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Dear Joe,

I have been experiencing reflux now for approximately 10 days with only intermittent relief. I have tried DGL for the esophagus and not eating three hours before sleep. I am not overweight, I exercise regularly and I don't smoke. I am puzzled by this recent onset of symptoms that wake me up at night with burning acid in my throat. I also have heartburn during the day.

After reading all the posts I just started on Nat Phos 6x (have only taken 2 so far - too soon to tell) and have bought the arnica which I will try tonight.

Will let you know how it goes. I hope it will be effective.

Thanking you in advance, I hope.
annetted last decade
Like you even I was looking for a relief from my acid reflux. The post above urs is mine. When I posted the question here, I found other site which talks about a natural remedy for acid reflux. I tried that and voila...instant relief. Its without any side effect too. Take 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (has to be Organic with Mother) in 8oz of water x3 a day.

Nothing against the homeopathy. I have much trust in homeopathy too but it takes time to heal with it.

Try apple cider vinegar if you wud like. I just thought of sharing my experience with others here.

PS. see earthclinicdotcom (replace dot with .) for more information on this.
acidic last decade
I am so thrilled to learn about Nat Phos 6. I had a bout of acid reflux about a year ago and went through an upper GI, only to learn that I had GERD. I was on acifex for 6 months and tried to see if I could live without it. I did. But last week it started again. I went on line to see if there was any thing I could do that wasn't a drug and found your website. I went out and got a bottle of this little miracle and used it in conjunction with arnica 6c. I feel so much better. I'm hooked. And the fact that it can help with your weight is fantastic! I have been looking for something like this.....Thank you! I'll check back with you in a couple weeks.
visionarycaryl last decade
Hello Joe, I am not sure if I have acid reflux but definitely my digestion is not working properly. I am always burping after I eat no matter what. This problem has been with me for a year.I ahve tried apple cider vingar it works but when I leave it it goes back to same old. Please tell me what should I do.

Thanks and regards!!!!
Sunny 31
sunny31 last decade
Hello Joe, I am not sure if I have acid reflux but definitely my digestion is not working properly. I am always burping after I eat no matter what. This problem has been with me for a year.I ahve tried apple cider vingar it works but when I leave it it goes back to same old. Please tell me what should I do.

Thanks and regards!!!!
Sunny 31
sunny31 last decade
Dear Joe

I am suffering for digestive problems for many year though my age is 29… I think I have wrecked my digestive system with eating a lot of junk food in childhood…I like to eat that now as well ….but for past 2 year I am suffering severely of digestive problem …for the last few months I was taking Zyntec twice a day ; sometime I got relief but some time no relief … Last month my doc put me on 2 Ocid a day with Ciza …but still I was feeling vomiting .. and food I eat used to come back instead of going down….then my doctor suggested endoscopy test ….in that we come to know that I have Esophagus Reflux…. Last week I come across this forum while surfing for some natural / homeopathy medicine…I red you post and started taking Nat Phos ….I am feeling better now ..but it often happens whenever I change my medicine ..the relief is only temporary ….I hope this time it will last long and would eventfully be proved a cure than just relief…today as I was reading more posts from you, I come to know about Arnica 30c …I would give it a try too and hope this will improve my condition further…

Now I have a few questions. Along with acidity I also have gastric problems …my times I feel that gas is struck at some particular part of body eg head, chest, legs and I feel a lot of pain in these part… especially when I have headache due to gas …at that time I take some gas relieving arurvadic churna as well along with Ocid / Zentec…but no remedy works at that time…I get relived of this headache often after night’s sleep …I do not know what is the link…I also fart a lot especially when I wake up in the morning …and burps all day long…. If this problem related to Esophagus Reflux…..And there is one more problem … I catch cold very soon …and when I catch cold I start sneezing continuously …for that my doctor was giving me anti-allergic tables like cetrizine / avil etc. but but soon as I stop taking these pills only next 4-7 days passes before I catch cold again … I know these medicines have their side effects but sneezing is normally too severe that my veins start paining very intensely, so there was no other choice…and when I am not sneezing my nose is blocked…I don’t know why…my doctor suggested Nasivion Nasal drops for that …which I often use and get relived of nose blockage for a few hours…Is all these problems are related? I am a bit overweight as well…and I am also loosing hair (patched baldness)

Now for last one week I have stopped all other medicines and only taking NP (and feeling batter) and by tomorrow I will also take Arnica …..Do I have to take some med for this chronic cough / cold and blocked nose ..

