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Erratic CBC
I am 83 years old My CBC count has been excellent with all parameters within limits. My
sevif 2020-08-09
5   freehomeoforall 2 days ago

Wisdom tooth sprouting ,pain and itching inflammation
I am 23 years old and seems like a new tooth is sprouting on left side of the mouth.There
KhanFaisal 2020-08-10
1   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Involuntary Urination in Old Woman
My wife is an old woman 82 years old. For many years, she has suffered from lower
Jingle Bells 2020-08-09
1   homeo_helper 3 days ago

Insomnia and sugar cravings
I am female age 46 years.i am having sleep problems.I don't think toouch at night

Fabeeha 2020-07-07
31   freehomeoforall 3 days ago

Hello! I am a 27y old, female and I suffer from Pcos - rapid weight gain, acnee, hair
Lilyofthevalley 2020-07-02
16   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Varicocele with necrozospermia
Hi, Pls suggest medicine for varicole with 4.1 mm on left side and 2.4 on right side
Lakshmi2 2020-08-04
7   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

Help for old stretch marks
Old stretch marks on shoulders and behind knees from
Cat33 2020-06-19
3   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

Zakawat e hiss(male organ hypersensitivity),Premature ejaculation
Hi sir.I am a student age :23 Weight: 80 kg height: 5'9'' Past history :
KhanFaisal 2020-08-03
8   Urepierk 4 days ago

Hi is it true that homeopathic remedies can antidote one another or is it an ancient 2020-08-04
12 4 days ago

Night fall
Sir I am 22 years old male single, I am having night fall from 3/4 years, I did a lot
Hope6 2020-08-07
1   Urepierk 4 days ago

Hi I’m new to homeopathy. I've been struggling for a year, and don't have
Wildtoes80 2020-08-07
3   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Please Help! Paraurethral Skene's Duct Cyst (Need Remedy)
Hi All, I was diagnosed with a 21 MM Paraurethral Skene's Duct cyst (apparently
Brittany88 2020-08-06
2   Brittany88 5 days ago

Please help, totally out of sleep. Female 40years 2 kids, normal delivery. Hair-Dry
Vick007y 2020-07-13
18   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Hi Everyone, I am 34 years old man. I have been suffering from constipation for last one
Esooph 2020-08-07
1   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

I am 36 year old Male ,I have hypothyroidism from last 3 current TSH is 14, T3

Yiew 2019-12-09
31   Yiew 5 days ago

Throat mucus
Hi everyone, Needing help regarding my partner. He is constantly clearning his throat
akira 2020-08-07
1   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Mercurius Auratus LM XXX
M from Pakistan. Can any one let me know the alternate name and potency of Mercurius
Abdul8 2020-08-06
2   Abdul8 5 days ago

Attn: Joe De Livera - Infant Acid Reflux and Constipation
My son was diagnosed with Acid Reflux at the age of 1 month. At first he was prescribed

yuliak 2011-06-26
100   maheeru 5 days ago

Ganglion Cyst - Please help me find the appropriate remedy
Hello! Im seeking a remedy for a ganglion cyst bellow my left pointer finger. My doctor
Deatai 2020-08-07
1   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Toddler constipation
Hi, I need help regarding my 3.5 year old daughter. She has struggled with constipation

akira 2020-06-16
27   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Please help in emergency case of chronic pancreatitis
Please someone help image chronic case of pancreatitis of my younger brother East 39 very
guddu1976 2020-07-16
20   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Headache and motion disturbance re occurred after taking Corona preventives.
We have followed corona preventives as per below post. We have already given Camphora 1M,

speddiraju 2020-03-29
56   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Ischemic Stroke of 70 years aged woman
My mother, aged around 70, underwent an ischemic stroke on October 12, 2019. It resulted
rahul34 2020-08-02
16   freehomeoforall 6 days ago

Dewormer for dogs
Can you please suggest homeopathic dewormer for dogs? Also if there is anything to detox
Gba 2020-08-06
4   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Aplastic Anemia
My CBC has suddenly gone down. It may be due to aplastic anemia. Please advise possible
sskps 2020-08-05
1   anuj srivastava last week