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Dear John
I will try an answere as closel as possible though i don't remember the exact dates:

1)He has been clinically diagnosed for having urticaria from the past one year ,it started when he was taking tretment for asthma from a homeopath,he said it's a ggod sign.But could never control it even by trying various remedies .For sometime he undertook anti allergic but would relief him till the effect of the medicine lasted but he never used any creams or steroids for this condition.He undertook naturopathy treatment for urticaria ,he is almost allright except for aggravations though only mild under the foll: conditions :
a)Whenever he gets angry
b)after undressing
c)after taking bath
d)if someone hits him or he bumps into something
that portion gets long lines and worsens if he scratches them.

Vaccinations received

My son is going to be 7 years in June ,He was clinically diagnosed as an asthmatic at the age of 4 years.

Fear of dogs
He was bitten by a stray dog last year (5 yrs then)since then he is afraid of them.Otherwise one of our friends has a pet dog and he tries to play with her .

Rubs nose while crying or irritable.After taking bath .I would say that there are times when he rubs his nose though not always.
Yeah sneezes a lot.Sneezes whenever body expreinces change of temp. e.g going to a cold room ,coming out of a cold room,if facing an a/c directly or even before catching a cold.

Catches cold also because of change in temp.

Likes to sleep with the covers.Uses an allergy proof pillow though not the cover but i make sure that he changes the cover thrice a week.

Sleeps with his mouth open.Could be the cause of nocturnal cough.

Uses only dove soap and nothing else.Is not using any medicine fr skin ailment.

Uses corticosteroid inhaler and asthalin fr asthama as earlier explained.

Started getting barking cough ever since the age of 2 years,before that had a problem of reflux though i never new at that time what was happening .So he was never treated fr it.He use to get barking cough repeatedly which the pediatrician termed as stridor and he was repeatedly treated for URI and stridor with antibiotics .The doc said he will eventually come out of it by the time he is 4 and he indeed did but after that the barking cough turned into spasmodic one..

Hope i have answered all your questions.
This time i am relying on homeopathy to cure him hope all can help.

shiny last decade
ok need clear something ---concerning ''stridor''..what other symptoms were exhibite during the "stridor/barking cough''time--before treatment--before diagnosis?also what were the exact characteristics and conditios envolve with the barking cough?

when was child first vaccinated?give your best guess?
John Stanton last decade
Dear John
I don't remember too much of it since it's been almost 3 yrs now .But if he would have mild cough during the day ,or cold during the day then that same very night or the next morning he would wake up with a loud crowing ,barking kind of a cough.A peculiar kind of a noise would come out of his cough .He recieved hios first vaccination 17/8/99 that was DPT.Birth date is 25th Jun'99.

shiny last decade
Will John,Magic cure or anyone else reply.

shiny last decade
Hi Shiny,

I still maintain my views regarding your son's case.
He is responding very well to the treatment that we have already started, and as I always tell you, you need to be patient in order to let the medicines act to the fullest.

I am confident that he will be completely cured in due course of time.

Please post back about his present condition. Any changes noted after giving Kali carb?

Also, I would suggest you to post here *before* you go ahead and give him any acute remedy like Ferrum Phos etc.
magicure last decade
Dear Magic cure
No changes noted By giving Kali Carb.He had a bad cold ,was swallowing up all the mucous.So i gave him Ferrum phos ,since he had already started coughing a little bit.I tried taking help from you but there was no reponse frm you regarding what should be done in case he starts having spasmodic cough which certainly has been the pattern so far and eventually this is exactly what happened and he is again on corticosteroid inhaler .I believe swallowing up of themucus made him cough more.Maybe we need think of another remedy.

shiny last decade
hi there
i became interested in homeopathy after 2 of my co-workers noticed significant improvement in their kids asthma after using Nat Sulph homeopah remedy who learned it from this site, then I passed the information to some more moms. They all contacted Mr. De Livera directly by e-mail and the moms were happy their kids are doing much better and no longer use their inhalers.

my wish is you give your son opportunity with this remedy also like the other moms.
I wish the same good fortune to you.
Gino12 last decade
Dear Gino
Thanks a lot was juast waiting for somebody to poat a response here reagarding use of nat sulp for children.Have been thinking of using it for quite sometime now but your mail certainly proves that it works on children as well.

shiny last decade
Dear Joe
The above post clearly shows that nat sulph works well on children.Always wanted to use it but since nobody had reported it's success on using it on children so i was a bit hesitant But shall do so now and post the results.

shiny last decade

I am glad to learn that you have finally decided, after subjecting your son to unnecessary discomfort and agony since you first posted his problem on the ABC just over a month ago, to use my default remedy Nat Phos 6c in the Split Dose to help his Asthma.

Please keep us informed as you have done on a daily basis, of his response.

