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Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.
Pat2006 last decade

There are probably tons of people out there whose lives you have unknowingly changed in very big ways.
Pat2006 last decade
I have a question-I just bought a generic sodium phosphate at wal mart because I am about to make up the nat phos solution with mineral water and I didnt realize it is a laxative! Is this right? It contains dibasic sodium phosphate and monobasic sodium phosphate but the inactive ingredients have saccharin-this is not good. Is the fleet brand better? I am confused. This is safe to take everyday for a reflux cure?
allisona last decade
allisona, I am using the same fleet brand. Even if you purchase it in homeopathy grade still it is sprayed on sugar pills or lactose or dissolved in alcohol. So saccharin is no problem. Nat Phos is always a combination of dibasic sodium phosphate and monobasic sodium phosphate. It comes from the lakes of Canada.

Just add 3-5 drops in a liter of mineral/rain/spring water and you got the medicine.

Of-course it is sold as lexative and for this purpose one must take few tablespoons of phos soda.
girilal last decade
Dear Kuldeep/ Girilal,

Where-ever you go...take a digital camera and take photos...upload them for us ...of substances/herbs/plants etc. of which homeopathic meds made of.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
That's an excellent idea!!!


Can Nat Phos 3x be used daily after each meal or is 6x best?
Pat2006 last decade
Dear Pankaj

Picture size it the problem, this site can take a certain size of picture. Actually I want to make a thread not just with pictures but most important points to identify the plant because it took me several years to identify most plants. I had to wait for a certain time of the year when flower comes etc.

I tell you a funny tale about famous (herbal) doctor in Punjab. He is my good friend.
We were drinking tea under a tree.
He said, “You go around the world can you bring me the inner bark of Ailanthus tree from Brazil.”
I replied, “Dr. Jeet but ailanthus leaf is sitting on your shoulder.”
“No way, I can’t not believe a word you say.” he replied.
I said, “Come tomorrow to a cyber café
“What is cyber café?”
“There are computers, they will tell you anything.”
“I don’t’ believe a word you say, how a computer can tell everything in the world?”

Well, Dr. Jeet came to me in the town and we went to cyber café. He was amazed and convinced.
Then from next he was found busy hauling cartloads of vegetation for months. People said Dr. Jeet has gone mad. (And more famous)

In Western Punjab just ask Dr. Jeet and you would be directed to his village
girilal last decade
I was able to find Sodium Phosphate at Wal-Mart for just $1.37. Much cheaper than buying it already made. Might even work better than Nat Phos already made into tablets.
Pat2006 last decade
Even better.
girilal last decade
Will sucking a match-stick, give you Phos-3C. If, no, why not.

No need to sterilise the scalpel (surgeons knife). What works will work ? & !

Let the self-smart-glorify'ier's take the homeopathic principles down the drain. That's where the anti-homeopathy lobby gets its support from.

Read drama on following link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254/
Nesha-India last decade
Hey Nesha

You are wayyyy too funny!

Sure love having you around. You brighten my life!!!!!


Thanks for the great laugh.
Pat2006 last decade
I really wonder what reason Nesha can offer for butting in for the second time on a serious discussion on Nat Phos which in my opinion can virtually change the face of the world, especially those who are suffering from both GERD and Obesity. If she has read the many posts that Girilal and others have made on this thread the fact that Nat Phos can be made with Phos Soda which is available throughout the US for a few Dollars can help to change the lives especially of the Obese who are officially counted at 65% of the population in the US. This applies equally to other countries as well that have their own percentage of the Obese who can be helped by this simple remedy in a manner that has been found effective in over 75% of the cases treated.

The fact that Nat Phos can be made in the manner recorded by Girilal, makes it possible for the Obese to use this remedy to reduce their weight safely in the range of I kg or 2.2 lbs per week. Those who have suffered from Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease (GERD) have testified on another thread to the efficacy of this therapy that I have prescribed. Some of these patients have been suffering from this serious ailment for over 40 years and were treated by their doctors with the usual drugs like Nexium, Prilosec etc which only served to make a bad situation infinitely worse. In almost all cases they discovered that they experienced almost instant relief after the first dose which continued day after day till in some instances their GERD was soon stabilized and in some cases, cured.

I do object to Nisha's snide remarks which she seems unable to suppress as I believe that in her own convoluted mind she feels that the joker that she is, should somehow put her 5 cents worth with what she feels are her hyper intelligent thoughts that are far above the ken of types like me and others on this forum, who are dedicated to helping members who post their ailments on this forum in the hope of finding a cure.

It is obvious that she sadly lacks any process of rational thought as shown in the manner that she projects them on this thread and others. I have observed that this is her normal approach to any thread where she feels impelled to add, what she fondly imagines, are her gems of thought however inappropriate they may be. I hope that she realizes that by her cynical attitude, she only serves to attract the scorn of other members who may not be able to voice their protest openly for various reasons.

