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Chronic debilitating symptoms

Case History-

I am 28 year old male.

I had always been a very healthy and active individual. Very headstrong, active and articulative.

However In 2017 around april/may. I suddenly had a typical episode of diarrhea. It was an epidemic in delhi back then and every second person was falling ill. I had a hard time recovering with it. Alongwith diarrhea, continous twitching throughout the day (quick twitches all over body on legs arms back buttocks each lasting 30 sec or so before moving to another place) became part of the problems.

After taking antibiotics for around 1-2 months, my condition didnt improve. I constantly had diarrhea. I had severe acidity one day and doctor prescribed PPI and antacid.

Behold. Two days later i lost myself. Everything became difficult as i was overcome with excessive fatigue and confusion, speech slurring, tone suddenly becoming monotonous, face flushed without expressions. So much so that i found it difficult to even count change in my wallet. Often while talking i'd forget what i was saying! All of this accompanied by a lot of pain in the body, majorly legs, very hot to touch and burning in pain.

And then the winters came, i recovered slightly. And then summers came again(2018) spiralling me down the same road of evil brain fog again. In the mean time I started ayurveda which helped my digestion correct immensely.

Now the problem is, as much as i can make out, i get extremely disoriented the moment i set outside in the sun with sun exposure in summers. The digestion is nowhere as it used to be. Do not digest anything at all. Spices, green vegetables, and most severely milk. Diarrhea from all of them interconnected, they lead to extreme mental and physical weakness.

My father expired 7 years ago from colon cncer, in his adulthood he suffered a similar problem as he told me, god bless his soul, i can never ask him how he got cured.

-Symptoms Summary-

- sun exposure related issues - confusion, speech slurring, expressioness face, monotonous tone,burning pain in the body-skin too hot to touch majorly legs(thighs knees heels and back), inability to do even basic calculations or work, finding stuck in delerium and unable to comprehend. This symptoms amplify if i smoke even one cigarette, with red rash like acne coming up immediately on the back.
Need to sleep urgently, sleep like in coma - mouth open and drooling in sleep. Mental symptoms better after sleeping but physical symptoms worse.
The state of problem does not change at all without sleeping.
P.s- the shutdown only happens severely in summers. In winters confusion always in mind. Want to speak something, ends up saying something else.

stomach issues- incomplete digestion throughout, undigested food majorly expelled, no tolerance to milk products- acidic flavour in mouth and throat, followed by stomach cramps and gas, if higher quantity taken then diarrhea. Lips chapped and twitches increased just before bouts of diarrhea.

-Lately Extreme lethargy,anxiety & panic has come up since past few months as it has effected my ability to work severely and most importantly has put me in such life that I never dreamed of being put to. Because of problem with the sun, the commute in summers is virtually impossible

Please kindly let me know if anyone has seen such cases before at all? Is it curable?
  godslayer on 2020-06-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nux Vom 30 five drops in an ounce of water three times a day for 4 days.In addition Nat Phos 6X and Kali Mur 6x five tabs of each three times a day.

Day 5 onwards Ars Alb 6c and Lycopodium 200,ones a day.Cell Salts to continue.

Feedback after 7 days.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Dear Lt Col Anuj Srivastava,

Thank you for your reply. I shall take the medicines and report back in 7 days.

Kindly note these things started coming up from diarrhea, which happened right after i came across a lot of stress & disappointments in job switching and completion of family projects.

By nature, i dont cry, its been many years since ive cried and do not like to be consoled. Any hurtful events i generally
Shake off on the surface and appear strong/normal.

note that the issues mentioned under heading of sun related issues come up only with exposure to sun.

Therefore I have one query, would natrum carb also be suitable with the given set of medicines?

Thank you again.
[Edited by godslayer on 2020-06-08 09:48:29]
godslayer 4 months ago
After nux vom you can have nat carb and see.Start other remedies after nat carb.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Dear Col Saheb,

Can you please tell the potency and the way to take it with duration?

Cell salts to be taken along with it?

Also, any specific brands you prefer? Indian or german?

Thank you.
[Edited by godslayer on 2020-06-08 12:24:04]
godslayer 4 months ago


anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Sorry for repeated posting,

I wanted to know about natrum carbonicum.
Their potency and way to take it.

Thank you.
godslayer 4 months ago
30, three times a day five drops in an ounce of water.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Dear Lt Col,

I was not able to get arsenicum 6c, however only 30 was available, do dosage increase in proportion?