Pls suggest …
rakeshchhabra last decade
Hi Joe

Today I went to buy Arnica 30c
the vendor gave me -

Arnica Montana 30

Liquid Dilution Homoeopathic Medicin
Net 30 ml

Is it the same med. you are prscibing. Its a small bottle ..Am i supposed to take 1 teaspoon twice a day

Pls reply
rakeshchhabra last decade
Hello everyone,

Thanks for your suggestion to try ACV but I have been so happy with the results of Nat PHos and arnica that I'm a bit loathe to try anything else. I went on vacation and took my homeopathic meds with me and am happy to report that despite having coffee, chocolate, pizza and pasta, I generally had very little discomfort. Upon returning I was much more careful with my eating and one day I skipped lunch - won't be doing that again - and had trouble that night. Pretty good since then. Joe had mentioned that it's really important to not have an empty stomach so I'm trying to maintain healthy eating throughout the day. Still in Nat Phos and arnica - very happy with it.

annetted last decade
im 32 yrs old house wife,i hv 2 kids,i dont want to reduce weight but want to reduce my tummy,i cannot do excercise regularly as im a patient ot Rheumatide arthritis. Is Nat phos useful for me or not. Pls tell me if there is something other to help me out. Thanks.
alina naveed last decade
i hv read in ur remedi finder the Ignatia Amara is used for flabby stoch abdomin. Is that right?
alina naveed last decade
Dear Joe de Livera,

You mention Nat Phos 6x (tablets), but are drops ok too?

Thanks ; German.
mondymm last decade
I chanced upon this thread which dates back almost exactly to 5 years ago and pertains to a common ailment that the majority of the population in developed countries suffer from -- GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease) aka Gastric Problems. These problems often are experienced after a heavy dinner and many have been rushed to the ER in the early hours of the morning in the mistaken assumption that they suffer from a heart attack as the intense burning pain experienced is symptomatic of an Infarct. They are relieved to be informed that they only suffer from a Gastric problem which is soon cured by some drug usually an antacid which neutralizes the acid and relieves the patient almost immediately.

It is only when this Hyperacidity turns chronic that the patient is in serious trouble as the drugs that are used are usually the PPI's (Proton Pump Inhibitors) which were first introduced in 1988 and were hailed at that time as the ultimate in the treatment of GERD. Unfortunately this euphoria was short lived when reports started to arrive that these new fangled drugs were the cause of other more serious side effects which include cancer, and other diseases too horrible to contemplate. I have copied an article below which gives more data on these negative side effects.

It is often a source of wonder to me why patients who suffer from some form of Gastric ailment are not made aware of the benefits they can derive from Nat Phos 6x which I first used and prescribed way back in the early 70's when I was new to Homeopathy. I presume that one reason is because there is a general suspicion of all Homeopathic Remedies on the part of the majority of the population especially MD's who are programmed not to be misled by the remedies used by Homeopaths which are only equivalent to placebos.

Big Pharma decided last year to soft pedal pushing the sales of PPI drugs as they were advised by the AMA and other medical bodies to reduce their sales pressure in view of the many cases of negative side effects some of which were traced back to the use of PPI's.

I am glad that I chanced upon this Thread which run into all of 6 pages and I hope that my 'discovery' of Nat Phos 6x used with Arnica 30c in the Wet dose for the treatment of GERD will help patients to overcome their ailment which is not usually easy to cure.

The testimonials of the patients who were cured on this thread will testify to their cure and the efficacy of the 2 remedies Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30 which I have prescribed for the cure of GERD.

I cannot help referring to the cordial tone evidenced by Gavini Murthy in his responses on this thread in the early years since it was first started. Murthy was one of my first patients at that early stage when he was seeking relief from his weight shortly after I first advocated the use of Nat Phos. He even advocated its use even though in later years he was one of my strongest critics and was also responsible for coining the term 'JOEPATHY' which he used in a derisive sense to describe my 'this for that' therapy as he felt that it did not follow the strict rules of Hahnemann but invariably cured the patient much to the chagrin of the classical fraternity of homeopaths lead by Gavini who had to reluctantly observe the responses of grateful patients some of which are evidenced on this Thread.

