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Baby reflux - silent reflux

I have read some posts from Dr. Joe De Livera on this forum about baby reflux.
I started my 5 weeks old baby on Nat Phos 6x a week ago. 6 tablets per day. In the first few days i could see a big difference in her. But unfortunately now she had gotten worse. Can anyone help me?
I'm just not sure what to do next, take her off it? Add nux vomica? She was sleeping very good yesterday but only on her stomach, she can't seem to sleep on her back at all but last night and today she's having a lot of trouble falling and staying asleep. I would really appreciate any help
Best regards
  sineadegan on 2018-12-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
There are many remedies for this besides Nat phos cell salt-
Nat Phos is known to reduce acid levels. However, too many doses
Can cause acidic effects. Stop giving it and see
How the child is doing after 48 hours- it will wear off .

And FYI, joe de Livera is not a dr ( he never claimed he was, but on this forum , many people start addressing people as “dr” if they suggest
simone717 2 years ago
Really? It can actually have the opposite effect ?! So what should I have done ideally , stooped when I saw improvement? So your advice is to just stop the Nat Phos and not replace with anything
Sorry I’m so confused - should Nat Phos only be given from time to time ? Thanks very much in advance for your help
sineadegan 2 years ago
Pl give your baby
Calc Carb-30c 3 pills twice a day for one week and then give feedback

homeo helper
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homeo_helper 2 years ago
Should I not give her a break first from Nat Phos? It worked very well at first, it seems I should have reduced dosage then.
What does calc carb do??
Thank you
sineadegan 2 years ago
You give it as per suggestion and give me feedback after one week
homeo helper
homeo_helper 2 years ago

There are 12 cell salts- please google. Cell salts have trace amounts of a mineral meant to put the cell in balance.
One tries the salt for a day or two and you watch effects. If things improve then you reduce the doses- or stop them.
So child could be improved after a few days then try one dose a day
Then one dose every other day etc , then one dose a week etc,
It is trial and error .. salts and remedies are meant to cure and everyone will respond differently.

Remedies such as Cal Carb etc( there are 5000
Remedies) are meant to match the physical/
Mental symptoms- you can google materia medica of any remedy
Name and see the long list of symptoms. If the remedy matches well,
The body will not tolerate a second “ disease” state.
The body responds by raising life force to get rid of the remedy- which is highly diluted and at same time the real problem is targeted. Often old
Things that were suppressed by wrong meds or other remedies will show up briefly and leave.

Choosing remedies , salts etc is a vast subject-
You have to educate yourself as there is no way to explain all this-
On here.

I would stop Nat phos.wait to see if child is better and if so, then try a dose again when child relapses- then observe
To see if and when another dose is needed.
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simone717 2 years ago
Thank you Simone for your advice, i really appreciate it. I have been reading about cell salts and homeopathy to try to get a better understanding of it.. Thanks for the information you gave me.
My little one is 48 hours off the nat phos now. She seems to be doing better. Last night she slept better and today is more settled, she still has the reflux and nasal congestion but seems a little better.
I'm quite nervous of how to proceed with the Nat Phos.
Do you think I should wait and see if she continues to improve? I feel like I have aggravated her symptoms by giving too many doses previously and afraid i have done more harm than good with the nat phos. I truly seen a remarkable difference in her after giving it the first few days so would hate to give up on it but i am obviously nervous to give it again.
I'm not sure if it stays long in her system?
I appreciate any feedback you can give me
Best regards
sineadegan 2 years ago
Need more info.
When did reflux start?
Describe it-

Nasal congestion- when did this start?
What are the symptoms? What is the mucous
Like ? Color , consistency?

What helps the reflux ? What makes it worse?
Same question for the nasal congestion .

Is child breast fed or ??
If only breast fed , are you eating acidic foods ,
Having coffee , etc?
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-12-24 23:02:29]
simone717 2 years ago

Reflux started around 3 weeks old, (she's 6 weeks old tomorrow)
started off with her just being fussy at night and not able to settle, then i noticed the nasal congestion which is thin and clear and gets worse after feeding.

She is not comfortable when on her back, even elevated, she only settles on her stomach, elevated. She sleeps on my chest at night as she won't sleep in crib, its not ideal but nothing else i can do. After 2 days on nat phos she was back taking her naps on her back elevated so something changed, she was much more comfortable , less squirmy and just relaxed.

Right now she will get hiccups and possibly spit up if she's put down at all after feeding, has to be held upright for 20-30 mins.. you can hear the nasal congestion get worse at night after feeding and she makes that gulpy noise always when feeding, sometimes even when she's not feeding she'll make the noise

what makes it better is basically holding her straight upright on your chest, this is where she's happiest and falls asleep like this

She is only breast fed, i do drink coffee but not every day, and maybe half a cup when i do, I try to avoid acidic foods but my diet is far from perfect right now.. I don't eat meat though and try to avoid dairy as much as possible

Many thanks again for you time
sineadegan 2 years ago

Cal phos 6x
Nat phos6x
Mag phos 6x
Nat mur 6x

Take one tablet of each and dissolve in
1/2 cup of water. Take a 1/2 teaspoon out with a dropper or use the spoon if you can and put the liquid under the tongue.

Do the above 3 times a day before.. a feeding. Try this for 2 days and report status. You can also rub some of the liquid into the belly button
Area after the oral doses.

Cal phos helps digestion, Nat phos helps acidity, mag phos helps with cramping, pain and gas, Nat mur helps with clear mucous.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-12-25 16:15:13]
simone717 2 years ago
ok thanks very much , will do..

when should i start? it will take a few days for me to get the remedies anyway..
sineadegan 2 years ago
Start when you get the remedies.
simone717 2 years ago
ok thanks
sineadegan 2 years ago
I have ordered the remedies, should i do any nat phos in the mean time since i have that on already?

thank you
sineadegan 2 years ago
Yes- one tab dissolved-1/2 cup water. Just try 1/2
Tsp Before a feeding and do this once a day.
See what happens for a couple days.
The child needed a break from the past doses.
simone717 2 years ago
ok i started her on that - so just once per day and when i get the other remedies, give 3 times per day?

Thank you
sineadegan 2 years ago
Yes- report on results after two days trying Nat phos
simone717 2 years ago
Baby had very good nap today :) so far so good. I will update you tomorrow..
I just gave second dose of Nat Phos
Can u please also recommend something for baby acne

Thank you
sineadegan 2 years ago
Baby acne goes away on its own. You do not want
To suppress skin symptoms as the body is releasing something -
So using creams, etc does not cure, they just suppress outbreaks
And drive the cause deeper into the body-

Just leave it alone for a few weeks.
simone717 2 years ago
Ok thanks :)
sineadegan 2 years ago
I just received the other 3 remedies.. should i make up the mixture and give her one dose tonight or wait until tomorrow?
I already gave her half teaspoon of the nat phos mixture today
Sorry for so many questions but i'm really desperate to help my little girl feel better.
Thank you
sineadegan 2 years ago
See how she is tomorrow. If there is reflux and nasal mucous
Then mix all the remedies and just do a half teaspoon
Once before a feeding. Then report feedback the next day.
simone717 2 years ago
Ok so just one dosage tomorrow, not 3 times right ?
sineadegan 2 years ago
simone717 2 years ago
Today she is more settled. Overall. Naps were good. Still sounds a little congested. Will I give one dose tomorrow again? Thank you
sineadegan 2 years ago

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