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Worry, anxiety, fear, duodenal ulcers, right sided headaches, port. hyp. tension, varic. - Dr. Sameer help requested

Dear Dr. Sameer,
You are already helping my father and mother.
So it would be most appropriate if you can help me too.

I am tired of searching most suitable homeopathy for me since 12-15 years. Otherwise, if things don't turn up well here, I will probably go to allopathy at least for the time being.

I might have done that already but why I didn't do is - It is hard to do that without my mother's knowledge and that is almost mandatary for me unless she really gets benefitted by homeopathy here and changes. I am hopeful of that of course since you have started to help her.
  sci_spi on 2010-04-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Ok, so I can keep on writing but let me start with as much brevity as I can.

Age:38. Married. Male.
1. Clearly one of my problems is to feel compelled to express. Loquacity, talkative. But it is due to my wish to become a teacher. Oh! I won't expand.
2. Headaches. Right side. Neuralgic. On the line from above right eye brow and upwards to central region of head but on right.
Left sided head ache rarely.
Bilious headaches and biliousness.
3. Duodenal ulcers. When ulcer develops, there is a one-to-one correspondence with right-sided headache.
4. Excessive sexual desire. I lose lot of nutrition due to that but cannot control. It is just masturbation to prevent unwanted preg. But also because intercourse causes great burning of penis and pain. Penis skin is very thin.
5. History of portal hyperten. After heavy bleeding due to varices I underwent esophag. devascularisation and splenectomy.
6. Later after 3 years I again bled due to varices. So treated by endoscopies. I have had more than 30 endoscopies for investigations and/or treatments.

This is 1:45 am so I shall continue later.
sci_spi last decade
7. Just the case of yesterday. I was typing this at 12 am. I felt like I must take 1/4 cup tea since I did not have it well in the afternoon. At other times I feel like eating a specific food or fruit. When this happens I just can't take off that idea out of mind. I must eat or drink that thing. Just in case it is not at home I am mentally very disturbed and cannot sleep. I feel this is like Phosphorus.
8. Premature ejacul. I can't stay even for a minute. This along with inability to intercourse causes great dissatisfaction. Therefore sexual desire is 'wanting' and increases. Further act is only masturbation. And this continues making a loop.
9. Duodenal ulcers. After 2 heavy long episodes of bleeding due to varices I started to have duodenal ulcers. I have bled several times due to them and hospitalised each time.

Dr. Sameer I hope you are reading this.
sci_spi last decade
I will just type few imp mental symptoms and stop presently. Because there is so much to write and I feel that everything is worth mentioning.

10. Fear of exams. I won't write 'interview'. It gives another impression. Though I am anxious of vi vas, interviews too but I generally overcome and reply boldly. There is anxiety to succeed. Fear of failure.
Actually I was very good academically. But in later part there were problems. Then, I underwent surgery in engg. graduation. So that keen desire to succeed has not been fullfilled.

11. Ever since I had had surgery, I have felt bound. Problem of immunity, energy, fear of illness has come in.

12. Fear of scolding esp. by mother.

13. I am very uncomfortable and disappointed and displeased if somebody scolds or objects me for writing expressing too much. I get hurt if I am stopped from talking.

14. I am highly displeased if I am talking on something and somebody changes topic carelessly. I really get upset. It is hard for me to come out of that.

I have taken all sorts of homeopathic medicines that I would write later. I am afraid somebody will ask me to 'cut down' on writing so I am being careful.
sci_spi last decade
15. Hair loss, baldness from front. Dry hair. Dry lifeless hair on chest. Thin chest. I have a tendency to pull out hair on chest and they keep coming out. Greying of hair. (Silica?)
16. Dryness of body. Lack of thirst.
17. Dysenteric tendency. Diarrhea, eps. in morning.
18. Always some high frequency noise in ears. Dryness of ears, dry wax.

19. Great problem with draft of air. Immediately I have problem due to draft of air. I feel I am chilly patient but there are headaches during summer and problems due to heat too.
sci_spi last decade
Dear Dr. Sameer,
Kindly confirm if I should take Lachesis 200c.
sci_spi last decade
20. Fear of future. Fear/anxiety of what I would do if my parents die.
21. Sleepiness in morning till noon. Immediate sleepiness on trying to study for tech. interview.
22. Aversion to study. Aversion to work.