Her reference to her inane screen play is, to say the least puerile and offensive and it is hoped that pests like her will stop their assaults on the many threads which in some cases may pertain to a matter of life and death for the patients who use the therapy that I and others who are dedicated to healing, offer them.

It is types like her that are the bane of homeopathy and I cannot understand the reason why she persists in acting the joker instead of condescending to use her pseudo classical knowledge of Homeopathy to help those who post their ailments on this forum. She persists instead in desecrating it in the manner she has done in her post above and on many others threads.

I do wonder if her comments are motivated by jealousy at the success of the therapy that I have indicated on this and other threads which I have always maintained is non classical in their methodology. It must be mentioned however that the large majority of cases that I have treated on this forum have worked in a manner that leaves me and others amazed at their successful outcome.

I feel that the lowest depth that she has descended to was epitomized by her vulgar reference to a 12 year old member of this forum whom she portrayed as being pregnant in another of her strange stage plays. This was objected to by members of this forum and resulted in the Moderator banning her from the ABC for the second time. It is a matter of interest that she has wriggled her way back again to it to the consternation of the long suffering members of this forum.

It is unfortunate indeed that she persists to degrade the love and understanding of this forum dedicated to healing but this, I believe, is the level that can be expected from a person who by her own admission, is a Hair Dresser by profession in her native city in India.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe De Livera, please don't worry about her. She is just self appointed 'abchomeopathy Constable'
A Cartoon.
A Barber.
hoolio last decade

Indeed you have imbibed the true quality of a barber - cutting, cutting, & cutting hair, you cannot give up the habit of cutting everything.

What you expect to gain by your vainglorius / narcissistic attitude - a noble prize?

One should remember the limits of humility line ........Lord Laxman crossed the line and had Sita abducted.

Read (with your glasses)on my next post where I will tell you of the amazing success I achieved last month with JOE's line of treatment with NAT PHOS6X and Arnica.

Attitude is self destructive process. Quoting from Homeopathic software and Materia Medicas, as you often do, does'nt make you a great homeopath. Amelioration of suffering make one true doctor.

Its never too late to change attitude.


PS: Pls change your Log-in name from Nisha-India to Nisha because you give the impression to Forum members from other countries that Indian are just cribbers at the best.
Mohan last decade
An interesting success story:

Through co-incidence I met a person who had come to Mumbai from another town of India to seek treatment for his deteriorating GERD condition. He is basically a very big farmer.He was suffering from a long time. Even a small meal of rice and curd would give him immense buring sensation & discomfort at the Pyloric end.

He got admitted in one of the most prestigious hospitals in MUBAI,India. They did several tests including MRI/CT Scan. He was told - nothing is wrong. Was prescibed Zantac and a few other medicinces to take for 6 months and return.

Before going back to his town his friend along with him came visiting me. When he told me his story, I as a Pharmacologist with 35years of deep experience I told him that the Hospital's prescription might give him some symptomatic relief but you will NOT be cured.

He agreed to stay in Mumbai for some more time and try out the medicines (Nat Phos6X and Arnica 30 in wet dosage),which I gave him for FREE. It was amazing with the speed he experienced dramatic improvement within 3 days. He could eat normal non-spicy food without any problem.

I got a message through his friend last week that he continuing to take NAT PHOS6X & ANICA 30 in wet dosage and is doing just fine.

He never ate a pill of those allopathic medicines the Hospital in Mumbai had given him.

A brilliant testimony to Joe's line of treatment with Nat Phos 6x.

Mohan last decade
Well, looks like the time has come to report my results with Nat Phos 6x. So far it us looking like Joe De Livera is always right.

Have lost at least 5 lbs but have lost several inches. So my body looks like I lost more than 5 lbs.

I have not been paying any attention to my weight nor size because my concentration has been on nutrition and health. I have been eating more food than I have in the last 12 months thanks to Girilal/kuldeep and Pankaj Varma and Joe De Livera.

I have been wearing one piece short outfits that have ties on them so I didn't realize I had lost weight nor inches.

Yesterday, I took my measurements to make a dress. To my SURPRISE, I discovered I have lost several inches.

I'm in such shock that I cannot bring myself to cut the pattern. I think I will wait until this sinks in.


I have a feeling I will have much more to report.

Now I better go get used to my new body.
Pat2006 last decade
I'm now a believer in Nat Phos 6x.
Pat2006 last decade
Question to Girilal and Joe

Please explain the process through which human body(an organism) sheds weight, over come digestive problems (constipation), and eliminate diseases such as GERD by using 'Natrum Phos", please keep in mind that nowadays there are relatively a small portion of human population roaming on this planet with perfectly functioning glands and a large proportion of human population is living with imperfect functioning of their glands (thanks to all this industrialisation,globalisation,etc,etc)and this imperfection could be as less as 1%, which brings me back to the thyroid gland functioning, if the thyroid gland is not functioning properly and the metabolic rate slows down, the body starts retaining extra water which can be one factor of excess weight, constipation ensues, and other problem starts to manifest.

