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To: Joe De Livera
Dear Joe, After reading your many posts on the use of Arnica 30c, I have started using it
Terence 2006-07-29
2   last decade

Dr Hasnaat !!
I have dark circles around eyes. I feel weak, I have been diagnosed with H. pylori 6 month
yashwant 2006-07-29
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after a hard day at work ive come home feeling very exhausted i thought i was just tired s
methodman840 2006-07-28
1   last decade

dog heart condition, please help
Please give some advice regarding this dog case Breed: Boxer Age: 6 y.o. (male) Weight:
zorro_- 2006-07-28
2   last decade

antidoting effects
I would like to ask if the possible antidoting effects of alcohol can permanently interfer
Grigoris 2006-07-27
2   last decade

please help me,pls.
dear doctors, i am 27yrs old boy from srilanka.im not happy about my sexual vitality.pls
vijey 2006-07-28
1   last decade

Hair on the head becomes hard and gel-like
Hello. Problems with my hair recently. Since last week the texture of some parts of my h
micah 2006-07-27
1   last decade

lumbago (any suggestion)
How can I help this person who suffers lumbago 1)country:Buenos Aires, Argentina 2) clim
zorro_- 2006-07-28
1   last decade

Allergic Rhinitis
Hi my name is Nirvana, I have suffered from allergic rhinitis for several months now.I ha
nirvana 2006-07-27
1   last decade

New Bird Flu vaccine reported
New Bird Flu Vaccine reported A new vaccine against bird flu developed by GlaxoSmithKline
Joe De Livera 2006-07-28
5   last decade

Vaccine anaphylaxis
In the presentation speech as winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work with
walkin 2006-07-27
1   last decade

Pills Galore
walkin 2006-07-27
1   last decade

Dear All, My son is 15 yrs old. having problem with left nose due to polyps in th
prakash_save 2006-07-28
1   last decade

arnica q acnejoe de liviera
Dear Mr Joe de Liviera I am currently taking this remedy in the wet dose 5ml morning and
mpilo123 2006-07-28
1   last decade

Please Dr.Joe De Livera ...my 89 years old grandma had stoke
Dear Dr.Joe De Livera, First of all,my name is Aphiradee ,I have been reading almost a
aphiradee 2006-07-04
3   last decade

Acne- Diagnosed Today
Hi everyone I have been to the doctors today and he has diagnosed me with adult acne. He
sapphireL* 2006-07-27
1   last decade

Scared of thunder
My 8 year old Bull Terrier is terrified of thunderstorms. I have tried Phosphorus 30C with
Fluffcat 2006-07-27
1   last decade

really upset with my son's cough
my son is 2 yrs old he is sufferring from cough for the past 2 months .he coughs because o
kathy12 2006-07-26
7   last decade

to joe delivera re gerd
Mr. D: Do you have any advice regarding diet for acid reflux? I was following a low-carb
peony 2006-07-26
3   last decade

I am 34 and suffer from ED. I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. What can I do ?
bronxboy 2006-07-26
1   last decade

platina = platinum metallicum.
I was advised by DEAR WALKINto give 1M of PLATINA but store offered me PLATINUM METALLICUM
amarjitsinghanand 2006-07-27
1   last decade

Server is now back up
The outage was caused by the installation of a firewall; it shouldn't have taken anyt
moderator 2006-07-27
4   last decade

dear Joe de livera
please check message i left for you under 'my son's heat intolerance'. Thanks
spacebabe 2006-07-27
1   last decade

insomnia and vomiting - 7 yr old daughter taking amoxicillian for Strep Group G
I have two more posts to refrer to where I explained what my daughter is going through. S
luckymommy 2006-07-25
6   last decade

Neck pain& back pain
I am a lecturer Science. I would like to know the cause of my neck pain and its associated
kavetib1 2006-07-27
1   last decade

Uric Acid
how can i will lower my uric acid which is now 8.8 in homeopathy i have high BP i used dai
hafizurr 2006-07-26
3   last decade

5 yr old daughter refuses to visit with father
My ex and I separated when my 5 year old was about to turn 3. We have 2 daughters who have
fiorec 2006-07-25
4   last decade

Chicken Gunya -- is there a Homeopathy medicine?
Hi, I'm planning to visit Hyderabad for 2 weeks. I'm hearing several cases of C
papikondalu 2006-07-25
2   last decade

Welcome to the new server
Things should be a little quicker here, especially at peak times. If you think you're

moderator 2006-07-21
15   last decade

3yr old with "acne?"
My son has had what seems like mild acne on his arms/shoulders and upper legs since he was
johniv5 2006-07-25
1   last decade

What Tests are required for gastic and acidity problem?
Hi, This is Binod, A 25 year old guy from india. sir i would like to know What tests
bk123 2006-07-26
1   last decade

Bad breath
I have got bad breath for 8 years. I tried a lot of chinese traditional med
gerry 2006-01-03
7   last decade

mentally redarded 20+ getting voilent.
i have a daughter mentally retarded 20+,she is getting furious,voilent,shoutsloudly,cries
amarjitsinghanand 2006-07-26
1   last decade

do not get a bad toe
Burnt toe led to leg amputation Press Association Tuesday July 18, 2006 A hospital yeste
walkin 2006-07-24
1   last decade

