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5 month old with silent reflux

My 5 month old Irish daughter has silent reflux. she is currently on Zantac.

She cries in pain from the reflux. She is beginning to teeth now, so that is not helping.

I have tried
- lycopodium
- nux vomica
-nat phos and arnica together
- carbo veg

All of the above do help but not enough for me to stop using zantac. I have tried several times. she just will not settle and cries.

She is exclusively breastfed. I do not eat dairy, soya, wheat, citrus fruit, alcohol, chocolate, tomoatoes.

I truly need some help please.
  miriams on 2014-07-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please describe the problem in more detail. As your child is too young the history of father and mother will also be required
telescope 7 years ago
Hi-First, what are the potencies of the previous

How many doses were given?

What was the reaction from them?

What was the last remedy given?

There could be a problem with the potency and or
the dosing amounts.


1.Describe the childs appearance?

2. When did the reflux begin?

3.What if anything makes the baby feel better?

Such as:
open air, Lying on the back, passing gas,
being carried around,hard pressure, bending double,
motion,warmth,after a bowel movement,after crying,
riding in the car, etc

4. What makes baby worse? Such as:warmth, getting
feet wet, warm stuffy rooms, cold, eating,cold or damp
air, getting cold after a bath, riding in the car,
times when it gets worse like 3 am to 4 am>

5. Where does the baby sweat?

6.Is there excessive gas and burping? Is there relief
after burping?

7. What is the stool like? Is there any unusual odor?

8. Is appetite, increased or decreased?

9. What is the personality like when not in distress?
What is it like when distressed?
simone717 7 years ago
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
Depending on which country you are in meet a good paed expert to diagnose the root cause of reflux. Is it a upper spincter issue... Tongue tie issue etc. eliminate the root cause first.
shad0www 7 years ago
Thank you so much for your response. I hope I have answered your questions sufficiently

Hi-First, what are the potencies of the previous
remedies? 30C

How many doses were given? twice daily

What was the reaction from them? some relief but not enough to not need zantac

What was the last remedy given? aethusa

There could be a problem with the potency and or
the dosing amounts.


1.Describe the childs appearance? 19 week. strwberry blonde hair and blue eyes. chunky legs but not fat

2. When did the reflux begin? immediately from birth

3.What if anything makes the baby feel better? movement, fresh air

Such as:
open air, Lying on the back, passing gas,
being carried around,hard pressure, bending double,
motion,warmth,after a bowel movement,after crying,
riding in the car, etc

4. What makes baby worse? Such as:warmth, getting
feet wet, warm stuffy rooms, cold, eating,cold or damp
air, getting cold after a bath, riding in the car,
times when it gets worse like 3 am to 4 am>

tight clothes, sometimes even being help

bad between 1am and 4am

5. Where does the baby sweat? No

6.Is there excessive gas and burping? Is there relief
after burping?

she does have alot of gas. small bit of relief from passing it

7. What is the stool like? Is there any unusual odor?

8. Is appetite, increased or decreased?

She feeds every 3 hours during the day. She is breastfed. Usually on one side

9. What is the personality like when not in distress?
What is it like when distressed?

She is a smily baby. She is very good when she is not in pain. She gets cranky from
being tired from disturbed sleep

She is tongue tied, which I got cut and lip tight, which I can do nothing about.

My feeling is that it is her spincture that needs to mature and overall time will fix the problem

I am not convinced my dietary changes are really making any deifference. Though I have not eaten dairy
and wheat in about 2 months and maybe she would be worse if I did
miriams 7 years ago
Forgot to mention, her stool is water yellow for the most part but can look a bit green occasionally
miriams 7 years ago
Some more information

When my baby is very bad she is very unsettled feeding, she gets hiccups.

She has exposive nappies

Her cot is evaluated with books

I would go to say she is worse at night than during the day

She likes to sleep on the left side

She weight 15lbs. She feeds every 3 hours so she is gaining weight.

I did take her to a cranio-sacral therapies and a chiropractor. Both said her alignment was good

As I said I think it is down to her immature spincture muscle which can take about up to 2 years to sort out
miriams 7 years ago

How many days did you try the lycopodium-
I know you gave 2 doses a day.

Does the baby arch the back and kick in distress?

