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Dr.Maheeru.....Please Advice
Hi Dr. Maheeru I have some problems/symptoms for which i need your advice.If you may

ahmad88 2019-06-15
85   ahmad88 3 days ago

Hyperacidity and left shoulder and Neck pain
I have a very long post the details are in the link I have provided here.

pimathew 2019-08-03
34   Tui 4 days ago

Twinkling of Lower Eye muscles and upper lip on Left Side
There is continuous blinking of left eye and the muscles beneath the eye show movement
AbdulAhad 2020-02-16
2   vishnu4 4 days ago

acl knee ligament severely stretched
please help, in pain...ACL Severely stretched, lateral meniscus tear, thinned cartilage,
Elodia Garcia 2020-02-17
4   Tui 4 days ago

Maheru, would you mind taking a look?...
Hi, How are you? I am so glad to see that you're back on this forum. May I ask
rom109 2020-01-29
3   maheeru 4 days ago

Intrusive thoughts, sexual obsession, panic attacks depression
Im having severe mental problems for more than 2 months! My problem like this! I thought

pabitra 2019-11-15
81   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Stuttering problem in 4 years and 8 months boy
Hi, I want an advice about my son, he is now 4 years and 8 months and he is stuttering

Lona 2019-11-07
46   freehomeoforall 5 days ago

For Dr. Maheeru .. Kindly Advise
Hope u r fine. I have read your posts here, so i request you to kindly advise me for my

faizan81 2019-05-24
23   maheeru 5 days ago

how to cure herpes 1&2 permanently
I have Hsv1 &2 last 3 years. How to cure it

krishna reddy2 2017-04-23
15   Brittanykorth101 5 days ago

speech regression in 3 year old
i posted in this forum about mu daughter and got a suggestion of medicine but it has not

Umeedalam 2018-04-04
120   maheeru 5 days ago

Lost Sex Drive early 30s healthy male
Hi I am 100Kg 32 years with no health issues. I got married 4 years ago and had baby 2
xceptional88 2020-02-16
1   Tui 5 days ago

want remedy for harder penis
dear doctors i am a 27 yrs pld guy..i was in a habit of masturbation since i ws 18.. but
arazans 2011-09-12
2   xceptional88 5 days ago

hepatitis b its permanent cure
8 years ago during nasal surgery i found i have acute hepatitis b, there was no
brightkhan1 2020-02-06
5   Tui 5 days ago

I ate spoiled fish
I had several bites of fish that I then realized was spoiled. Is there anything I can
lisbeth 2020-02-16
2   Tui 5 days ago

pcos infertility help!
Hi, I'm 26 years old and been trying to conceive since I was 23. I am starting to
Brownbabies24 2020-01-23
9   jiya2 5 days ago

Fail to enter, erection loss, Premature Ejaculation, Precum on Talking
I tried to enter her, but penis lost erection on touching her vagina. Easily discharged

boy26 2019-12-31
18   freehomeoforall 6 days ago

Prostate problem
Sir, I Yogesh Baijal age 71 years ,am suffering from frequently urine in too much

yogesh baijal 2020-01-26
14   vishnu4 6 days ago

Chronic rheumatoid arthritis
My Wife age 53 year is suffering from Chronic rheumatoid arthritis affecting big and
qureshi1960 2017-05-16
10   doctoriduniya 6 days ago

Social anxiety
Hello. I need some help regarding the social anxiety of my 14 yrs old daughter. When
afridig 2020-02-15
4   afridig 6 days ago

Nonverbal Regressive Autism
Hi all My son is almost 6 yrs old and is nonverbal. He regressed around 15 to 18months

Riya101 2019-11-30
60   freehomeoforall 6 days ago

Lasicviousness .
Age 31 Height 5ft 11 inches Weight 72 Colour very fair Acne marks on face Two small flat

Varun7676 2020-01-03
111   Varun7676 6 days ago

At my wits end
One of my adopted children is plagued by behavior problems. I'll call her E.

Pickleplan6 2012-04-16
32   Pickleplan6 6 days ago

Toddlers constipation
My son 3 yrs old is Constipated. He passes stool after every two days. Stool is soft in
mominisb 2020-02-14
4   Tui last week

Acid Phos for me??
I am 72+ ,Diabetic,Hypertensive .Using Insulin and other Allopathic medicines.I fear
mrbaig 2020-02-13
3   anuj srivastava last week

where can we find Homeopathic reportories to import them to software?
Hi all, Such knowledge about repertoires is rare to find. where can we find homeopathic
rasara 2020-02-13
2   vishnu4 last week