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Dr Anuj Srivastav please . My Cat skin condition
Hi, My cat has been having skin infection for the last couple of years. I had been
noshiahmad 2019-12-29
12   noshiahmad 2 days ago

For our dog - part 2 !!
Hello, This is a question for our dog and the previous thread I had for her

June 2020-03-02
25   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Corona virus and homeopathy
Can anybody suggest preventative medicines to counter the infection of Corona Virus. If

Sadhana Singh 2020-03-11
71   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Server Upgrade - back up your posts
Hello, We are about to upgrade the server which may mean posts miss the server for a
moderator 2019-10-17
5   moderator 2 days ago

7 years child have barking cough and little bit hafni(hindi)
Dear sir 7 year old son having dry barking cough and little hafni. It started after
Nitesh Kamal 2020-03-16
7   vishnu4 3 days ago

Maheru, would you mind taking a look?...
Hi, How are you? I am so glad to see that you're back on this forum. May I ask

rom109 2020-01-29
14   maheeru 3 days ago

Prophylaxis for Corona virus
AYUSH has recommended Ars alb as a prophylaxis for corona virus. Does anyone here have

AH2015 2020-01-30
17   maheeru 3 days ago

Request to Complete a Quick, Online Survey to help a Lynn University student
Hello everyone! I am a business student at Lynn University, which is located in Boca
Lynn Student 2020-04-03
1   telescope 3 days ago

Is there any pharmacy which has potentised corona virus to make
gopal18 2020-04-06
2   gopal18 3 days ago

Prince Charles cured of coronavirus with homeopathy?
Wow! Just learned that Prince Charles has been cured of Corona virus using homeopathy?
gudiyachettu 2020-04-07
1   maheeru 3 days ago

For freehomeoforall : Rashes, itching on whole body
Kindly help. I have taken Arsenic album 30 for 03 days for preventive of flu. However, i

nura8989 2020-03-30
20   freehomeoforall 3 days ago

Terrified after reading symptoms posted in 'Corona and homeopathy' thread
Hi, After reading the symptoms a lady had that Dr.Anuj posted in the Corona forum ,I

gudiyachettu 2020-03-27
21   gudiyachettu 3 days ago

Ordering from abc homeopathy-pills or liquid dilutions?
Planning to place an order for some medicines from abc homeopathy. Will it be better to
gudiyachettu 2020-04-06
2   gudiyachettu 3 days ago

Adenoids in 8 year old active girl snores and breathes thru mouth at night
Problem: Snores when sleeping, sleeps with mouth open, mainly back sleeper, ENT said

ariesboy 2020-02-18
25   ariesboy 3 days ago

Nikkie (Need help for psoriasis)
Dear Nikkie I am a patient of psoriasis for about 25-27 years and I have been using
rmasood 2019-01-09
1   Nikkie 3 days ago

Gout cure
Uric acid 7.8...swelling in affected left ankle...since last 3 months...otherwise no pain

andy_65_in 2019-12-28
24   andy_65_in 3 days ago

Covid19 and homeopathy
Hello doctor, I am 44 year old women. I started having dry cough 15 days ago. The cough
Simran25 2020-04-06
1   freehomeoforall 3 days ago

Help me to help others
Dear Sir, I am a teacher, 60, 5'5", fair,social, pleasant personality,

sandy3 2020-03-25
19   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

Menopause - Menorrhagia
I am a 50 year old female. One year ago I began to have heavy menstrual bleeding (having

magicandmiracles1 2020-01-28
38   freehomeoforall 4 days ago

Dr.Maheeru.....Please Advice
Hi Dr. Maheeru I have some problems/symptoms for which i need your advice.If you may

ahmad88 2019-06-15
101   ahmad88 4 days ago

Silent Reflux and Stomach issues since 6 Months
Hello All, I have been suffering from chronic silent reflux (a derivative of GERD) for
mehulmadan 2020-04-04
6   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

Mother (66yo) suffers from painful cramps, stretched-painful nerve and osteo-arthritis
Hi, Wondering if homeopathy might hold some relief for my mother. She has been under
falcon74 2020-03-25
9   falcon74 4 days ago

Advice for Dog Mastitis
Can someone please advice what remedy would be suitable for a 3+ year old dog, over
cust.73 2020-04-05
1   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Corona scare
I had a bout of nausea w burning hot throat fir two weeks a handful of f bc weeks
estherm 2020-04-04
3   maheeru 5 days ago

Pre Ejaculation
I m suffering from Premature Ejaculation as when penetration done. Max 20-30 second. Pls
Bhanups23 2020-04-04
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