Is one cheek more red and hot and the other cheek pale?

simone717 7 years ago
Thanks Simone7171

I have given my daughter lycopodium for 5 days at a time. Once when she was not on Zantac and once while she was.

She does arch her back. I can hear the acid coming back into her mouth and then she cries, usually a couple of hours after she eats. She could be asleep and wake suddenly from the acid in her mouth. What is actually hurting her I do not know.

She does arch and move around a lot in distress.

She has no red cheeks. When I say she is teething, her hands are constanly in her mouth and she is drooling like crazy.

miriams 7 years ago
ATTN: Do you think I could have a response from the homeopathic healer called Fitness please?

miriams 7 years ago
Hi Miriams,

I will let Fitness know you are on here
and ask him to suggest. He has his
own questions he will ask you.
Good luck.
simone717 7 years ago
Your remedy is: Calcarea Phosphorica 30c.

Please take two doses 12 hrs apart. Just two doses. Not daily.
Report back in 2 days with changes observed.

One dose is made by dissolving one pill of the remedy (or one drop, if you have liquid remedy) in half a glass of cooled, boiled water. Stir it and take one tea spoon from it.

First dose: At night before sleeping.
Second dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.
Don’t take any more dose or any other remedy unless I tell you.

If there is worsening of symptoms (called homeopathic aggravation) after the first dose, then don’t take the second dose.
Don’t take any other homeopathic remedy during this treatment.
Give a break of at least 10 minutes before eating/drinking anything before or after taking the remedy.
During the treatment, don’t eat anything which you have never had all your life.

Sometimes the symptoms for which treatment is being done can worsen after taking the homeopathic remedy. This is homeopathic aggravation and a good sign. It usually dies down within 24-48 hrs. During this time you can use any non-medicinal means to keep yourself comfortable. If the aggravation seems excessive, you can use any & all means necessary (including taking allopathic medicines) to keep yourself comfortable. Keep your homeopath fully updated if this happens.

A good example of how to report your progress is by giving %age improvement for all your health problems e.g.
Headache: 30% better
Low energy level: 50% better
Anxiety: 40% better
Sadness: No change
Depression: Worse
And so on list all your complaints.

If your child is breastfed then what you eat will have a huge effect on your baby’s health. If you eat foods which cause gas (e.g. cabbage, beans, cauliflower etc) then your baby will have gas too. Cut back on the foods which cause gas in you or your husband (because your baby may have acquired the genetic tendency of your husband to have gas & bloatedness). Eating a few fennel seeds will address infrequent gas & bloatedness, eating it in excess will cause constipation.

Homeopathy works on “individualization” i.e. the remedy for GERD which will work on one child may not work on another. There are several remedies for GERD. A particular person is promoting Nat-Phos as THE remedy for curing GERD by selectively quoting parents benefiting from his Nat-Phos protocol. This is not only incorrect but totally against the principles of “individualization” in homeopathy. I am sure desperate parents would do anything to get the cure but blindly going for Nat-Phos is not the route as many have found the hard way. It’s a case of common sense & statistics. If you give Nat-Phos to 100 kids for GERD, some are bound to improve, it doesn’t mean that it’s THE remedy for GERD. Next time someone touts Nat-Phos as the remedy for GERD ask him the statistics first.

If someone is giving several remedies, without waiting to see the effect of one remedy, then it is totally against the core principles of homeopathy. Such an approach is unlikely to give permanent cure, rather it may distort actual symptoms making subsequent cure even more difficult.
fitness 7 years ago
To Fitness

I happened to read your statement in your post above:
'A particular person is promoting Nat-Phos as THE remedy for curing GERD by selectively quoting parents benefiting from his Nat-Phos protocol.'

As I am the person to whom you refer, I wish to dispel the doubts that you seek to propagate of my therapy aka 'Joepathy' which helps Baby GERD usually in under 6 hours or 2 feeds and CURES it in under 3 days in direct comparison to your classical therapy which can take up to 2 weeks to do so. In the meanwhile the poor suffering baby and the parents continue to spend anxious days and nights wondering when the agony of the reflux of the milk will finally end. In some cases these mothers have consulted me and discovered the miracle of Joepathy which CURES their problem overnight.