23. Great stress of work in office. Lack of confidence that I would ever complete one or two full proper works in office. Lack of encouragement and motivation.

24. I do not complete many works in office. I am unable to. I do not have energy to do. Neither confidence. I just keep on doing jobs of less responsibility and manage in some way.

25. I do not do routine jobs at home. As soon as back from office, I am very exhausted.

26. Procrastination for all types of work. (Lyco. Taken.)

27. Perfectionist tendency. In order to do things too well I never start. Never start due to fear of failure.

28. I feel time is and has run out for my achievements so I keep thinking of next birth and what I want then.

29. Cannot eat spicy food, food with chillies like my mother.

30. Feeling of guilt and frustration because I am unable to do things and I waste energy else where.

31. I waste time in things of small importance.

32. Great frustration due to the restrictions and binding. I cannot eat spicy food. Cannot eat too much. Must eat otherwise acidity, ulcers. Cannot work too much. Cannot work in odd hours or odd circumstances. Get tired easily. Cannot play badminton or any other game/sport due to immediate tiredness/weakness followed by some illness. Difficult to sustain energy for 8 hours in office.
Unable to continue any routine with discipline.
Unale to continue even Pranayamas regularly.
Nothing seems to go my way.

33. Keep feeling feverish. Rapid pulse almost all the time. 80 or more. 72 occasionally.

34. Cannot see moving train. After I drive car for several minutes and stop, the road seems to recede further and further away.

Dr. Sameer your comments awaited. Are you going to help? Should I take Lachesis?
sci_spi last decade
35. These days I feel sleepy from late morning till say, 4 pm. As soon as I try to read for the coming interview, I feel uncontrollable sleep. Otherwise also I feel very sleepy.
If it's a weekend and I sleep all along, then I am sleepless at night till after 12 am or 1 am.

I took Lachesis 30 3 weeks ago.

Important thing is, since past few years, when I sleep anytime between 11 am to 3 pm, I have palpitation a little below the base of throat (heart region). It is very discomforting and frightening. I feel that heart is almost missing pulses, as if a liquid filled container leaked out so the pressure is successively dropping. It is also like 'saans ukhadanaa' (losing breath) at times.
This happens the moment I start sleeping and it wakes me up partly. But I am too tired to wake up.
sci_spi last decade
Dr. Sameer please acknowledge as soon as you see my case here.
sci_spi last decade
Go ahead with LACH 200c, single dose, and nothing is to be done till 10 days are over.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks for reply.
Taken 1 dose at 10:40 pm.
Almost 2 drops in ~150 ml water. One spoon from that.
sci_spi last decade
Lachesis is for left sided symptoms...for right sided headaches, meds are different.

You want guidance only from Sameer or anyone else is welcome.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
ok...it seems you got e-mail from Sameer, I didn't notice your last post earlier.

Skip my earlier post.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Pankaj ji,
Everybody is welcome if they want to bring me back to health.
Only thing is that sometimes it is good to take remedy suggested by only one. Because even if there are 4 remedies suggested by 4, one cannot take all of them. And if one keeps switching, one is unable to follow one style or philosophy.

Kindly understand that dicussiona are always welcome. This may help any of us including Sameerji and it is most likely to help homeopathy.

As of Lachesis/left/right, that is what I have tried to point out to Sameer ji that headaches are exlusively right-sided.
At the same time I must point out that since the last 12-14 years I have been trying to tell doctors that all my sypmtoms are 'left-sided', EXCEPT headaches.

I even try to say that my problem is with 'ida naadi'. This 'naadi' or channel goes from 'mooladhara chakra' upwards from left side of the body up to the spiritual eye (point between eyebrows) and from thereon it is to the 'right' in the head/brain.
So, it seems that problems with 'left channel' correspond to all my problems on left and also the headaches on the 'right' since the 'left channel' actually goes to the right there.

Of course this might not guarantee a remedy like Lachesis to suit me but it may be suitable also at certain planes.
(Obviously there are other predominantly left-sided remedies, Lac caninum...but from point of view of homeopathy all of you would try to see the best similimum based on miasm, mentals and other things.)
At the moment I have just left it to Sameerji and taken it.
sci_spi last decade
Duodenal ulcers.



