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well i leveled off today at 10 mg & all is well when i am home i feel fine, when i go out though i am overcome with anxiety. not sure if this is a temporary withdrawal symptom or not but i am trying to stay positive. benadryl has really helped me sleep so i am thankful for that. anyone have any good advice for coming off the last 10mg??

good luck all!
Jdubsx3 last decade

Yer gonna feel yer withdrawals no matter what. Just hang in there! They tend to peak a few days after you stop altogether. The way you're doing it, you should be familiar with how you experience withdrawal, and can plan for much of the same Once they peak, they do start to ebb, so keep it in mind, and keep on keepin' on!

Accordionlady last decade
Also, your anxiety may be something you still need to deal with. May not be effexor related, but part of why ya went on it in the first place..... Try to avoid benzos. They're addictive in and of themselves!!!

Accordionlady last decade

I havent taken a xanax today because I havent left my house but the boyfriend & I are planning to go to the movies tonight so chances are I will have to at some point. The xanax isnt what worries me though, I have already proven I can stop that in the past & my doctor & pharmacist seem to agree I am very, very sensitive to the Effexor. They agree that my xanax use might increase temporarily while coming off of the big, bad E.

The headache is horrible though & I hate this feeling of dizziness. Not to mention the feeling of being hungry but not having a clue of what I want. I feel like my mind is racing but I still can't communicate what is going on in there.
Jdubsx3 last decade
Have been at 37.5mg for two weeks now and still don't feel all that great but have felt worse so I decided to drop another 3 to 4 mg and see how this goes. I find that my biggest problem now is that I feel so out of it most of the time. Went to my Dr. this morning and he still does not believe that I am having Effexor withdrawals. Says that now I should be ready to quite altogether without any problems but if it makes me feel better to go slow, then be it. Can you believe that I am his only patient who has reported problems getting off the big E...??
Jdubs, you are now at 10mg, wow, you are almost there. Can't wait for it to be my turn, best of luck....
diser last decade
I am 19 days E free. The zaps were down to almost nothing, but now they are back and I have had some mood issues--absolutely no tolerance for anything. Patience level is zero. Not sure if it has to do with the weather--raining here for 5 days now or the E w/drawal. I finally went out and got some St. John's Wort today to see if that will help. I also still have ringing in my ears. Tell me this gets better.
freefromE last decade
definately take your time.. if your body reacts badly to dropping 3 or 4 mg bump it back up for a few days.

like i said before i drop every friday (drop down 20 mg), then sat i add 15 mg & sunday level off at my 10 mg drop, it really does help to have a system planned out.

keep in mind you wanna drop on a day that is low stress for ya, i have work off on fridays so it was easy to do it that way. ok, well i wouldnt say easy but easier because i could sit around all day.

the last 37.5 mg & lower are the HARDEST to get off of by far. im moving the 21st & seriously contemplating staying at 10 mg til after for sanity's sake.

my b-day is the 27th though so i would really really like to be off of effexor for that. i need a good multi-vitamin, maybe i'll head to GNC tomorrow to find something to help or if anyone has any advice on something that has worked for them please let me know :)

Jdubsx3 last decade
Hi Everyone, I have been off Effexor since my last dose, Feb 24 apx. My life has gotten steadily better since those first two weeks of withdrawal.

I lost 10 pounds since I was on Effexor. I have been eating properly and started just this week at the gym walking on the treadmill is all so far.

I am sleeping at night without any meds for the first time in years.

My bp went down to low end of normal and that is without that blood pressure medicine I had to take on Effexor.

My heart rate went down 20 beats per minute.

I feel wonderful, alive, positive, energized, and CALM, which I never did on Effexor. I am really happy!!!

I started on a good eating program and a good supplement program of vitamins & minerals.

When I was on Effexor, I never wanted to move at all for any reason. I was dead inside and never laughed or cried. My whole life is enriched now.

The first two weeks of withdrawal were absolute torture and hell. I just wanted to check back in here and tell everyone that it is definitely worth it.

PS my husband did everything he could to get me active when I was on Effexor and I used to cuss him out for that. Now I go to the gym twice a day by my own interest and excitement.

HANG IN THERE, but make some healthy choices when you get over it. You will see a big difference!!
EffexorFreePlease last decade

my prescribing md said the same thing. i gave him glenmullen's book (the antidepressant solution) to look at, after telling him point blank he was seriously misinformed and unfortunately rigid!!!!! isn't it sad that some people think they're infallible???