I would like to add that I treat all patients free of charge and in Sri Lanka where I live, I also provide the Homeopathic remedy free of charge.

You stated:
Homeopathy works on “individualization” i.e. the remedy for GERD which will work on one child may not work on another. There are several remedies for GERD. A particular person is promoting Nat-Phos as THE remedy for curing GERD by selectively quoting parents benefiting from his Nat-Phos protocol. This is not only incorrect but totally against the principles of “individualization” in homeopathy. I am sure desperate parents would do anything to get the cure but blindly going for Nat-Phos is not the route as many have found the hard way. It’s a case of common sense & statistics. If you give Nat-Phos to 100 kids for GERD, some are bound to improve, it doesn’t mean that it’s THE remedy for GERD. Next time someone touts Nat-Phos as the remedy for GERD ask him the statistics first. '

I do not subscribe to your 'classical' theory that a cure of an ailment is only possible by 'individualization' in Homeopathy. You may perhaps be aware that I am 85 years of age and am the most senior Homeopath to be actively involved in helping suffering humanity in the whole world. I do so purely for the deep satisfaction I derive in so doing at my advanced age, if only to disprove types like you and a few others who take umbrage at my Joepathy perhaps prompted by jealousy, of the success that attends the CURES of the many ailments and diseases as confirmed by the patients themselves on my website:


I do not think that you are aware that I am not the only Homeopath to use my 'This for That' therapy in treating patients as Dr Prasanta Banerji, a qualified Homeopath who treats over 1500 patients daily free of charge like me, in his own:




'The Banerji Protocol is a new method of treatment using homeopathic medicines. Specific medicines are prescribed for specific diseases. Diseases are diagnosed using modern/state of the art methods. This is done because modern diagnostic approaches incorporate and help in the selection of medicines so that specific medicines could be easily prescribed for specific diseases. This is not practiced in classical homeopathy.

The concept of specific homeopathic medicine for a disease based on symptoms was first perceived and practiced by Late Dr. Pareshnath Banerji. With the passage of time and the availability of new diagnostic tools like Ultrasonography, MRIs, c-ancer markers and other advanced tests, we were able to further streamline the treatment protocols accurately. The efficiency of this streamlining is reflected by the encouraging results of The Banerji Protocol.

In The Banerji Protocol of treatment, mixtures of remedies or frequent repetitions of the remedies are used when required. This is not practiced in classical homeopathy. The combination of two potentized medicines, we use, are made in a meaningful way based on years of clinical experiments and observations by us. They are mixed for special advantages in treatment, so that the aggravation due to drugs can be checked, side effects of the medicines can be abated, quick and uneventful recovery can be ensured in a much shorter time.

Specific homeopathic medicines are also used for supportive care. Homeopathic medicines prescribed on constitutional grounds may play a useful role in supportive and palliative for patients with malignant disease.'

You have also stated:
' Next time someone touts Nat-Phos as the remedy for GERD ask him the statistics first. '

You are invited to visit my website to read the statistics of grateful mothers on:


You may like to know that I have weathered many years of criticism on the ABC and 3 other Homeopathic Forums successfully and
emerged with flying colours purely on the basis of the same statistics that you demanded which are all available for you to study and hopefully accept on the basis of the patients own confirmation of their cures which some considered as 'Miraculous'.

For the record I shall copy my default therapy for Baby GERD which I have prescribed for hundreds of babies below. I am proud to state that the rate of success of using my Joepathy is over 95% as can be proved by an analysis of the statements by parents on my website all of which are not included in the 2 links above.

The remedy that has proved to be very effective for Baby GERD is:

Nat Phos 6x tablet dissolved in milk given immediately after a feed. Start with half tablet but if the response is not as expected, you may increase to a full tablet but you will not exceed 6 tablets in 24 hours.

You may like to try to reduce the quantity of milk you give for each feed to enable baby’s digestion to stabilize. You will however feed more often. It is essential that you burp baby immediately after each feed.

You will avoid eating all food that can cause any distress to baby.You must know that they are passed on to baby through your breast milk.

It is best not to vaccinate Baby till s/he is over a year old as the after effects in some cases can add to the problems with GERD.
Do not give Baby any solid food till s/he is over 8 months of age.