Joe, as you have been treating hundreds of patients with 'Natrum Phos",
how many of them were Hypothyroid?,
how many of them were cured of their hypothyroidism ?,
what was the treatment duration ?,
how many of them were males and females ?,
what was the cure ratio between males and females?,
and if they were cured by using 'Natrum Phos', was Natrum Phos instrumental in correcting their glands completely(thyroid).

GiriLal, what is your thought on the above?


sazim last decade
One man brings his car to mechanic and says, 'I know it has many problems but just fix the muffler and I can live with it.'
girilal last decade
good one
vyushti last decade
I've asked my mechanic to fix the muffler many times but he made the problem worse and had to drive illegally because it wouldn't pass inspection.

Joe De Livera fixed it. It was easy for him. He saw the problem right away. He is the best mechanic in the world for fixing this sort of muffler problem.
Pat2006 last decade
It was my homeoapth who made the muffler 1,000 times worse. It's a miracle I'm still alive.

All the other mechanics insisted the muffler there wasn't anything wrong with it.
Pat2006 last decade
All the other mechanics (about five different one I can think of right now) insisted the muffler was fine although at one time I was in terrible pain.
Pat2006 last decade

Great anaiogy.

Since Joe has explained the importance of not allowing the stomach to get empty, I'm taking your match remedy first thing in the morning to give get an interest in food and to also enjoy my food.

Pat2006 last decade
I am almost embarrassed by the reports in the posts above on the successful outcome of cases of GERD which I treated with my default remedies Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30. I have always maintained that I am not a qualified homeopath but I do have the dedication to this science which has given me the opportunity of using many remedies for ailments that are not listed in the classical texts as a result of which I have been marked as one who rocks the homeopathic boat and is perhaps the reason for the wide spread criticism that I often encounter even on this forum by some pseudo classical types.

I felt that I should take this opportunity of once again projecting my viewpoint on the use of the Non classical approach towards healing which I am aware is held in utter scorn by the classical school of homeopaths who would never even dream of using simple remedies in the manner that I do to heal patients who usually come to Homeopathy as a last resort when after years of being under treatment from gastric specialists who would delight in prescribing various drugs that are used in medicine for GERD like Nexium, Prilosec, Tagamet, and Zantac to name only a few, all of which are expensive and are H2 blockers and operate by reducing the flow of acid in the stomach. They use these drugs when it is discovered that the patient does not react to the OTC drugs bases on Aluminium Hydroxide which were popular up to about a decade ago which operate by neutralizing the acidity in the stomach. All these powerful drugs serve only as palliatives and can by no means be considered as a cure of GERD in any form. They also have known side effects which are too numerous to list here. They all are only palliatives and members would have read on this and other threads how many patients have suffered for years, even up to 45 years with GERD, only to experience the blessed relief that my treatment of this seemingly chronic disease which sometimes ends in cancer, when in a few weeks on Nat Phos and Arnica they are able to return to normal health which is the right of every human being.

It is a matter of concern to me personally to note the reaction of the classical homeopathic fraternity to the methodology I use to treat ailments. I have no quarrel with them but I do resent their continued attacks on other forums which I have stopped visiting as I spent too much time in defending my position of treating the disease instead of virtually going round the bush and using the 'constitutional remedy' approach to solve a problem which I have proved is not at all necessary to cure a disease like GERD or others that I specialize in and which members of this forum may be aware of.

I do not rule out the use of the classical approach to cure but I feel that it is time that the classical homeopathic fraternity wakes up and condescends to use methods similar to my own which is to treat the disease, after taking into account the various factors that cause it, if it is considered pertinent to the diagnosis. The point that I wish to convey is that if a certain remedy has been proved to help a patient who suffers from GERD there is no possible excuse that can be made by the homeopath to use other remedies purported to be the classically sanctioned remedy merely because they are listed in the Homeopathic texts. Medicine and Homeopathy are progressing forward daily and with it new discoveries are made in both sciences. I believe that it would be foolish for the respective science to not use a drug or remedy merely because it is not officially sanctioned and permitted to be used if it has been discovered to also help the ailment being treated.

I can think of another serendipitous discovery on my part of using Arnica for the control of Diabetes. I had given this remedy to a Type I Diabetic to help cure his non healing wound and he discovered that his blood sugar level had dropped in a remarkable manner that he had not experienced ever before. Arnica is now being used in many homeopaths both here in Sri Lanka and in India and I presume in other parts of the world after I first announced my discovery on the Internet.

I do hope that others too will follow my example and not hesitate to use a remedy in the manner that I have done and if they too discover a response to a remedy that is not listed, I hope that they too will share their discovery with others on forums such as these.

I believe that this will help the forward march of this precious science into the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
Of-course there are 'Homeopathy Fundamentalists'
girilal last decade

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