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Lilium Superbum

, LIL.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lilium Superbum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Natural order, Liliaceae.

Authority. Edward Reading, Inaug. Thesis, presented to Hom. Med. Collinsonia Canadensis Coll. of Penn., 1853, copied from MSS.

The root was prepared for use by reducing the fresh article to a pulpy mass and macerating in twice its weight of alcohol; many of the symptoms were obtained from the attenuations.

Great difficulty in fixing the mind on any subject. Gloomy state of the mind, with indifference, worse in the morning. Anxiety after retiring to rest, with fear of losing one's reason. Very much fatigued by mental exertion; entirely disqualified for his usual business.

Dull, heavy, pressing pain in the head, with uneasiness and general lassitude. Fulness and pressing pain in the forehead, worse when moving and in the open air.

this symptom commenced in some cases a few moments, in other several hours after taking the medicine, and continued in every case with short intervals during the proving. Severe drawing pain in the left anterior part of the head, extending to the left temple, when lying down, also stitches in the temple. Pain extending from the top of the head to the left scapula. Violent throbbing pains in the head. Pain in a small spot on the top of the head Pain in the right occipital protuberance. Frontal headache, with shooting pain down the nose. Heat in the head, with throbbing of the arteries. Heat and stupefaction of the head. Sensation as though the brain were loose and falling from side to side or forward, when stooping.


Violent pain immediately over the eyes. The eyes feel cold in the open air, and have lost their brightness and vivacity, and appear expressionless.

Shooting pain, extending from below upward into the ears, continuing for several weeks. Burning of the ears, with pain in the left ear.

Pain extending from the head to the nose. Bleeding of the nose, preceded by dull heavy feeling in the head. Bleeding of the nose at short intervals the whole day.

The face has a sickly appearance, with eyes surrounded by blue margins. Burning heat of the face and head, with chilliness of the rest of the body. Heat of the face, in the evening, more on the left side.

Pain in the articulations of the lower jaw. Pain in a hollow molar, with great sensitiveness to cold things.

Bitter taste in the mouth. The root first tastes sweet, afterwards bitter. White coating of the tongue.

Scraping and smarting pains in the pharynx. Sticking pain with dryness in the pharynx, causing him to swallow almost constantly. Burning and soreness in the pharynx. Burning through the whole length of the oesophagus, caused by eructations of a burning fluid. Tenacious mucus in the throat. Redness of the fauces.

Increased appetite during the proving. Nausea, with rising of an acrid burning fluid. Pain in the pit of the stomach. Feeling of malaise in the epigastric region. Frequent empty eructations. Pain at the cardiac orifice of the stomach. Violent cutting pains in the stomach increased by pressure. Pain in the scrobiculus cordis.

Constrictive feeling in the right and left hypochondriac regions as though a band were passed around the body. Constant pain in the right hypochondrium, made worse by exercise or by a deep inspiration. Stitches in the lower part of the liver. Constant sticking pain in the region of the spleen, more when lying on the left side. Dull pain in the region of the spleen. Pain in the left hypochondriac region, shooting to the back when lying down. Pain in the right, afterwards in the left side, just below the ribs. The pains in the region of the spleen commenced a short time after taking the medicine and continued for several days. Uneasiness and restlessness in the abdomen, with feeling as though diarrhoea were coming on. Unpleasant sensation in the abdomen, with rumbling of flatus. Smarting pain all over the bowels. Pain in the umbilical region.

Constipation the first few days; afterwards tendency to diarrhoea. Constant sensation as though diarrhoea were about setting up. Discharge of yellowish-green diarrhoeic stools with considerable tenesmus. Yellow papescent stool. Pain in the rectum while at stool.

Urine very much increased in quantity.

Sexual desire very much diminished.

Shooting pains through the left side of the chest. Oppressive pain in the chest. Severe lancinating pain in the right axilla. Aching pain in the left side of the chest at night. Violent pain in the left side, in the region of the heart. Constrictive pain in the chest, as if too small.

Pulse much accelerated.

Pain in the lumbar region. Pain in the scapular region. A sensation of chilliness, with a feeling of lameness or weakness in the back.

Stiffness in the extremities. Pain and uneasy sensation in the extremities. Stitches in the right shoulder. Almost intolerable shooting pain through the shoulder in the direction of the tendon of the biceps. Aching pain in the right wrist. Stitches along the inner side of the right thigh. Pain in both legs below the knees. Aching in the bones of the lower extremities. Great weakness of the extremities.

A feeling of languor over the whole body, with great weakness of the limbs. General debility, with great disposition to sweat. Dull languid feeling immediately after taking the medicine, with aversion to any kind of labor. Great prostration of strength. In two cases where the provers became alarmed by the violence of the symptoms Aconite Aconite and Bryonia Bryonia afforded prompt relief. Weariness and yawning.

Great restlessness during the night. Drowsiness, great inclination to sleep without the ability to do so. He slept well till 2 A.M., afterwards was restless.

tossing about, could not lie long in any position. Extreme restlessness at night, troubled by horrid dreams. Dreams of robbers, thinks they are going to injure him and endeavors to call for help. Dreams of having seen an acquaintance dangerously stabbed. Frightful dreams.

he imagines that the upper part of his head is torn away, and that some one is trying to cut to pieces with a knife.


Heat of the head and face.

coldness of the rest of the body, with aching of the bones, in the evening, followed by general heat after going to bed.

pulse quick. this terminates in profuse sweat towards morning. Coldness of the hands and feet, even in a warm room. Heat of the head, more on the left side, with violent throbbing in the head during exercise. Sweats easily during sleep and motion. Flushes of heat over the body followed by sweat.


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