You (the mother) will take Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after each of 3 meals daily. The idea is that your milk will pass the effect to baby. You may like to know that Nat Phos 6x will help to reduce your weight by 1kg per week very safely.
Report progress in 24 hours and as often as you wish on this thread.

If you discover that baby does not respond to the Nat Phos 6x alone and this has occurred in a few cases, you will contact me again and I shall then prescribe another remedy to reinforce the action of Nat Phos 6x.

I would like to add in conclusion that it is rarely that I have to waste my time in defending my Joepathy but I felt that I should do so here on this thread to dispel the misinformation that you seek to spread of
my Joepathy which CURES the ailments of suffering humanity free of charge.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
Hi Fitness

Thank you for the reply. I will certainly try this remedy. I need to order it I should be able to start it on Tues.

Can I ask you: -

1) Is the remedy you suggested a different one from the tissue salt calc phos ( I think the full name is calcium phosphate)

2) do I stop giving Zantac while I try this remedy. I have stopped Zantac before while trying remedies and it was always stressful, as Zantac does give some relief to my daughter. If you say to stop then I will follow your lead.

Thanks again
miriams 7 years ago
To Joe,

I have tried your protocol, i.e. nat phos for my daughter ( hylands brand) and nat phos for me and I was taking arnica twice daily but it did not resolve my daughter's condition. I did this for about 5 days. I stopped as it was not working and started by daughter on zantac, which I hate but I have 3 other small children to consider.
miriams 7 years ago

Its the potentized form, not the tissue salt. These work totally differently.

You have to stop Zantac while using the remedy or you will never know what is working.
fitness 7 years ago

I don't doubt your sincerity, its your competence that I am questioning.

You can use remedies any way you like, please don't call it homeopathy as I am sure you know how homeopathy works only on three basic principles.
fitness 7 years ago
To Fitness

I can see that you have not read and UNDERSTOOD the impact of my last post addressed to you as you would not otherwise have questioned my 'competence' to help patients who consult me, both here on the ABC and on my Website.

I have already stated in my last post that I did originally use the same methodology that you and other classical homeopaths use to elicit the symptoms and treat them with that elusive single remedy in accordance with your studies in college. I realized that this resulted in a waste of time which left the patient suffering from his/her ailment while I (or you) followed the protocol dictated by the tenets of classical homeopathy which I rejected, in common with Dr P Banerji many years ago, as the therapy I prescribed just did NOT work.

You must accept in principle that a patient consults a physician to treat the ailment presented and is not interested in the methodology used to do so by the doctor. The patient expects to be CURED asap and this is very relevant from the standpoint of anxious mothers who present their babies with GERD and expect to have them cured ASAP which unfortunately does not occur in your case in common with many other classical homeopaths who are consulted on the ABC and other Homeopathic Forums.

I did not attend any Homeopathic College as Homeopathy is only a Hobby to me to which I am dedicated. I do treat a few selected patients by appointment and you will perhaps understand the reason why I choose to do so, as I prefer to treat difficult cases like Robert Ray whom I CURED of the after effect of 3 strokes he had suffered in 2002 shortly after he consulted me on the ABC in 2002.


This is another reason for my establishing my own Website to enable anyone in distress, anywhere in the world to consult me and you can read the many accounts of CURES, I have achieved as confirmed by the patients themselves. I repeat again that I do so free of charge unlike you and others who do charge for advice on your own websites.
You stated:
'You can use remedies any way you like, please don't call it homeopathy as I am sure you know how homeopathy works only on three basic principles.'

I repeat again that I do not prescribe on the basis of classical homeopathy as my therapy has been dubbed 'JOEPATHY' by a coterie of classical homeopaths who were in the
habit of challenging every post I made over 5 years ago on 3 Homeopathic Forums which made me establish my own Website which I presume you have visited as requested by me. I am proud to state that I practice 'JOEPATHY' and am surprised that this term attracts over 2000 hits on Google.

I would like to copy a page listed on Google from the Homeopathy and More website I founded in 2006 with a friend Praveen Wadhwa who is a Computer Engineer by profession and like me was not qualified in Homeopathy but was dedicated to this Science. He wrote the software for this Website but has sadly not been active on it for the last 4 years.

