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It is important you don't use Petroleum jelly - this is highly suppressive, especially because the substance actually causes those symptoms (which is why we use it as a homoeopathic remedy to cure them). If the arthritis is getting better, but the skin worse (or is as severe as normal), this is the correct direction of cure (inside to outside). Applying a petroleum product will suppress the skin, and block the cure.

Try to use products that moisturize but do not contain any kind of derivative of petroleum.

However, we do not need to allow this to go on forever - at some point I can focus on the skin if it remains a problem.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Thanks Evocationer for your suggestion.

Arthritis cure is my main concern. I hope skin will be ok as long temperature changes.
hedican 7 years ago
Its been a month since I completed 3 doses of LM1 (Aurum Met).

I did not have any pain any part of the joint. But sometime pain comes in left ankle, toe. It last for 2-3 days and slowly get better.

Do you think I should take additional dose.
hedican 7 years ago
Is that the only complaint at the moment? Does that mean the arthritis is almost completely improved?
Evocationer 7 years ago
Arthritis has improved. This is the only complain that I observed so far.
hedican 7 years ago
Ok good. I would just watch and wait for the moment. If there is relapse immediately repeat the 3 doses. Let me know in another 2 weeks how things are.
Evocationer 7 years ago
As advised I took one dose (whereas I was supposed to take 3 doses) on February 20 for the pain in left ankle and toe.

After taking the first dose - Aurum Met LM1 the next day toe pain better by 75% but the ankle pain worse by 80%, could be aggravation. I waited, I did not continue the rest two doses. Ankle pain slowly reduced and after 5 days its better by 75%. At present ankle pain better by 80%, toe pain worse by 20%.
hedican 7 years ago
Those symptoms appear to alternate don't they?

As the symptom may be moving downwards, I would wait a bit longer. Do you have or can you obtain Aurum 0/2?
Evocationer 7 years ago
Yes, symptoms appear to alternate. I do have LM2 that we tried earlier (2014-10-12), but there were some improvement relapse, thats why you advised for LM1 again.
hedican 7 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

Its been more than a month I have no problem with joint pain except the pain in left toe that comes, may be stay 2-3 days than it disappears. Seems it comes suddenly stays for a bit than disappear.

Last one week I have been suffering vertigo, dizziness. Usually when I lye down on bed or wake up I feel dizziness, I feel the bed goes ups and down. I had this problem earlier, the symptom come yearly once or twice, it stayed 2-3 days and than slowly I felt better. No medication taken for this symptom. But this time its continue longer. I do not have any trouble for my daily activities or don't feel laziness only the time I put my head down or lye I feel dizziness. Could you please advise. Thank you.
hedican 7 years ago
That is great to hear regarding the pain.

Can you give me all the symptoms that are current. Use this template for all of them:


General Guidelines:

1. Try to be as descriptive as possible. When describing pains or sensations use descriptions along the lines of ‘feels as if someone is squeezing it with their hand’ or ‘it is like an insect crawling around inside’ or ‘it is as if someone is standing over me threatening to kill me’. Long descriptions are always better than short ones. One word answers are difficult to use successfully.

2. Another important part of symptom description for homoeopathy are the ‘modalities’. These are situations, events, activities or conditions which modify the symptom in some way. We usually refer to this as what makes them ‘better’ or ‘worse’ (amelioration/aggravation). The situation may actually provoke the symptom into appearing, make it vanish altogether, or just increase or decrease it in some way. Modalities are vital information for prescribing.

Modalities are typically related to (but not exclusively) the following situations:

A. Temperature, weather
B. Time (day, night, specific times, frequency, periodicity, season)
C. Position, activity
D. Emotions, thoughts
E. Food and drink
F. Drugs, medication

3. How the symptom is perceived is important too – odour, appearance, sound, touch. What colour is it, what is its texture? For gestures, describe what it looks like the patient is doing, or what you feel you are doing while making the movement eg. ‘they look like they are swatting flies’ or ‘I feel like something is pushing my hand upwards’ or ‘it is like I stick a fork in an electrical outlet which throws my body backwards’. Description – it is key to accurate prescriptions.