Accordionlady last decade

Could someone please give me some advice. It has been a couple of years since I have posted to this board. I succesfully got my self off Effexor two years ago. About six months ago i started taking PS-100 for meemory but mostly to reduce cortisol levels. I stopped taking PS-100 about two weeks ago. Last Sunday I started to get these very painful sharp sooting pains in my head along with dull head pains. I was also extemely tired through out the week as well. The pains have started to subside a little but my brain feels very tender, if that makes any sense. Could this have been withdrawal sysmtoms from the PS-100??
Jon33 last decade

Well i'm still stuck at 10 mg Effexor xr & had a major panic attack this weekend.. felt faint, nauseous, cold sweats, shaking uncontrollably, & very weak. I ended up taking my xanax & it got better thank God because I was ready to head to the emergency room.

I'm still feeling weak though even though I got more than enough sleep last night, I have no idea whats wrong except that maybe it's this horrible cold i have.

Any thoughts?

Jdubsx3 last decade
Hi all,

I wish I could give some of you advice, but I cannot. I'm six weeks off and still not well.

My husband flew me down to Florida last Wednesday (through Sunday), as he was on business and we thought we'd mix it with some fun in the sun.

The trip was good. Yesterday I woke up with the worst dizzy spells and achy body and they continue today. Same as I experienced weeks ago. Can't move too fast or you get nausea with the dizziness.

Last night when we got on the plane to come home, not only was I feeling dizzy and achy, I started having shortness of breath. It scared the living daylights out of me. Not fun.

Do you guys (six weeks and more off effexor) still feel wierd?
Twisi25 last decade
Have you tried 5HTP? If not, I would suggest that to you. It has saved me--calmed my mind. I was getting to the point where I was still getting zaps and dizzy spells and I wanted to just yell at everyone (4 weeks off meds). I had read about 5HTP from links on this site and did some research. You can find it in the 'weight loss' section at GNC of all places. They put the St. Johns Wort in the 'mind section' and the 5 HTP in the weigh loss. Go figure. St. John's did zippo for me.

They have a 100mg version, but I went ahead and got the 200mg as it was 'time release.' In just three days I was calmer and able to focus more clearly. There is also something called 'Amoryn' that has 5HTP in it. There is a link from this site as well. Best of luck with this. It does get better; although, I admit at times I was wondering.

Hang in there Twisi, we are all here for you!!!
freefromE last decade
I took effexor for 4 years for migraines. I never experienced depression before. I began to have an allergic reaction to it so my doctor weaned me off if it and I have been off if it completely for 6 weeks now.

The withdrawal symptoms were horrible but the worst part now is the anger and the depression that I now have that I didn't before. I get angry over the stupidist things and yell at my husband and kids for no reason and I am so depressed I don't have the energy do anything but sit my butt on the couch after I get home from work.

Does anyone have any idea how long this will last? Also I am taking 2000 mg a day of Omega 3 because if I don't I still have the horrible brain zaps. They haven't gone away. My doctor wants me to take another anti-depressant but I refuse to do it. I just signed up for yoga classes thinking this might help but the anger is so awful.
melissak last decade

I would highly recommend the 5-HTP.

Now after 6 weeks you are still having the zaps, so it sounds as though your body isn't producing the seretonin it needs. I understand why your doc wants you on another anti-depressant. It makes sense.

But don't do it yet! Try this first---

The 5-HTP is a natural way to boost your body's seretonin production. Combine this with an aerobic excersise routine and you will feel better in no time!

Anti-depressants don't boost seritonin production, they just re-route what little seretonin you have to the 'right' places to ward off depression, anxiety, and the zaps.

Don't fear 5-HTP. It doesn't do that. If you wanted to boost your immune system, you would take vitamin C. If you want to boost your seretonin production, you take tryptophan, or 5-HTP.

Personally, I'm also a beleiver in protien supplementation with an aerobic excersize routine. Excersize, protien, and 5-HTP. That will give your body and mind everything it needs to wake up and start living right!

Imagine a water balloon with just a little water in it. and a little circle of the rubber is the depression zone, another little circle is the anxiety zone, and another little spot between those two is the zaps. As long as there is enough water pressure in those zones, you don't have those problems.

Anti-depressants are like squeezing the ballon with your hands to force the little bit of water to these important spots at the right pressure. But the rest of the balloon has to go saggy to achieve this.

5-HTP is like adding more water to the balloon. The result is good pressure on the WHOLE balloon all at the same time.

The water is like seretonin, and the rubber is like your entire nervous system.

You should research 5-HTP for good safe dosing. I'm not a doctor, so you should consult with yours before continuing.
mikemo last decade
I know the anger 'thing' that you are talking about. I get it too, to the point I want to just scream at everyone for no reason. I started taking 200 mg 5HTP daily (the time release version) and it is helping. I also exercise at least three times a week.

Before I took the 5HTP I beat the crap out of my wet dry shop vac for not having the right hose attachment and then the rake for not raking good enough. Funny now, but wasn't then. I will never go back on Effexor, I am worse off in so many ways than I was before and I am searching for the natural remedies this time.

