came back with any feedback

(1) Neeru Thakur, 1st post on 25/7/05,
(1) angie_C , 1st post on 31/7/05,
(1) jatin9 , 1st post on 2/8/05,
(5) belciuge , 1st postt on 14/8/05,
(1) rg_us , 1st post on 7/10/05,
(1) drprabhatlkw , 1st post on 28/10/05,
(4) cruthbh , 1st post on 14/8/05, responded that her weight has stabilized ( not increasing anymore)
(1) freenmaddie , 1st post on 2/8/06

Replies not related to Nat Phos, patient came back with negative feed backs.
(3) Karishma , 1st post on 11/10/05

Replies not related to Nat Phos
(9) sthillaiyah
(3) libra
(1) pat2006

Criticism on Joe
(2) Nisha_India
(4) saltofearth

Replies by Joe
(21) Joe

As you can see from the above analysis, out of the 9 patients who used Nat Phos, only one reported a stability in her weight, one responded very negatively, six never came back, and one didn’t talk about Nat phos ever again, which can lead anyone to believe that your post does not give a clear indication, that Nat Phos is responsible for weight loss (something which the classical homeopaths have failed to mention as well)

Down below I will copy the posts by Karishma and Joe for all those surfing this forum, and draw their own conclusion about Nat Phos.

Karishma 11/10/05
“Joe,I started taking Nat phos 6x, 9days before and I take 2 tablets after breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to it I have stopped eating rice, chapati and sugar completly and walking regularly but I am so sorry to say that there is no change in my weight and in addition to that I feel so full and heavy all the time while lunch and dinner is just soup and salad.
Am I doing something wrong. I take two tablets within 5 mins of my finshing food.”

Karishma 12/10/05
“Joe, I never felt this full & heavy feeling before but one way it is good that it is keeping my craving to eat sugar away.
This is not the first time I have tried loosing weight and i was never succesful. One time in my yearly checkup my thyroid came low and in extensive tests it came normal. The only reason I could think is that I have low thyroid and that's why I dont loose weight while put on weight so easily. My energy level in general is very low and i get tired and irritated very soon, sometimes my hair start falling for months and skin color is little pale.
Can you suggest me something to improve my thyroid if there is no side effect of it. I have heard of kelp suppliment should I give it a try in addition to whatever I am trying?
Please help.”

Joe 12/10/05
“Thank you for informing me about your thyroid problem. It is obvious that this is the real cause of your weight problem and I regret that I cannot help you with homeopathic treatment as I have no experience in this regard.

I hope that other more experienced Homeopaths can help you.”

Karishma 27/10/05
“Joe, I tried taking Nat phos6x for 15 days and could not reduce me weight. Today I was reading bad effects of artificial sweetner under Carbonated Beverages/Artificial Sweeteners
and realized that I am taking 'EQUAL' for more than a year and use it three times a day for my 3 cups of tea. Could this be a culprit?
I love drinking tea but can not without sugar and dont want to eat sugar as well, which sweetner is safe?

sazim last decade
In the case of Karishma, please read 'Replies related to Nat Phos &quot;, instead of 'Replies not related to Nat Phos

sazim last decade
what are you taking for your thyroid?
Rooty last decade
Dear Girilal,

Thanks for your innovative mind. Could you also please throw some light on preparing other biochemic remedies??
ganesh2280 last decade

sazim last decade
This is a forum for answering and asking questions.
Pat2006 last decade
I have lost more inches. One inch in one place and 1/2 an inch in others.

I wonder if I need to cut back on how much Nat Phos I am taking?
Pat2006 last decade
To Pat

It is not only the inches that count. It is the actual weight loss that is more important. I hope that you have recorded your weight loss as advised.

You were prescribed Nat Phos to help your GERD which you were suffering from for some time. Please report on your present condition.

Weight loss is just a bonus and there is no harm in continuing your therapy as long as you are not feeling tired or have any other symptoms that can indicate that you are exceeding your dosage of the NP.

You may like to know that in many hundreds of cases similar to yours where I prescribed NP for weight loss alone, the clients did not complain of any negative after effects of taking NP. It can safely be accepted therefore that this remedy is very safe to be used.

You are advised to drink plenty of liquids preferably water to help your body to rid itself of the harmful chemicals that are stored in your liver.
Joe De Livera last decade

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