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Hello Pat2006

The doctor prepared the remedy only by swinging the pendulum on the diskettes. He doesn't add any liquid.
servantforever last decade
To Joe De Livera

Ok I'll stop all the medication I have been using and I 'll take Nat Phos only. But can you list down any foods those are taboo for me. Can I drink milk?
servantforever last decade
To Pat

Nat Phos = Natrium Phosphoricum = Sodium Phosphate

Please remember my post about the 2 types that are marketed. I use the Biochemic Cell Salt for both GERD and for Obesity.
Joe De Livera last decade
Coffee, cola drinks, sausages, ham and bacon.

I would prefer that you avoid milk till your GERD is stabilized as it is difficult to digest especially if you drink the full cream.
Joe De Livera last decade
Also avoid eating fatty food and eat small meals to enable your stomach to come back to normal.

On the other hand you must not let your stomach to be empty when it may start digesting itself. This can be checked by you if you get hunger pains before a meal which is a clear indication of this phenomenon.
Joe De Livera last decade
In the event of your getting hunger pains you should eat a biscuit or a fruit to keep the stomach from digesting itself and you can do so every hour or so.
Joe De Livera last decade
Is GERD and gastric is the same thing? Some people said milk is good to heal gastric?
You advised me to eat fruit to keep my stomach from digesting itself when I'm hungry but people said fruit can't be taken when we are hungry because it can cause more acid in our stomach. So please explain...
servantforever last decade
GERDS, gastric, acid reflux, arthritis, etc are related in that the stomach produces too much acid.

The acid overflows into the esophogus and causes throat problems.

Fruits like oranges are very high acid. Your stomach is already producing too much acid and you are just contributing to more acid by eating foods high in acids like oranges, night shade family (tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers)

Lemons are considered natural antacid. So if you can handle it ,drink plenty of lemon aid. Watermelon is also a good antacid. To learn more about how to control your acid intake learn more about how to balance your acid/alkaline levels. Marysherbs.com has a great information and a chart. She answers questions by e-mail as well at no charge.

But if you continue to work with homeopathy, you can find a cure. You need to find a cure and not just a way to maintain acid levels by avoiding foods. We still need to eat oranges.

I find that bananas and mangos are low in acid.

I have read here at this site that aloe vera is really good for GERD and acid reflux. I called one of my local health food stores and was told the same. Aloe Vera comes in capsules also.
Pat2006 last decade
Drinking a lot of water is also important for acid problems as well as exercises and yoga, but take it easy and make sure you feel comfortable doing in them. I think walking is the safest thing to do.
Pat2006 last decade
Another type of exercises that is safe for starting is water exercises in the swimming pool. As you get better, you can move on to more straneous exercises. You might also check with your doctor for his opinion.
Pat2006 last decade
To Servantforever

Gerd stands for Gastro Esophagel Reflux Disease which of course is a gastric disease. The acidity in your stomach sometimes leaks into the esophagus which is the connection between the throat and the stomach and this causes severe distress as this section of the digestive tract is not designed to cope with the stomach acids which are highly corrosive. You have experienced the pain and discomfort that follows this leakage of acid and the Nat Phos should help you to slowly cure this problem and build up the eroded tissue in the esophagael valve which in your case does not close and permits the acid to leak upwards.

Fruit like bananas are the ideal food to keep the stomach busy as are biscuits but avoid anything with sugar as this too sets off another reaction in the stomach which can cause heartburn. The ideal of course is to keep the acidity that you have suffered from causing distress with the Nat Phos after each meal.
Joe De Livera last decade
Now I start to understand the GERD. Thank you for the explaination. I'd like to know if 'cry' or 'weep' would also contribute to GERD? Because I used to weep and cry for due to certain cases.
servantforever last decade
I really do not think that emotions can cause GERD but they can certainly contribute to the stomach getting more acidic in its status. It is more the food that is the prime cause of GERD and I am confident that the Nat Phos 6x will soon fix it.

Keep us posted of your response.
Joe De Livera last decade

I hold a different opinion from Joe. I think that stress contributes significantly to digestive problems.

I think that in some people one way that the digestive system is affected is by the coldess the body experiences as a result of stress or trauma and the coldness causes the stomach to go into spasm or gets slowed down and not work properly.

I think that some of us are aware that when the body goes into shock it gets cold.

I think that Nat Phos 6x as Joe experiences may serve as a sort of electrical shock to the stomach to get it working again. Sort of like when the heart is jump started with electricity as in the case of a heart attack.

