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Baryta Sulphurica

Baryta sulph, Baryta sulfurica, Bar-s.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baryta Sulphurica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Desire for open air which ameliorates ; the mental symptoms are better in the open air.

There is a marked physical anxiety.

Many symptoms show themselves or are worse on exertion and ascending stairs, Single parts become numb and prickle.

Generally worse from bathing ; in a close room ; from cold ; from cold air ; from becoming cold ; symptoms are worse after becoming cold ; takes cold easily ; there is a lack of vital heat ; worse in cold, wet weather.

Constriction of many parts.

Clonic spasms and epileptic convulsions.

The blood vessels are distended.

Symptoms come on during and after eating ; worse after eating to satiety.

Emaciation ; faintness and the muscles become flabby.

Formication and a sensation of fullness.

Induration of glands. Heaviness and lassitude.

Inflammation of glands.

Lack of reaction. Jerking in muscles.

Desire to lie down. Symptoms come on before and during menses.

Aversion to motion. Most symptoms are worse from motion.

The patient feels worse from motion.

Orgasm, of blood in body.

Pain in the bones ; in glands ; boring ; burning ; gnawing ; jerking, ; pressing ; stitching ; tearing.

Tearing in glands ; tearing downwards.

Paralysis, one-sided ; of organs ; painless ; pressure aggravates the pain and many symptoms.

Pulsation all over the body.

Pulse feeble on motion.

Rising up aggravates. Sensitiveness in external parts ; to pain.

Electric shocks felt in the body.

It is a one-sided remedy ; mostly right-sided. Sitting erect and standing cause some symptoms.

Stiffness of muscles and joints.

Swelling of glands. Tension felt all over body.

Trembling in body and limbs.

Walking brings on many symptoms.

Walking in open air ameliorates.

Weakness after eating ; during menses ; while walking.

Anxiety in the evening in bed ; during the night ; before midnight ; with fear ; WITH FEVER ; about the future.

Desires things which are not needed and soon put aside.

She is very critical. Aversion to company.

Concentration of mind impossible.

Confusion in the morning ; in the evening ; better in the open air.

Forgetful especially of words.

Easily frightened. Always in a hurry and becomes hysterical after grief.

Mentally weak like imbecility.

Impatience, indifference, indolence and loss of will power Irritability is very marked, but worse in the evening.

Memory weak. Moaning and lamenting.

Suspicious and dread of conversation.

Bashful. Talks in sleep. Fainting spells ; unconscious Weeping, worse at night.

Aversion to mental work.

Vertigo ; objects turn in a circle ; when standing ; when walking.

The head is sometimes cold, again there is marked hyperaemia with cold feet.

Constriction of forehead and occiput.

Empty feeling in the head.

Eruptions on the scalp ; crusts ; moist ; pimples.

Formication of the scalp and the hair falls out.

Heaviness of the head in the evening ; of the forehead ; of the occiput.

ITCHING OF THE SCALP A feeling of looseness of the brain.

A sensation of motions in the head.

Pain in the head in the morning in bed.

in the forenoon . in the afternoon.

in the evening . better in the open air.

worse from coughing,.

after eating . from becoming heated.

from a jar . when lying.

moving head and eyes.

from pressure . shaking the head.

after sleep . from sneezing.

when stooping . in the summer.

from heat of the sun.

violent . when walking.

worse in a warm room.

better while walking in open air.

Pain in forehead ; in the evening ; worse on the right side ; above the eyes ; in the occiput ; in the SIDES OF THE HEAD ; in the temples ; boring in forehead and temples ; bursting in head and forehead ; drawing in forehead, sides of head and temples ; dull pain in head ; jerking pain in head.

Pressing pain in head ; as though in a vise ; in forehead, outward ; over eyes ; occiput ; side of head ; temples ; vertex.

Shooting pain in head ; in vertex.

Sore-bruised pain in head. Stitching pains in head ; in forehead ; in frontal eminence ; in temples in vertex.

Stunning pains in head.

Tearing pains in occiput.

Perspiration on scalp.

Pulsation in temples. Electric shocks in head.

The eyelids are stuck together in the morning.

It has cured cataract.

Dryness of eyes. Inflammation of the conjunctiva, of the lids.

Itching and lachrymation.

It has cured opacity of the cornea.