4. When did the symptom or set of symptoms start? The apparent cause can be useful in determining the remedy, although it is not of the same importance as the previous factors. It may have been a specific event, a disease, an accident or even an emotional experience.

5. Use your own words. Do not copy phrases or descriptions found in our various remedy pictures. Try not to use other people’s ideas or thoughts or words. If you are reporting on behalf of someone else, report their exact words, however you can also report your own observations of them (not opinions).

6. Does the symptom occur alongside another specific symptom? Do particular symptoms only occur together? Does a particular symptom occur with a particular thought or emotion? For example, a headache that always comes with visual disturbances, or stomach pain that appears alongside anger, or anxiety that makes you feel like running down the street screaming.

7. Each complaint should be described fully before going on to describe another complaint. Try not to mix different symptoms or complaints together. Each modifying feature must be clearly attached to a particular symptom/set of symptoms. Any mistake you make here is a mistake the homoeopath will also then make.

Evocationer 7 years ago
Thanks Evoccationer. I tried to explain the symptoms.

I have been suffering vertigo for more than 10 years. I usually have the symptoms yearly once or twice , it stays 2-5 days than it disappears. When the symptoms come first I notice at the morning the time I wake up. When I open my eyes I feel the whole room is spinning, my vision get blurred, I feel I may fall as I see my bed get ups and down. Than I sit for some time since it get settled probably 2-5 minutes, I slowly get down from the bed, feel dizziness, after 15-20 minutes than it slowly come to a normal.

I feel nausea specially in the morning, even I have hard time of brushing my teeth, feel to throw up as well as night while brushing. Bowel is Ok but there will gas in the stomach with sound. I sweat more in under arms bad odor.

I usually get angry first and because of the dizziness I cannot concrete much. Dry weather, bad smell, high volume of music, noise make the symptom worse. Despite of having proper nutrition I feel tired, reduce weight, reduce sexual desire. I think the symptom appear when there is too much stress, lack of proper sleep, not taking enough water, irregular eating.
In order to avoid vertigo or get better while going to the bed at night I close my eyes, lie on the bed on my chest and slowly turn to the right position for sleep. I don’t rush myself of doing the things, if I suddenly get up from one position I get dizziness.

During the day I don’t notice the symptoms. To find out I usually put my head down to see if I feel dizziness/vertigo or not. As the symptoms appear yearly once or twice I considered it for lack of proper nutrition, sleep or having too much stress. But this time the symptom prolonging and its now more than week.
hedican 7 years ago
Can you obtain either Mercurius 30c or Mercurius 0/1? Take 3 doses of either and let me know how that affects you.

This is Merc sol.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Thank you Evocationer.

I will collect Merc Sol 30C soon.

I think today is the first day (in 8-10 days) I did not feel any dizziness while I wake up.
hedican 7 years ago
As I told yesterday I feel better and today I think I am better by 75% for my vertigo, dizziness symptom.

But today I wake up with ankle pain and swelling only in the left ankle. Pain getting worse as time passes. There is no pain any other joint.

I was planning to buy Merc Sol 30C, before that I would like to take your advise as vertigo symptom is in control but arthritis symptoms appear.

Whether I should go for Merc sol or Arthritis remedy Aur Met LM1 that I last took on February 20, single dose. Also to mention that I have Aur LM2 available with me.
hedican 7 years ago
In addition to my last post dated April 24, just to update you my current situation:
Vertigo/dizziness is better by 75%.
Ankle pain better by 65%.

Ankle pain started on April 23 morning, it continued April 23 and 24 but the sysmptoms got better on April 25. Its getter better even today. Quite interesting the pain came on sudden and slowly disappear without taking any medication. There is no pain any other joint.

No medication taken yet.

Thank you.
hedican 7 years ago

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