Joepathy - My Reaction
By: msrao
October 29 2008
Dear Sir,
This is the first time I am coming across the term 'Joepathy'.Perhaps this is due to my inadequate exposure to the outside world or may be indifference.In fact as soon as I came to know the existence of such a web (through you) I logged into it with some excitement. While doing so I trespassed in to neighboring websites as well!To say the least I was shocked to see the vituperative language used by your detractors. While I am not competent to go into the merits of the dispute I cannot help myself from expressing my opinion on this vexed issue. My knowledge of homeopathy is rudimentary which I picked up from my frequent visits to homeopathic stores and desultory reading of some elementary books on the subject. But as a layman I think I am entitled to express my views on the subject.

As I understand the whole problem revolves around specific medicine for a particular ailment as against the totality of symptoms advocated by the classical homeopaths. When I visit any homeopathic stores, I find that some of the internationally renowned firms dishing out medicines for specific ailments containing combination of a number of homeopathic medicines, whereas the method followed by you , is at least, a single remedy at a time (as I understand). Is it not more 'criminal' than the method followed by you?

Your plea is that you have found a particular medicine(drug)cures more diseases than mentioned in the conventional materia medica (by dint of your experience)and as such to be included in the materia medica, of course after proper investigation.

If a drug or medicine happens to be panacea for a host of ailments, then, what is wrong in prescribing that medicine and sharing the knowledge with others?

I have seen a number of homeopaths (classical or otherwise) prescribing one medicine for the morning and another for evening. Does it not go against the grain of pure homeopathic principles? Slowly and irrevocably we are slipping into combination theory, in a novel way, whether we admit it or not.

Your suggestion that the provings should be carried forward and not content ourselves with already known is noteworthy. This calls for an open mind on the part of medical fraternity.

I would request you to ignore the diatribe and continue to serve the humanity. At one stage you expressed your anguish that you were spending more time in defending yourself than attending to the needs of patients. It is a pity!

I think I have understood the case and my remarks make sense.

Long live Joe the maverick!

With regards,

Re: Joepathy - My Reaction
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
October 29 2008
I was delighted to read your post which made me realize that many people who have read my posts on the Homeopathic Forums I used to visit daily in the past, have finally realized that the therapy I have tried to promote for the last 5 years on various Homeopathic forums is based on the 'this for that' therapy aka 'Joepathy'. I did so as I discovered that it was far more effective than the stereotype classical method that some classically trained homeopaths use. Please note that this term Joepathy owes its origin to the same classical homeopathic fraternity and I often feel that in coining this term which they originally used in a derisive sense, they unwittingly honoured me as this term Jeopathy is now internationally accepted to describe the direct allopathic form of therapy that I use. Google picked it up some time ago and lists some of my more interesting cases numbering over 120.

I have persisted in using Joepathy to help my patients as I have invariably found that the elusive single remedy that the learned classical homeopath finally prescribes, according to the rules, for the totality of the symptoms that a patient presents from the top of his head does not usually work. As a result the patient is sent home in greater distress than when he consulted the homeopath who charges a handsome fee for each consultation. In my case as I presume that you are aware, I do not levy any charge for my services as I am not a professional qualified homeopath. To me Homeopathy is only a hobby which I practice in my free time as it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to heal anyone who consults me which many do after they have visited doctors, ayurvedic physicians and classical homeopaths. They consult me as a last resort and are agreeably surprised to discover that their ailment from which they had suffered sometimes for years is history, often overnight.

It is the criticism of my therapy that irked me resulting in my spending more time in defending Joepathy. I have always maintained that it is the patient who comes first and not the method used, classical or Joepathy that matters. I cannot understand the reason why I have been subjected to this constant criticism as the proof of the pudding is there in all the forums for anyone to read and the number of grateful patients who have testified to have been cured is too numerous to be counted.

I would like you to please visit the link below and read the discussion that ensued some years ago on another forum where I have spelt out in detail the reason for my preferring my own Joepathy over the classical method and I shall be interested to have your response to this post. I believe that comments from those who are interested in using the Joepathy form of therapy can help to advance the progress of Homeopathy.