You might want to think back as to when you started having digestive problems to see what your own conclusion is.
Pat2006 last decade
I used to take hot and spicy food. Does it cause acid reflux too? U didn't mention it.
servantforever last decade
Anything that is high in acid will irritate it.

Also, think of the esophogus as being raw. Certain things like like hot spices will irritate it.

Visualize an open cut on your finger and then pouring alcohol or hot sauce on it. OUCH!
Pat2006 last decade
Is there any case GERD causes someone dies? Because of the choking of esophogus might prevent you from breathing, right?
I always think about and so scared especially when I feel choked due to the sore throat. Please calm me down...
servantforever last decade

I know exactly how you feel and that is the reason even homeopathy is a challenge for me right because the aggrevations cause me similiar symptoms to yours.




Find things that sooth your throat, eat plain food and you will be just fine. For example try jello or ice cream to cool your throat down.

Get out and do something you enjoy in the company of some friendly people.
Pat2006 last decade
So the choking is due to the aggrevations? you meant if I take medicine from hospital (allopathy) there will be no choking anymore? I thought the choking is one of the symptoms but actually due to the homoepathic medicines I took!
servantforever last decade

I TRUELY think you are taking too much homeopathy.

Take it slow.

More homeopathy isn't necessarily better.

The homeopath who was helping me believes in only sips. Most of the time just one sip has been plenty.

Just ONE sip of a remedy has carried me for three months. Just one sip.

Other times, I have only repeated a remedy once or twice and gave me PERMANENT results for years.

So sometimes LESS is better in homeopathy.

Try taking mint daily or talk to your homeopath about the aggrevations.
Pat2006 last decade
I personally cannot take any allopathic meds because they make my throat and stomach much worst. But that may not be the case with you.

Get out and get some fresh air.
Pat2006 last decade
To Servant forever,

I read that you think that the choking is from the homeopathic remedies that you have been taking. I can tell you from my own experience that the throat discomfort, choking, mucous feeling chest pain and trouble swallowing are all symptoms that result from the stomach acid irritating and damaging the throat. I was even sent to an ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist) who put a camera up my nose, and down my throat to observe my vocal chords since I could not talk above a whisper. His conclusion was that the stomack acid had caused the inflamation and damage to the vocal chords. The severity of those symptoms has diminished over the past year as I was taking the prescription meds which I mentioned before. (prevacid, aciphex, prilosec and nexium) Those meds did help, but I still have some symptoms which is why I wrote to yall for help.

Joe, I started the nat phos on Thursday. I stopped the Nexium in the hopes that the remedy would work better. I did not mention at that time that I am currently suffering from a bad case of tendonitis. After reading some of your posts on other strings, I took wet doses of Arnica. I did this on Thursday and Friday and the ankle and leg was improving, but the stomach symptoms were not. I began to wonder if taking them both together would interfere with the nat phos. so today I have not taken the Arnica. My stomach appears to be improving. But today, I was out and forgot and drank a couple of ounces of diet coke. My stomach shortly began to decline, so I took more nat phos after my last meal.
lynnette last decade

Thanks for sharing your experience. I do agree totally with you and I hope that servantforever is merely experiencing his normal symptoms and that they are not being aggrevated by taking too many remedies.

Always welcome other's feedback as I am also looking for solutions to my throat problems.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
Pat2006 last decade
I'm taking Natrum Phosporicum together with Kali Muriaticum by interval. The side effect is I produce more saliva than usual. The saliva keeps coming out without stop.
Nat Phosporicum is taken with the potency of 30X.
servantforever last decade

Why don't you ask John Stanton with this problem if you don't have a homeopath that can help you.

John Stanton believes in looking at a case again when new symptoms develop as a result of taking a remedy.

He is the one that helped you before on another thread.

Ask him for help.
Pat2006 last decade
To Serv..............

It is no wonder that you are salivating more that usual as you have used the Nat Phos 30x when I prescribed the 6x.

Please stop using the 30x and use only the 6x.

In homeopathy you cannot get away with using the wrong potency as each potency is used for a particular ailment.

I do not remember prescribing the Kali Mur and this could also be the cause of your salivation in combination with the Nat Phos 30x.

It would be of interest to learn how your stomach responded to the 30x. Did you feel better after taking this remedy ?

Also how many tablets did you take and for how long did you do so ?
Joe De Livera last decade

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