Also kalimur and natrum carb were not available I will try to arrange for them asap and begin with the plan.

There is some covid homeopathy drops. All people are rushing for them and dealers seem ro be only stocking those up.

Thank you for the patience. Ill keep the thread updated with the progress.
godslayer 4 months ago
Dear Col Anuj,

I am on day 3 of nux vomica and cell salts.
I am feeling better energy, however i am getting very less sleep at night around 3 hours or so because of which i wake up in the morning and almost exhausted. Difficult to open eyes. Mood wise i am slightly better with lesser anxiety and panic attacks.

as i take kali mur after nux vomica, I feel pain in my legs-thighs and calves. Very mild and it feels like coming from overworking of muscles.

My digestion is better but twitching increased in legs and shoulders (theyre like eye twitch, very rapid but they keep on moving). I will finish off with day 4 tomorrow and begin with natrum carb day after.
godslayer 4 months ago
Give a feedback after nat carb.

If the twitching continues have a dose or 2 of MAG PHOS 6X.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Dear Col Anuj,

I am feeling slightly better any more energetic after taking natrum carb as stools are better formed now.

However it has lead to excessive amount of painful gas in the stomach. I overall feel less acidic. But the twichings have increased considerably.

As mentioned before, twitchings came after prolonged diarrhea, eventually the symptoms come together. Stomach upset, gas, twitching of muscles and weakness. Randomly throughout they increase or decrease as per their convenience, Randomly. Flare-ups are very hard.

I tried doses of magnesium phos earlier as well as now. They have no effect whatsoever.

Kindly advise
[Edited by godslayer on 2020-06-21 11:32:51]
godslayer 4 months ago
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Is nat carb supposed to be stopped now? Also what is to be done with arsenic alb?

godslayer 4 months ago
I had recommended a different protocol.In case yo want have the medicines recommended by me.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Dear anuj ji,

I am following your advice throughout. So I need to stop everything and just take magnesium phos 6x and calcerea sulph?

Because as per your recommendation I was taking natrum carb with kali mur and natrum phos before this.

Thanking you..
godslayer 4 months ago
Ars 6 and Lyco 200 was recommended along with cell salts.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
I will continue with arsenicum and Lycopodium today onwards then, for next two days & share feedback.

However i was only able to get arsenicum 30. Can you please help modify the dosage}
godslayer 4 months ago

anuj srivastava 4 months ago

I am done with 7 day course.
After finishing the last dose. I feel extremely weak and suffering from indigestion and chapped lips again.

godslayer 4 months ago
Which medicines have you taken for 7 days.Yesterday you said that Ars 6c is not thee with you.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Day 0-2(3 days)
Nux vomica 30 x 3 times ounce of water.
Day 3-5(3 days)
Natrum carb 30 x 3 times ounce of water.
Two doses of mag phos 6x on day 3.
Day 6-7( 2 days)
Lycopodium 200 x 1 time ounce of water.

Cell salts continued 3x a day on regular intervals.
In nearby shops, any medicine of arsenicum alb except 30 not available.
godslayer 4 months ago
Restart with nux vom for 2 days then start Nat Mur 30 three times a day and in addition Kali Phos 6x five tabs three times a day from day 3 .

Give feedback on day 4.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Please Study China :Natrum Mur : Natrum sulph
A.Singh 4 months ago
China and NS do not have the emotional issues and aggravation from heat,which you have mentioned in one of the post.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Dear A singh ji

I had been prescribed NS & NM every day in one liter of water to be consumed alternatively, throughout the day by a local homeopathic doctor.

This was more than a year ago. It had tremendous effect on my energy levels and digestion. However i was told to stop the treatment once i became better. After few months of stopping, it started to come back. Once i restarted the remedies, it just didnt work anymore, so i had to stop taking them as a whole.

-Anuj ji,

I would like to share with you, natrum carb infact did have some effect on me right after taking it after nux vomica.
Energy levels and mood was improved however twitchings remained and even amplified. More than any functional problems that twitchings have, they are very annoying problem to have, causes severe distraction and creates a lot of uneasiness. Another thing to be noticed is all the issues come together or nothing as a whole. Few days are better, few days it goes really bad. Like on and off flare ups. Twitchings, diarrhea/lose motions, lips chapping, sun aversion are somehow linked - once one aggreveates, all of them do, together

godslayer 4 months ago

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