Pain in eyes on exertion of Vision ; WORSE FROM LIGHT ; aching ; burning on using eyes ; burning in canthi ; pressing ; pain as from sand ; tearing.

Paralysis of optic nerve. Photophobia Protrusion of eyes.

It has cured exophthalmic goitre.

Pupils dilated and insensible to light.

Redness of eyes. Swollen lids.

Black spots ; specks and flies before the eyes. Dim vision.

Exertion of vision aggravates.

Foggy vision Sparks before the eyes.

Weak vision. Bloody discharge from ear. Eruption behind ears Formication of ears. Itching in ear Noises in ears.

buzZingiber zing.

cracking . crackling.

fluttering . reverberations.

ringing . ROARING Pain in right ear.

behind ear . drawing behind and in car.

stitching in ear . tearing pain in ear.

Pulsation in ear. Twitching of ears.

HEARING IMPAIRED Constant inclination to blow the nose.

Fluent coryza with cough Catarrh of the nose with discharge bloody ; copious ; crusts ; hard lumps ; offensive ; thick ; yellow.

DRYNESS IN THE NOSE Epistaxis on blowing the nose.

The nose is often obstructed.

Smell is acute. Much sneezing.

The nose is swollen. The face is cold.

Convulsive twitching of face.

The lips are dry and cracked.

The face is pale or red.

Eruptions on the face ; forehead ; nose ; acne ; boils ; crusty ; eczema ; herpes ; pimples.

The face is red and hot.

Pain in face ; in submaxillary gland Drawing pains in face.

Swelling of face ; parotid gland ; SUBMAXILLARY gland ; PAINFUL ; Bleeding gums.

Cracked tongue. The gums are detached from the teeth.

The tongue is coated white.

Dry mouth and tongue in the morning.

Mucus in the mouth. Offensive, even putrid odor from mouth.

The tongue burns. Salivation.

Speech difficult. Swollen gums.

Taste is bad, bitter or sour.

Burning vesicles in mouth and on tongue.

Pain in teeth worse from cold things ; cold drinks ; after eating from warm things ; boring ; drawing ; stitching ; tearing.

Constriction in throat.

Dryness in the throat.

Enlarged tonsils. Hawking mucus from throat.

Chronic inflammation of throat and tonsils.

Liquids are forced into nose.

Sensation of a lump in throat.

The membrane of throat is covered with exudate and throat is full of viscid mucus.

Pain in throat on empty swallowing ; burning, stitching on swallowing.

Roughness in throat. Spasms of the esophagus on swallowing.

Swelling and suppuration of tonsils.

Swallowing difficult ; of solids.

Induration of cervical glands.

Pain in external throat.

Swollen cervical glands.

Tension in neck. Appetite is variable ; diminished ; ravenous ; easy satiety ; wanting Aversion to food.

Sensation of coldness in stomach.

Craves sweets. A sensation of emptiness. Eructations ; after eating ; bitter ; empty ; sour ; watery ; WATERBRASH Fullness in stomach even after eating so little.

Heaviness after eating.

Heat felt in stomach. Heartburn.

Hiccough. Weak and slow digestion.

Loathing of food. Nausea in the morning.

Pain in stomach ; after eating ; cramping ; gnawing ; PRESSING AFTER EATING ; tenderness ; stitching ; severe retching.

Tightness. Thirst in the evening ; unquenchable. Vomiting ; bile, mucus, sour, watery.

The abdomen is distended with flatulence and feels full.

The abdomen is large and hard ; the mesenteric glands are enlarged.

Pain in abdomen in the morning, after eating ; during menses ; on motion ; on pressure ; after stool ; in inguinal region ; cramping ; cutting ; before stool ; stitching in inguinal region and sides of abdomen ; tearing ; rumbling and tension.

Constipation ; inactivity of rectum ; difficult stool ; unsatisfactory stool ; hard, knotty stool. Diarrhoea ; worse at night from taking cold ; yellow watery stools.

Offensive flatus. Crawling and itching in rectum and anus.

Bleeding from anus ; from piles. External piles Involuntary stool. Constant moisture at anus Pain during and after stool ; pressure ; soreness ; stitching ; tenesmus.

Constant or frequent ineffectual urging to stool.

Ascarides in the stool.

Retention of urine. Urging to urinate ; constant ; frequent ; sudden, must hasten to urinate or lose it.