I would suggest that you start him on straight dose, ie. by using the remedy in a teaspoonful, direct from the bottle without further dilution in the half cup and later when he responds to the remedy, you can then use the Split Dose method which you can read about in the instructions that I have given you a month ago. The reason for my suggesting the Direct dose is because I feel that he is a chronic case of Asthma and I have experience that these cases which have been subjected to many drugs and homeopathic remedies need the full dose of the Nat Sulph 6c to give quick results.

We are all praying for his swift recovery.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have urticaria from last 3 years.And it is triggered without any particular reason.I had esnophilia and was traeted for that.I Have history of common cold and am 25 yrs of age.I am given Arsenic for this by my Homeopath, but it seems that it stopped working after some time. So urticaria has decreased but hasn't gone completely. Can you help me.
disputedbug last decade
Dear disputedbug
I am not quqlified enough to help you but from my son's experience i can just tell you couple of pointer:
1)Use only dove soap.
2)My son's urticaria really improved by taking naturopathic treatment wherein they make you sit in a bath of cold water for 15-20 min. after that rubbing the area with towel or to say giving dry friction.
3)Avoid using crems and lotion.

My son's urticaria has really improved couple of red marks sometime here and there.
shiny last decade

I am wondering if Nat Sulph is working for your son

Please post the updates.
magicure last decade

What is your hurry?
Pat2006 last decade
Dear magiccure
I really do appreciate all the help which you have been offerring but somehow i feel due to time difference i haven't been able to get help timely which indeed is very imp. fr asthma.If you dn't control the symptoms as soon as they appear then things become too prolonged and difficult to control.I used Ferrum phos fr his cold and it made the diff.
However i haven't been able to precure nat sulp 6c as sson as i do i will def. try and will definately post the result on this forum.

shiny last decade
To Shiny,

I note that you have not been able to get Nat Sulph 6c and if you have any problem in doing so I shall be glad to send it to you by airmail, free of charge, but if you live in the US it may take about 3 weeks to reach you from Sri Lanka.

You are also advised to get Ars Alb 200c as this may be found necessary to be used instead of the inhaler that he is now using in the event of his being unable to breathe during an acute attack which can occur during the first few weeks of the therapy.

I hope that you will follow my instructions to the letter in treating your son and it is understood that he may have to be on this therapy for some months in the future till his problem is stabilized when I shall give you instructions on tapering off the dose.

You may like to know that I have many patients who were using multiple inhalers daily and one 21 year old girl who was a chronic asthmatic who used up a Ventolin Inhaler which has 250 puffs in a month, does not have even a trace of her ailment which she suffered from age 4, today.

She does not use any medication whatsoever and is as free as a bird !

Please let me know if you wish to have the Nat Sulph 6c and the Ars Alb 200c which I can post next Tuesday as Monday is a holiday.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Thanks a lot.I stay in New Delhi,India.I have checked with all the homeopathic shops nearby they all don't have it but one of them has promised to get it by tonight.If even he cannot manage then i might have t ask you fr the trouble.
Couple of things that i would like to know:
1)If he starts to cough then i have to give ars alb 200c but even after giving this he doesn't stop coughing because his cough is deep,dry and spasmodic kind then should ars be repeated if yes then how frequently can it be given.
The electric kettle treatment didn't work fr him earlier as i tried it twice.
2)I had read in one of your earlier posts that ham ,bacon and coke is not allowed .So do you only mean coke or all the aerreated drinks.
3)He has a tendency to catch very frequently and swallows up all the mucus which again tends to aggravate the proble.This time i tried Ferrum Phos 30x 2tabs thrice daily and it definately helped.I could get it under control in a day itself.So even after getting it under control one needs to take it fr a couple of days bec. i did not continue it further.

shiny last decade
Since you live in India sending the Nat Sulph from Sri Lanka is similar to the old English saying 'carrying coals to Newcastle'. I get my own supplies from Mumbai and I am sure that you can get every homeopathic remedy in New Delhi.

I note that you have been very liberal with Ars Alb 200 and was horrified to note that you were using it liberally in the past mongh. Please be advised that this remedy is Arsenic and you do not want to play about with it unless it is strictly necessary. In any case it is not indicated for a cough and will not stop it. You are advised to use Carbo Veg 6c in the wet dose (not split dose) to enable him to get over his cough. Dose 1 teaspoonful 3 times daily. You must not give him the Nat Sulph 6c split dose till he gets over his cough as it will not help his asthma. I am presuming that his cough is wet and that he brings out white phlegm. Please confirm.

Please note that you may not start the Nat Sulph 6c therapy till he is cured of his cold for which I note that you used Ferr Phos 30x . I prefer to use the 6x as I have found it more effective. He must get over his cold and cough which are caused by a virus before you give him the Nat Sulph for his Asthma.