I would like to mention here that this term Joepathy is now listed on Google with over 1400 hits where many cases that I have cured are listed. Each of the hits usually have about 5 others of a similar nature on each listing of the disease and the total number of cases can be in excess of 3000. I was also agreeably surprised to note that the listing on Google under 'Joe De Livera Homeopath' now exceed 2000 cases many of which constitute information and prescriptions on many ailments that other classical homeopaths would not dare to use purely because my therapy does not confirm to the classical form of Homeopathy.

My stock answer to those classical homeopaths who even now criticize me is that I am only interested in the cure of the patient and not the method used in doing so. And I continue to do so completely free of any financial compensation at my advanced age of 81 years.


Long Term Proton Pump Inhibitor Use
Omeprazole began to be used in 1988, and since then proton-pump inhibitors have remained central to the management of acid-suppression disorders and are unchallenged with regard to their popularity among doctors and patients. They were considered safe but there are some concerns about the possibility of an association with cancer, infection, and gastric atrophy; current concerns about long-term proton-pump inhibitor therapy are centred mainly on a possible association with fundic gland polyps and between Helicobacter pylori and gastric atrophic changes. Long-term proton-pump inhibitor usage accounts for the majority of the total proton-pump inhibitor usage. Long-term usage is difficult to define and most patients take proton-pump inhibitors non-continuously. Data indicate that a substantial proportion of long-term users do not have a clear indication for their therapy and there is thus room for reduction or rationalization of treatment. Overall, on-demand therapy is more cost-effective than continuous therapy and should be considered wherever possible.

Heartburn Medication May not be Safe -- Side effects of proton pump inhibitor drugs
Proton-pump inhibitors that block stomach acid production increase the risk of an increasingly common infectious form of diarrhea. Taking a heartburn medication such as AstraZeneca's Nexium or Losec or their generic versions significantly increases the risk of diarrhea blamed on the Clostridium difficile bacteria. Frequently prescribed anti-heartburn drugs called H2 antagonists that include GlaxoSmithKline's Zantac double the risk of the bacterial diarrhea. PPIs and H2 antagonists reduce gastric acid, allowing for bacteria to multiply in the digestive system. Clostridium is the third-most common type of infectious diarrhea in patients aged 75 and older. Exposure to Clostridium difficile bacteria, which causes infection and inflammation of the intestine, previously occurred mostly during hospital stays, but cases have increasingly been contracted in community settings. While antibiotics formerly blamed for outbreaks of the illness have declined in use, the acid-blocking drugs have become steadily more popular to treat ulcers and conditions such as gastric reflux disease.

Even in those without previous heartburn symptoms, proton pump inhibitors can give rise to such symptoms after the drugs are stopped. 'It thus seems that the drugs induce the symptoms they are used to treat, which might lead to dependency on such drugs,' says co-author Dr. Christina Reimer, from Køge University Hospital, Denmark. Such dependency might explain why use of the medications is increasing. Gastroenterology, July 2009.

The US Food and Drug Administration recommends that the coadministration of omeprazole and Plavix (clopidogrel) be avoided, based on data showing that the proton pump inhibitor reduces the efficacy of Plavix by nearly 50%. Other drugs which inhibit the CYP2C19 drug-metabolising enzyme should also be avoided in combination with clopidogrel.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe, i have read all your subscibers opinion, i would like to share mine, its like phleghm im my throat, but i dont have any cough, and this problem attacking me most of the time during night, and i felt like im running out of breath.sometimes when i consulted to my doctor he told me im suffering from gerd or reflux acid. my question is, is my throat problem is connected to gerd or something? can nat phos 6x can cure my throat problem? is nat phos 6x available here in philippines? please i need your advise. thank you so much in advance. sorry if my english are not good.
missjazi last decade
To Missjazi

Please complete the Patient's Questionnaire on the link below as the information you have give is not sufficient for me to help you.