Re:Joepathy - My Reaction
By: msrao
October 31 2008
Dear Sir,
I have gone through the website suggested by you and other related websites.What I gather is ....the members have taken umbrage at your using the forum for propagating your brand of 'pathy'.It is understandable.But it is sad to see that the discussion has degenerated into downright abuse.
The learned members are of the view that it is unethical and sometimes dangerous to prescribe medicines solely on the basis of a few physical symptoms without taking into account the totality of symptoms.This is perfectly in line with the basic principles of homeopathy.But this is an ideal situation.However the present day life demands a little flexibility.
What baffles me is that even veterans like Nash say that a peculiar physical symptom clinches the selection of the remedy irrespective of the nature of the disease.I am also of the opinion that taking the case in an elaborate manner is a luxury which we can ill afford,when a simpler but effective method can be adopted.That is what exactly Mr.Joe is trying to do.I am not suggesting that homeopathic principles as propounded by the founder should be thrown to winds.We should strive to follow it where ever possible ,but mulishly adhering to it in the face of fast changing lifestyle is not going to advance the cause of homeopathy nor will help the public.The array of homeopathic medicines and the radical literature available in the market is a witness to the silent revolution that is taking place.I have seen many a successful practitioners adopting a slightly different approach.Painting Mr.Joe as some one with sinister motives is most uncalled for.
Let me recant my recent experience.Two months ago I traveled from Detroit to LasVegas (4hrsflight).A few hours after landing I got excruciating pain in the lower legs.I attributed it to arthritis the most common ailment of advancing years .As I was almost 'crippled'I took a pain killer to tide over the crisis.But I felt that the root cause lay elsewhere.I felt that this was something to do with poor circulation of blood in the lower legs.(as I had read and seen on TV).I had also read that Ferrum Phos and Arnica would be useful in such cases.I took these and in a few days I was relieved of the pain and it has not returned since.I did not take any mental symptoms in to account.Q uackery at its best!I crave the indulgence of the members.I do not pretend to educate the members nor is my intention that others should follow suit.I understand that this occurs when the heart becomes 'inefficient'and these medicines tone up the muscles.
The ultimate aim of any system is to give relief if not complete cure.If any medicine is helpful in this pursuit it is most welcome,call it by any name.
I abhor to call 'joepathy' as a separate system.The same homeopathic medicines are used except that emphasis is on physical symptoms.What about tissue salts .....the whole philosophy being that deficiency of any one of the twelve salts identified by the founder causes disease,without undue emphasis on mental symptoms.The homeopaths have taken this system under their umbrella!
Let not 'Joe' issue be blown out of proportion and my humble request is that his experience should be utilised for the benefit of mankind.
I stand corrected,if I am wrong.
With regards,

We Love Mr.Joe in this forum and we have great respect for his contributions to humanity. And in this forum, we go much beyond just 'homeopathy'. The term homeopathy might have emerged 200 years ago, but the principle ' Like cures like ' is very very ancient. Infact, many vedic literatures talk in detail about the efficacy of this principle.

We make our own remedies ( from allopathic drugs, ayurvedic, edible nuts, siddha medicines etc) which follow this principle, but the method of preparation, may not follow what is told in Organon 5 , 6 or earlier. But all these self made remedies have worked wonders on many, because there is no violation of the basic principle what nature has laid down for the benefits of humanity. Infact, Arnica for example, has about 4000 listed symptoms in materia medica. And there are another 1000 symptoms that we can add. And this is precisely what Mr.Joe has proved.

Niether the provers are gods, nor the people who recorded the provings are!
Let us accept our knowledge is self-limiting....


I am copying a post from my own Website from Jani which arrived yesterday which gives you an insight into the patients response to the standard case taking protocol which left this patient annoyed and wondering what classical homeopathy was all about and whether it is designed to heal or to keep the patient in a state of suspended animation with orders to report progress weekly at the cost of another fee charged by the classical homeopath.