11-month old with molluscum
My 11-month old daugher, has 3 dots of molluscum on her bottom. They are not inflamed and
evaball 2006-07-25
3   last decade

Anxiety, Insomnia problems, suggestions?
I'm a 24-YO male and I started having panic attacks about a couple of months ago. Fo
stelmate 2006-07-25
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7 yr old daughter w/fever &swollen tonsills
My daughter has had a mild fever and swollen, red tonsills for going on five days now. I t
luckymommy 2006-07-21
6   last decade

Hi, I am new. I try to practise homeopath esp. with my kids. I am so confused. I have be

FLMom 2006-07-22
16   last decade

Check hospital sanitation!
Search Society Jobs from our site * ROCHFORD DISTRICT COUNCIL: Head of Community Se
walkin 2006-07-25
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Water Shooting From Eye When Sneezing
I have sinus alergies and when I blow my nose, something comes from out the corner of my r
release16 2006-07-24
1   last decade

bladder neck problem
Sorry sabra..couldnt get through the first time. here is what i have to say..Hi all,I am 2

Rahulb 2005-04-15
42   last decade

dr. girilal/ joe....flu like
Since the last two days i am down with flu like symptoms. it began with a couple of sneeze
vyushti 2006-07-23
4   last decade

Att: Joe - Arnica and cinamon powder
My blood sugar level was fasting 145. I reduced my weight and now my fasting blood sugar
khawaja1 2006-07-25
1   last decade

jobs in usa
hai i am bhms degree holder . i wann know whether theres any vaccancy there in usa for hom
adgjm 2006-07-25
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Gastric problem 2-3 h after meal
I am 29Y old and since last 1.2Y I have a problem that too much gas 2-3 h after meal and a
Zamurad 2006-06-28
8   last decade

To all doctors of the forum please look at this
To all doctors of the forum! I have been writing on this froum but one of the doctors pre
Shaik Maqbool 2006-07-24
2   last decade

Hi, I am a 31 year old who has suffered from PCOD since the start of my menses---but I di
kjones25 2006-07-23
6   last decade

Homeopath in St. Louis MO
I am looking for an experienced classical homeopath in or around St. Louis MO. If you have
agangop 2006-07-25
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Marijuana and sperm production
Hi, everybody, i read an article on a website (smallpenis(dot)themostreadpage(dot)com) whe
mark68 2006-07-24
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For DrDinesh Sharma : Eczema/Psoriaasis patient 35 Years Old
I have answered your questionnaire : 1. Name Ganesh ms 2. Age 36 3. Sex male 4. Marri
ganesh2280 2006-07-18
3   last decade

Cervical Neuralgia
This is a testing for uploading of photos of ear manifestations in auriculaotherapy
homeopathy 2006-07-22
6   last decade

antidote to Sulphur?
The only MM I have does not list one; does anyone know of one? Thank you.
bamc100 2006-07-24
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hair loss and Arnica
To all doctors in the forum! I got Arnica for my brother-in-law for his hair loss after l
Shaik Maqbool 2006-07-14
4   last decade

Dear Doctors & Readers, I am 42,healthy person.I was operated 16 years back for right side
Munajfa 2006-06-30
2   last decade

cant eat
im a healthy 21yr old male 5'11 i weigh 65 kilo's (10 stone) over the last month
methodman840 2006-07-24
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Diebetic kidney failure
My father is suffering from the diebtic kidney failur since having diebetes for the last 2
hisam 2006-07-21
4   last decade

white spots on the lips
Hi, i have white spots on my upper lips. And it seemed to be very obvious. What can i do t
poxybee 2006-07-23
2   last decade

Arnica 30x
Hi everyone, I am new here... I stumbled upon this site looking for answers about Arnica.
bkabse 2006-07-09
4   last decade

thigh and back pain help!!!
ok heres the story peace by peace. I went on a famliy vacation to ireland and germany ( 7
superb0y 2006-07-24
2   last decade

few more additions to my problem. black colour tongue.
Dear Friends,Please help me i am scared. I would like to know if somebody has faced this p
ganesh2280 2004-12-12
3   last decade

sulphur 30
I was reading all the posts on dandruff and saw that sulphur !M was suggested to be used i
shrirn 2006-07-23
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I have been treating my teenage son with sulphur 30 for chronic nasal congestion and frequ
zodiac 2006-07-20
5   last decade

Torn ligament
My brother is an active man, 35 years old. Exercises regularly. He was kicking a ball one
anjuverma 2006-07-23
1   last decade

Ulcerative colitis/spastic colon
For the past 2 months I have had a relapse of my ulcerative colitis. I was off my medicat
jaimi 2006-07-22
2   last decade

The World's Presenr-Day Need of Homeopathy
Greetings The booklet ' The World's Present-Day Need of Homeopathy ' has bee
homeopathy 2006-07-22
1   last decade

Homeopathy in Theory and practice
Greetings It is wards round , at least, for me. If members care to follow Dr. Borland
homeopathy 2006-07-22
1   last decade

The Upper half of Ear
This is the upper Half of the human ear
homeopathy 2006-07-23
1   last decade

The Upper Half of Human Ear
This is the upper half of hyuman Ear
homeopathy 2006-07-23
1   last decade

This is the Middle third of Human ear
This is the middle third of Human ear
homeopathy 2006-07-23
1   last decade

For testing uploading photos
homeopathy 2006-07-23
1   last decade

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