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Hi Evocationer,

Reference to my previous post dated Oct. 28, situation still the same.

Is this a good sign.

Thank you.
hedican 8 years ago
Wait - how much improvement is that? Can you list the physical things like before and give me the percentages etc?
Evocationer 8 years ago
Inflammation of small joints – better by 85%
Pain switches from one finger or hand to the other – better by 80%
Severe ankle pain – better by 65%
Unable to walk on waking – better by 50%
Pain in joints on waking – better by 65%
Stiffness on waking – better by 50%
Easily tired – better by 40%
Unable to do heavy work – better by 30%
Loss of interest in doing fun things – better by 40%
Depression – better by 50%
Aggravation late at night – better by 60%
Aggravation from cold weather – better by 40%
Aggravation from spicy food – better by 30%
Aggravation from sour food – same
Pain better initial movement - better by 40%
Pain worsening later part of the day – better by 60%
Pain better for rest (fingers) – better by 40%
Pain worse for movement (fingers) – better by 40%
Anger from severe pain – better by 40%
Takes 1-2 hours to feel better after waking – better by 30%
Dragging leg while walking – better by 50%
Walking slowly – better by 50%
Aggravation from standing – better by 30%
Avoiding friends and wanting to be alone – better by 50%
Thinking about people having cheated you – better by 60%
Not wanting to talk about past failures – better by 50%
Not continuing relationship with someone who talks about failures – better by 40%
Fear of speaking in public – better by 50%
Shyness – better by 60%
Romantic feelings not being returned by wife – better by 40%
Criticizing self – better by 40%
Forgetting to return calls – better by 40%
Feeling more knowledgeable than others – better by 40%
Short temper – better by 30%
Feel jealous when wife gives preference to others – better by 10%
Intolerance to milk – stop taking
Aggravation from beer – stop taking
Aggravation from cold drinks - same
Aggravation from sweets – stop taking
Desire for sweet carbonated drinks – worse by 20%
Thirst in the evening – better by 50%
Less thirst in the morning – better by 50%
hedican 8 years ago
Wow - overall that is great! Most things are markedly better. Perhaps we have been dosing too much and not allowing the improvement to develop by keeping you in the aggravation period? Let's wait a bit longer and see how things progress without redosing. Keep me updated regularly.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you Evocationer and will update you any change. Lets see how stable the situation and how the other symptoms (specially ankle pain, toe pain) will improve.
hedican 8 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

It has been 2 weeks I was doing fine and status of the symptoms was the same that I posted on October 31.

But from yesterday only the following symptoms worsen:

Severe ankle pain – worse by 70% (continuous pain and inflammation in left ankle, better by rest)
Unable to walk on waking – worse by 50%
Pain in joints on waking – worse by 60%
Stiffness on waking – worse by 30%
Easily tired – worse by 30%
Dragging leg while walking – worse by 30%
Walking slowly – worse by 30%

Please advice.

Thank you.
hedican 8 years ago
Take another dose of Aurum 0/1, let me know what happens after 2 days.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you and will update you.
hedican 8 years ago
I forgot to ask you, should I take the dose of LM1 from 1st cup or 3rd cup.
hedican 8 years ago
Exactly as you did for the last series of doses. No change.
Evocationer 8 years ago
First 2 days after taking one dose of LM1, the symptoms did not change or improve.

Today is the 3rd day, I feel better by 20% of the mentioned symptoms. Still I can not put much pressure on left feet due to pain and inflammation in my left ankle.

Thank you.
hedican 8 years ago
Repeat the LM1 once more.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I did not repeat the dose, its truely my laziness. Continuous improvement make me feel better by 75% now.

Do you think I should repeat once its lapse.

Thank you.
hedican 8 years ago
Its more than a month I did not take any more dose.

There wasn't any pain, inflammation in the finger joint but feel little stiffness early in the morning for 15-20 minutes.

Only area that does not completely painless is the left ankle and toe. I would say it worse by 10-15% and again better by 5-10%, no inflammation though.

The foods i.e fried food, sweat drinks (coke), cake still triggering the pain but it become less than before.
hedican 7 years ago
There is a bleeding gum for one of the tooth that has root canal and cap on it. The other tooth that has only filling is vey sensitive with cold water.