Submitted on 2014/07/20 at 11:44 AM
I have no doubt they will be convinced sir. (she refers to her 2 daughters)
It is not that they do not trust Joepathy—on the contrary, they are scared of the time (and perhaps the information dug up) by case taking in homeopathy.
One good example : A homeopath diagnosed me as a Platina personality. Personally, I have no issues with any classification but if you read Boerricke you know how terrorizing it can be.
One personality trait for Platina—nymphomania.
I can assure you that as a Hashimoto patient for over 25 years, any interest in that area is anathema for me. people lie about what they feel—-which is why I am citing a medical conditions!
But when you read Boericke, which is easily available online, it can be scary. My homeopath (actually my old one, currently I am under no treatment except Joepathy for eczema) takes the view that a Platina personality means a person able to attract people from the opposite sexes without even making an effort—–but you know it can be scary, if not offensive, if someone were to classify you with nyphomaniacs or call you suicidal when you are not, or at least feel you are not!
Anyway, case taking can also be very time consuming—my daughters hesitate to take that much time out, when they feel their “illnesses” are not that serious.
I wanted them to try, because like you, I am fascinated by what arnica can do—and the wonder why other practitioners are not looking at it more closely. I am your fan, sir, for just that reason.

If, as I hope you have read my post, you may now understand the reason why I persist in using my own therapy, JOEPATHY as I have ample proof that it CURES unlike the Classical Homeopathy that you prescribe, which invariably does not.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
Miriams, please continue posting your case updates here. I won't spoil this post arguing with Joe. I have stated facts, he can continue believing what he does.
fitness 7 years ago
Fitness there is no point arguing. This same argument has been going on for years, it never changes and Mr De Livra never alters the direction or nature of his argument.

Homoeopathy has enemies of all sorts, and the only way we can genuinely oppose them is to continue and do the good work we do. Actions speak far louder than words.
Evocationer 7 years ago

Please note that I did not start any argument on this thread with you as it was you that dared to question the efficacy of my therapy.

I have given you concrete evidence of the efficacy of my therapy which is not based on the 2 hour long case taking procedure which a patient commented on only yesterday, which I copied in my last post.

I presume that you are too full of your own 'classical' therapy to accept that there are other more effective ways of curing an ailment even after you have concrete evidence that my 'Joepathy' works in some wondrous manner. I consider that I am fortunate that I did not qualify in a Homeopathic college only to get brainwashed into believing like you, that a cure is only possible with classical homeopathy, when the facts are otherwise.

There is no question of 'belief' in accepting cold hard facts as confirmed by the patients themselves of having being CURED by my Joepathy.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago

I have just noticed that you too have joined forces with Fitness in insisting that the ailment a patient presents can only be cured with the same 'classical' Homeopathy that you both have studied, as I too did about 40 years ago, perhaps before you were born.

I have in previous debates with you given you comprehensive chapter and verse, quoting from the statements of the patients themselves that it is not only through the use of classical homeopathy, complete with the 2 hour long questionnaire that the elusive 'Single Remedy' to treat the totality of the symptoms presented by the patient can be prescribed.

I have already informed you that I too did use this same protocol 40 years ago when I was first fascinated by Homeopathy and studied it in my free time as I was and am involved in another profession but decided to investigate this Science after having been cured of my weekly colds.

After the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka in 2004 I was more involved in Homeopathy as I was approached by Homeopaths Without Borders to pave the way to establish facilities in the areas which were affected and it was then that I met Luc who was instrumental in changing my use of dry pellets into using the Wet dose which term I authored with his assent. We did have many interesting arguments with each other as I had at that time discovered the incredible benefits of Arnica as a general tonic but he refused to be swayed by my discovery and like so many classical homeopaths warned me of the danger of using any remedy on a daily basis.

You may like to read his own account on his experience in Sri Lanka on:

I am now 85 years of age and I am proud to state that I have disproved the classical concept that predicts the danger of taking Arnica 30c daily and have many followers throughout the world who have followed my example.

Here in Sri Lanka I have about 15 friends who at various times in the past have followed my example and are taking Arnica 30 in the Wet dose nightly. It is remarkable how when we meet, we notice that we all seem to have been excused the ravages of time and the normal signs of the advancing years as at 85 (I will be 86 next October), I have often been mistaken for one 20 years younger as I do not have any wrinkles on my skin although my hair is completely grey. My mind is clear and I do still drive to work daily although I leave office around 3.30 to avoid the heavy traffic in Colombo.

I do not take any allopathic drugs whatever and I believe that this is one reason why I do not present any medical problems today. You may like to visit:
The Pill Popping Culture

and read my thoughts on how drugs can ruin the health of an otherwise healthy person. I must add that I spend an hour almost daily on exercise which I do on my True Prone Exercise Cycle listening to music on my iPad Air.