Try Graphites 200

All the more sure if you have deformed nails of hands / feet or both.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
'Fear of scolding esp. by mother'.

Graphites patient is timid in nature.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
'I feel I am chilly patient'

Surely.....Graphites is a chilly patient.

Graphites has the capability to cure impotence.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Which homeopathic meds have you tried till now ??

Indicate response of each as well.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Headaches, sleepiness, lethargy...due to frequent masturbation...can be taken care of with Acid Phos 30 C.

This med gives over all improvement, both mental and physical. There is improvement in memory and the will to work improves.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thanks for your help Pankaj ji.

Yes mostly what you have deduced is correct except 'constipation'.

I had tried openrep few weeks ago. The result was Graphites! I gave all imp symptoms. I tried to post picture today but the size just does not reduce and if it does, you cannot read symptoms and remedies. I was once thinking of taking it.

I have been given lots of homeopathic medicines by doctors. I will write about that later.

Statement about Acid Phos is correct. I was given Acid Phos 6 by a doctor who is webmaster of famous homeopathic site. He did not go higher up in potency. He changed remedy. He used to give exactly 'one' remedy at a time but he stopped online consul.

It is too late tonight so I must write later. I might not try anything else for few days since I have already taken Lachesis 200.
sci_spi last decade
Here we go again, poor basis for prescribing, poor fundamentals, little knowledge of personality types :)

'This for that' pseudo-homeopathy.

.... if only some people could keep quiet.
sameervermani last decade
okay sci-spi
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Now I should be excused for posting of a lot of information that I always felt was pending.

I feel that I have been given Lachesis on the basis of talkitiveness, loquacity and the doctor senses comparison, jealousy, etc. in me. Yes partly it has been true. But how much percent and how important it is compared to other mentals I do not know.
sci_spi last decade
I have also been highly concerned by fears, anxieties and in past 1-2 years by excess sexual desire.
One may say that fear/anxiety is from jealousy only. But many times I do not see that way. In fact sometimes one even feels that due to fear we are feeling other negative things like jealousy, anger, etc.
sci_spi last decade
Run your symptoms on the Homeopathic software of ABC.
do it in a detailed way, then post the remedy grid here for me to analyse.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I am thankful to forum members that they are keen to solve my problems.

I guess I took Lachesis on 15th night 10 pm. It is nearly 10 days.
Day 0: Night I had more severe pain in left chest. It was in muscles behind around and below nipples. I could not sleep. After 2 am or so I had dreams. Not disturbing but I couldn't sleep well.
Next 2-3 days chest pain got better. Weekend I kept sleeping as expected from Lachesis.
Once we get up, we are more active than we expect. But Lachesis does not give that activeness and freshness as I get from Nux Vom. On self pres. I would have gone for a single dose of Natr. Mur. 200. In summers, it has reduced the great sleepines and exhaustion without apparently causing any other trouble. I avoid Nat. Mur since I like sympathy.
This week I had sex twice. Masturb. type. There was no purpose or reason. It has just become a habit like a useless exercise. The imp thing is I got very exhausted as usual. I feel that every act, even without any vigor or intensity and very quick ejac. is simply draining my body of nutrients very fast. That's why I feel very tired the next day. It is not just psychological. The heavy depletion of nutrients/hormones (which hardly exist!) makes my bones ache, body dull, slight feverish and voice is changing towards heavy increasingly.
After 2nd time, I have slight vertigo too. I seems that muscles of neck and all around got thinner. The 'good mass' is drained out, so mass is imbalanced. So, body is off balance.
On stopping for 4-5 days I am naturally better. A week gap would be still better but I can't keep gap for even 8 days.

First 4-5 days I could manage without Pantodac 40 mg. But by 7th day, the slight warm feeling in stomach returned. Things are well established that if I do nothing of the 'warm' feeling, it would increase, other problems would come soon and I would have ulcer. In fact, it already might be there.
So I took Pantodac day before and yesterday. I have started to feel like taking Crocin Pain Relief (with caffeine).
I do not know how to replenish hormones or hormone therapy. These things are supposedly dangerous too. So, my only help is to take Crocin Pain Relief. It relaxes me. Brings my temp. down and makes me feel better.
sci_spi last decade

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