Duration of the stiffness for finger joint and toe area are prolonging more than 30 minutes. There is no inflammation and pain in finger joint. Little pain in left ankle and toe, no inflammation though.
hedican 7 years ago
Still a very good overall improvement from the sound of it. How long has it been since you have had the remedy?
Evocationer 7 years ago
Bleeding gum and sensitivity for 2 weeks.

Stiffness is for a week.

Last dose of LM1 was taken November 21' 2014.
hedican 7 years ago
Dear David,
So nice to see you posting after a long wait. I really need your help.

Report after 12 days : Cannabis Indica worked brilliantly.

My goal : My goal is to keep the effect of Cannabis Indica while I am trying to taper clonazepam. I have Cannabis Indica 30c, 200c, LM4 purchased from Helios, UK. Your are a brilliant homeopath David. We need victory in each and every stage of this taper. Be with me David. I get back my health only if I taper clonazepam to zero.

Why I had to take 2nd dosage of Cannabis Indica 30c :
Cannabis Indica 30c first dosage action stayed for 12 days. After 12 days the action of Cannabis Indica 30c 1st dosage action wore off.
I was desperately trying to get in touch with you. When I could not get in touch with you I used 2nd Cannabis Indica 30c dosage and am trying to survive in two dosage of clonazepam per day.

Twelve days ago before taking Cannabis Indica 30c I was taking three dosage of clonazepam everyday. For the last 12 days I am taking two dosage of clonazepam everyday.

Let us say 3x mgs tapered to 2x mgs dosage for the last 12 days. This is an effort of 33% reduction but later it has to be slow.

What next : Should I know what potency of Cannabis Indica I have to take next. Also please tell me if I need to buy other potencies as it takes a month or more to get remedies from Helios. Cannabis Indica 12c or higher and Cannabis Indica LM4 or higher can be purchased. Lower potencies than Cannabis Indica 12c or LM4 can not be obtained.

Challenge ahead of me :
Current Maintainance of 2x mgs / day. Try to taper more from 2x mgs / day. Ultimately zero mgs/ days and staying in zero mgs / day. I can do this only if
I get continuous help from homeopathy remedies.

Your are a brilliant homeopath David. We need victory in every stage of this taper. Be with me David. Nobody but you have the understanding and knowledge to help me. We have to deal with protracted withdrawal symptoms if it shows up.

Thank you.

Yogiram / bapi
yogiram 7 years ago
Yogiram/bapi, you are posting in my thread by mistake.
hedican 7 years ago
Ok that is a long time now without any medicine. Start the LM1 again, exactly as you took the last dose. Do you have LM2 as well?
Evocationer 7 years ago
I do have LM2.

You want me to start LM1 and take 3 doses each day 1 dose, 2 teaspoons from 3rd cup as I did earlier, right.
hedican 7 years ago
You mean 1 dose each day don't you?
Evocationer 7 years ago
Yes, 1 dose per day, total 3 doses for 3 days.

Sorry for the confusion.
hedican 7 years ago
Haha that's ok ... freaked me out for a second there :)

Yes, 1 dose a day for 3 days.
Evocationer 7 years ago
I took 3 doses of LM1 and reporting you after 5 days of taking the remedy.

In each dose I noticed significant improvement.

There was no pain, stiffness after completion the dose. But last two days I am having little pain in left ankle and toe. Today the pain is reduced a bit.

There is no more bleeding gum, sensitivity still there for that particular tooth.

Skin on my fingers are very dry. There are 4-5 cracks that are deep, bleed when get pressed hard. It's not healing fast. Last winter it was not bad but this winter is worst although I am using petroleum jelly, hand cream. Yesterday I applied calendula Q, one of the crack healed, the others are same.
hedican 7 years ago
It is important you don't use Petroleum jelly - this is highly suppressive, especially because the substance actually causes those symptoms (which is why we use it as a homoeopathic remedy to cure them). If the arthritis is getting better, but the skin worse (or is as severe as normal), this is the correct direction of cure (inside to outside). Applying a petroleum product will suppress the skin, and block the cure.

Try to use products that moisturize but do not contain any kind of derivative of petroleum.

However, we do not need to allow this to go on forever - at some point I can focus on the skin if it remains a problem.
Evocationer 7 years ago

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