Also, if you are in the Pre to menepausal age, Effexor masks those hormonal symptoms as well. See if any of what you are experiencing lines up with that as well. You could be getting a double whammy.

hang in there. The 5HTP does help. It really does. I also take some Omega 3 and a multi vitamin.
freefromE last decade
I am so out of it.....today I went for a walk - just to get some exercise.....if I looked up or down or anywhere instead of directly ahead, I had the worst vertigo. It frightens me because i feel as if I could fall.

I had this before with the withdrawal, but it went away when I started yoga. I wonder if its because I haven't done any exercise in a week -- other than walking. I am going to go out and get 5HTP tomorrow. Ill try anything. I need to get back to exercise, but I am afraid to try it when I feel so terribly dizzy.
Twisi25 last decade

from reading this link - it sounds like I am still suffering brain shivers and can for some time to come.

How can wyeth get away with screwing up our brains with this crap.

How can our Doctors get away with prescribing it, when it is only suggested to be used in extreme cases of depression ? I had hot flashes, not depression.

Now I am a mess.
Twisi25 last decade

this is priceless.......
Twisi25 last decade
I was also prescribed Effexor for hot flashes. Just after the zaps started to subside, (I've been off a month now), my neck became stiff. It took 5 sessions of PT, including traction, electrical stimulation and ultrasound, as well as manual manipulation, to free my neck and shoulders out of the extreme spasm they were in. I still get mild zaps from time to time. I notice that just before a 'change' for the better, I get into an emotional funk, usually irritability. Exersize really helps me. I understand it could take a long time to return to 'normal.' At least 3 months before weight starts to move, and I'm super bummed about that one.

Accordionlady last decade

It scares the crap out of me that Effexor has altered my brain function.

That my friend is very scary. I still feel achy and irritable, and now, the zaps are back.

How the F am I suppose to look for work like this. How the F am I suppose to exercise when I feel like I am falling off a tilt-a-whirl.

Anger Anger Anger -- its so unfreekingfair.
Twisi25 last decade
I saw the UTube item: Are they Freakin' kidding me?!?!

The 5HTP has helped with my anger in a big way--I am sure all my appliances were very happy as they heard (and some blabbed) about what happened to the wet/dry shop vac. While it didn't really deserve it, it knew I was having a bad day already and then to have the nerve to not have the right hose attachment. . . well. . . you heard the rest above. :)

Hang in there, I am still getting zaps as well and do have some tightness in the head and neck, but feel a lot better this week than the last two. This makes 6 weeks (today) E-free. Just be kind to yourself--take hots baths, keep up the yoga and medidation, and if all else fails, go out and buy a small appliance that you don't need that you can beat the crap out of. :)
freefromE last decade
free from e

I did not leave the house today the dizziness is intense and alarming. I dont want to drive or walk outside.

I will try to get the 5HTP tomorrow. is there a particular brand you use? Is it safe?

I cannot stand this immobility and sense of fear. I feel like my brain is floating in a sea of jello.
Twisi25 last decade
I have been going through withdrawals the past two weeks although not from E but from PS-100. I have had all of the same symptoms described here and continue to have them. I suffered from the painful zaps and headaches and even the stiff neck and back of my head. I also have dizzyness and nausea all day long and trouble sleeping. These must all be general withdrawal symptoms, the head and neck stiffness is bothering me the most. How long does this last.
Jon33 last decade
Twisi, Jon and all the rest of my pals:

The neck thing lasted about 2 weeks, including the time spent in Physical Therapy, which really helped. Just the slightest tightness left in my left shoulder area, like a mild trigger point. I've noticed mild brain zaps over the last few days. I'm telling myself it's my brain's way of reclaiming/readjusting itself. Every time I finish a bout of irritability (which lasts about a day or less), I seem to feel better, if that makes any sense. Running really helps A LOT! Now, remember folks, I was not depressed or overly anxious before going on effexor. Just perimenopausal. My sense of humor, which you've all experienced, is also a great help, as is the fact that I'm a therapist with access to professionals I trust. This is a process, and it's gonna have an end for EVERY ONE OF US!! I just hope that my big, fat arse will still fit into a pair of runnin' shorts when I'm all done, and that I can still hold my beloved. Accordion, that is!!! LOLOLOLOL!
Accordionlady last decade

I suspect there isn't any rhyme or reason as to why our bodies react the way they do to this withdrawal. Although I have heard people say that the folks who are hit worst with it are the ones who really didn't need it at all.

I want to run/exercise, I really do, but I tried doing sit-ups at home last night and go so dizzy I couln't get up off the floor.

I slept in today and hope that if I just ride it out and quit fighting it I will get through it.

Is so hard.
Twisi25 last decade

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