I hope you have understood my request not to start with Nat Sulph 6c split dose for his Asthma till he gets over his present cold and the chronic cough.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
He has no signs of asthma right now since he is back on cortico steroid inhaler,since in Delhi it's very dusty these days.But i want to know when he goes off inhaler then if he starts to couh which is dry,deep and spasmodic in nature with scanty expectoration which is white in colour what should i give him .I will repeat again as of now he has nothing.So should i start with nat sulph.

shiny last decade
Yes you may commence the Nat Sulph therapy now if he has got over his cold.

As I mentioned in a recent post I would prefer to start his therapy with a straight dose taken direct from the bottle after succussion at least 6 times before he is given a teaspoonful to be sipped slowly.

When he is stabilized you can then change over to the Split Dose where you take a teaspoonful of the remedy and stir it into a half cup of water from which he is given a teaspoonful to be sipped.

Remember that any therapy for Asthma is not an instant fix. You can use the inhaler on SOS basis till the Nat Sulph takes over which it normally does in about a week after you start the therapy when you should notice that his attacks will ease up and he will not want his inhalers any more.

When he is stabilized with the Nat Sulph you can use Ars Alb 200 if and when he gets an attack and only if he cannot breathe. Dose 4 pellets under the tongue just once only. This remedy usually clears the air passage in about 20 minutes. If there is no response you may repeat another dose in an hour. Please ensure that you have a fresh stock of Ars Alb 200 as I noticed that you were using it very liberally in the past and it occured to me that your stock may be off spec.

You will please keep me advised of his progress daily if necessary.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for replying ,i am just waiting for the remedy to arrive ,still haven't got it yet.
Will def. keep you updated on daily basis.

shiny last decade
Hi Shiny,

I just wanted to reassure you that we HAVE NOT given him Arsenic Album in excess. Altogether we have used not more than 10 doses over a period of one month.

I dont know what exactly made you change your mind regarding your treatment plan, (as your son was showing nice improvement) just note that I am writing this post with the only intention of welfare of your son. So no misunderstandings please.

There are certain factors which determine the potency and repetition of the remedy. The two most important are susceptibility and sensitivity of the patient.
Studying the case of your son, I am positive that we had adopted a very correct treatment plan as regards to selection of remedies, potencies and their repetition.

Arsenic is NO different than other homoeopathic remedies, as far as its adverse effects are concerned. Though it is made from arsenic, it is POTENTIZED and is completely harmless. (Joe needs to know this, and he should also read the entire thread carefully to see HOW often all the remedies were used, and whether the patient was really subjected to any unnecessary discomfort in the past month, as Joe states in his post.)

According to my education and experience,(about which I need not brag)this treatment plan was correct.

Now lets see how the 'default' remedy acts, though it is not selected on the Homoeopathic principles, and is certainly not a similimum as far as your son's symptomatology is concerned.

The concept of 'default remedy' itself IS NOT HOMOEOPATHIC.
magicure last decade
why don't you be respectful of other's decisions and methods?

Joe De Livera was respectful of you.

Can you please show the same consideration.

Why do you insist on always being right.

There is no track record here of you ever having helped anyone successfully.

Why don't you spend some time answering the many questions from the board here in the meantime.

Shiny was obviously sensing and feeling that your help was not helping.
Pat2006 last decade

I am being respectful, and thats why I was IGNORING you till this point.

Why do YOU ALWAYS speak on Joe's behalf on all the threads? Has he appointed you for this task? I hope not.

I do not want to HARP about my own success stories. Bragging is simply NOT in my nature. You, However, should try AND SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.

I am concerned about my patients and have always addressed them and not tried to influence them into any treatment.

magicure last decade
I'm sorry that you misunderstand me.

I am not always speaking on Joe's behalf. Only on what I have read in previous posts.

I am supportive of ALL of those here regardless of who it is when it comes to treating themselves as grown adults.

I always encourage people to work with all 'homeopaths' here who have shown a history of helping people and that includes John Stanton, Walkin, Kaldeep, Joe De Livera, Pankaj, etc, etc. Always encourage those people who have contacted me by e-mail to work with these 'homeopaths.' I do this with people who don't have a computer also.

You are free to contact those people who have contacted me through my personal e-mail to ask them if I don't encourage them to work with all homeopaths here.

When it comes to little kids being treated over the internet by someone who has no prior history here, I do have a problem with.

Why don't you pick on grown up adults to be your guine pigs.
Pat2006 last decade
Dear Joe
Will be starting the remedy from tonight but need to know couple of things:

1)The bottle needs to be potensised everytime before the dose is given.
2)Can he take other areated drinks besides coke as you had mentioned in one of your earlier posts that coke,ham and bacon should be avoided but what about other aereated drinks.
3)Besides ars 200 ,which is given to open the airways what can be given to my son in case he does start to have a bout of dry,deep and spasmodic cough with white phelgm.I will repaet his cough is mostly dry .I need an answer to this question as i need to keep the med. with me so that when i wean him off inhalers and if he does have an attack ,i can immidiately start with the remedy and also during that time should nat sulph be continued.I will keep you poste regularly.

shiny last decade

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