Dysurea. Urination frequent at night.

Involuntary during the night.

Urine copious at night.

Discharge from urethra gleety ; purulent.

In the male there is no sexual desire and erections are wanting.

Induration of testes. Sweat on the scrotum. Seminal emissions. In the female desire is also absent. Leucorrhoea ; smarting ; copious ; before the menses.

Menses scanty ; frequent ; protracted ; suppressed.

Burning of the vulva. Catarrh of the trachea with copious mucus.

Voice hoarseness ; lost, rough ; weak.

Respiration accelerated ; asthmatic ; difficult at night and on ascending ; rattling ; suffocation.

Cough morning after rising ; evening ; night ; in cold air ; in open air ; in damp cold air ; asthmatic ; dry morning and evening ; from irritation in larynx and trachea ; rattling ; spasmodic ; suffocative ; worse talking ; from tickling in larynx and trachea ; tormenting ; whooping cough.

Expectoration morning and evening ; difficult ; mucus ; purulent ; scanty ; viscid ; yellow.

Catarrh of chest with marked constriction and oppression.

Pustules on the chest.

A feeling of fullness in the chest.

Chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes.

Itching of chest ; of mammae.

Pain in the chest in evening.

Soreness in the walls of chest.

Pressing and stitching pains in chest. Palpitation ; night ; anxious tumultuous.

Swollen axillary glands.

Feeling of weight in the back.

Itching of the back. Pain in the back.

before and during menses.

while sitting . in cervical region.

in lumbar region in evening and before and during menses.

in the sacrum . aching in back and especially in lumbar region.

burning in spine and in lumbar region.

drawing pain in lumbar region.

stitching in back, in cervical and lumbar regions.

Pulsation in lumbar region.

Stiffness in the back ; in cervical regions.

Tension in back ; in cervical region ; lumbar region ; sacrum.

Weakness in lumbar region.

Cold hands and feet. The corns sting and burn and are sore and painful.

Cracked hands and fingers.

Cramps in the calf. The hands are very dry.

Painful eruptions on the limbs ; pimples.

The hands are hot. Heaviness of upper and lower limbs.

Itching limbs ; upper ; lower, thighs.

Jerking of the lower limbs.

Numbness upper limbs ; hands ; fingers.

Pain in limbs ; joints ; upper limbs ; shoulder ; hands ; hip ; thigh ; knee ; leg ; bruised limbs and joints ; drawing in upper limbs, LOWER LIMBS ; thighs and legs ; stitching in knees ; tearing pain in all the limbs ; forearm ; wrist ; lower limbs ; thighs ; KNEES ; legs ; feet.

Painless paralysis of upper limbs.

Perspiration of hands, palms ; offensive sweat of feet ; suppressed foot sweat.

Tension of thighs. Ulcers on legs ; weakness of lower limbs.

Deep sleep. Dreams ; anxious ; frightful ; of misfortune ; vivid.

Falling asleep late. Restless sleep. Sleepiness in afternoon ; evening ; after dinner.

Sleeplessness before midnight with sleepiness.

Chill in the morning ; forenoon ; noon ; afternoon ; evening ; night ; chilliness in the open air ; in the least draft ; coldness in bed ; external coldness ; daily spells of coldness ; shaking chill ; one-sided chill ; generally left-sided ; coldness relieved in a warm room.

Fever evening and night ; alternating with chilliness ; burning heat ; flushes of heat.

Perspiration after midnight ; cold ; while eating ; offensive ; on single parts ; during sleep ; on waking.

Burning skin at times ; otherwise coldness ; cracked skin.

Pale skin ; red spots.

Dry burning skin. Eruptions ; burning, with yellow moisture ; DRY ; herpes ; ringworm ; itching ; painful ; eating ; pimples ; rash ; scabby ; worse after scratching place bare ; after scratching ; smarting ; stinging ; suppurating ; tubercles ; nodular ; urticaria ; vesicular ; vesicles after scratching.

Excoriation of the skin. Formication Itching at night ; itching ; burning ; itching, crawling ; unchanged by scratching ; itching, stinging ; in a warm bed Moisture of the skin after scratching.

The skin is very sensitive.

Stitching in the skin after scratching.

Stinging in the skin. Tension.

Small, wounds slow to heal and often fester.

WARTS ; small stinging.

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