Joe De Livera last decade

information you have giveN is not sufficient for me to help you.
Joe De Livera last decade
I get this severe pain in my throat and pain in my chest. My throat hurst bad and I feel difficult to breathe as well as talk. I did my endoscopy and the doc says its acid reflux, but even after taking medicines there is no comfort. Its almost a year now. I am fed up of changing doctors and taking medicine. Even if i get stressed out or angry I get breathless.
[message edited by annabel on Wed, 16 Mar 2011 07:19:31 GMT]
annabel last decade
To Annabel

I shall copy the therapy I have on my computer which will hopefully help you.

Please report your response in a week and do not lose hope.

It is very likely that you are suffering from GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux disease) and I shall copy the therapy I have prescribed to hundreds of patients who presented GERD, the large majority of whom have been cured.

Your remedies are as follows:

Nat Phos 6x dose 3-4 tablets taken immediately after each of 2 meals
Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

You can expect relief from your ailment hopefully within 24 hours.
Do not eat large meals. Eat small meals but more often if you feel hungry.
It is important that you do not go to bed for at least 2 hours after dinner as food will take about this time to digest and it is best to stay awake and upright to enable your food to digest before going to bed.

No fatty food, alcohol, coffee, preserved meats like sausages, ham, bacon as they contain Saltpeter which will antidote the remedies listed immediately.

If you suffer from a stomach ache or you feel your stomach puffing up before a meal during the day between meals this is usually due to hunger pains, caused by your gastric juices attacking the inner wall of your stomach. The simple remedy is to eat some food like a biscuit or a banana to keep the gastric juice away from digesting the stomach wall when you will experience a stomach ache which in some cases can be very acute.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before sipping a capful of the bottle twice daily.

Please visit the links below which record the cases of other patients whom I have treated for GERD.




STOP using all other drugs and report progress in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanx Joe for your prompt reply and surely I won't loose hope, I am clinging to it that someday I will be ok like before. Please let me know what is this spring water and is it easily available in India. Does any of these 2 medicines have side effects.
annabel last decade
should arnica 30c be taken after meals and for how long these medicinesneed to be taken.
annabel last decade
Bisleri is Spring water.

Homeopathic remedies do not usually have any side effects unless they are taken haphazardly and that in the Mother Tinctures or Q potencies.

Since you suffer from GERD you may have to take them for a few weeks into the future and when you find relief, you can then stop taking them.

I would however suggest that you take the Arnica 30c in the Wet dose for life as I too have done for the last 16 years. I have proved that it has done me a world of good as at my advanced age of 82 years I do not suffer from the standard aches and pains that others of my age are compelled to accept as the price of old age.
Joe De Livera last decade
I failed to mention that you must drink at least 3 liters of liquids, preferably water daily and you must also exercise for at least hald hour daily to sweat it out as this is all part of my therapy to overcome GERD.
Joe De Livera last decade
Can did Arnica30c be taken at any time of the day or should it be only after food.
annabel last decade
Any Homeopathic remedy is best taken about an hour before food.

The last dose of Arncia is best taken just before bed.
Joe De Livera last decade
hello Joe
im 35 y/o female. i have experienced the uneasiness, and sudden shortness of breath while sleeping. i induced vomitting which relieved me but the anxiety is there that sometimes i end up waiting for sunrise. if i cant bear it anymore i took zantac.
i tried to buy the Nat Phos 6x but it is not available here in the Philippines. where else can i purchase so that i may try. looking forward from you. and thank you!
jully last decade
To Jully

I presume that you have read my default therapy for GERD already.

It seems obvious to me that you do suffer from GERD and I recommend that you use my therapy which has helped many patients.

Do not however take Zantac as it is a PPI drug which has been found to cause more harm than good if used for long periods.

Please Google 'The danger of using PPI Drugs' for more information.

I regret that I cannot help you to source it in the Philippines but you can always mail order it from the ABC website who may perhaps deliver it to you from the US.
Joe De Livera last decade
hello joe
thank you for your prompt reply. yes ive read some and alleviate my anxiety knowing there is hope. the one available here is fleet enema which i know is for the colon/rectum. the other available is soda. will this help?
considering temporary alternative, knowing if i place the order it will take time to get here.

take care joe!
jully last decade

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