I do not have any aches or pains in my body whatever and annual blood tests prove that I do not have Diabetes and my Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels are the envy of people who are half my age. This is the report I get from my friends who meet me regularly to have their bottles of water they usually bring with them, to be activated with Arnica 30.

This is no idle report made with the intention of converting you or Fitness about the efficacy of my Joepathy but I am doing so in the hope that both of you, who profess to be classical homeopaths, do desist in criticizing me and my Joepathy in future as I have proved beyond doubt that my therapy works.

I do not criticize your pitiful efforts to prescribe your classically generated therapy to unsuspecting patients whom you treat sometimes for weeks on end prescribing one remedy to be followed by another, with no cure. Some of your patients have presented their cases to me on my website and you can verify for yourself how many have been CURED.

The least that I can expect is that you reciprocate my attitude, to NOT criticize me in your daily visits to this ABC. Many others have done so in the past 12 years on this and other Homeopathic Forums and have either faded away but Gavini Murthy who was one of my most belligerent critics finally stated:

'You must have observed that I am not the die hard classical homeopath any more. I now appreciate that homeopathic medicines are capable of curing even when used in the non classical way. '


As I have stated in another post to you, Dr Prasanta Banerji has also discovered independent of me, that the same 'This for That' therapy I use and prescribe is more effective in comparison to the classical homeopathy he used in the past.

I remember reading your statement that his rate of cure was below 20% and I would like to categorically state that your statement is not true as you can verify for yourself. I consider it unfair on your part to distort facts merely to delude visitors to this ABC who may not be able to verify the veracity of your statement.

I cannot resist an afterthought.............

I feel that the Death of Homeopathy which is currently being promoted in the UK and the US and perhaps in Australia by Big Pharma, is largely due to the attitude that you classical homeopaths promote as your therapy does not result in the same rate of cures that the therapy prescribed by Dr Banerji and me, do. The patient is not interested in the methodology used to generate the remedy as any patient wishes to be CURED ASAP.

The hocus-pocus that you classical homeopaths display in treating a patient, starting with the 2 hour long case taking process to elicit that elusive 'Single remedy to treat the totality of the Symptoms presented by the patient', is in my considered opinion the root cause of this 'Death of Homeopathy' Syndrome. I believe that it is in your hands to change this attitude and the sooner that you and other classical homeopaths accept this simple fact and take action to do so, the better it will be to allay the general attitude to avoid Homeopathy, as the patient needs to be cured and it is your duty to use whatever means is at your disposal, to do so.

I shall not be surprised if you attack me again as you have done in the past on the basis that my statements are the rantings of an old man who needs to be converted to your own classical homeopathy. I would like to reassure you that they are based on my observations over almost half a Century during which I have witnessed this Death of Homeopathy which has been woven into a mysterious web of intrigue, woven by classical homeopaths on the basis of their studies in colleges, where they are brainwashed into believing that a CURE of an ailment can only occur within the strict classical protocol.

I have proved otherwise in common with Dr Prasanta Banerji who is a qualified Homeopath unlike me, and has shown the guts to defy the tenets of classical homeopathy and use my 'This for That' approach to Homeopathic Healing.

It is a matter of interest that Dr Banerji who is reputed to treat 1500 patient on a daily basis in his Homeopathic Hospital and I do not charge any fees to treat patients. I do so purely for the deep satisfaction I derive from healing suffering humanity and especially babies whose mothers occupy my time and attention right now to help them to overcome Baby GERD.

I do wonder if this common bond or attitude has anything to commend it.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
I have copied this Debate on Joepathy vs Classical Homeopathy on my website to serve as a permanent record of what Homeopathy means to me and which I wish to promote to the world of suffering humanity on:

Joe De Livera 7 years ago
' it was you that dared to question the efficacy of my therapy.'

I think this statement says it all.
Evocationer 7 years ago
' it was you that dared to question the efficacy of my therapy.'

I think this statement says it all.

This statement was not addressed to you as it was in my response to Fitness.

I do hope that you have read and UNDERSTOOD the post I made addressed to you which you obviously seem to discard in your own supercilious manner which as I stated aids and abets


Remember that it is not just words that matter.

It is more the DEEDS that count.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago

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